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12:00 PM on 04.10.2009

Podtoid-chan: Queen's Blade

Synopsis: In a world where might makes right, women fight each other to become the Queen? Leina runs away from her kingdom, and ends up encountering Risty, super busty bandit of justice. Sorry for being sniffly Japanatorians,...

John Martone

1:55 PM on 04.07.2009

Podtoid-chan: K-on!

Welcome to Kyoto Animation's newest animed show, K-on!You can listen to the mini-cast here (6:34), and/or hit the jump for the synopsis.

John Martone

12:15 PM on 04.06.2009

Podtoid-chan: Hayate no Gotoku!!

The second exclamation means that its the second season. More commonly referred to as Hayate the Combat Butler, the show has recently started their second season, and you can see it on CrunchyRoll. No joke, FUNimation did one...

John Martone

8:30 PM on 08.24.2008

Podtoid-san 68/Spoiler-san 12 - Otakon special

As promised, the special edition compilation. While its not a Kevin Smith reprinting, I'm proud to say we repackaged previous content with a pretty bow. Mostly because it was a lot of work/fun and we've been resting ever sinc...

John Martone

1:57 PM on 08.11.2008

Spoiler-san 12d: Lost in Transition

For security reasons, we have to keep all packages and luggage on us at all times, but podcasts are a different affair. Your swat team of sleepy bloggers are currently killing five+ (or in my case... tbd) hours at BWI airport...

John Martone

12:49 AM on 08.10.2008

Spoiler-san 12c: Guys and (guys who dress like) Dolls

A picture is worth a thousand words. Location: A terrace off of the convention centerCast:DaleDMVGiaGod LenJohn MartoneMatthewRhibikiTimWith special guestScott (from Anime Almanac)You can find the episode here, but it is but ...

John Martone

7:13 AM on 08.09.2008

Spoiler-san 12b: Fear and Loathing in Baltimore, Maryland [Updated]

[Now it works! -- DMV] Well, Dale's done it, posted the picture of me and my bud Jesus. I was going to use that in this post because, come on, how often do you get to tell someone, "hold on, can you take my picture with ...

John Martone

12:32 AM on 08.08.2008

Otakon '08: It begins! (Plus Spoiler-san 12a: Waiting for Gia)

Okay, so technically its only Friday in word (1 A.M) but Otakon has all but begun. In fact, we just passed the convention center to see a good forty people still idling around outside of the hall... in costume.Funny story, th...

John Martone

12:17 AM on 08.07.2008

Spoiler-san 12: We spoil Otakon

Welcome to Spoiler-san 12: We spoil Otakon. Stick with us here, because this idea could be a little "wacky." So, in contrast of Podtoid-san's news and fun format, we've decided to do a fun only piece to help illustr...

John Martone

8:06 PM on 08.04.2008

Spoiler-san 11: Currently Running Recap (late July)

Topics of major discussion:Code GeassSlayers Revolution Soul EaterBlade of the ImmortalStrike WitchesKure-naiKaibaMacross Frontier Comment from the crew:Summer season is in full swing and I'm loving what's on. Okay, love migh...

John Martone

3:06 PM on 07.21.2008

Spoiler-san 10: Serial Experiments Lain

Topic of Discussion:Serial Experiments LainPlot:"Lain is influenced by philosophical subjects such as reality, identity, and communication. The series focuses on Lain Iwakura, an adolescent girl living in suburban Japan,...

John Martone

12:30 AM on 07.17.2008

Spoiler-san 11: Currently running recap (July '08)

While I know most of you probably want to talk about E3, I wanna talk about Geass. Okay, really I want to talk about e3, but there are plenty of people talking about that. As our title defines, we'll be discussing the develop...

John Martone