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Pokemon photo

Pokemon: I Choose You! takes us back to the beginning with Ash and Pikachu

Mar 02
// Red Veron
The Pokémon anime (or Pocket Monsters) first aired 20 years ago in Japan back in 1997, and this latest movie is all about celebrating those two decades of the show by going back to the beginning. The new movie, Pocket ...
Pokemon photo

Usain Bolt and Pikachu Thunderbolts us all by joining Team Skull on Pokemon Day

Happy Pokemon Day!
Feb 27
// Red Veron
Happy 21st Birthday to Pokémon! Now get those legal drinking age jokes out of your system because today is the anniversary of the Japanese release of Pokémon back in 1996. Now, Pokémon is strong...

Japanator Unboxing: TokyoTreat - January 2017

Feb 26 // Red Veron
There are three tiers for TokyoTreat: Small, Regular, and Premium. Check out the images below to get an idea of what each package might look like: More details at the TokyoTreat site (Don't forget to use the code "Japanator")! Small - About 5-7 full sized Japanese candy and snacks   Regular  - About 10-12 full sized Japanese candy and snacks with DIY candy   Premium - About 16-18 full sized Japanese candy and snacks with DIY candy, special item, and drink. Use the code "JAPANATOR" to get $3 off your first order of the Premium box! Free shipping included! 
TokyoTreat photo
Happy New Treats!
[TokyoTreat provided the box and the reviewer has an affiliate partnership with TokyoTreat] The nice folks over at TokyoTreat sent me a box from their New Year 2017 to check out and it is a greatly delicious way to ring the ...

Weekend Japanatainment photo
Weekend Japanatainment

Weekend Japanatainment - Japanese Curry Edition

Far East Curry
Jul 30
// Red Veron
If you've never had Japanese Curry, I honestly feel bad for you. Japanese Curry is a culinary curiosity, it isn't as exotic as its Indian or Thai cousins and comes in different varieties from sweet, hot & spicy, fruity, o...

The Trial of Myotismon: Growing Up and Digimon's Legacy

Mar 01 // Yussif Osman
I'd like to first off admit, that my experience of Digimon is the English dub, so many of the names I use will be the English ascribed names for characters, concepts and creatures. So what is the appeal of the original Digimon series? I'm a fan of Pokémon, but to make my point, just to begin with, I will make comparisons with it and the first season of Digimon. I'd like to begin on the surface. Atmospherically, it is a beautiful series, whereas as the world of Pokemon is very much a human world akin to ours, the Digital World is bizarre, vast and desolately beautiful, as telephone poles breach lakes surrounded by rain forests, towns populated by ghosts and deserts. And whereas in many anime, there's a set format for the adventure, for example gym leaders and Team Rocket in Pokémon or searching for discs in Monster Rancher, Digimon was a blank slate. Anything could happen, they could meet anyone, do anything, the world was literally vast in terms of the plot as any kind of story could be pursued. I would go as far as to argue that the awe and excitement in exploring the Digital World for the first time ever was a feat comparable to a Studio Ghibli film in the fantasy genre, like Spirited Away. Moving on, I'm going to forego the argument that Digimon was conceived before Pokémon as I believe that says little about the series itself. But I will say this, where Pokemon introduced us to a world of interesting and fun creatures, Digimon when they were first introduced were not creatures in the same sense. They were people. Let me qualify this. Whereas Pokemon were creatures to be trained, apart from the odd legendary like Mewtwo, they were not characters, they lacked character development and though bonds were stressed in the show, these were pets, and this was fine for what the anime and the games had in mind. Digimon on the other hand, did not merely have the ability to speak, but had their own personalities, quirks and goals. [embed]34807:5461:0[/embed] Digimon were more than just props in their world, they were characters with motivations and principles. As such, it was possible for the Digimon themselves to be both heroes and villains, whereas we can quote Ash as saying directly “...there can't be an evil Pokémon”. The simian Etamon was as colourful as a Bond villain, the vampiric Myotismon as haunting as Darth Sidious and the insidious Piedmon as disturbing as the Joker. The Digimon grew up with their child counterparts, their relationships developed and evolved as the Digimon themselves came to terms with what they represented to their respective Digi-destined. Many anime are guilty of having children in them simply for the sake of it, saying little about what it means to be a child or the significance of growing up. Each child possesses a crest representing a quality or emotion, Taichi possessing courage and Mimmi possessing sincerity for example. As the series draws to its climax and the children confront their most terrible foe in the form of Myotismon and the world literally crumbles around them, they step-up and display the qualities that will define them, whether that's courage, sincerity, compassion, love or hope and the Digimon themselves are analogues for this, conduits or avatars if you will as the characters grow-up. No one ever has it is easy in life, but it's those opportunities when we get to show who we really are and as cheesy as that may sound, this is a kid's show and sometimes they have a point. Digimon became a story about children growing up and taking responsibility for their lives, something we all must do and something which should be liberating and fulfilling as we come to know who we are and evolve. Much like the Digimon themselves when their children come to terms with their crests.   The Digi-destined spend most of their time exploring the Digital World before returning to  Earth to face Myotismon, when they have to put forward all they've learnt and gathered as people, in a story arc where they're faced with such issues as sacrifice, friendship, the value of family and tragedy. Whereas the Digital World is an analogue for childhood, Myotismon and his assault on Earth I argue is representative of growing-pains, when the children's crests activate and they come into their own. And just as Myotismon is defeated, Piedmon and the Dark Masters make their assault and the children must bring with them not only everything they've learnt, but now everything they've become as well. Just like life, as what we believe the pivotal trial comes to an end, a grander one presents itself, asking everything we have of us and more. I am conscious of the fact that generally this is the way storytelling works, that as the story draws to a close, the stakes are highest. However, in Digimon, the stakes painfully increased in relentless waves and even though it still takes the form of a typical adventure story, I believe adventure stories overall tell us a lot about life. The genre of Magical Realism for example, pioneered by Gabriel Marquez used fantasy not to escape the real world, but to more adequately talk about it. To make emotions vivid and characters more representative of the human condition. Nothing says flawed like a special power you can't control and nothing says compassionate like a monster companion. But this isn't a grim story, if it were, I don't think it would create nearly the level of nostalgia that it does. Though I've argued here that the anime deals with the mature theme of growing up, it is fundamentally a children's story and so, a hopeful one. I believe that is the appeal of children's stories to us when we've become grown, in part it's that we've grown up with them, but it's also that they're necessarily hopeful. And so in a subtle way, for us who struggled with the Digi-destined, it gives us hope too. Hope by definition requires high stakes, this is true of the series and the vibrant, early Digimon movies that followed and I believe of life itself. So how did I feel about Digimon Tri now that its first installment has been released? A full review is beyond the scope of this article, but I believe it's still too early to make a verdict on the sequel.  What we've been given so far is a mere introduction and though I admit it lacks the wonder, colour and vigour of the original series, I remain hopeful and would encourage other fans of the series to be as well. In anime and in life.    
Digimon Adventure Tri photo
Exploring the legacy of Digimon season 1
In the second half of 2015, something amazing happened in the world of anime. Digimon returned. But not just any incarnation of the series, rather Digimon Tri is a continuation of the original first season, based on Taichi and the other Digi-destined who befriended Agumon and fought with Myotismon and traversed the vast and beautiful Digital World for the first time.     

Death Battle photo
Death Battle

Pokemon and Digimon go head to head in Death Battle's season finale

Who are the champions?
Dec 17
// Salvador G Rodiles
I may be a fan of the Pokémon game series, but I've always been a loved Digimon more-- at least in anime form. When Ben Singer/Wiz and Chad James/Boomstick announced that they were going to pit Red's Charizard against...
Pokmon photo

Get into the spirit of Halloween with Junji Ito's Pokmon illustrations

Gotta scare em' all!
Oct 17
// Salvador G Rodiles
I may not be knowledgeable in the realm of horror stuff, but there's something interesting about seeing Junji Ito (Uzumaki, Gyo) create a series of scary Pokémon illustrations throughout the month of October. While I h...
Music photo

A Daily Dose of Music: SCANDAL

Best week ever?
Jul 02
// Hiroko Yamamura
Can this really be happening? Could life be this sweet? Yes, my friends we have two new songs from SCANDAL in one week. Don't ever say I don't do nice things for you. After Monday's video for Your Song, I had a feeling that ...
World Cup photo
Eat your way through the games
The World Cup fever is in full swing, so I figured it was about time I highlighted some of the stuff Japan has been producing to celebrate. Sure, you can head on to the mall and grab a hat, jersey, or stuffed Pikachu to show...

Pokmon Art Academy photo
Pokmon Art Academy

Be the very best artist there ever was with Pokmon Art Academy

Gotta draw 'em all
Apr 29
// Brittany Vincent
[As originally posted at Destructoid.] I've always wanted to learn how to perfect my nonexistent drawing skills, but games that promise to help me bone up on my technique just don't tickle my fancy. They're so dry. So boring...
Ken Sugimori Works photo
Ken Sugimori Works

Ken Sugimori Works art book releasing May 27

Pokmon, Quinty, Jerry Boy, and more
Apr 12
// Brittany Vincent
Ken Sugimori's original Pokémon designs are what I grew up with, and I truly dig his art style. I'm pleased that he's releasing his first art book ever on May 27th, even though that fact is a little difficult to believ...
Pokmon 3DS XL photo
Pokmon 3DS XL

Man who stole 3DS from grade schooler finally arrested

Like taking candy from a baby and going to jail for it.
Apr 02
// Brittany Vincent
In a move that screams "get a job," or if I'm playing devil's advocate "why did this child store such a pricey item in the basket of his bicycle," a Nishinomiya City man was arrested for stealing a child's 3DS XL way back on ...
Japan photo

Adidas hearts Pokmon with their latest promotion

Hint: Snorlax is a great goalkeeper
Mar 17
// Pedro Cortes
As we get closer to the 2014 World Cup, expect to see a ton of sponsorship announcements in your local news. Let's face it: one of the world's largest sporting events is a great time to promote your product. That of course go...
Special edition Monopoly photo
Special edition Monopoly

Pokmon and Zelda special edition Monopoly sets are coming

And they'll take your money before throwing you in jail
Mar 10
// Chris Walden
I think Monopoly is a great game to play if you want to lose the will to live, your friends or both, but even I think I'll have trouble keeping my hands off the upcoming Pokémon special edition set. Unfortunately, all ...
Pokemon XY Movie Trailer photo
Pokemon XY Movie Trailer

Pokemon XY second movie trailer looks impressive

Even if it's really short
Mar 06
// Chris Walden
Animated pokémon battles are always great fun to watch, but the movies always like to go the extra mile. As it's Pokémon X&Ys first movie, we've got the powerhouses Yveltal and Xerneas firing all sorts of c...
Pokemon Battle Trozei photo
Pokemon Battle Trozei

Pokmon Battle Trozei lands on the 3DS in March

That's Pokemon Link: Battle for us Europeans
Feb 15
// Chris Walden
Thursday's Nintendo Direct brought a few new announcements with it, one of which will please us Pokémon fans. Remember Pokémon Trozei? It was a match-three game for the Nintendo DS, and not a particularly bad o...
Pokmon photo

New Pokmon revealed in upcoming film and possible event

Diancie is totes adorbs.
Feb 15
// Brittany Vincent
It's always fun to report new Pokémon news, because there's a whole lot of it. Recently we reported a brand new movie was in the works, but scant details had been released regarding what kind of new mythical monster wo...
Pokmon photo

Pokemon Bank finally up for North America

Feb 06
// Pedro Cortes
After five weeks of delays, the Pokemon Bank is finally live for those in North America. Readers may remember how the Pokemon Bank crashed Nintendo servers when it went live in Japan, necessitating a delay in other regions un...
Pokemon Bank photo
Pokemon Bank

Pokmon Bank has appeared in Europe

And about time, too.
Feb 04
// Chris Walden
You know, after months of watching fans of Pokémon X&Y eagerly awaiting the release of Pokémon Bank, it seems extremely odd that it would end up on the European eShop without any kind of grand anno...
Pokmon on Hulu photo
Pokmon on Hulu

Hulu braces for a Pokmon invasion

Multiple films, old seasons and specials included
Jan 30
// Tim Sheehy
For the past few years, Hulu has been looking to expand its ever-growing selection of anime, and it's done pretty well for itself considering the competition, granted you still have you pay to access the majority of the cont...
Nerds in the Kitchen photo
Nerds in the Kitchen

Surprise house guests with a Pikachu roll cake

Eat the yellow bugger once and for all
Jan 30
// Kristina Pino
Rosanna Pansino has uploaded an episode to her delightful cooking show Nerdy Nummies with instructions on how to make a roll cake with a Pikachu motif. Technically, you can make it with any other Pokémon if you can ap...
Otaku goods photo
Otaku goods

Snore the afternoon away on a Snorlax cushion

It actually looks pretty comfortable, too
Jan 28
// Tim Sheehy
Nothing is more annoying than finding your path blocked by a sleeping Snorlax, but thanks to the folks at Banpresto, you won't need a Poké Flute to snag one of these comfy cushions. Instead, all you have to do is pre-o...
Pokmon photo

New details emerge about new Pokmon XY movie

Xerneas and Yveltal duking it out?
Jan 09
// Brittany Vincent
February's issue of Shogakukan's Coro Coro Comics magazine has new detials about the latest Pokémon movie, Pocket Monster XY: Hakai no Mayu (Pokemon XY: Cocoon of Destruction). The summer flick opens in Japan on July 19th, and you can bet it'll hit elsewhere shortly after. Hopefully. 
Pokemon Art photo
Pokemon Art

Every Pokemon ever scaled in one handy chart

Yes, even the megalo-super-whatevers
Jan 07
// Kristina Pino
When I saw this chart by DOTBstudios, which factors in all 649 Pokémon and sets them up in order and in scale with each other, I thought, "If ever I needed something to be a thing I can buy, this is it." And guess what...
Pokemon photo

Don't leave on Pokemon adventures without a field guide

The Field Guide to Kanto, that is, because we're old school
Dec 21
// Kristina Pino
Kari Fry is so dedicated to your success as a Pokémon trainer that she created a beautiful field guide to all things Kanto. It kind of flew under our radar - this book was released at the end of November and it sold ou...
Pokmon photo

Show the world you caught a shiny with this Pokball ring

You should probably choose a Luxury Ball
Dec 17
// Pedro Cortes
As this generation grows older, we continue to find ways to incorporate our love of games and comics into more traditional societal actions. In this case, I'm referring to the engagement ring, the second-to-last symbol of tyi...
Pokemon Art photo
Pokemon Art

Delightful Pokemon paintings by Kat Brunnegraff

I would catch all these
Dec 17
// Kristina Pino
Kat Brunnegraff is no stranger to us over at sister site Tomopop since she customizes toys. But this time around, she's appearing on Japanator for some fabulous Pokémon paintings I didn't know she created until Toysrev...

Japanator's 2013 Holiday Shopping Guide: Video Games

Dec 02 // Brittany Vincent
For the dark and brooding MegaTen fan in your life... [embed]30590:3164:0[/embed] Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS)MSRP: $49.99  You just can't go wrong with Shin Megami Tensei IV. Shin Megami Tensei is a long-running franchise with a colorful, varied past. Where games like Final Fantasy are hopeful, fantastical, and chock-full of Western fantasy tropes, MegaTen is generally more "modern" and comfortable as the dark horse of Japanese RPGs, combining dark, matter-of-fact storytelling with a mixture of mythological monsters and fearsome demons. It's also off the charts on the quirk scale, with plenty of strangeness to go around. The fourth entry in the core Shin Megami Tensei mythos was a long time coming, but it's finally arrived - on the Nintendo 3DS, to boot. The newest entry is an excellent starting point for newcomers, providing tour through the elements that made the MegaTen games great in the first place. It feels great, it's optimized for handhelds, and it's perfect for on the go play. The ever-changing world, morality system, and droves of demons are enough to lure you in and keep you engaged to fight through the difficult sections, so take some pride when doling out this baby for the holidays. If my word isn't enough, check out Tim's review.  Atlus has presented Shin Megami Tensei fans with another great entry to the series with a fresh new look, while keeping the experience familiar enough to entice them. Newcomers should find an intriguing tale, and a unique role playing experience but may be put off by its difficulty. For the hardcore fans, the games does offer multiple endings, as well as a new game plus. Shin Megami Tensei IV presents a grand story, beautiful art, deep dungeons to explore, and hundreds of demons to meet, all set to an amazing soundtrack -- a must have for role playing fans everywhere. For the Tales lover who can't get enough of the grind... [embed]30590:3165:0[/embed] Tales of Xillia (PS3)MSRP: $39.95   With fantastical narratives, whimsical characters, and well-constructed mechanics, the Tales series of JRPGs is generally held in high regard, with adoring fans all over the globe -- and the latest Western release should be right up your alley. Our own Chris Walden reviewed the game for us, and gave it an 8/10, with his ringing endorsement: "Tales of Xillia sets a high bar for other JRPGs entering the western market, as its combination of likeable characters, rich worlds and an enjoyable battle system prove that there's life in this genre yet. Sure, there are some unfortunate blemishes here and there, but if you want to dive into a good old swords 'n' stats JRPG, this should definitely be one to consider. Hopefully the sequel builds upon the successes of the original, so you can colour me excited for the eventual 2014 release. In the meantime, be sure to dig into this gem in preparation." For the budding prosecutor in your life... [embed]30590:3167:0[/embed] Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (3DS)MSRP: $29.99 (eShop only) The latest entry in the long-running Phoenix Wright saga is a rousing one, with plenty of new cases, laughs, and head-scratching to go around. It just so happens that Dual Destinies could be one of the best Ace Attorney games yet, as Ben scored it a fantastic 9/10. With revamped animations, dialogue with actual voices (!) and other cool surprises, it's no wonder it landed a spot on our list. Ben sums it up like so: "[...] while this is the easiest AA game to jump into cold, I still advise you to play the earlier games in the series first. It's definitely not required, but the experience is much richer if that background is there. If you're a longtime Ace Attorney fan who isn't exactly sure about these new changes, I highly recommend you ignore your reservations and jump in pronto! It doesn't quite reach the highs set by AA3, but it's still an incredibly solid entry. Don't let the digital-only release hold you back -- Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies is one of the best 3DS games, and one of my favorite games this year. If you miss out on Phoenix Wright's triumphant return, I must simply object!" For the aspiring pop stars and Vocaloid fans... [embed]30590:3168:0[/embed] Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F (PS3/Vita)MSRP: $39.99   Everyone's favorite Vocaloid has her own rhythm game in the vein of Gitaroo Man, so that's basically a celebration on its own. Even if you're not into Vocaloid, if you dig sugary pop and awesome music games, you owe it to yourself to either pick this one up or surprise that future pop star in your life with a copy of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F in their stocking. Chris dug it, scoring the Vita iteration an 8/10: "Project DIVA F is another great game to add to the series, with just a few problems holding it back from being perfect. The visuals are fantastic on the Vita, the interface looks great and the song selection is solid for returning players. The addition of star notes is really the biggest issue the game has, as it really doesn't add any positives to the gameplay. I suggest if the thought of them puts you off buying this, you wait for the PS3 version. No touch screen to ruin the fun! The price is also quite substantial, so I'd lean towards waiting for that version if you have to pick between the two. Still, portable DIVA is definitely a good enough reason to pick this up, and hey, nothing wrong with earning a few more trophies either. Just remember that you'll need another memory card if you don't have a Japanese PSN account and want the DLC." For those who want to be the best, like no one ever was... [embed]30590:3169:0[/embed] Pokémon X & Y (3DS)MSRP: $39.99  The games press (including myself) have been singing the praises of the latest Pokémon games for some time, and for good reason: they're awesome. Pokémon X & Y offers a plethora of old and new ideas that work extremely well together, with online trading tools, mini games like Pokemon-Amie to endear your party members to you, and plenty of other reasons to keep playing long after you’ve become a Pokémon Master. It’s the best-looking and most accessible game so far, and this is the direction the series needs to go in in the future, especially since the games seem to have found a meaningful mix of new and old monsters to please all generations of fans.  For Ghibli fans who love a good traditional RPG... [embed]30590:3170:0[/embed] Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3)MSRP: $29.99 Fans of Ghibli films and anime will find plenty to love about this old-school traditional romp, and it's heartwarming in all the right ways. It's almost as if you're playing through an actual Ghibli movie, barring some annoying voiceovers here and there. Studio Ghibli could have drawn from any film in its well-established stable, but crafting from the ground up with Level-5 resulted in what is one of the best RPGs available on the PlayStation 3. Children, adults, and the young-at-heart alike should find common ground with Oliver, even if Mr. Drippy is an obnoxious little snit. Chris awarded it a 9 out of 10. "Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is, quite simply, one of the most noteworthy RPGs in recent years. Released in a genre that has grown increasingly stale, it pulls out all the stops to blow away any and all preconceptions and show that there is life there yet. But it's not content with just showing it has a few new tricks, no, it demonstrates to us all that it can rival even the most highly regarded games in the genre. I can count the number of memorable RPGs on one hand, so the beautiful and vibrant world of Ni no Kuni is in sparse but good company." For fans of brawlers that ooze style... [embed]30590:3171:0[/embed] Dragon's Crown (PS3/Vita)MSRP: $49.99 Dragon's Crown is nothing short of gorgeous, from its macabre illustrations to its sometimes hilarious character animations. Luckily, it's more than just a spectacle, combining the addictive nature of a role-playing game with the drop-in and drop-out stylings of a great party game. Though many will of course remain divided as to whether or not a certain bouncing bosom is trying too hard, those who decide to take the plunge will be rewarded with a challenging yet accessible cooperative journey that begs to be played again and again. Josh Tolentino had a look at the game as well, and awarded it a 9 out of 10! Check out his review here. "Despite these fumbles, Dragon's Crown is an expertly-crafted brawler that adds depth, nuance, and freshness to an aging formula, and presenting it in a sublime homage to its genre ancestors as well as classic cliches of sword-and-sorcery role-playing. Hail to the king, adventurers!" For Metal Gear fans who actually liked Raiden... [embed]30590:3172:0[/embed] Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (360/PS3)MSRP: $39.99  This hack-and-slash adventure featuring Raiden wasn't as well-received as it could have been, but it's still an intriguing time for players who dug what they saw of Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Over-the-top boss fights, trademark Kojima action, and more make this an action romp fans will flock to even if to catch a whiff of something other than Metal Gear stealth action. It's not perfect, but it's an interesting alternative to RPGs, fighters, and adventure games.  For gamers who prefer off-the-wall strat-RPG action... [embed]30590:3173:0[/embed] Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (PS3)MSRP: $49.99  I reviewed this especially wacky entry in the Disgaea series, and I was quite keen on it, awarding a 9 out of 10. Check out my full review here, but the gist is that I found it to be an awesome starting point for those new to the games and an all-around value-packed choice that would make a great gift.  "A slick interface, high-definition models and cut scenes, and a spot-on script work in tandem to keep things up to the level of excellence we've come to expect from Disgaea, and the characters themselves (including some fresh faces) are as charming as ever. When you're not plotting your next move, you'll likely be doubled over with laughter. It's rare that video games exhibit such a rare eye for comedic timing, but this script nails it. The dub is fantastic as well; Laharl still exudes that same plucky confidence, and over the course of the game you start to feel a little of it yourself." For ravenous monster hunters... [embed]30590:3174:0[/embed] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS/Wii U)MSRP: $39.99  True, the Monster Hunter games can be a little daunting for players who have never experienced the thrill of taking down an especially difficult bounty, but once you take the plunge you'll find it tough to come back to games that don't require you to work at conquering enemies. There's an entire sea of other players out there to work alongside, so you're essentially giving the gift of new friendship to whomever you choose to buy this for. Plus, you can play on a console or opt for the portable version, which is just as good. Still not out of funds yet after perusing all these holiday guides? What are you, Scrooge McDuck? In any case, whether you're hoarding the very last pennies in your piggy bank for something special, or you've been holding out all this time for different sort of gift, Japanator's last shopping guide for the season will cover music and other miscellaneous gift ideas. Get your body ready. 
Video Games photo
Spread some cheer and awesome video games this year
Welcome to Japanator's 2013 holiday guide to excellent video games. Just like anime and manga, there's a seemingly endless parade of titles out there vying for your attention, and we're here to ensure you don't swerve off the...

Pokemon Origins photo
Pokemon Origins

Red VS Blue: Watch all of Pokemon Origins in English now

But does he want to be the very best?
Nov 25
// Josh Tolentino
Ah, Pokemon Origins. Even back when it was announced as a special one-off project meant for Japanese TV, there was never any doubt that this retelling of the very first Pokemon videogame's story (sans the corrupting infl...
Grimecraft - POKP photo
Grimecraft - POKP

Check out POKP for Pokemon tunes with punch

Wubs confirmed.
Nov 14
// Chris Walden
When you were exploring the brand new Kalos region and hunting for new pokémon, did you ever wish that the music featured more trap and bass? I'm going to admit up front that I have absolutely no idea what that even m...

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