Hayamin QA photo
Hayamin QA

Otakon '14: Saori Hayami interview

Quick Q&A with a prolific seiyuu
Aug 24
At Otakon 2014 Japanator was fortunate enough to grab a few minutes with one of the most prolific voice actresses in otaku anime and games of the past several years. Saori Hayami appeared at the con on behalf of Aniplex and h... read
Otakon '14 Cosplay photo
Loving it live
Otakon 2014 flew by last weekend, in usual form, cramming way more content than what one can expect within a simple weekend. The cosplayers are out and baffling the crowd. The local baseball program even talked about it, and ... read feature

Otakon '14 photo
Otakon '14

Otakon 2014 charms Baltimore this weekend

Yoshiki, ALTIMA, Katabuchi, CIA, Hayami, Sailor Mooooooon
Aug 07
The biggest East Coast anime con, Otakon, happens this weekend. It'll be, for once, not deathly hot and humid in the Baltimore Inner Harbor, perhaps, but the weather wasn't ever going to stop anyone. As per usual a lot of gue... read
Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

Aw snap, Viz is hosting a Sailor Moon event at Otakon

In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon Day returns
Aug 05
Yikes! I almost forgot that Otakon's happening this weekend. Anyway, if you're planning to attend the con, Viz is having another Sailor Moon Day event, which happens to be almost similar to the one from Anime Expo '14. This t... read
Cons photo

Anime Expo, Otakon continue to dominate biggest cons

2013 sees Anime Matsuri in the top 10
Jan 09
Now that 2013 is over and done with, we can take a look at how all the cons stacked up last year. AnimeCons has all the numbers that each event self-reported, and that's the best metric we have to go on. Some of the cons are ... read
Oreimo Premiere photo
Team OreImo under the spotlight
To get you ready for the world simulcast of the Oreimo OVAs on Saturday, Japanator chatted up the Oreimo guests at Otakon 2013--light novel author Tsukasa Fushimi, his editor Kazuma Miki, and the director of the anime se... read feature

Yoko Kanno photo
A unforgettable wedding of otaku and music
Otakon 2013 wrapped up with a big bang--a concert from Yoko Kanno, a home coming of sorts as she visited Otakon over a decade ago for the first time. In order to get into the concert, over the weekend the attendees had to lin... read feature

Chiaki Ishikawa photo
Chiaki Ishikawa

Otakon '13: Chiaki Ishikawa concert

Uninstalling your unburnables
Aug 15
Chiaki Ishikawa, best known as the partner of anime theme song composer and producer Yuki Kajiura in See-Saw, performed a short set to open for Yoko Kanno's experimental piano concert at Otakon 2013. Japantor was there to bri... read
Otakon Sights photo
Otakon Sights

Otakon '13: Cosplay part 2, and others

Witches And Museums
Aug 14
Otakon 2013, or Otakon 20, featured a room full of past Otakon wares, such as the badge selections and con t-shirts of years past, all the way up from Otakon 1 in 1994. For long-time goers it's a tunnel back in time. For new ... read
Funimation photo

Otakon 13': Funimation announcements

See you space cowboy
Aug 12
Funimation and Sunrise announced a slew of new acquisitions at Otakon. As you heard earlier today, the big announcement was Cowboy Bebop coming next year. The other announcements are as followed: Outlaw Star  Escaflowne:... read
Cowboy Bebop photo
Cowboy Bebop

Streaming GET: Cowboy Bebop comes to Daisuki

Stream You Space Cowboy
Aug 12
Just in case you needed even more Cowboy Bebop news to brighten your day, you won't have to wait until the Blu-rays come out to get your fix of Spike and the gang. At Otakon this weekend Daisuki.net announced that t... read
Sentai photo

Otakon 13': Sentai announcements

Classic shows coming back
Aug 12
It's kind of odd that you get the announcements for US releases from the actual licencee. Sunrise announced that Sentai Filmworks has licenced the following titles: Sacred Seven The Big O The Big O II Argento Soma Betterman s... read
Watanabe's new show photo
Watanabe's new show

Otakon '13: Shinichiro Watanabe unveils his new series

Winter 2014 is going to rock!
Aug 10
[Update: Jeff's recording of the Space Dandy trailer has been added to the post.] I knew that it was a great sign when Shinichiro Watanabe decided to appear at Otakon, and what perfect way to do so by revealing his newest pr... read
Aniplex gets KILL la KILL photo
Aniplex gets KILL la KILL

Otakon '13: Aniplex licenses KILL la KILL

TRIGGER's new show is hitting North America!
Aug 10
[Update: Aniplex's Press Release on their  KILL la KILL license has been added.] Well, it looks like Imaishi's upcoming title is in a bit of a predicament here, folks. During this year's Otakon, Aniplex USA has reve... read
Otakon Cosplay photo
Otakon Red Operation
Otakon 2013 is underway and it's a big deal. The local hotels and restaurants is decked out with Otakon-themed menu items, pins, and doing their best to make Otakon 20th one of the best experiences in my memory of past Otakon... read feature

Otakon Lineup photo
Otakon Lineup

Otakon 2013 lineup and last minute details

My convention can't be this loaded
Aug 08
August 9th through 11th mark the 20th Otakon, one of the longest-running anime cons in the USA. The lineup this year has been teased thoroughly throughout the past year as the rather talkative staff of Otakon tries to make th... read
Otakon's new screenings  photo
Otakon's new screenings

Huzzah! Otakon to screen Eva 3.0 and live-action RuroKen

I wish I was going.
Jul 24
I was just getting over my depression of not getting to see Yoko Kanno and Shinichiro Watanabe at Otakon 20, and now you hit me with this new chain of events! Not only will you get to see Evangelion 3.0 and the live-action Ru... read
Shinichiro Watanabe  photo
Shinichiro Watanabe

Rejoice! Shinichiro Watanabe is attending Otakon 2013

See you at Otakon, cowboy.
Jun 26
Why must you torture me, Otakon?! Oh wait, I promised that I was going to control myself this time around. At this rate, it's becoming harder for me to restrain myself, since Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champlo... read
Yoko Kanno at Otakon 2013 photo
Yoko Kanno at Otakon 2013

Rejoice! Yoko Kanno to bless Otakon 2013 with her music

Yoko Kanno's having a concert there!
May 15
Every time I hear about an announcement related to a major con, I begin to think that the gods of fate are planning to bring despair upon me. But mark my words, I will find a way to break this curse, so that I can travel to ... read
Con lands in Sin City photo
Con lands at Planet Hollywood from January 3-5
Well, if this isn't an interesting bit of news: Otakon has announced that they're launching a second con in Las Vegas starting in 2014. Set to take place at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on January 3-5, Otakon is lik... read feature


Japanator scored an one-on-one interview with Gen Urobuchi! I was able to get a short interview with the creator of Fate/Zero and the collaborator of Madoka Magica and ask a few questions about his outlook in writing for anim... read feature


Otakon '12: Aya Hirano solo live

Jul 31
One of the biggest draw at this year's Otakon down in Baltimore is Aya Hirano. The singer-personality-seiyuu talent showed off her renewed poise and mesmerized the masses this past weekend, and part of that is her very first ... read

Licensing GET: Aquarion EVOL and Umineko go west

Jul 28
It seems the folk at Otakon have been busy nattering away at the panels, as we've got word of two new acquisitions. The first, and perhaps less exciting of the two, is that Aquarion EVOL has been licensed by Funimation. ... read

Otakon 2012 brings Kpop, Urobuchi, Aya Hirano and more

Jul 22
Otakon is right around the corner. This year the con management began its guest announcement back in April, but the guest list didn't begin to fill until June and it only finished last week. Thankfully, this year's guest list... read

Otakon announces Aya Hirano as first big guest

Jun 06
It's summer con season, which means in addition to the never-ending slew of events, there's a bombardment of announcements regarding con guest after con guest. Anime Expo has announced most of their big guns, so it's up to Ot... read

Dragon Zord! Jason David Frank will morph at Otakon 2012

Apr 25
Otakon better have their construction team ready, because the Green Ranger and the Dragon Zord are going to tear up Otakon this year. Super Sentai and Power Rangers may have their differences, but Sentai has never had a recur... read

Otakon 11: Makoto Shinkai press panel interview

Aug 24
Long delayed, but nonetheless, here is the first part of a series of write-up promised about a man who waxed poetic about loving at a distance in anime film. You might know him as Makoto Shinkai, but I know him as a humble gu... read

  We're finally up to the last video out of this year's Otakon and it was a hoot to shoot. Kristina and I walked around Artist Alley, a room filled to the brim with artists peddling their wares. While that may seem pre... read feature


Sorry that took a bit longer to edit together, but it's finally done! As with any convention, cosplay is an integral part to the whole experience. Whether you're in an outfit, watch people walk by or taking photos yourself, w... read feature


If you went to Otakon last year, one of the main attractions on Saturday was the Cosplay Burlesque show. Quite simply, attractive people in various costumes went on stage, danced to an appropriate song and stripped down to th... read feature


Licensing GET: Bandai grabs Nichijou, Gosick, more Geass

Aug 02
In what is doubtless the most significant news of this year's Otakon for people who like Victorian-era lolis, non sequiturial anime, or Code Geass, Bandai has announced its licensing of three such things. Rejoice! First, they... read

Otakon 11: FUNi licenses Sora no Otoshimono movie

Aug 01
Not that this is much of a surprise, but over the weekend FUNi licensed the Sora no Otoshimono movie, renaming it Heaven's Lost Property: The Angel of Clockwork to fit in with their current naming scheme for th... read

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