One Piece voice actor arrested for naked tattoo photos

Jul 16
// Bob Muir
The Internet's days as a wild west of lawlessness may be coming to an end, at least in Japan, if a recent arrest is a sign of things to come. 56-year-old Kiyonori Imamura, known for his role as Emporio Ivankov in One Piece, h...

Rest in Peace: Daisuke Gori found dead, suicide suspected

Jan 18
// Josh Tolentino
Earlier today policed discovered the body of Daisuke Gori, a prolific voice actor. Gori was reported wandering around Nakano Ward in Tokyo with blood dripping down his arm. A knife was found under him, along with a last will ...

Otakon announces Crispin Freeman as their headlining voice-actor for Otakon

Jun 12
// Brad Rice
I've never particularly had an excitement for voice actors -- or seiyuu for that matter. But it clearly appeals to a bunch of you, otherwise they wouldn't be such a big part of the con circuit. But whatever the case, Otakon's...

Everyone pretend like charts matter and feel good for Mizuki Nana, 1st #1 seiyuu ever

Jun 09
// Zac Bentz
For the first time ever since history started 41 years ago, a seiyuu (that's snooty anime speak for voice actor) is at the top of the Japanese Oricon music charts. Mizuki Nana, most recently voicing characters in shows like ...


More than you want to know about Japanese voice acting agencies

Jan 16
// Jeff Chuang
Blogger and seiyuu-otaku j1m0nes dusted off some mad skills and and made a helpful list of all the major (and many minor) voice talent agencies in Japan. They are the companies and individuals who manage, produce and train vo...

The voices! They're...quite interesting, actually

Nov 16
// Aoi
Once upon a time, there was a show called Captain N and the Game Master. It was late-80's marketing cheese of the most whoreish sort, starring such innovative characters as Simon Belmont, Mega Man, and some kid with a mag...

The new One Piece dub cast announced

Jul 03
// John Martone
I'll be frank and just say that I've only seen one episode of One Piece. Unfortunately, it was the dub. The show is supposed to be a comedy, right? Len promises the show is funny, but everyone sounds like they are praying f...

Tuesday Otaku Debate: Tamaki vs Light

Jun 26
// Brad Rice
Last week's skirmish was between two of Satoshi Kon's films, Millenium Actress and Tokyo Godfather. The results? Millenium Actress: 8 Tokyo Godfather: 5 So this week's debate goes between two characters voiced by one acto...

Straight from the streets of Shimokitazawa town, manga actor headband man!

Dec 07
// God Len
I have seen some crazy stuff while on the CTA, all kinds of street performers; but let me tell you that this one tops them all. In this video he performs a small section from The Fist Of The North Star manga, and an unident...

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