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12:00 PM on 09.17.2014

Promoted Community Blog: Break it Down: School Days

[Awesome user MrRasczack has a great breakdown of School Days, everybody's favorite "Nice Boat" anime. Want your deep thoughts to get on the front page? Write a cool community blog! -Josh] When the anime adaptation of Sc...


Super Rabu Rabu: Sunset on the Bank photo
Super Rabu Rabu: Sunset on the Bank
by Marlin Clock

[Community member Marlin Clock is featured here as the winner of March's Monthly Musing c-blog contest. Is someone cutting onions or something? Excuse me.]

First off, I’ll get the obvious spoiler warning out of the way. Nodame Cantabile is a great show and if you’ve any desire to watch it I urge you to do so. While the Japanese language version is unavailable legally, a dub-only version actually still exists on Sony's oft neglected Hulu competitor Crackle.

Nodame Cantabile has the distinct honor of being my favorite romance anime of all time. Nodame is such a loveable klutz, and Chiaki was always a great foil as one of the few instances of male tsundere. What made me love the show so much was that it wasn’t solely a romance. It spent more time focusing on character’s personal problems as a way for them to interact and grow closer. Unlike some shows which seem to star cardboard cutouts, we got a show where we intricately knew each character. The relationship we see is slowly built from their shared experience in college as Chiaki grew to care about Nodame.

This all culminated in my favorite romantic scene of all time, sunset on the bank. Chiaki finally realized how much Nodame meant to him after coping with his fears. Her constant support finally got through to his cynical heart. However, just as he realizes his feelings, Nodame is crushed in a piano competition. Hurt and tired, she lashes out at Chiaki just as he tries to confess to her. In the end, he rushes as fast as he can to find her. On his way to see her, he gets a phone call from her, talking about her recent luck applying to become a pianist abroad. In a great bit of comedy, Chiaki actually sees Nodame out of the taxi and, flummoxed, tells the driver to stop confusing Nodame to no end. As he walks towards her, she starts to talk about her aspirations for the future, oblivious to his presence, until finally he surprises her with an embrace.

As a story about musicians, it’s no surprise that music plays one of the biggest parts in making this scene instantly memorable. The soundtrack is very subtle as Chiaki approaches Nodame, only slowly building up until the embrace, where the music cuts out for a second before launching into a soaring piece using the motif of the opening in a great sonata that perfectly captures the mood of Chiaki and Nodame sharing their first romantic moment. True to form, the comedy breaks up the sweet moment by having Nodame’s dad of all people happen upon them, mind that he’d never even met Chiaki before.

Romance has always been one of my favorite genres in anime. When done wrong, it can turn into an absolute mess, but a real gem comes every few years that really tugs at your heartstrings. I’ve always felt anime has some of the best potential to make us relate with its characters and experience them growing together as romance blossoms. Among those, Nodame Cantabile has always held a special place in my heart. The relationship between Nodame and Chiaki is nowhere near perfect, but watching the two of them grow together as they understand their passions and cope with their fears was one of the most satisfying experiences I will ever watch.

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Super Toku Time: Brought to you by O.J. Sprite photo
Super Toku Time: Brought to you by O.J. Sprite
by Salvador GRodiles

[Editors Note: This story has been promoted from our community blogs. The words and content expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Japanator or its staff. To start your own community blog, or learn more, click here!]

After performing series of experiments, I have discovered that mixing orange juice with Sprite, 7 Up, or any type of lemon soda results in a delicious concoction that pleases the taste buds. With all of this talk about mixing liquids, I think I’m going to grab a quick drink before I start this segment.

Now that I’ve quenched my thirst, let’s catch up on my latest thoughts on Kyoryuger and Kamen Rider Gaim. Before we begin, I would like to point out that I’m not depressed anymore-- at least for now. Crocodile Sunshine’s getting used to his new magical abilities, and I’m ready to test my powers with a double serving of the Fruity Warlord. Hopefully, I’ll adjust to using magic soon. That way I don’t misuse my spells when the going gets tough.

In order to be a little more up to date, I’m doubling up my Gaim recaps, so that we can be ready for the next wave! Also I would like to apologize for my huge delay, since I’ve been overcoming some unknown forces at the moment-- curse you, mysterious entities.

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12:00 PM on 01.02.2014

What Grinds My Gears: Weird Fetish in Anime

[Community member Rank57 is featured here as the winner of December's Monthly Musing c-blog contest. Lots of hot topics here! Oooh, sizzling!] If you are not a 15 year old girl, or better yet, if you don't have a huge cr...


7:00 PM on 11.21.2013

Opinion & Questions: Favorite Soundtracks

[Robo Panda Z has written an informative piece on some favorite musical pieces, most of which revolve around the excellent Final Fantasy VIII! Check out November's first promoted c-blog and let it inspire you to create a si...

Robo Panda Z

8:00 AM on 10.29.2013

Remake-Worthy: Lunar Legend Tsukihime

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Type-Moon and its works. I wrote a giant post about them earlier this year, for goodness' sake! And in said post, I mentioned the ever-dreaded Tsukihime anime adaptation. Or, if you really...


8:00 PM on 10.12.2013

Monthly Musings: Why Air is Remake-worthy

[It's the first promoted post for October! Lifesong offers up the case for Air! Post your own blog about a remake-worthy anime and you could be featured on the front page too!] Yes, I am going for the lowest hanging fruit I c...


Top 5 Best Eyepatch Gals photo
Top 5 Best Eyepatch Gals
by Marlin Clock

[How about another promoted article for this month's Bloggers Wanted? Marlin Clock is on hand to give us the low down on the best eyepatches available on the market, as well as the lovely ladies they are attached to. Hit the jump for an eyeful, and be sure to tell us your own favourites down there in the comments. Stay tuned for this months Bloggers Wanted topic which will be going up later today, and you too could find your writing on the front page! - Chris]

Ever since I have started this long quest to find truth in the world, only one thing has stayed constant. In my thoughts and in my words the utterance of this very truth has saved me from the pits of despair and the heights of hubris. Whispered in hallowed halls as much as it is trumpeted in raucous pubs is something every red blooded man that lives on the face of the earth can attest to: Eyepatch chicks rule.

How do I have such confidence you ask? Have you ever even contemplated the beauty and majesty having an eyepatch gives to a humble maiden? It can transform her into an unstoppable force of nature whose very essence summons explosions in the brain. She can become a watchdog of death, unafraid of curses. The eyepatch can even turn a grieving girl into a completely adorable moeblob, arresting the thoughts of all like-minded men! There are so many examples I could give to you of the lovely ladies that have partaken in this sacred tradition, but fate dictates I may only enumerate 5 of their names as the apex of this splendid genre. As is customary for such descriptions, intimate details of their life story may be revealed, so be wary if you wish to remain in ignorance. Join me then, if your heart burns aflame for a cloth covered orb as much as mine does, and let us celebrate these splendid damsels henceforth!

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Promoted Story: Top Five Mecha photo
Promoted Story: Top Five Mecha
by SeonArikale

[The first promoted article for this month's Bloggers Wanted! SeonArikale gives us the all of the juicy details about his top five mechs, from both anime and video games. Hit the jump to see if your own favourite has made his list, but if they don't, why not write your own blog about it? Check out the guidelines for this months Bloggers Wanted for the chance to show off your own writing on the front page! - Chris]

So, I've been lurking in the corners of the mecha fandom for years, occasionally poking out my head with some small review here or there. But I decided no more! I'm gonna start putting stuff out there for everyone to see, and to start, I'm gonna lay my cards on the table with my five favorite mecha from anime and manga. So! Without further ado let's get this list started!  

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Check This Out! Surprise of the Season Kotoura-san photo
Check This Out! Surprise of the Season Kotoura-san
by Lifesong

[What is this? Even promoted blogs are getting the spread treatment? Goodness! Lifesong is back to tell us about an anime you may have been missing, so why not read up a little bit and see if it tickles your fancy! With February now upon us, we'll have another topic going up in the next few hours. Look out for it, and who knows, maybe this will be you in a week or two! - Chris]

Every so often an anime comes along that completely defies expectations. I watch a little bit of everything for this reason. I am always on the lookout for that one show that will slip past if I stop searching. I spend countless hours each new season, testing each show that might be interesting. The longer I do it the more I find that some stuff is just pointless. Perhaps this is an obvious statement but there are some things that I am not going to care about simply because I would never care about the original. 4-Koma adaptations are particularly adept at this.

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Ecchi with plot: The Ambition of Oda Nobuna photo
Ecchi with plot: The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
by Rank57

[How about another promoted article? Rank57 shows us that there is more to The Ambition of Oda Nobuna than just a gender-bending harem! Hit the jump and give it a read to see if he can persuade you to check it out! For the chance to get yourself on the front page, all you have to do it write something in the community blogs. We read all of them! You can also try out the current "Bloggers Wanted" for a better chance! - Chris]

It was my biggest surprise of the year, anime-wise. I was catching up with the recent anime like I always do when the summer season has ended. People were talking non-stop about Sword Art Online, which I found amazing at the beginning, then started to become a clichéd love story. Okay, on to the next one. Binbougami ga was a great comedy, full of parodies. Then I hopped to Tari Tari, which you can read a great review by Derrick Crow right here. Next was the one that I consider the best of the year, and will write about it next; Humanity Has Declined. But the biggest surprise had yet to come. 


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Promoted Blog: How to fix Capcom photo
Promoted Blog: How to fix Capcom
by The-Excel

[Community member The-Excel's got quite a lot to say about fixing up Japanese gaming giant Capcom, and a mind to share his thoughts with everyone. If you've got some awesome insights of your own to share that beg to be shared with all and sundry, write something in your community blog, or participate in our regular "Bloggers Wanted" invitations! The best and brightest ones just might get on the front page! - Josh] 

When I read the post on Destructoid about a new game called Rockman Xover, I got a pretty good laugh. I laughed because I totally saw it coming and a lot of people are upset that the all-important silver anniversary of Mega Man is going to be celebrated with what looks to be a trashy cell phone game. I'm usually not one to judge on early appearances, but there's precedent for this one not looking like it's going to be a barn burner, and even the venerable Tony Ponce agrees. I've gone on record multiple times playing devil's advocate for issues like this. This time, I see a solution. Hear me out, because it's not going to be easy.

A lot of commenters on that post and the original source they cited are understandably farty over this announcement, claiming that Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe were canned to make room for this and the infamous Mega Man X port on iOS, among other travesties, like they always do when a Mega Man thing is announced that isn't a new game. I think they're wrong, because Capcom made the right call pulling the plug on those projects when their hearts weren't in it. They know that a whole new game is too much for them to handle, so they don't do it. I'd rather have nothing at all if the developers would not have been proud of the result had they continued. For that reason, I tend to side with the developer when a game gets cancelled and I still do in these cases. I know what it's like to abort a project I invested a lot of time and effort into and how much it sucks, so I sympathize with the developer any time they announce a big cancellation. (Update: It's been suggested to me that their hearts actually were in it and it was cancelled because the executives wanted it dead, not the actual coders. If that's true, it doesn't change the points I'm about to make.) 

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