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10:00 AM on 02.02.2012

Tiger & Bunny overall BD sales weren't too shabby!

Apparently people here in Japan liked some show about a tiger and a bunny. I'm still not entirely sure why anime fans would go for that kind of thing, but I can't deny that the idea of seeing an adorable little bunny getting ...

Elliot Gay

Elliot's pick of 2011: I need a hero! photo
Elliot's pick of 2011: I need a hero!
by Elliot Gay

[New Year's is a time of reflection, when one should take a look back and think about life, love, and, most importantly, the Japanese cartoons we've watched. To that end, we've gone and picked our favorite series of the year, and got to writing about why they were great. If you've got your own favorites, or want to react, try posting in the comments, or better yet, join the community and write up your very own C-blog!]

I have a secret. I love American comic books. Hell, I love super heroes! Admittedly however, part of the reason I can love them so much is because of how different they are from manga heroes. When I heard that Tiger & Bunny was to be a combination of Japanese animation with American hero design, I was extremely skeptical. Often times these kinds of cross ups fail to get the mix right, leaning one way or the other a little too heavily. The OVA series Karas was probably the last one that I had really enjoyed.

Going into it with no expectations, I found myself coming out of the first episode with a huge smile on my face. I loved what I had seen of the characters, the visuals, the world and the overall premise struck me as being extremely promising. In fact, for the whole season that the show ran, me and my best friend would Skype and watch it together. Good memories.

Which is why Tiger & Bunny was my personal favorite show of the year. Follow me after the break as I take you on a ride through my thoughts on the buddy hero show.

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10:00 PM on 12.06.2011

All the Super Sentai heros and Kamen Riders join forces

Tokusatsu fans, prepare to weep tears of joy. Every single hero from the long runs of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider are about to team up in a movie of epic proportions. Premiering in Japan during 2012's Golden Week (April 29-M...

Bob Muir

4:00 PM on 11.14.2011

Congratulations Minoru Shiraishi!

According to 0takomu, the legend himself Minoru Shiriashi has confirmed that he has married a lovely lady. How lovely? Well, we can only speculate, as he has yet to reveal her identity. As weird as that sounds it's pretty com...

Chris Walden

6:00 PM on 11.08.2011

Go go Power Rangers MMOG!

I remember watching the very first Power Rangers series on TV when I was a kid, and having my mind melt into a puddle of awesomeness every week. Fond memories, despite the whole melting thing. You can imagine then that the id...

Elliot Gay

4:00 PM on 12.27.2010

2011's Gokaiger sentai is also clever industry commentary

Did you know that it's been almost 35 years since Japan invented the Super Sentai franchise (known to foreigners as the Power Rangers)? Thirty-five years. America extricated itself from Vietnam, Jimmy Hoffa went missing, and ...

Josh Tolentino

7:00 PM on 09.22.2010

Japan's Garo - Red Requiem shoots for Avatar-style 3D

3D movies are becoming big business in America, especially after Avatar raked in a kajillion dollars at the box office. While much can be argued about the merits of adding 3D to films in regards to actual cinematic importance...

Bob Muir

5:30 PM on 09.10.2009

Sexy Hugh Jackman tours Tokyo, eats sushi, is made an example of by the police

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is old news to most viewers, but it's only just entered cinemas in Japan. That's a great thing, because it gives me a reason to put up pictures of one of the world's sexiest people, Hugh Jackman.He ...

Josh Tolentino

10:54 PM on 12.09.2007

Japanese to give Batman an anime makeover

We have some big news that is going down in the American comic book industry this week, but not just any random news, news that has to do with Japan as well (this is Japanator after all). Let’s cut to the chase, Studi...

God Len

12:50 AM on 12.09.2006

Weekend Japanatainment, Go Rangers edition! [Edit: Now with two new episodes]

Do you really think being a Power Ranger is so easy, so simple? Do you have any idea how hard it is to actually come up with a concept, uniforms, and all that jazz? We take it for granted, expecting the rangers to be perfec...

God Len