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Pick over the drawn & quartered corpse of ADV!
11:00 AM on 02.24.2014

Section23 announces anime release dates for March
You need a date? You needs numbers? I've got numbers that are release dates for anime, which is almost the same thing.
6:00 PM on 11.26.2013

Maiden Japan remembers Myself; Yourself, licenses
DVD and digital for North America
10:00 PM on 11.14.2013

Super Rejoice: Maiden Japan gets the Patlabor TV series
Mobile Police Patlabor on TV is back, people!
3:00 PM on 03.20.2013

Activate Masamune: Maiden Japan revives Black Magic M-66
A classic OVA for all of you cyberpunk fans out there.
3:00 PM on 03.19.2013

Sentai licenses Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Tegami Bachi Reverse

9:00 AM on 01.04.2013

Review: Elfen Lied
Enough claret to coat the walls
8:00 AM on 10.31.2012

Japanator Recommends: Ergo Proxy
cogito ergo sum
12:00 PM on 10.18.2012

Sentai licenses Shinkai's Children Who Chase Lost Voices

8:00 PM on 06.15.2012

Section 23 to release Needless, Mahoromatic, and more

3:00 PM on 04.11.2012

Infinite Stratos out on Blu Ray and DVD!

3:00 PM on 04.10.2012

Coicent/Five Numbers out today in a fancy twin release!

8:00 PM on 11.22.2011