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12:00 PM on 04.05.2014

TokyoPop founder Stu Levy does AMA on Reddit

Buried in the midst of Reddit's Ask Me Anything section, TokyoPop founder Stu Levy popped in for two hours to answer questions from fans about the company, the industry, and manga in general. One of the more interesting quest...

Brad Rice

Hetalia Axis Powers Vol. 3 gets English release photo
Hetalia Axis Powers Vol. 3 gets English release
by Michelle Rodanes

Right Stuf has partnered with manga publisher Tokyopop to bring us the third volume of the NY Times Best Selling series Hetalia Axis Powers in English for the first time ever. The first print-run is scheduled for release in late June, and reprints of the first two volumes are also now available at RightStuf’s official website.

The first edition of Hetalia Axis Powers Vol. 3 will feature an eight-page color insert from the original Japanese manga, which in future print-runs will be reproduced in black and white. For a limited time, you can pre-order it for only $10.99. The other two volumes, printed in beautiful high-grade paper, are now retailing for $15.99 a piece.

Hetalia Axis Powers is a comedy series that uses satire to narrate historical events and explain cultural trivia. The main storyline takes place during World War II and focuses on the social interactions of a group of friends, who each represent a different country of the world. From what I've heard, the guys in it are pretty cute too!

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2:00 PM on 10.13.2011

Tokyopop plans to return to manga publishing

It was a sad day when Tokyopop's LA office closed its doors earlier this year, bringing an end to one of the major publishers of manga in the US. We've seen little from the company since then, barring an editorial newspa...

Bob Muir

1:00 AM on 04.19.2011

Sad news: Tokyopop ceases North American publishing

Senior Vice President of Tokyopop, Mike Kiley, has announced that Tokyopop will close their Los Angeles office, effectively shutting down North American publishing on May 31. However, the company's film production will contin...

Crystal White

Find out who America's Greatest Otaku is on Hulu photo
Find out who America's Greatest Otaku is on Hulu
by Josh Tolentino

Yes, it'll happen. All you lesser otaku will know who reigns above all in America, as TokyoPOP airs its upcoming documentary series America's Greatest Otaku in just a few short weeks, on February 24th.

As you may remember, TokyoPOP conducted its big search a few months ago, and Lauren even took a gander at some of the finalists' video submissions. And soon, otaku everywhere will see the fruits of that search over the course of eight episodes as TokyoPOP founder Stu Levy and his hand-picked "Otaku Six" journey around the country looking for the greatest Japan-nerd in the union.

You should be able to check out the show on Hulu and on the homepage. It should be known that they'll be running daily contests from which winners can net hot anime and manga goods. Check this page for more details.

Who do you think will be America's greatest otaku? Did you join in the search?

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Interview: Tokyopop wants more sophisticated yaoi readers photo
Interview: Tokyopop wants more sophisticated yaoi readers
by Brad Rice

As part of our Ero Week, one of the things I wanted to understand was yaoi. I understand the principles of its attractiveness to female readers and all that, but just how it sells, and how it finds its space in store shelves. So, I turned to an expert: Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, a senior editor at Tokyopop who is also their yaoi connoisseur.

Tokyopop and its BLU label is one of the major publishers of yaoi and shonen-ai, starting off in 2005 with Fake and Gravitation as its own "independent" label, eventually revealed to be a part of the Tokyopop brand -- at which point, they decided to admit it and pull the brand in-house.

So follow me after the jump as Lillian and I chat about how to make it in this boy-on-boy world.

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2:00 PM on 11.04.2010

Pasta! Hetalia manga going weekly on ComiXology app

Tokyopop is being awfully generous with you folks: every Wednesday, they're releasing a new chapter of Hetalia for people to enjoy on the ComiXology iOS app as a lead-up to the second volume's release in December. You'll be a...

Brad Rice

9:00 PM on 10.15.2010

Digital Manga Publishing and TOKYOPOP bring 12 new titles

Digital Manga is pairing up with TOKYOPOP in order to bring tweleve new titles from TOKYOPOP's BLU Manga yaoi imprint to eManga's online collection.  BLU Manga yaoi will be available for purchase on eManga's Website, whi...

Crystal White

12:00 PM on 09.23.2010

Hetalia is first simulataneous print/digital release

A title with "Hetalia" and the phrase "simultaneous release" in the title? That's right, I know exactly what Japanator readers want.In all seriousness, Hetalia fans are going to have a lot of choices this ...

Lauren Rae Orsini

3:00 PM on 09.02.2010

Looking for work? Tokyopop is hiring!

Currently out of work, or just hate your job to death? Well, here's a chance for some of you with work experience: Tokyopop is currently looking to hire for a Book Distribution Coordinator and Manga Line Editorial Coordinator...

Brad Rice

What defines America's Greatest Otaku? photo
What defines America's Greatest Otaku?
by Lauren Rae Orsini

What makes a great otaku, actions or possessions? 

Tokyopop's search for America's Greatest Otaku is coming to a close. The manga publisher had announced in May that the search would continue until August. Now, about 30 finalists will be featured on the "America's Greatest Otaku" reality TV show.

However, how will they choose who the lucky winner will be? Judging by the finalists' video submissions, it's clear that being America's Greatest Otaku means different things to different people. To one otaku it might mean participation in clubs, to another it could mean learning Japanese, and to a third it might be all about having the largest collection of all things moe. 

To investigate further, I spoke to Chris Wanamaker and Ryan Tumaliuan, two finalists that each represent a very different side of Otakudom.

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TokyoPop pairs up with Zinio for digital manga releases photo
TokyoPop pairs up with Zinio for digital manga releases
by Crystal White

West coast publisher TokyoPop, has paired with Zinio in order to offer manga available for download on Macs or PCs, as well as the iPad (I wonder if the iPod Touch is compatible as well). Singular downloads will be offered for $5.99 while multi-volume editions will cost $7.99. 

So far, there's already a list of combined TokyoPop/Zinio titles available for digital release, including:

  • Earthlight
  • Gravitation
  • The Tarot Cafe
  • The Dreaming
  • Jim Henson's Return to Labyrinth 
  • Bizenghast
  • Van Von Hunter
  • Undertown

The complete list only has eight titles currently, but TokyoPop/Zinio promise more to come. For those who are less familiar with Zinio, the company has worked with Arcana to publish The Clockwork Girl as well as working with Digital Manga Publishing to publish Vampire Hunter D, among other accomplishments.

It seems that while Zinio tiles run smoothly and look good on PC and such, they're presented in a western format, left-to-right. While this works for the Korean and English based manga that the current digital lineup consists of, it may become a problem when more Japanese titles are introduced. 

So I've gotten two stories in two days about manga publishers going digital. Is it inevitable? Will physical manga become a collector's relic, much like vinyl is today--there's certainly a market for it, but it's not on the cutting edge of technology. What do you think of TokyoPop and Zinio joining forces? 


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