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Poll: Top 20 most anticipated new anime series of the spring season

What are you most looking forward to?
Mar 06
I always love writing about polls conducted in Japan because I like to get a vague idea of what otaku in Japan are thinking. Yes it is exceedingly difficult to actually put a finger on the pulse of Japanese anime otaku but th... read
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Fans polled on which director will lead the future

Help us Goro Miyazaki you're our only hope
Feb 19
After Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement last year it became pretty clear to everyone that there were some mighty big shoes to fill. The question that no one has been able to answer so far however is who will fill those ... read

Let's voting: Tamashii expands their extra Rangers poll

Aug 25
In commemoration of the upcoming 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, Tamashii Nations has decided to do a series of polls as way to find out which characters fans would be interested in seeing an S.H. ... read

Celestial: Gundam 00 is the most popular modern Gundam

Aug 19
What's your favorite Gundam TV series? Wait! Before you answer, know that no Universal Century series will be accepted! Such was the question and limiting parameter posed to over five thousand internet people by a r... read

Just as it became the topic of Tuesday's Otaku Debate, the eternal question of "Dubs vs. Subs" is about to get video game-y. Destructoid's conducting a big survey regarding that. Our founder and head robot Niero had this to s... read feature


Tokyo named world's 3rd most livable city

Feb 15
Spend lots of time peering at pictures of Tokyo and wondering if those overcrowded streets can possibly provide a good life? Well, according to Monocle Magazine, it ranks high when it comes to the world's most livable cities.... read

Ren'ai Circulation! Nadeko rules Bakemonogatari rankings

Feb 06
If you didn't know yet, Bakemonogatari is HUGE in Japan. Its DVD and Blu-ray sales so far have stomped all comers short of the Evangelion monster.While its sales-friendliness was proved with the release of volume four, (cover... read

Japanese women name their favorite male features

Jan 24
We were just chatting during the most recent recording of Japanator AM (and it's coming soon, we promise) about what features we found hot, so I find it interesting that this article popped up just a few days later. What Japa... read

Survey says: Just what on earth is gap moe?

Jan 22
No, it's not moe girls as seen in clothing from The Gap (and how boring would THAT be?). Thankfully. According to a recent survey over at What Japan Thinks, gap moe is described as "a contradiction in exhibited character... read

Goo names their top dorama couples of 2009

Dec 29
There's two types of dorama fans -- those who like romance and those who don't. I obviously fall into the latter category, and apparently I'm not alone as some of the most popular doramas of this year had romantic storylines.... read

Oricon names most interesting dramas of 2009

Dec 26
I will admit, I heard a lot of good things about Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji (24 Hour Emergency Ward), but I never got around to actually watching it. When Oricon recently ran a poll about the top ten most interesting dramas of 2009, ... read

What anime has influenced your childhood the most?

Nov 23
You think that anime and manga have influenced you a lot? Wait until you hear what the Japanese have to say on the matter. Apparently it's been more important to them than their own parents. Bizmoto (Via Sankaku Complex) repo... read

The otaku gender gap: Guys like girls, girls like robots

Nov 07
The otaku matchmaking service Otakuma recently conducted a poll which ranked the most popular anime series by gender... but, at first glance, it might seem like they got the lists switched.Males1) K-On!2) The Melancholy of Su... read

Three in five Japanese check their email first thing in the morning

Nov 03
Get up and run to your PC first thing every morning to check your email? It seems like that trend is growing -- even in Japan. What Japan Thinks reports that in a recent survey from iBridge Research Plus, 300 people spoke up ... read

Oricon's top 5 tearjerker RPGs (from Japanese gamers)

Oct 30
I can't get enough of these lists from Oricon. Top 10 Gravure models, freshest young stars, and more -- they're just so much fun to discuss! The IGN list of the top 25 anime characters of all time really got us all talking re... read

Things Japanese girls will forgive you for doing (or not)

Oct 26
Oh yes, she's pretty. Sometimes so much so that you forget you have to actually get along with her. When it comes to the rules of relationships, the Japanese often see things very differently than we do, and a website like Wh... read

I'd like to thank all of you for participating in last week's poll about why you come here to Japanator. Not surprisingly, anime, manga and weird Japan news are our biggest draws -- but for everyone that comes here for that c... read feature


Japan likes people using Twitter, but still hates Twitter

Aug 15
Japan's ongoing indifference to the Twitter micro-blogging service is well-documented. That said, you can never have enough statistics.A new survey conducted by the CLUB BBQ mail forwarding service revealed new delicious perc... read

Japanator Poll: What do you come to the site for?

Aug 13
We here at Japan-a-tor want to make your experience here a happy one. And so, in order to do that, I'm interested in knowing what you guys are interested in. We cover a lot here on the site, from anime and manga to Japanese d... read

What Japan would stuff themselves with (if it didn't make you fat)

Jul 06
What Japan Thinks recently posted the results of a survey asking men and women of ages what foods they would most love to eat if there were no consequences to eating them -- in other words, if they didn't make you fat. How an... read

Japanator Poll: How do you say our name?

Jun 30
Japanator? How do you say that? We get it all the time. You can't even imagine -- when we hand out business cards or talk about the website, it always comes up. It's not that we mind it, or that we prefer any one pronunciatio... read

Japan's favorite video game characters ranked, Cloud is bi-sexual

Aug 12
We are all well aware that Japan loves cute, so when it comes to cute characters they take the cake and eat it too. What?Oricon Life recently released a poll asking Japanese people who their favorite video games ch... read

Poll: Who deserves to have their own spin-off series?

Jan 09
Yes, the Japanese do have everything; including polls that no one has thought of, but are utterly necessary—for fandom’s sake. Japanese males and females were asked what characters they would like to see staring in a sp... read

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