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Dissidia  photo

Dissidia Final Fantasy is looking pretty hot

The gang's all here
Apr 13
Time to get brawling in Midgar! Team Ninja's newest outing for Square Enix is a fresh entry to the Dissidia fighting series. The upcoming Sony PS4 game is an adaptation of the arcade game, with some sexy new upgrades. I neve... read
Final Fantasy XV photo
Final Fantasy XV

More Final Fantasy XV footage than you can shake a phantom sword at

40 minutes of hot boys and lotsa swordfightin'
Feb 23
It still feels almost unreal after so many years of being nothing more than a twinkle in Tetsuya Nomura's eye, but Final Fantasy XV looks like it might be an actual game that might be released. Square Enix is banking on... read
Final Fantasy XV photo
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV's really looking nuts

Towns, toys, and trippy clothing
Dec 20
OK, Square Enix, you've got me. Despite my best attempts to remain thin-lipped and cynical about the prospects of Final Fantasy XV, the latest trailer you lot put out at Jump Festa yesterday has officially gotten me hype. Fo... read
Final Fantasy XV photo
Final Fantasy XV

This is what Final Fantasy XV sounds like in English

And they sound pretty!
Dec 15
And here it is, the dub of the long-overdue Final Fantasy XV, aka Riding In Cars With Boys 2. It's a good sign that Square Enix seems to be putting out information about this perennially delayed game on the regular now, afte... read
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Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy: Type-0 trailer looks gorgeous

Quit taking so long to come out
Nov 21
What started off as the little Sony PSP title that just didn't want to come Stateside has finally morphed into a full fledged HD next-gen title. There's a new English trailer for the upcoming Square Enix game, and the wait until March 17 just got harder. I've been waiting way too long to meet you Final Fantasy: Type 0. read
Final Fantasy XIII-2 photo
Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 time-warps to Steam soon

Time-tripping on the machine of the future
Nov 12
Ever since Final Fantasy XIII hit the PC way back in the halcyon days of last month, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that the rest of Square Enix's grand, ill-fated trilogy would eventually make it over as well... read
Final Fantasy XV photo
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV full of pretty tech, pretty boys, pretty cars

I want all three
Nov 04
Much as I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII, even I could see that the franchise has been in sore need of a fresh approach, and despite having been in development for the better part of the last decade, Final Fantasy XV might ... read
Final Fantasy XIII photo
Final Fantasy XIII

TGS 2014: Final Fantasy XIII trilogy coming to Steam

All hail the PC Master Race
Sep 18
I think it's safe to say that I'm in the minority when I say I actually liked the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. They were flawed and the whole Fabula Nova Crystalis affair smacked of troubling hubris on the part ... read
Final Fantasy XV photo
Final Fantasy XV

TGS 2014: So this is Final Fantasy XV

Is your body ready?
Sep 17
Well, it took 'em long enough - the better part of a decade - but it looks like ordinary players might actually see Final Fantasy XV in playable form before the heat death of the universe. And it might even be fun, judg... read
Final Fantasy Agito photo
Final Fantasy Agito

E3 2014: Final Fantasy Agito gets a trailer, Type-0 going HD

Your dreams answered
Jun 10
Wow, the last few hours just became pretty good ones for Final Fantasy fans. Square Enix may not have brought Final Fantasy XV to E3 this year, but they just blew some minds all the same by announcing that in addition t... read
Sony haet Square photo
Sony haet Square

Signs of Doom! Sony sells off its Square Enix stock

Apr 16
Fanboys and girls rejoice, for the corporations you've pledged your loyalty to have given you some extra ammo to use in your eternal conflict. It seems consumer electronics giant and PlayStation maker Sony has decided to offl... read
Final Fantasy XIV photo
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV now in open beta on PS4

Get your fill ahead of launch
Apr 04
If you've been waiting to experience Final Fantasy XIV on PS4, now's your chance. From now until April 7th, the game will be made available as an open beta using live servers, allowing you to venture into to the world of Hyda... read
Video Games photo
Video Games

Here's 22 minutes of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

All the Final Fantasy music
Mar 31
Many an hour of my life has been lost to the original Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the 3DS. A rhythm game utilizing music from first Final Fantasy to the thirteenth, it was a great little celebration of the franchise and th... read
Yen Press photo
175 English-language titles to appear in over 200 countries
Yen Press and Square Enix just announced a partnership to put eBook versions of 175 manga titles online, giving the English-language versions of Square Enix's manga worldwide reach. Starting April 8, you'll be able to access ... read feature

Music photo

The Dose: Old School Thursdays

Time to get emotional
Mar 20
Well guys, I'm back from a fabulous vacation and ready to delve back into the depths of Japan's old school favorites. This week we're heading back to 2003, to one of my favorite J-Pop tunes of all time. I'm sure you've all b... read
Final Fantasy XIV photo
Final Fantasy XIV

New trailer shows off Final Fantasy XIV 2.2 update

To be patched in preparation for the upcoming PlayStation 4 port
Mar 14
With the PlayStation 4 release just weeks away, Square Enix shared a video detailing some of the changes being made in the upcoming version 2.2 content patch for their flagship MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Titl... read
Video games photo
Video games

Official launch trailer for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

All dem feels
Mar 11
I admit that I never finished Final Fantasy X -- I made it about half-way through before I ultimately gave up on the series, and its been a regret. While both entries are relatively beloved by fans, neither Final F... read
Video Games photo
Video Games

Drakengard 3 DLC gets a trailer full of crazy

Zero's sisters gonna be crazy
Mar 03
Square Enix's Drakengard 3 is one of the weirdest games I've played in recent memory. It's full of bugs, jank, is graphically unimpressive, and generally feels like a very early PS2 game.  Drakengard 3 is also filled wi... read
Final Fantasy photo
Final Fantasy

Squall dumps Rinoa, marries White Mage instead

Level Up in matrimony with a Final Fantasy wedding
Feb 28
I have to admit: as much as my husband and I both adore a certain long-running JRPG series, it didn't occur to either of us to make our 2012 wedding ceremony Final Fantasy-themed. We did think of making it Persona-themed, bu... read
Theatrhythm: Curtain Call photo
Theatrhythm: Curtain Call

Theatrhythm: Curtain Call trailer shows off new features

New tunes, too!
Feb 26
February 26th, 2011 was the release date of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, so while I remember, happy birthday! However, the reason I've mentioned it is because for the longest time, myself and many others were critical of the s... read
Music photo

Nylon Pink covers Real Emotion from FFX-2

What can I do for you?
Feb 22
Just in time to get us pumped for the upcoming release of FFX/FFX-2 HD Remaster, Los Angeles-based band Nylon Pink has recorded a pretty spiffy cover of Real Emotion. Remember that part at the beginning of X-2 where Yuna com... read
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD photo
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

Look at all these new features in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

I can practically see the definitions!
Feb 20
The release for the long-awaited Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD collection is just a month away now, landing March 18th and 21st for North America and Europe respectively. Perhaps you're a big fan of the series and you're currently ... read
Final Fantasy 7 photo
Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy VII remake still not happening

Maybe it's time to let go?
Feb 19
A friendly reminder that everyone's favorite Final Fantasy will probably never receive a next-gen face-lift. This of course, was driven home by recent statements from series producer Yoshinori Kitase who, in an interview with... read
Square Enix photo
Square Enix

Square Enix trademarks Shinra Company

Don't get your hopes up just yet
Feb 19
Square Enix, makers of all things Final Fantasy, have recently registered the Shinra Company. What this means, nobody knows, but it was registered under use for video games. This might mean more spin-offs from the world of Fi... read
Art contest photo
Show the world what Lightning should really look like!
Square Enix and DeviantArt have teamed up for a fantastic contest in which artists are invited to create a custom look for Lightning. Anything about her appearance, from her body to accessories you'd want to see on her, are f... read feature

Food photo

Give your Valentine chocolate FF7 Materia

Taste the planet
Feb 10
As a card-carrying chocoholic (and that's chocoholic for "chocolate" and not "chocobo," although the latter kind of works too), I have a bit of a dilemma with artisanal sweets. I love it when candies look awesome, but when th... read
Video Games photo
Video Games

Drakengard 3 gets a NA release date and CE

Never forget Shinjuku
Feb 06
Square Enix's Drakengard/Nier series is weird.  The first two games are gameplay messes that made me want to toss my controller out of a window. Nier is much better in that regard, as it's a functional video game that's ... read

A behind-the-scenes look at Lightning Returns

Square Enix releases a "making of" short
Feb 04
Square Enix recently released a special behind-the-scenes look at their upcoming action-RPG Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The first part of an on-going series, titled "Inside the Square," features insights from some... read

FFXIII retrospective trailer goes full retro

Reaching way back
Feb 01
As the North American and European street dates for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII approach, Square Enix has helpfully released a retrospective trailer that goes through a highlight reel of the events of FFXIII and FF... read
Dragon Quest photo
Dragon Quest

Who wouldn't want Erdrick's sword?

Get this eye candy from Square Enix!
Jan 25
Good guy Square Enix is releasing a new replica weapon for us, and I want it! Erdrick's Sword from the first three Dragon Quest games is going to be up for grabs, and you can purchase it this spring! How cool is that? The wea... read
Lightning Returns photo
Lightning Returns

Grab the Lightning Returns: FFXIII demo, get free DLC

From stoic soldier to cosplay savior
Jan 24
Man, the marketing blitz for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will just not let up. Good thing that the game is actually looking like it deserves to be hyped up a little, which is more than can be said for other pa... read
Final Fantasy photo
Final Fantasy

Man at Arms creates Sephiroth's Masamune

To match the Buster Sword, I suppose
Jan 14
We here at Modern Method are fond of Awe Me's Man at Arms Youtube show. Tony Swatton creates weapons that we've all dreamed of seeing in reality, often times looking just like the original pieces. Having posted about him sev... read

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