Aw snap, Sakura-Con '15 gets a series of BlazBlue events

BlazBlue fans might be in for a good time
Feb 25
I may be a little late to the party, but I felt that this announcement was worth sharing around here. Anyway, the gang at Arc System Works and Strangely Compelling Media (BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend's localization, Phant... read

Sakura-Con '14: post-con impressions

Lots to do, little to talk about
Apr 26
Whenever an event proves to be uneventful, less-than-impressive, or just generally underwhelming, I prefer to take a few days to really gather some perspective before unloading on it. That's not to say Sakura-Con was less-tha... read

Sakura-Con '14: Crunchyroll announces two more simulcasts

Don't get quite so excited yet
Apr 20
So SakuraCon has come and gone but we still have more news to share with you that came out of our weekend in Seattle. Yesterday, Crunchyroll held an industry panel at the con and despite getting through the bulk of their pane... read
Viz Media

Sakura-Con '14: Viz Media announce World Trigger headed to print

Also, Canadian dates for Tiger & Bunny: The Rising finally revealed
Apr 18
This afternoon Viz Media held their own Sakura-Con industry panel and although it could likely be described as brief, they did manage to excite us with an announcement or two. Most notably, that Daisuke Aishihara's action-pac... read
Aniplex news

Sakura-Con '14: Aniplex announces dub project for Magi season 2

New loot on Aniplex+ store
Apr 18
Aniplex at Sakura-con has announced a special audition for Magi. The season two of Magi will have a Bang Zoom! dub. In addition, there will be public auditions at Anime Expo this summer for roles in Magi. Also, Aniplex of Ame... read
Sakuracon 2014

Sakura-Con 2014 to host Titan, SAO, Magi guests and more

ELISA rounds out the music
Apr 12
Sakura-Con, the big spring-time anime con based out of Seattle, runs next weekend from April 18th to April 20th. We at Japanator will try our best to bring you coverage from the event covering the usual cosplay, news and gues... read
Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan news round-up; Phantasy Star, Sakura-Con and more

There's just no escaping it
Mar 07
This week has seen its fair share of Attack on Titan-related news. To start, the official soundtrack has been licensed by Anime Limited, and is now available digitally through iTunes, Amazon UK and Google play. The rele... read

SakuraCon announces ELISA as musical guest of honor

Well, that's one concert I'm sure to be hitting
Feb 14
Taking place at the end of April (the 18th to the 20th to be exact), SakuraCon in Seattle is my home away from home. I've hit the convention every year for the last few years and have always had a blast though this year is go... read
More people dressed up
So yesterday's Sakura-con cosplay wasn't enough for you? I don't blame you. Here is what I am going to do for you my fine readers. I'm going to give you even more cosplay pics today! Awesome, right? Without further ado, part 2 of the cosplay of Sakura-con! Part 1 here in case you missed it. read feature

All the dressed up people
What is a convention without cosplay? Nothing, that's what it would be! I mean, how many of us just look forward to taking loads of pictures of people dressed  up at their favorite characters and show off their incredibl... read feature

16th annual NW anime convention
The 16th annual Sakura-con in Seattle, Washington is always a highlight of the year for me. This was my 4th time at the annual anime love fest and it has only gotten better. From top to bottom the staff and crew of ... read feature

Yen Press gets more manga

Sakura-Con 2013: Get a load of Yen Press's newest goods

Caution: one of these titles has a very long name.
Mar 31
Sakura-Con is still going on as we speak, and Josh "Totsu" Totman is scouring the entire con like a beast! As he storms through the catacombs of Seattle's anime convention, JT has discovered Yen Press's latest annou... read

Sneak attack: Aniplex unveils more Sakura-Con plans

Get ready for a surprise critical hit!
Feb 23
Remember when Aniplex had big plans for Sakura-Con that were related to Sword Art Online? Of course you do.  Well, that's not the only thing that you are getting this year, because Aniplex's online panel has revealed tha... read

Rejoice, Aniplex's Panel reveals a ton of great goodies

More character commentary coming your way!
Jan 18
In case you were busy during the panel that was brought to you by the folks at Aniplex America, we are giving you the chance to read about the announcements that happened during the evening.  The first order of news will... read

Guys, Seattle is going to be crawling with cosplayers tomorrow. Some really good, some kinda terrible. The thing with conventions like Sakura-Con 2012, which I sure all attendees know officially begins tomorrow morning, is th... read feature

Ninja Scroll returning with a new project

Apr 14
It's been about nine years since Ninja Scroll: The Series was released, but that's not stopping Madhouse! The animation gurus have announced that something new is on its way, a little something known only as Ninja Scroll Proj... read

So this past weekend was a busy one for conventions. With PAX East and Anime Boston both going on to cater to nerds on the east-coast, the west-coast had its fun with its one and only big choice for anime fans and nerds alike... read feature

Viz Media licenses Berserk Golden Age Arc film trilogy

Apr 07
Great news from Viz Media's panel at Sakura-Con! The company announced on Saturday that they have acquired licensing rights to the Berserk Golden Age Arc film trilogy. We hear that they plan on releasing the series' first ins... read

Sakura-Con '12: Aniplex USA licenses Bakemonogatari

Apr 06
After tons and tons of begging, a US licensor has finally heard our plea. Aniplex USA announced today at its Sakura-Con panel that it had licensed the beloved Shaft anime Bakemonogatari and its follow-up Nisemonogatari. ... read

Sakura-Con '12: FUNimation licenses Shangri-La, Sankarea

Apr 06
It wouldn't be Sakura-Con without some new announcements from FUNimation! At today's panel, FUNimation announced that it had licensed sci-fi anime Shangri-La, the story of how a future Japan is turned into the world's largest... read

Watch Sakura Con from the comfort of your own home

Apr 05
Can't make it to Sakura Con? no problem! It was just announced that the streaming service Nico Nico Douga and its English language counterpart Niconico will live-stream Stereopony's Sakura Con performance taking place this Fr... read

Cooking Otaku: The Panel at Sakura-Con

Apr 04
If you haven't heard any of the last couple of our wonderful podcasts, you might not know that I will be hosting a panel at Sakura-Con. It's a wonderful, glorious panel, filled with wonderful food, snacks, drinks, and most of... read

Sakura Con announces more guests

Feb 20
Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you yet another anime convention-related news report! Sakura Con has recently added two more guests to its lengthy list of attendees: Atsuhiro Iwakami, producer of the hit anime series Puell... read

Stereopony are performing at Sakura-Con

Feb 08
Here is some awesome news for you people planning to go to Sakura-Con this April! The very awesome Stereopony will be performing as guests of honour, making attendance mandatory and travelling there absolutely worth it. It se... read

Live near the Seattle area? Sakura-Con has guests galore!

Mar 10
Do you fine folks love Japan? Well, given that you're visiting a Japanese culture website, I'm going to assume your answer was at least a mild "Eh, it's okay". The reason that I ask is because I want to ask if the lot of you ... read

Imagawa drops out of Sakura-con appearance

Mar 15
Sorry, Sakura-con fans. Hate to break the news to you, but your 2010 convention has just gotten a little less awesome. Yasuhiro Imagawa, the director of G Gundam, has decided to pull out of the event so that he can get to wor... read

The new Trigun movie trailer has Wolfwood in it

Mar 05
That's really all that matters.I mean, it's got other stuff, like Vash, his red coat, his gun(s), his sunglasses, Milly, Meryl, a sci-fi western setting, guns, big dudes with padded shoulders, more guns, explosions, sandbags,... read

Sakura-con to welcome Noizi Ito, Haruhi artist

Feb 25
Wow, I'm simply amazed. Sakura-Con is really pulling out all the stops.Their latest guest is Noizi Ito, the illustrator for the Haruhi and Shakugan no Shana series of light novels. Sakura-Con will mark Ito's debut in the Unit... read

Sakura-con bringing the Trigun movie with it

Feb 22
The con season is coming up, and with it the con news. Visitors to Sakura-con 2010 will not only have the honor of trembling before the presence of G Gundam/Giant Robo director Yasuhiro Imagawa, but also gain something not ev... read

Sakura-con to welcome Yasuhiro Imagawa

Feb 05
Originally slated to go to Anime Weekend Atlanta last year, Yasuhiro Imagawa canceled his appearance (likely due to the swine flu hullabaloo), leaving fans in the lurch. This manly man, director of G Gundam, Giant Robo and Sh... read

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