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Suzaku Kick!


Plenty of Code Geass coming in 2012

Jan 12
// Chris Walden
News relating to Code Geass has been pretty slow as of late, so I'm guessing someone panicked and let these three juicy morsels into the wild. The first piece of news, and probably the oddest of them all, is the announcement ...

Everybody was kung-fu (er, karate) fighting!

Jul 09
// Crystal White
Ever thought (or even believed) the stereotype that all people in Asian countries know some form of martial arts? Well, it might become true shortly. Figures were released this week by twenty-five railway companies in Japan, ...

Kururugi-copter incoming: Spinzaku, Rapezaku and more

May 03
// Dale North
Our Honorary friend Suzaku Kururugi can tell you, first hand, about doing something publicly that you can never take back. In this case, it was a very unmanly and awkward spin kick from a now classic episode of Code Geass. O...

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