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Infini-T Force photo
Infini-T Force

Licensing GET: UDON nabs Tatsunoko's crossover superhero manga

Jun 22
// Salvador G Rodiles
My experience with Tatsunoko may be small, but I did enjoy their modern iterations of their classic properties, such as Gatchaman Crowds. With Infini-T Force, a title that features some of the company's heroes in the same set...
Hurricane Polymar photo
Hurricane Polymar

Huzzah: Hurricane Polymar changes into a live-action movie

Could it make up for the Gatchaman film?
Nov 15
// Salvador G Rodiles
Well, people: It looks like the 1974 Tatsunoko anime, Hurricane Polymar, is getting the live-action movie treatment. While this news might make many fans of the original series concerned, there's a chance that it could m...
Yoshitaka Amano photo
Yoshitaka Amano

Rejoice: Viz Media to release a new Amano art book next week

Summer plus art equals a great time
Aug 10
// Salvador G Rodiles
There's something nice about companies releasing art books that feature an artist's older pieces. Not only do you get the chance to see how the person's work has evolved, but it also gives people the chance to see that creato...

Review: Gatchaman Crowds Insight

Nov 12 // Salvador G Rodiles
Gatchaman Crowds Insight Studio: Tatsunoko Release Date: July 4, 2015 Format: Streamed via Crunchyroll Taking place right after Gatchaman Crowds, Insight pits Hajime and the other Gatchaman against a group called VAPE, who want to rid the world of the CROWDs. During all of this commotion, the team ended up getting a new team member in the form of Tsubasa, along with having to watch over an alien visitor go goes by the name of Gel Sadra, who happens to share the same name with Leader-X’s top subordinate from Gatchaman II. While the show’s story sounds very simple, things start to take a different turn as political themes begin to take the helm. From day one, the main thing that sets this season from its predecessor is how it takes the pieces that were set into place earlier, and uses them to build a new foundation. At first, it seemed that the story was going to focus on Tsubasa becoming a better hero to overcome VAPE, but the staff did a good job in squeezing in the political themes, as Gel runs for office. While the first series had more of a subtle feeling with hints of Berg Katze plotting something huge, Insight convinces its viewers that things are suspicious from the get-go. This is shown through Gel’s speeches, which invoke the stereotype that many politicians use to present themselves as the person who relates with the middle-class citizens. Honestly, what made the guy’s actions great was that we were made to question whether the alien had ulterior motives or not. Going by the rule of things that are too good to be true, Gel came off as this super kind person who could bring everyone together. Just like the many things that fall into this category, a lot of people were drawn to his personality. Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of this story was the dynamics between Hajime and Tsubasa. Despite Hajime’s role as the girl’s mentor, Insight turned Tsubasa into the person who wishes to stand by Gel’s ideals no matter what; thus conflicting with Hajime’s super enthusiastic free spirit. On one side, you have the person who wishes for people to think on their own, and on the other, you have those who believe that true peace can occur if everyone goes with the flow. This also represents two of the various ways on how people create an atmosphere in their setting. Because of the way how society reacted to this event, this made Insight a personal story that many folks could relate to since it uses the social networking themes that it predecessor established to expand on the environment created by the political aspects. It also helps that the show’s superhero elements continue to sit in the back corner until they’re called for. Sure, there isn’t a consistent group that sends a bunch of bad guys against Hajime and her crew, but the idea that they still interact with other folks is surprisingly more entertaining. Seeing the first series focuses on the team’s rise to fame, another joyous thing about the show was seeing their efforts pay off. Whether it was O.D. showing off his fabulous personality on a live talk show or witnessing Rui using his Gatchaman powers, Insight leaves it viewers with a great sensation for investing their time with its predecessor. On top of that, once Gel’s presence becomes more prominent in the story, we start to see them change gears as they adjust to the changes in society. Thanks to the staff's great work with this story, the way how the heroes resolved the whole situation ended up being a powerful scene. Since the team was still fun to follow, this turned Insight’s closing segments into a very emotional ride. Let’s just say that it involves tears. If there’s one thing that we can always expect from Crowds, it’s the show’s stylish look. Just like the previous installment, Kinako’s stylish character designs continue to grace the screen. For the most part, the colorful looks continue to be a thing in Insight. Hell, Gel’s ability to turn people’s thoughts into speech bubbles was a nice aesthetic that improved the program’s great arsenal of abstract colorful designs. On top of that, Rui and Tsubasa’s Gatchaman suits are a nice addition to the crew’s set of armored heroes. I mean, it’s hard to go wrong with a fighter who can transport people to different locations and one who can fight with fireworks. Even though some of the show’s music is recycled from the previous series, the tracks still manage to go well with Insight’s scenes. Whether it’s the catchy electro song that repeats the phrase ‘Gatchaman’ or the subtle ambient track used in the peaceful segments, Taku Iwasaki’s (JoJo 2012 and Gurren Lagann’s Music) stuff continues to push the story in a positive manner again. Just like the rest of the show, it feels like we’re hanging out with the same person who made us smile before. I guess this would count as an amazing encore. As for the new characters, Kana Hanazawa (Durarara!!'s Anri, the Monogatari series' Nadeko) did a fantastic job in making Gel's child form sound playful and innocent, and Tomokazu Sugita (Kamen Rider Gaim's Demushu, Gintama's Gintoki) helped give the alien's adult form a convincing voice as a politician. That, and it was great to see him use a gentle voice throughout the series. In regards to Tsubasa, Kaori Ishihara (Magi's Aladdin, A Lull in the Sea's Sayu) brought out her ambitious personality nicely. She may not be on the same level as Maaya Uchida's (Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger's Hakase, Outbreak Company's Minori) Hajime voice, but she hit the right notes in making her character an overly determined person. Combined with the original cast, the voice actors were able to put on quite a good show.  While a sequel to Gatchaman Crowds could’ve gone either way, the show’s crew stuck to their guns and used them to shoot out greater bullets. The title’s political elements and expansion on its social life aspects gave it another nice zest that sets it apart from many superhero shows. Whether there’s gonna be a third installment or not, Kenji Nakamura (tsuritama and Mononoke's Director) has shown us that his take on Tatsunoko’s classic property is still capable of playing the game. [This review is based on a streamed version of the series viewed by the reviewer at personal expense.]
Gatchaman Crowds Insight photo
Whenever an old property gets reinvented, many folks tend to be concerned over the changes that the title goes through. In some cases, it can be a bad thing; however, a new take on a classic could act as a great way to a...

Tatsunoko photo

Live in Los Angeles? Q Pop's holding a Tatsunoko Tribute Art Show

May 27
// Salvador G Rodiles
There's something wonderful about seeing a place hold an art show to commemorate the greatness of certain things. Whether it's a beloved franchise or a show that many folks grew up with, the best thing about these events is s...
Speed Racer photo
Speed Racer

Speed Racer's rights return to Tatsunoko

Licensing lawsuit finally settled.
Jan 04
// Ben Huber
Briefly: Tatsunoko has gotten back the licensing rights to their beloved anime series, Speed Racer (aka Mach Go Go Go). For a while the rights were tied up in the court system as Speed Racer Enterprises, the company set up by...
Gatchaman Crowds S2 photo
Gatchaman Crowds S2

Gatchaman Crowds season 2 confirmed

Gatcha, Gatcha Gatcha Gatchaman~
Oct 26
// Elliot Gay
As far as I'm concerned, Tatsunoko's Gatchaman Crowds was the surprise of last season. I was on the fence after seeing the character designs, but I'm really glad I gave it a fair shot. The characters are a blast, and the over...

First Impressions: Gatchaman Crowds

Jul 15 // Hiroko Yamamura
 Let's be totally clear here: Yes, this isn't your father's Gatchaman. After the first episode it's obvious that none of your favorite characters and locals have just jumped into the modern anime era. This is probably what I love about this show. In an age of remakes and retellings of older series. Gatchaman Crowds isn't trying to make you remember the death of Joe the Condor, or make a new version of the always-right Ken Washio. This is a whole new crew, and what a crazy bunch they are. The main character of our story is Hajime Ichinose, a overly excitable chick who really digs stationary. She's brought into the fold by JJ, a powerful guardian of the earth, who has all sorts of crazy powers. If it gives you any indication of the show's mood, the fact that they'd name their all powerful leader something like JJ, and not Master Control Ninja, shows the anime's silly nature. The other main character of the first episode is Sugane Tachibana, who seems like de facto leader of the team. He has a sweet sword, and has the ability to manipulate time and space. Yeah, those seem like pretty sweet powers. We do get to meet the rest of the team, but haven't gotten to see them in action yet. We see the lazy and detached Joe Hibiki, who apparently has some ability to control fire. Next up is O.D. who can't transform into a Gatchaman for some reason, and his cat Altair. There's Utsu-tsu, who we see hanging out casually in a bikini, and acting distant. Lastly we have Paiman, who looks to be giving the team orders and guidance. He also looks a lot like a panda bear, but you don't want him hearing you say that. Basically, Hajime is gifted her new powers by JJ for some unknown reason, receiving an all powerful NOTE, which grants her the communications of the G-Crew. The NOTE is basically a little notebook, which also acts a cellphone. The NOTE allows the team to communicate, and receive JJ's communications, as well as allows their transformations into Gatchaman. All the gear looks cute and ready to be sold as tie in products, but I like how they chose such a lighthearted object. Who would have guessed a notebook? The team is hunting members of a hostile alien race, referred to as MESS. These MESS can disguise themselves as pretty much anything, and seem to be just minding their own business in Japan, carrying on as objects or people. To keep their identities secret, the G-Crew are able to use a power called Amnesia Effect, seemingly freezing time, and causing anyone around the incident to forget what has happened. Also, part of the effect is that the hidden MESS show their true form, which is a fast moving block of various colors. Imagine an evil glowing Rubik's Cube. You busy remember there was a Rubik's Cube cartoon? Man that was dumb Anyways, Hajime and Sugane transform into their Gatchaman forms, which look nothing like their 70's counterparts. They do however, look pretty cool. My only complaint about the transformations is that the suits just don't really go togther. Individually they all look cool, but don't speak like a team set of suits, but that may come to grow on me. Also, given their magical nature, there isn't much science to what's going on. Once you bring magic into a situation like this, the sci-fi nut in me that cares about how the suit works takes a back seat. So for now, let's just say they are magical suits. Sugane has his super powered samurai sword, along with his Dr Who-like abilities. Hajime sports some nutty looking school girl type suit, which totally looks like something out of Phantasy Star Online. She's sporting some scissor-based throwing knives, and so far some fantastic enthusiasm. What did I think? I liked it. It's a bit too early to tell if Im just excited by a new show, but so far it seems to be on point. I'm so very happy that they have thrown out pretty much any similarities with the original show. I'm hoping at some point they do justify the reason for the show being Gatchaman, but for now I'm content waiting. There's the Gatchaman logo, and we do get a glimpse of Berg Katze, but this is its own weird thing. The character designs and artwork were a bit off-putting to me at first. I'm usually attracted to gritty super detailed anime series, but something about they away they depict Japan, and the use of colors if quite pleasing. The show has a real "hip" vibe to it, in a Panty & Stocking or Gurren Lagann kind of way. Everything is bright, pretty and overstated, but has some nicely done action and battle scenes. You could say the show looks borderline silly, but that's really part of its fresh appeal. One of my friends described the show to me as what the taste of fruit-flavored candy would look like as an anime. I thought that was a pretty accurate summary. I hope things don't stick on Hajime showing off how enthusiastic and cute she is for the entire series. I can see how the show could take a turn for the dark side later. Or, maybe I'm hoping for it. The show has style for miles, and some fantastic music to boot. I have to admit that watching the show was an entertaining, pleasant venture. However, the old school Gatchaman fan in is hoping for some dark bloody action to show its face at some point. I mean, what's the point of all this cheeriness if you can't have to oppressive darkness to contrast against. And if there's aver been a villain you can count on to bring everything crashing down, it's Berg Katze. Can the hermaphrodite alien, engineered by Soisai X bring some nasty to this chipper show? I'm counting on it. [Watch Gatchaman Crowds simulcasting on Crunchyroll!]
Gatchaman Crowds photo
Gatchaman returns with a fresh new face
Deep breath time. The anime I've been fearing all year is finally here. A lot has changed in the world since the original Science Ninja Team Gatchaman hit the airwaves back in 1972. Perhaps that's why people (including myself...

Gatchaman Crowds photo
Gatchaman Crowds

Gatchaman joins the Crunchyroll Crowd this Friday

The anticipation is extreme!
Jul 10
// Hiroko Yamamura
The Gatchaman news just keeps coming! After revealing some information on the Super Science Ninja Team's suits and powers, Crunchyroll has announced their simulcast plans. Ready for the long wait? Since I'm sure you already g...
Gatchaman Crowds photo
Gatchaman Crowds

Do you want to still be part of this Gatchaman Crowd?

What do you think?
Jul 09
// Hiroko Yamamura
I just don't know what to think here. The official Gatchaman Crowds website has finally taken off the veil on Gatchaman information we've all been waiting for. Yeah... it's um, different. The original Gatchaman theme song is ...

AX '13: Sentai and Tatsunoko make friendly, nabs 11 shows

Also licenses Stella Womens Academy, High School Division Class C3
Jul 05
// Brad Rice
One of the big splashes Sentai Filmworks made at its AX panel earlier today was the announcement that it's worked out a licensing deal with Tatsunoko productions to bring a portion of their library over to the US in some form...
Di Gi Charat & Gatchaman  photo
Di Gi Charat & Gatchaman

License Reminder! Sentai gets Di Gi Charat and Gatchaman

Will Sentai's release of Gatchaman do good?
Jun 25
// Salvador G Rodiles
Actually, Sentai has already talked about their plans for both shows already at their panel during Anime Boston 2013. However, they decided to make their announcement more official by reminding us in a more professional ...

Friday Night Fights: Yamato vs Soyokaze

Jun 21 // Salvador G Rodiles
Friday Night Fights photo
Will Tylor's luck prevail against the Yamato Cannon?
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Toriko was at an advantage with his strength that's capable of destroying mountains, but Sanji wasn't going to give up that easily. Despite, Sanji's refusal to use his hands in combat, his master...

Gatchaman Crowds photo
Gatchaman Crowds

There's a familiar face in this Gatchaman Crowd

My favorite villain!
Jun 12
// Hiroko Yamamura
Some more art work has been released from the upcoming Super Science Ninja Team Gatchaman remake. Just when I said I was happy to see little evidence of the previous shows in the new Gatchaman Crowds, a very familiar face... ...
Hero Company Vol. 3 promo photo
Hero Company Vol. 3 promo

Hero Company's promo makes you wish that it was an anime

Oh wait, it's not an anime?
Jun 03
// Salvador G Rodiles
For a second, I thought that we are about to see a new trailer for an upcoming Tatsunoko series. But alas, this trailer is only a commercial for the June 5th release of the third volume of Hero Company, an ongoing manga that...
Friday Night Fights photo
Go Nagai vs Shinbo. Go!
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! It looks like I made a grave mistake in pitting Dix-Neuf against Ideon. Even with Dix-Neuf's ability to slam planets into Ideon, there was no way for the machine to dodge Ideon's Black Hole Canno...

Daily Dose photo
Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Music: Old School Thursdays

Yellow has a sexy voice!
Mar 21
// Hiroko Yamamura
Today we take a trip all the way back to 1983, and visit Tatsunoko's often overlooked series, Genesis Climber Mospeada. Most remember the series in its reworked and translated Harmony Gold version, Robotech: The Ne...

A Daily Dose of Music: Old School Thursdays

Way back
Dec 21
// Hiroko Yamamura
For this week's Old School Thursday, we're going waaaay back. All the way back to the ground breaking 1972 anime classic, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. The show was aired in the states under the titles, Battle of The Planets...

Anime Sols to stream anime in a whole new way in 2013

Kickstarting and streaming come together at last.
Nov 07
// Salvador G Rodiles
Now this is something that I would love to get behind, since Anime Sols is going to not only going to stream anime titles, but they are also giving users the power to donate money to help their favorite titles get a...

Speed Racer director works on Tatsunoko's new project!

Mar 22
// Salvador G Rodiles
A few weeks back, Tatsunoko announced that they wanted to do a new anime project to celebrate their 50th birthday. Director of Speed Racer Hiroshi Sasagawa will be directing the new series known as Devander, which features a ...

Tatsunoko turns 50, celebrates with new project

Feb 27
// Bob Muir
Tatsunoko Production is turning 50 years old, making it one of the oldest anime studios in Japan. They were founded on October 19, 1962 and has been putting out anime almost every year since 1965. In 2005, they released Karas...

Gintama and Sket Dance worlds collide for anime specials!

Sep 05
// Chris Walden
Those of you that read Shonen Jump will know that back in April both Gintama and Sket Dance had special crossover chapters, a little like the Toriko and One Piece special we saw earlier this year. Well, these chapters are abo...

Anime on Demand to simulcast [C] for the UK

Apr 20
// Bob Muir
[C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, the new series by Tatsunoko, has a long and confusing name. I don't know if this is the standard yet, but how about we just stick with [C]? It rolls off the tongue a lot easier,...

Learn the secrets of Japan's economy in these [C] promos

Mar 10
// Josh Tolentino
And we mean secret secrets, not that pansy-ass medieval wolf-goddess stuff Lawrence deals with in Spice and Wolf. We're talking freakonomics. Well, you won't learn them from the promo per se, but from [C] The Money of Soul an...

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