My Darling is a Foreigner on DVD October 8

Sep 30
// Crystal White
Japanese distributor Media Factory will be releasing Kazuaki Ue's adaptation of My Darling is a Foreigner on DVD October 8, available with English subtitles. The film is based on Saori Oguri's autobiographical manga about her...

80-port USB hub? Hell yes! No, wait...

Jan 29
// Dale North
Leave it to the folks at Japanese random crap maker Thanko to make this ridiculous computing accessory. This is an 80-port USB hub. It's just a bunch of USB sockets on a circuit board, so it's not really a hub. Think of it as...

Nekomimi headphones: Fetish with audio!

Aug 07
// Dale North
Crazy Japanese company Thanko is at it again, this time with cat ears that also function as headphones/earbuds.When you boil these down, they're just some standard earbuds wired into a set of cat ears, but that's not going to...

The perfect tie for perverts

Apr 23
// Dale North
What do you get for the pervert that has everything? How about a tie with a built-in pinhole cam!My mind lit up with perverted possiblities after discovering this stealth cam tie at Akibanana. This brilliant device comes from...


USB boob warmers replace my hands as a more convenient solution

Jan 13
// Dale North
Look, my hands can't be everywhere; I'm a busy man. Honestly I'm kind of booked up right now. Here's what we'll do: I'll put you on the list, and you can pop in these babies right now.Crazy-assed USB-obsessed Japanese company...

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