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Digimon World photo
Digimon World

Digimon World: Next Order coming to PS4 next year

Reigning champions
Sep 15
// Nick Valdez
[Update 2: Bandai Namco made a mistake in the announcement. The game is only heading to PS4 physically and digitally.] [Update: Bandai Namco confirmed that it was heading to the Vita as well.] Thanks to Digimon Story: C...
Golden Week PSN Sale photo
Golden Week PSN Sale

It's a golden time for Sony's Golden Week 2016 PlayStation sale

Try Gravity Rush, Yakuza, and Suikoden!
Apr 27
// Josh Tolentino
If you have an interest in cool Japanese things - and I'd wager you do, having visited this site and all - you might be aware that Golden Week, that most anticipated cluster of Japanese holidays, begins tomorrow, on April 29t...
PSN Flash Sale photo
PSN Flash Sale

Hot deals on JoJo's, Fatal Frame this weekend on PSN

And more
Mar 19
// Josh Tolentino
Destructoid's Jordan Devore claims that grabbing Platinum Games' rollicking brawler Transformers: Devastation for less than a Jackson* is the centerpiece of this weekend's PSN Flash Sale. I respectfully disagree, because...

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4's demo goes big and sparkly

Dec 05 // Josh Tolentino
[embed]34555:5235:0[/embed] The demo itself is fairly lightweight, at under a gigabyte, and contains nothing more than the cold open and title card for the main game. But what a title card it is! Things kick off immediately, flashing back to the epic battle between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju, the progenitors of Naruto's ninja world. History is in the making for fans, as this is the fight that ultimately created the Valley of the End, the massive hole in the ground that serves as a place of dramatic import for many key moments in the series proper.  Madara and Hashirama duke it out with Wood-style jutsu, massive weapons, and huge creatures like the Nine-Tailed Fox and Hashirama's tree giant grappling in the background. For better or worse, Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 looks to be almost unchanged mechanically from previous games. The controls are simple, with buttons for melee and ranged attacks, as well as ones for channeling Chakra magic and dashing around. The Chakra serves as a modifier, supercharging the next action when pressed, turning a regular dash into a chakra dash, and turning a standard attack into a special. So far, so Storm.  The main differences between this year's release and the last are largely presentational. CyberConnect2 largely maintains the games' style of cell-shaded polygons, and if not for the likes Guilty Gear Xrd, this would easily be the best-looking "anime-style" game on the market.  That said, where Arc System Works maintain their lead in detail, the Naruto title wins out on sheer scale. The aliasing present on the polygons is much less pronounced, and the most noticeable addition are veritable founts of glowing particle effects. Dust clouds, debris sprays, and novel takes on fire, both actual and magical, spice up the game's look. It's so intense that framerate issues sometimes crop up in the most intense scenes, such as when Madara fills the screen with burning triple-tornado. The game also doesn't skimp on the Quick-Time Events. Though a hoary old design contrivance at this point, CyberConnect2 has at least mastered the form, using the button prompts in a way that engages with the onscreen insanity, and promising rewards for players with impeccable timing. One can only hope that the team decides to get all meta with the user interface, like they did in Asura's Wrath way back when.  From the looks of things, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be off to a promising, if perhaps too-familiar start. Fans of Naruto and of the games themselves can look forward to a game that covers the thrilling conclusion of the Naruto story, while everyone else can expect a good dose of over-the-top anime spectacle. And with luck, CyberConnect2 will have something just as insane, and perhaps more ambitious, planned for the engine they've created here. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be released on February 9th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. [embed]34555:5236:0[/embed]
Naruto Storm 4 photo
Talk to the Thousands Of Hands
Naruto may have ended more than a year ago, but nothing keeps a good franchise down. Between the lagging anime series, books, more manga, and several feature films, Masashi Kishimoto's world of superpowered ninja is far ...

Golden Week Sale! photo
Golden Week Sale!

Celebrate Golden Week with great discounts on PSN!

Japanese Games and Movies on sale!
Apr 29
// Red Veron
It's Golden Week once again and the Playstation Network is here again with some discounts on Japan-inspired games and movies! I've been waiting for these games for a few of these games to go on sale since I love Japanese game...
PSN games photo
PSN games

Japan's PSN users sure love them some western games

Downloads aplenty!
Jan 10
// Josh Tolentino
If there's one stereotype about the Japanese game industry that's more true than not, it's that Glorious Nippon hasn't gotten the hang of The Internet and its many facets quite as quickly or in the same way as the rest of the...
Suikoden 1/2 photo
Suikoden 1/2

Oh man, Suikoden 2 is out, go get it now now now

Get HYPE for 16 years ago!
Dec 09
// Josh Tolentino
Oh, finally. It only took, like, sixteen years, but Suikoden II, one of my favorite games of all time and one of the greatest RPGs ever made, to come to downloadable platforms on this side of the pond. Konami's made the thing...
PSN Sale photo
PSN Sale

PSA: Dragon's Crown free, more discounts on PSN Sale

Get them while they're hot
Aug 08
// Josh Tolentino
It's not every day that you can get a bunch of good deals on a cool games, and that day has come if you're the type to buy things on PlayStation platforms. Both versions of Atlus' excellent Dragon's Crown are free to members ...
Ultra Street Fighter 4 photo
Ultra Street Fighter 4

Ultra Street Fighter 4 gets release dates, alternate costume trailer

It's almost here!
May 15
// Pedro Cortes
After months of devouring any news that escaped the clutches of Capcom, we finally know when we'll get our hands on Ultra Street Fighter 4. Come June 3, you'll be able to download the upgrade on Playstation Network, or June ...
Video games photo
Video games

Play Battle Princess Arcadias this June in NA and Europe

A Battle Princess' work is never done.
May 08
// Dae Lee
Some of you may have been following the NIS-developed Battle Princess Arcadia, a side scrolling action RPG for the PS3. We've been treated to a few screenshots and videos, but NISA just dropped the release date for the locali...
Shin Megami Tensei photo
Shin Megami Tensei

Atlus outs Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, discounts classics

An old classic goes digital again
May 07
// Josh Tolentino
I know a lot of folks loved Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. I know a fair few who think it's the best MegaTen game of all time, and it was Nocturne's unique look and balls-hard difficulty that helped pave the way for Atlus...
PSN photo

Sony unleashes JRPG sale on PSN for Golden Week

It's a digital fire sale!
Apr 29
// Pedro Cortes
April 29 is the beginning of Golden Week, a series of holiday over the course of several days that's been converted into a sort of national spring break. In order to celebrate it this year, Sony is discounting a ton of Japane...
Suikoden II photo
Suikoden II

Star of Destiny: Suikoden II finally coming to PSN

Die pig!!!
Apr 22
// Josh Tolentino
Well, this news just made my day. It seems that the ESRB ratings, always a good source for accidentally outing new games, has opted to rate a very old game: Suikoden II. Konami's classic JRPG (and one of my favorite games of ...
PSN sale photo
PSN sale

PSA: PlayStation 99-cent weekend is on, get Tokyo Jungle now

Apr 18
// Josh Tolentino
Doing something this Easter weekend? Well delay that, because you may want to check out the PlayStation Network store's new 99-cent flash sale, which puts a buttload of games on sale of just short of a dollar. The list is a m...
JoJo: All-Star Battle photo
JoJo: All-Star Battle

Go download the JoJos Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle demo

It's probably a good way of wasting the week between Stardust Crusaders episodes
Apr 11
// Chris Walden
You've just finished a week at work. Tough, right? You want nothing more than to just collapse at home, enjoy a nice cold drink and chill out. Don't worry, you deserve a good rest, but what are you going to do? Watch TV? You ...
Gundam photo

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn to hit PS3 this summer

Say goodbye to your free time
Feb 28
// Brad Rice
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is a hell of a drug. I'm going to decline to state just how much time I've spent chasing 100% completion in that game, but know that it's a lot. Well, it looks like I'm about to kiss my summer goodbye...
Lightning Returns photo
Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns demo and DLC up on Japanese PSN

I love moogles, too!
Nov 28
// Eric Koziol
It’ll be a while before Lightning Returns makes is North American and European debuts (2/11 and 2/14 respectively) but if you have a Japanese PS3 account, you can grab the demo right now. For those of you with the game,...
Video game photo
Video game

Soul Sacrifice is free for North American PS+ members

Just a friendly reminder
Nov 27
// Tim Sheehy
Just a friendly reminder for those of you who haven't already purchased a copy, or have yet to check out PlayStation Network this month. For a limited time, the PlayStation Vita action-roleplaying title Soul Sacrifice w...
iM@S photo
[email protected]

New [email protected] PS3 game produces all 13 girls (updated)

One for All, all for your money
Oct 28
// Jeff Chuang
After the launch of [email protected] Channel with the PSN download games Shiny TV and G4U!, Namco Bandai has teased two new additional games or features via the "???" prompts in the main menu of [email protected] Channel PS3 app. This could very well...
XSEED photo

Corpse Party on sale and more from XSEED this Halloween

Just in case you need some nice and cheap horror
Oct 24
// Eric Koziol
Have you been sleeping well? Been looking for a way to remedy that? As it is October and October means scary movies and stuff, right? (Interestingly enough in Japan that time is summer, actually.) So XSEED has let the prices ...

Review: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

Sep 07 // Chris Walden
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 (PS3)Developer: Tecmo Koei/Omega ForcePublisher: Namco Bandai GamesRelease date: March 20, 2013 (JP), August 30, 2013 (EU), September 3, 2013 (US)Price: $49.99 Instead of opting to create gameplay around key story moments like the first game, PW2 decides to explore a new story in its primary game mode: Pirate Log. The Strawhats run into some trouble on Punk Hazard; every member of the crew besides Luffy and Nami end up breathing in some strange gasses, turning them against their former comrades. Along with Smoker, a marine who has on many occasions attempted to successfully arrest the Strawhats, they temporarily escape from the island in order to formulate a plan. While the story focuses on finding the missing crew mates, the plot is used as an excuse to bring back some of the old scenery and characters, allowing new alliances to form between evildoers of old. There's a fight against the Whitebeard pirates in an attempt to gauge Luffy's strength, as well as the return of CP9, the assassin-police that put the Strawhats bonds to the test, and early antagonists like Don Krieg and Wapol. It's good to see they haven't been forgotten, and it's made even better when you are using Luffy's newer abilities to take them out. The story features a few pre-rendered cutscenes, and while they are few and far between in comparison to other forms of dialogue, they look absolutely stunning. They all share the same quality as the intro movie and serve as a great way of adding life to the new characters that show up without having to resort to text boxes and descriptions. Much of the remaining dialogue is done in a typical visual novel way, with characters facing each other while text appears beneath them. This is also dubbed over, so it never feels like a slog to get through. The dreaded walls of text from the first game also return, but this time they really aren't as important so you don't need to feel guilty skipping them. Most of the Dynasty Warriors-esque gameplay is present, with your typical square-to-triangle combos, a jump for aerial attacks, and a special move tied to the circle button. The aim of the game is to complete a main mission objective, usually the defeat of an important enemy, while dealing with the hoards of minion fighters along the way. There are plenty of options for wailing on these enemies, including Crew Strikes in its new, revamped form. When your style meter is full, you can activate it to enter your Style Action mode. Your attacks hit harder and you're a lot faster, so it's great for making short work of large crowds. While your style meter slowly drains, you can earn the option to use a Crew Strike by attacking multiple enemies. Calling in a Crew Strike gives you access to two special moves and the ability to use your partner on the battlefield for a short time. Some of the named enemies can also activate a partner-less variation of this mode, and while this is active you will be unable to land regular hits on them. You can counter this by using either your special attack or by using your Style Action, so it's always worth keeping that meter charged up and ready for bosses in case you wind up in trouble. The gauge also refills over time, so you won't have to wait too long if you desperately need it. As for miscellaneous in-game changes, the quick time events have been removed! It seems that breaking up the gameplay to watch Luffy swing around on conveniently placed posts really wasn't fun, so that's a huge bonus. The camera has also been reworked and feels a lot more sensible. The lock-on feature is very useful against targeting specific bosses and works, for the most part, like you'd want it to. It did seem to get caught up in walls once or twice, but nothing that couldn't be solved by slightly knocking the right analogue stick. While navigating the many battlefields in this game, you may come across treasure chests. The regular brown chests will contain a consumable item of some kind, like a health recovery item or a temporary stat boost. Gold chests are less common, but contain either some Beli that can be used outside of battle, or one of many different collectible coins. If you complete secret/hidden objectives (which, oddly, aren't all that secret as they appear in the menu before starting a stage), you can also make blue chests appear, which will grant you a special coin exclusive to that mission. Indeed, the coin system that had so much promise is carried over from the first game, only this time with some much-needed tweaks. As mentioned previously, coins are available in gold chests in levels, but they can also sometimes be earned as drops by named enemies. This means you'll end up swimming in them, with a typical story mission giving you somewhere in the region of 8-10, not counting those from secret missions or assist-character level-ups. You can set these coins on your characters to increase their health, attack, and defence stats, and you can further increase this boost by picking coins which share some kind of link. For example, placing a Luffy coin next to a Nami coin grants you an extra bonus because they are shipmates. Placing a Nami coin next to a log pose coin will grant you a bonus because of her navigational skills. When equipping a coin, those that gain these link bonuses will flash as an indication, so you don't need to have an expansive knowledge of the show to benefit from this feature. In another change from the first game, link skills are no longer acquired by having particular coins equipped, but instead are unlocked by obtaining skill notes. Skill notes feature nine coins in a 3x3 grid, and you are rewarded with link skills for all of your characters whenever you get three in a row. You can set these abilities before each mission, and you'll be able to equip stronger/multiple abilities as each character levels up. This means you're not forced to use particular coin combinations in order to take advantage of skills, and all potential unlocks are handled automatically at the end of each mission. No more messing around for ages to hunt for minor bonuses. PW2 boasts a playable cast of 27 characters, with new additions including Buggy the Clown, Trafalgar Law, Aokiji and Monkey D. Garp. Each character feels noticeably different in how they play, with characters like ghost-girl Perona being able to depress people, Marco flying about with his phoenix power and Jinbe being slow to move around, but incredibly powerful to compensate for it. There are also some interesting twists on gameplay relating to how some of the characters act. Perona can't depress Usopp (because he's always depressed), Boa Hancock can't turn Luffy or Chopper to stone and Sanji doesn't inflict nearly as much damage as he usually would on women. It's arguable whether these alterations are fun from a gameplay perspective, but it's certainly great for flavour's sake.  There are also 17 characters who are limited to a supporting role in battle as NPCs and via Crew Strikes. It's a bit of a shame that characters like Bon Kurei, Lucci and Magellan did not make it as fully playable characters, but people like Hannybal and Sentomaru get a bit of limelight where they otherwise would not. Interestingly, while the Strawhats sport their post-time skip designs and abilities, none of the enemies they've encountered since the jump are featured, which is especially strange when the story kicks off in the post-time skip locale, Punk Hazard.  One of my favourite additions to this game is the ability to spend accumulated Beli on levelling up your characters. There are limitations to this, as you can't buy your way to a level greater than your current highest level. This means that if my best character is level 10, I could spend Beli to immediately bump another character to level 10. You get so much Beli through regular gameplay anyway, and the concept art and miscellaneous unlockables in the in-game shop aren't all that appealing, so this is a great way to try out new characters without having to worry that you're not strong enough to do so. If you want to level them up the hard way, you're free to spend your Beli in the shop instead, so we're getting the best of both worlds. Besides the Pirate Log mode, there is also Free Log, your run-of-the-mill free mode to collect more items and boost your stats, and Challenges, which are pretty self explanatory. There's a surprising amount of content tucked away in this game, and so long as you can get behind the basic premise and gameplay, you'll be clocking the hours in this game without a second thought.  The famous Dynasty Warriors guitar tunes are back, layering high-energy riffs over the top of the gameplay. It doesn't take any cues from the anime, but then again, can it? It's the right move, adding to the atmosphere and keeping you pumped up while you are smashing into hordes of enemies. Regarding audio, you'll only find a Japanese dub in this game. Good news for most One Piece fans, but rather unfortunate for those who are getting into the series for the first time after hearing the FUNimation dub.  One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is exactly what you would want from a hack-and-slash game based on the famed franchise. It effectively brushes away the clunky mechanics from the first game while reshaping the good ideas into features to be proud of. Sure, this might not change your mind if you dislike Dynasty Warriors games, but it'll be this game, if any, that will make you reconsider your opinion on the genre. This is definitely setting the bar for future One Piece titles. 8.0 -- Great (A great example of its genre that everyone should see, regardless of their interest.)
Review: One Piece PW2 photo
Yo-ho-ho we...did this joke already?
"A fusion of Dynasty Warriors and One Piece? Sign me up!" That was my reaction to the news that One Piece: Pirate Warriors (reviewed) was in production, sometime near the end of 2011. It was one of the titles topping my "game...

Ace Combat Infinity photo
Ace Combat Infinity

Ace Combat Infinity gets cooperative in its new trailer

The free fighter sim drops some famous names
Sep 03
// Josh Tolentino
Just in case you've forgotten about it, Ace Combat is back! Sort of. Namco Bandai have just released the latest trailer for Ace Combat Infinity, a downloadable, free-to-play PlayStation 3 incarnation of the famous fighter je...
Miku Miku Hockey for Vita photo
Miku Miku Hockey for Vita

Use the power of AR to play hockey with Miku this fall

Only if you have a Japanese PS Plus subscription and a Vita
Aug 21
// Salvador G Rodiles
It's been a long time since I've gotten the chance to play a good game of air hockey. One of the issues in playing the game is finding a location that has a an air hockey table. Even if I was able to own a own table, certain ...
Japan PS Vita Sale photo
Japan PS Vita Sale

Japanese games star in the next PS Vita sale

Hook some big savings!
Aug 14
// Josh Tolentino
Hey, you know what's cool? Games from Japan for the PS Vita! You know what else is cool? Not paying a lot for videogames! It just so happens that Sony agrees with me, and has decided that for the next fortnight or so, you won...
Ace Combat Infinity photo
Ace Combat Infinity

Ace Combat Infinity sounds like a proper Ace Combat game

Things look Strangereal up here
Aug 02
// Josh Tolentino
Namco Bandai's just dropped a new teaser for Ace Combat Infinity, and I'll be damned if what's shown doesn't look like proper Ace Combat. Let's go down the checklist of "Ace Combat-y Things", shall we? Vaguely awkw...
Ace Combat Infinity photo
Ace Combat Infinity

The next Ace Combat game is Ace Combat Infinity

Lady, quit humming!
Jul 20
// Josh Tolentino
Rejoice, jet fighter fans! Turns out that the new Project Aces game Namco Bandai teased earlier this week is in fact an Ace Combat title. It's a downloadable game coming to the PlayStation 3 under the name of Ace Combat Infi...
Good stuff coming. photo
Good stuff coming.

Demon's Souls, Malicious, more free on PS Plus in April

A pretty nice collection of stuff here
Apr 01
// Eric Koziol
Demons, Zombies, Swords.Even a labyrinth too.All coming to you. 
Tokyo Jungle photo
Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle and other PSN gems go retail, says the ESRB

But Tokyo Jungle is what you want
Apr 01
// Josh Tolentino
"The Best of PSN", Tokyo Jungle, plus three more. Sound Shapes is good, too.
Vividred Operation PS3 photo
Vividred Operation PS3

The Vividred Operation game's trophies are mayo-tastic

All the creamy egg product spread you can earn!
Mar 26
// Josh Tolentino
Like pretty much any reasonably game-lookin' anime out there these days, Vividred Operation is getting a game adaptation courtesy of Namco Bandai. That might sound like a quick-and-cheap cash grab, and we won't trul...
Atelier Totori photo
Atelier Totori

PSA: Atelier Totori for Vita stealth-released on PSN

No marketing + no announcement = Success!
Mar 20
// Josh Tolentino
I'd like to believe that Tecmo Koei actually do care a whit about their publishing the enhanced PS Vita port of Atelier Totori  (called Atelier Totori Plus), but the fact that they didn't even bother to tell an...

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