Thanks, Photoshop: Strike Witches demo at Iruma Air Base

Jan 05
Whether or not you give a rat's ass propeller's blade about Strike Witches, the sheer amount of fanboyerism and stances, for or against the franchise, amounts for some amusing Internet bafflement from time to time.In this cas... read

A final tribute: See the Odaiba Gundam in time-lapsed, tilt-shifted glory

Sep 09
Well, to be fair, the actual Gundam statue only makes up a small part of this latest time-lapse footage project by Youtube user mockmoon. Nevertheless, this awesome film stands as one more hurrah for the giant statue, which... read

For the greater good: Japan wants to use your apartment as a firewall

Aug 18
Sacrifices sometimes need to be made for the good of the community as a whole, but oftentimes the people that do the sacrificing don't always want to hear about it beforehand.In this case, I'm hoping that the residents of T... read

Man constructs CG recreation of Hiroshima before the bomb

Aug 07
Sixty-four years ago yesterday the city of Hiroshima in western Japan was destroyed in the first-ever wartime use of a nuclear weapon. Delivered by the U.S. Air Force bomber Enola Gay, the 15-kiloton bomb's explosion flatte... read

Don't worry, zombies are training hard to scare the crap out of you

Aug 03
The Fuji-Q High Land amusement park is a pretty cool place. How could any place with a Thomas Land in it NOT be cool?! One of the other things that make Fuji-Q however is the Saikyo Senritsu Meikyuu, or "Ultimate Horro... read

You still haven't had enough of life-size giant robot statues, says this life-size giant robot statue

Jul 27
The work on Kobe's planned life-sized Tetsujin 28-go statue is proceeding nicely, as you can see in the news update above, which is cued to some badass old-timey robot show music. The official unveiling seems to have been... read

Feel real true horror at full-bodysuit cosplay cafe this July 25th

Jul 21
On July 25th 2009, from 10am to 4pm, Tokyo's Cafe & Bar DiCE! will be turned into a place of terror, borne from the stuff of nightmares. It will turn into Aokazetei, a full-body kigurumi cosplay waitress cafe.For the fort... read

Welcome Home: VIZ opens cinema dedicated solely to Japanese film

Jul 17
If you live in and around San Francisco, you may know of Japantown, an area of the city that's full of great Japanese shops, restaurants, and cultural areas. It's like Chinatown, except curiously clean, much smaller, and with... read

Do not go to a Pachinko parlor or you will die in a fire

Jul 14
I visited Japan once on a study tour way back in the day, and if there's one thing I took away from that experience, it's that Japanese arcades are eff'n LOUD. I couldn't help but wonder how those kids were able to play Dan... read

Recession what? Love hotels doing just fine, thank you very much

Jul 03
If anime, manga, videogames and countless other works of fiction have taught us anything, it is that love conquers all. None can deny its power, or resist its clarion call. Love cannot be stopped. That goes for its hotels too... read

Hundreds of cops raid Roppongi, nab five hostesses and a visa-jumper

Jun 29
The Man came down hard on Roppongi, with more than two hundred police officers and immigration agents scouring the popular Tokyo nightlife district for illegal foreigners. After a lengthy search of every cavity, the long arm ... read

Pro tip: Take cash when visiting Japan

Mar 03
We all have to eventually make at least one pilgrimage to the "holy land" called Akihabara. Dorks like me try to do it as often as possible. First time or not, one thing a gaijin visitor should never do is count on ... read

The theater of Kamis chosen people will be in San Francisco

Nov 28
It has finally happened, the day you and I have been waiting for… Ok, maybe this isn’t the best way to start an article because there are plenty of other cool things that you all have been waiting for that have... read

TGS 2007 Akihabara Black Bar Extravaganza!

Sep 28
Some Japanese culture and anime blogs out there are pretty classy, but not Japanator. I'd apologize for that, but those who know us know that we wouldn't mean it anyway. We do our own thing in our little corner of the... read

Podtoid-san 15: More congenial than usual edition

May 30
Sorry for the wait, cause I know you all have been waiting for this one moment in time, the release of Podtoid-san 15. This week we spill the beans over our first television appearance, Natzi dragons, and how we will never ... read

In your face America! Toronto now has an authentic maid café!

Dec 05
Imaid café in Toronto is a newly opened maid café where—as you might of guessed—maid-clothed women wait on the customers like the okatu gods that we deserve to be. While there, enjoy some ice cream hearts with strawbe... read

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