Save Gameindustri: Hyperdimension Neptunia getting anime

Aug 28
I always find myself impressed by the Neptunia series, though not in a way that stems from personal enjoyment, as I thought the first game was dreadful (though the second seems to have done better). Rather, it's the legs ... read

Shin Megami Tensei IV trailer gets leaked, looks blurry

Aug 27
[Update: Screw blurry images, have a slightly less blurry video instead!] Ah, leaks. Nightmare of both submarine captain and PR specialist, they are quite the glorious thing for the impatient consumer, and this latest one ben... read

Help tear down Dark Souls's secrets

Mar 21
Dark Souls fans like me have something to look forward to in 2012, however we just don't know what it is yet. Namco Bandai has hollowed a Facebook page witha mysterious wall, hiding some secret Dark Souls information. Every l... read

Rumor: Korean Zombie Desu car season 2 kicks into April

Nov 10
The rumor mill's been circulating today with the date of the second season of this years surprise comedy-action hit, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? (translated to Is This a Zombie?) for an apparent April release. Our tip off for thi... read

More Hanasaku Iroha... probably!

Oct 09
Hanasaku Iroha, at least to me, was the sleeper hit of the Spring 2011 anime season. A show with a relatively standard premise managed to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable story, and many were sad to see it end. However, there's... read

Rumor: Mayonaka TV might be a Persona 4 anime (Updated)

Apr 09
[UPDATE: Intrepid fans note that decompiling files on the teaser site lead to files entitled "anime" and a (currently) blank site at . Thanks, Jon B!] If certain trailers and teaser sites are to be believed, there may ... read

More details for Akira film: Robert Pattinson looked into

Mar 28
More info about the live-action Akira adaption was released recently, and no one still has anything solid to go off of to say whether it'll be good or bad. Some of the new tidbits released, however, give some insigh... read

Hoax: Man says Japan is covering up the nuclear crisis

Mar 18
Recently, a YouTube video was uploaded by a man who claims that Japan is secretly covering up the nuclear crisis in Fukushima, stating that there is no news on any channel and that YouTube itself has been restricted in Japan.... read

Rumor: Gamestop lists Catherine for July 26th

Feb 28
Yesss! Of course, you'll have to chalk this up under "Rumors", since Gamestop pulled the page shortly after the internet got wind of it. July 26th can't come soon enough. I still like you, Atlus USA. read

Rumor: Mila Kunis, Brad Pitt turn down Akira movie

Feb 19
Hot on the heels of the rumor that James Franco was in talks to play Kaneda in the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira comes rumors that two other stars are no longer in talks to play roles in the same mo... read

Is James Franco in the Akira live-action adaptation?

Feb 13
James Franco's doing a lot of stuff. The guy I mainly know as "Stoner Movie Dude Who Played Harry Osborn" is hosting the Oscars, going back to Yale, teaching a course about himself, and working on all manner of things, includ... read

New Miyazaki anime to be announced!

Nov 05
You know the man, the legend, Hayao Miyazaki. Some of us probably even have a small shrine dedicated to him, hidden away in our closets. There's been whisperings around the interwebs, most notably on the My Anime List forums,... read

Navarre has 6 buyers interested in FUNimation

Sep 17
Most of you are probably aware that FUNimation is being sold by its parent company, Navarre. While it's still a bit of an uncertain situation, there might be some good news on the horizon. Currently, Navarre has six buye... read

[Update: The Otakon message boards have confirmed that Madhouse's Maruyama-san was in fact correct. We'll still wait for an official statement, but it looks as if this may be true.] Twitter is in an uproar this afternoon as G... read feature


Possible Toaru Majutsu no Index 2 this Fall!

May 20
Can I tell you how excited I am for this? Can I? The answer is very. According to the Japanese fan blog, Kyo mo Yarareyaku, a Japanese Tsutaya store reports that a second season of Toaru Majustu no Index is on its way and wil... read

Tokyo seriously considering 24-hour subway system

Feb 02
One of the biggest pain in the asses when you're out late at night with friends in Japan is the rush to catch that last train at 1am. After that, you're stranded until 6am with no trains running and most businesses shuttered.... read

Rumor: Shin Megami Tensei PS3 game listed on Amazon

Jan 18
We could have easily seen this coming given that the MegaTen franchise is Atlus' main moneymaker. Basically all the information present is a simple product listing on for "Shin Megami Tensei (Working Title... read
 photo reports Vertical publishing Tezuka's Ayako

Jan 14
As per usual, has gone ahead and released info earlier than it was supposed to, and Kuri-ousity picked up that Vertical's latest title is supposed to be Osamu Tezuka's Ayako. Things aren't confirmed from Vertical, a... read

Is James Cameron making a Hiroshima movie?

Jan 10
Director James Cameron, responsible for some of the biggest-selling movies of all time, is more known for massive spectacles of light and sound, sci-fi and fantasy tales told with the best special effects huge budgets can pro... read

Rumor: Dead or Alive 5 coming to the PS3

Jan 10
[As posted on Destructoid by Hamza CTZ Aziz] The latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine hints that the next Dead or Alive game won't be exclusive to the Xbox 360 anymore. The rumor section of the mag sta... read

Bakemonogatari sequel/prequel anime listed, unlisted

Jan 08
I love Bakemonogatari. It's the show that got me interested in kanji wordplay, makes some of the most inventive twists on familiar archetypes, and leverages an incredible visual style that holds up even when its production is... read

Rumor control; Greeeen is not breaking up any time soon

Nov 05
Apparently several Japanese tabloids have been running rumors that the record-breaking j-pop act had planned on splitting up in order to become full-time dentists. When I heard that, I really didn't even k... read

Is Yakuza 3 finally coming to the US?

Sep 20
Just to be clear, it's still a rumor, but 1Up just reported that a source close to the project confirmed that the title is in the process of being localized for the US and Europe. This comes on the heels of com... read

Rumor time: Full Metal Panic to become a live-action film!

Apr 07
Speculation around the internet states that Mandalay Pictures has acquired the theatrical rights to make a Full Metal Panic film. It is also very important to note that Zac Efron is also (supposedly) extremely interested in t... read

Is April fools really over? More Haruhi season 2 rumors

Apr 03
I’m not sure what to believe anymore, and so should you after yesterdays nonstop attack here at Japanator; and what makes this even worse is that it’s more Haruhi season 2 news. Sankaku Complex reports that the Ha... read

The secret behind Gundam 00's design process REVEALED!

Dec 14
There has been a rumor floating around on the internet regarding the design process behind Gundam 00’s units, and it has my otaku senses tingling in response. This hasn’t been confirmed, and was initially found on... read

First 'review' of the live-action Dragon Ball movie

Oct 29
Ain’t it Cool News recently posted a review of the Dragon Ball live-action film that was sent to them by a fan named DON. Yes, the movie isn’t even finished, yet we have our first review. Don states he saw a versi... read

Hajime no Ippo to get a rematch in the anime ring this January

Sep 17
I have some great news for all of you who love the boxing anime/manga Hajime no Ippo. Supposedly in the 42nd issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, there will be an announcement of a new television series in Janu... read

New season of Spice and Wolf? I should probably get to watching the first

Sep 06
There's rumor of a new season of Spice and Wolf going about. On the sash of the latest light novel, volume 9, it says that the anime is getting extremely high praise (and selling relatively well, I'd figure), and that they're... read

RUMOR: Hot Gurren Lagann movie tidbits

Aug 30
I’m going to give you a general warning before we move on. The information that is to be stated in the below article has not been proven as a 100% correct or truthful, but perhaps just might be. A man only known as &lsq... read

Speculation time! Is Phoenix Wright getting an anime?

Aug 01
[As originally posted on Destructoid] Over at the Gyakuten Meets Orchestra blog, it's business as usual. The tickets for their September 23rd show will soon be released, but they've got something to say to those buying ticket... read

It was all a lie, according to studio Bones

Jul 06
The carpet has been pulled out from under us and it hurts. Bones has just made an official statement about the Full Metal Alchemist sequel and the Darker than Blacksequel, and it doesn’t look good. They state that the ... read

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