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TokyoPop founder Stu Levy does AMA on Reddit

Read about how a former industry titan toppled
Apr 05
Buried in the midst of Reddit's Ask Me Anything section, TokyoPop founder Stu Levy popped in for two hours to answer questions from fans about the company, the industry, and manga in general. One of the more interesting quest... read

Hetalia Axis Powers Vol. 3 gets English release

May 02
Right Stuf has partnered with manga publisher Tokyopop to bring us the third volume of the NY Times Best Selling series Hetalia Axis Powers in English for the first time ever. The first print-run is scheduled for release in l... read

Tokyopop plans to return to manga publishing

Oct 13
It was a sad day when Tokyopop's LA office closed its doors earlier this year, bringing an end to one of the major publishers of manga in the US. We've seen little from the company since then, barring an editorial newspa... read

Sad news: Tokyopop ceases North American publishing

Apr 19
Senior Vice President of Tokyopop, Mike Kiley, has announced that Tokyopop will close their Los Angeles office, effectively shutting down North American publishing on May 31. However, the company's film production will contin... read

Yes, it'll happen. All you lesser otaku will know who reigns above all in America, as TokyoPOP airs its upcoming documentary series America's Greatest Otaku in just a few short weeks, on February 24th.As you may remember, Tok... read feature


As part of our Ero Week, one of the things I wanted to understand was yaoi. I understand the principles of its attractiveness to female readers and all that, but just how it sells, and how it finds its space in store shelves.... read feature


Pasta! Hetalia manga going weekly on ComiXology app

Nov 04
Tokyopop is being awfully generous with you folks: every Wednesday, they're releasing a new chapter of Hetalia for people to enjoy on the ComiXology iOS app as a lead-up to the second volume's release in December. You'll be a... read

Digital Manga Publishing and TOKYOPOP bring 12 new titles

Oct 15
Digital Manga is pairing up with TOKYOPOP in order to bring tweleve new titles from TOKYOPOP's BLU Manga yaoi imprint to eManga's online collection.  BLU Manga yaoi will be available for purchase on eManga's Website, whi... read

Hetalia is first simulataneous print/digital release

Sep 23
A title with "Hetalia" and the phrase "simultaneous release" in the title? That's right, I know exactly what Japanator readers want.In all seriousness, Hetalia fans are going to have a lot of choices this ... read

Looking for work? Tokyopop is hiring!

Sep 02
Currently out of work, or just hate your job to death? Well, here's a chance for some of you with work experience: Tokyopop is currently looking to hire for a Book Distribution Coordinator and Manga Line Editorial Coordinator... read

What makes a great otaku, actions or possessions?  Tokyopop's search for America's Greatest Otaku is coming to a close. The manga publisher had announced in May that the search would continue until August. Now, about 30 ... read feature


West coast publisher TokyoPop, has paired with Zinio in order to offer manga available for download on Macs or PCs, as well as the iPad (I wonder if the iPod Touch is compatible as well). Singular download... read feature


Look guys, I know the Japanese connotations associated with the word "otaku". They're quite negative, referring to the worst sorts of socially maladjusted nerds. No one wants to be called an otaku in Japan.But hey, ... read feature


Hetalia Heaven? TokyoPOP outs Hetalia Axis Powers manga

May 01
It's high time for geopolitical incorrectness, as with TokyoPOP's announcement of Hetalia: Axis Powers manga release, pretty much everything related to Hidekaz Himaruya's original national-pretty-boy-anthropomorphization comi... read

World Affairs: Hetalia Axis Powers manga listed by Amazon

Apr 03
It's a couple of days late to put up on our sister site Americanator, but it's never too late to celebrate...America, who is also a character in Hetalia, everyone's favorite pretty-boy-national-anthropomorphizing manga. And i... read

College students, go on tour with TokyoPOP this summer

Mar 14
If you're in college and don't have anything better to do this summer, why not shack up with TokyoPOP?The company's holding a big ol' summer internship tour, and you might get the chance to go on the road with 'em.Check out t... read

Required Reading; TokyoPop's talk on scanlations

Dec 14
Over the weekend, our good friend Deb Aoki put together a three piece set covering the latest TokyoPop Webinar where Stu Levy floated the idea of working together with scanlators to bring dead series to completion.Deb picked ... read

Do you hate Yu-Gi-Oh?I certainly do. Bad art, contrived story, cookie-cutter characters... those all get on my nerves. However, my biggest complaint involves suspension of disbelief. No matter how hard it tries, the series ha... read feature


Rumormill: Tokyopop to utilize fansubs?

Dec 03
Alright, now take this with a VERY HEAVY dose of salt: apparently at Tokyopop's latest webinar, they floated the idea of utilizing scanlations to finish up series that were on hiatus due to low sales. They didn't mention a sp... read

Domo creator on live Tokyopop webcast...NOW!

Oct 29
Really! Domo (aka Domo-kun) creator Tsuneo Goda is appearing on the Tokyopop Insider webcast today, October 29th, at 4:30PM PDT (7PM EST). By the time this goes up, that's in ONE HOUR. If you live in Northridge, California, t... read

Americans have a lot of shelf space, says the New York Times

Sep 12
Well, they didn't say that, specifically, but from looking at this week's manga sales numbers, everyone's got room to spare.The week was dominated by long-running series, like Bleach, whose 28th volume debuted at first place,... read

TokyoPop's second webinar addresses hiatus titles, Kodansha fallout

Sep 04
For all things manga, my first turn is to our expert friend Deb Aoki, who reported on TokyoPop's second webinar, where there was a clear issue hanging overhead. Still, that was not the first issue to be tackled: many of the f... read

Kodansha publishing its titles through Random House, creates weird incestual situation

Sep 01
Here's an update to yesterday's story of Tokyopop losing it's Kodansha licenses: ICv2 is reporting that Kodansha will be publishing its own titles through Random House, using them as a distributor. In addition, Diamond will l... read

Kodansha letting its licenses with Tokyopop expire

Aug 31
Just when things started looking like they'd turn around for Tokyopop...Word comes from MangaBlog that Kodansha is letting its licenses with Tokyopop expire, meaning that some of the biggest titles that helped Tokyopop get wh... read

Taste sweet mangos every Wednesday via Tokyopop's new online manga campaign

Aug 18
The "print media is dead" argument that's long been circulating about the world of journalism seems to be worming its way into manga as well, as publisher Tokyopop has announced a new online manga program.The progra... read

Would you like to create a fictional world?Those are the words that kick off the adventure for all the girls in Chain Mail by Hiroshi Ishizaki. A part of Tokyopop's Pop Fiction line, the story follows a group of teenagers as ... read feature


CMX and Tokyopop sale running at RightStuf, get 33% off their titles

Aug 10
Looking for something to read on the cheap? Well, CMX is running a sale over on Right Stuf where all their titles are at least 33% off the listed price with the coupon code "artful." They've got a wide variety of ti... read

TokyoPop fixes paper stock issue, has webinar today to reach out to the fans

Aug 06
Paper stock isn't something I normally consider rage-worthy enough to post about here on Japanator, but it had a lot of people in an uproar. TokyoPop had decided to not only raise the prices on their volumes, but also cut the... read

 To the modern otaku, Sakura Taisen sounds almost laughably quaint. Its fighting teams fight for truth, justice, and the Glory of the Empire. Its heroes and heroines unabashedly  were heroic, villains comically mali... read feature


Domo-kun is raiding your slurpee machines

May 27
Be prepared. On October 1st, your slurpee machines will no longer be safe. Dark Horse and Tokyopop are teaming up (this sounds bad already) to unleash Domo-kun into 7-Elevens across the nation. Not only will there be special ... read

Talk about random: Fruits Basket event at Macy's in NYC

May 12
I know that New York City tends to have a lot of the fun events, especially when it comes to things related to anime. I know that the Kinokuniya bookstore has several of them but this is something I didn't see coming. Not onl... read

TokyoPop selling manga shirts at Target and having a contest

Mar 26
Target has always been reliable for really good shirts. I used to buy a lot of anime shirts from their stores, even if they were from the little boy's section. It's nice to see that TokyoPop is offering to sell such pretty lo... read

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