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12:00 PM on 03.28.2015

Final Impressions: Shirobako

Spoiler alert: Shirobako ends happily.  Of course, that's really only a spoiler to the most stubborn and obnoxious of curmudgeons. There was really no other way for this show to end. And to be frank, it ended as it should have: Full to bursting with sappy, sentimental, idealistic, feel-good cliche. I love it. 

Josh Tolentino

Annotated Anime: Shirobako episode 23 photo
Annotated Anime: Shirobako episode 23
by Josh Tolentino

Exposition. Rising Action. Climax. Dénouement. These should be familiar, if you remember your grade-school literature classes.

Real life, however, isn't so convenient. More often than not, life is a lingering anticlimax bracketed by exposition, and for the unlucky, catastrophe. And even then to reduce a real life to those terms is to do it a disservice.

Thank goodness Shirobako's a story, then!

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Annotated Anime: Shirobako episodes 20-22 photo
Annotated Anime: Shirobako episodes 20-22
by Josh Tolentino

As we roll into the endgame for Shirobako, our longtime Producer-san Jeff Chuang faces a crisis at his own day job, and called me in for support. So far, so Shirobako, and here I am to take over the weekly recap for the time being.

And just like the old, reliable fellow that steps back just far enough for the youngsters taking his place to realize how they'd taken the old-timer for granted, things get about as loud, heavy, and outright violent as they ever have in this anime about making anime.

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Annotated Anime: Shirobako episode 6 photo
Annotated Anime: Shirobako episode 6
by Josh Tolentino

Shirobako continues to be an important anime series for anyone that's interested in how their favorite Japanese cartoons are made. Not to say that it's some kind of primer for how the industry works, though it goes further deeper into the production  process than virtually any non-documentary work to date.

No, Shirobako's importance lies in using 2D, animated fictional characters to humanize the 3D, flesh-and-blood people that make anime.

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2:00 PM on 12.06.2013

The Dose: Nagi Yanagi

I got to tell you, the weekend couldn't have arrived soon enough. It's been a real fun week of music. We've mostly been jamming out to some energetic rock & roll jams, keeping us motivated at our desks, and dealing with ...

Hiroko Yamamura

First Impressions: Uchouten Kazoku  photo
First Impressions: Uchouten Kazoku
by Brittany Vincent

Shape-shifting tanuki and soaring tengu, huge ears, and atypical animation are the pillars on which Uchouten Kazoku is built. It's an intriguing mishmash of elements that certainly don't sound as though they could work well together, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a series with such seemingly disjointed elements tell a story that seems as though it could blossom into something beautiful.

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12:00 PM on 04.10.2013

Red Data Girl stream starts over at Funimation tonight

Red Data Girl may have already started airing in Japan last week, but if you've been waiting to watch the P.A. Works show, you're in luck. Funimation will begin airing the show starting tonight! Hulu subscribers, that means y...

Hiroko Yamamura

12:10 AM on 03.21.2013

Get ready: Uchoten Kazoku is P.A. Work's newest project

I feel bad for not watching Tatami Galaxy, since I've heard nothing but good things from everyone that has laid eyes on it. In order to compensate for my shameful deed, I'm hear to tell you that P.A. Works's newest anime ...

Salvador GRodiles

8:00 AM on 03.04.2013

New visual data for Red Data Girl

The clock is slowly ticking down to the release date of PA Work's new series, Red Data Girl. The story revolves around a young lady, raised away from society in a shrine, due to the fact that she basically destroys...

Hiroko Yamamura

First Impressions: Tari Tari photo
First Impressions: Tari Tari
by OxKing

It's easy enough to write up a First Impression piece on an anime when you strictly focus on how good or bad it was, but it's the shows that are just average throughout that people here on Japanator have trouble writing up.

Tari Tari isn't really an anime that's exciting or extremely fresh to talk about. In fact, it's so similar to last years Hanasaku Iroha, both in animation and setting, that it's much, much harder to discern between the two, while at the same time trying to talk about how interesting the first episode of Tari Tari was.

It's not that this show didn't necessarily have a good first episode... rather, it didn't really have a meaningful one.

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5:00 PM on 05.02.2012

Check out the first promo for Tari Tari from P.A. Works

P.A. Works is streaming the first promo for their next anime, Tari Tari. Based on an original work by Evergreen, this is the story of five high school students who are not yet adults, but don't quite feel like children anymo...

Bob Muir

First Impressions: Another photo
First Impressions: Another
by Pedro Cortes

When I think of horror in anime, there are a couple of things that immediately pop into mind. It usually involves kids either in middle or high school, an ostracized or different kid is either killed or commits suicide, it's usually in a small and creepy town, the one experiencing the events is a kid that has recently moved in to said small and creepy town from the big city, etc. Add in some sunsets, decrepit buildings and some ominous background music and you've got the right idea.

Watching the first episode of Another, all of the above rings true. Kids in middle/high school? Check. Legend of a girl dying? Check. Creepy, decrepit small town? Check. Newly located guy going into the local school? Check. Haunting background music? Check. Don't let that check list fool you. Just because it has all of the typical trappings of a horror show doesn't mean it's bad. Far from it. Hit the jump to see why you should, no, NEED to watch Another if you're a fan of getting creeped out.


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