Nendoroids rarely get cuter than Wind Waker Link

He can be yours, come August
Apr 17
Over at Tomopop, we're used to seeing all manner of toy from a variety of shows. It's rare to have a figure pique all of our interests, and one such figure is Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Wind Waker Link. Coming from a love... read

Gunpla Banzai: Barnes & Noble selling Gunpla kits

Build Fighters to follow?
Mar 15
It's actually funny: For as much access as North American anime fans have to Japan's pop culture output these days, there really are some things that are still difficult to find over there. For example, it's easy to get your ... read

The 2014 Winter Tokyo Wonder Festival is happening

Tomopop has you covered
Feb 08
Right now, collectible toy-enthusiasts all over the world are flocking to Japan for Tokyo Wonder Festival. The bi-annual event, held in Chiba each year, features the latest must-have garage kits and often provides fans with a... read
Hatsune Miku

Senbonzakura Miku aims for your heart

And your precious wallet
Jan 28
MERCH ALERT. MERCH ALERT. That alarm was a warning, set up to go off whenever something nice shows up that will inevitably be purchased and sap away precious dollars. The offending party this time? FREEING's Senbonzakura Miku... read
Otaku goods

Snore the afternoon away on a Snorlax cushion

It actually looks pretty comfortable, too
Jan 28
Nothing is more annoying than finding your path blocked by a sleeping Snorlax, but thanks to the folks at Banpresto, you won't need a Poké Flute to snag one of these comfy cushions. Instead, all you have to do is pre-o... read
Hayao Miyazaki

Get your Miyazaki figure soon

Pre-orders are starting in a few days
Jan 16
A new figure is being released in honor of Hayao Miyzaki, and it's not Ghibli themed. Martin Hsu has designed a 6 inch tall figure of the man himself. That's right, we finally get a Miyazaki figure! How cool is that? Bigshot ... read
Hatsune Miku

2014's Snow Miku is downright magical

She doesn't need to make any contracts
Nov 21
Despite several years of excessive merch, Hatsune Miku remains as a financial force to be reckoned with. For the last couple of years, Good Smile Company has released a winter-themed figure of the virtual idol, appropriately ... read

Check out what's new on Tomopop

We got reviews!
Nov 07
As you should be aware, Modern Method has a toy blog. It's called Tomopop. It's pretty rad, if I do say so myself. We talk about statues, poseable figures, plushes, just about anything that you can spend money on at a con and... read

Go for broke with these latest pre-orders

Who needs savings anyway?
Oct 23
If you've been hankering for some sweet, merchy goodness, then you're in luck. The good folks over at Tomopop regularly post about some of the nicest (and occasionally not quite so nice) statues and poseable figures available... read
Persona 3 Aigis figure

No more assembly for Daibadi's new Aegis figure

Now you can worship with me!
Oct 22
It's no secret that I've selected Persona 3 android Aegis as my very own 2D bride, so I'm naturally curious whenever news comes down the pipe of model-makers attempting to immortalize my beloved in the fine art of sculpt... read
Terrifying Vocaloid

Pre-order Calne today, get free nightmare tonight

Mikudayo is child's play in comparison
Oct 06
Sometimes there's just a figure so out there, that it's probably worth your attention--if you can stomach Shi-e Calne Ca. This Miku-derivative figure comes from the hit vocaloid music video "Bacterial Contamination" back in 2... read
Kara no Kyoukai figure

A new Ryogi Shiki figure preorder is future good news

Hot preorder from Kotobukiya
Oct 01
Back in 2008, Good Smile Company released a figure of Shiki Ryougi from Type-Moon's Garden of Sinners. It was a hot purchase back then and one of the few re-released by GSC through their 10th anniversary popularity ranki... read
Automatic contest entries, discounts, responsive mobile site, and new video shows
We here at ModernMethod are rolling out a membership program across all four sites called HUGE. The program is meant to be a game-changer for the entire network, allowing us to bring you better content than you've ever seen b... read feature

Titan Nendoroid

All hail and fear the Nendoroid Colossal Titan

The only thing that's big is its head
Jul 23
It was the year 2013. And on that day, mankind received an adorable reminder. We lived in fear and awe of Attack on Titan's merchandising potential, and no walls could protect us from the colossal head of the Colossal Titan Nendoroid. [Courtesy of our figure-lovin' pals at Tomopop!] read
Macross plamo

Bandai's going to sell you another Macross plamo

The details look fantastic
May 29
The goodies celebrating the 30th anniversary of Super Dimension Fortress Macross have't stopped yet, and there's a hot new commercial to sell you the business. Sure, there's a gazillion model kits ba... read
Saint Seiya figure

Behold, a figure that costs 60 million Yen

Golden indeed!
May 15
Yes, friends, you read that headline correctly. Sixty million Yen. As of this writing, that's a shade under $586,000. What a way to celebrate Saint Seiya, right? In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Saint Seiya's Sain... read
Insights from the boss
As you may know, Japanator is part of the esteemed ModernMethod network, a group of sites that includes our figure-loving friends at Tomopop, the film buffs at Flixist, and of course, our gaming pals at Destructoid.  Ear... read feature

Which anime ruled the sales?
While all my fellow Japanator writers are busy picking and choosing the best anime, music, and games of the year, I'll be bringing in a look at which anime inspired the most merchandise based on what I've seen in the way of f... read feature

NYCC '12: The toy roundup

Some highlights from sister site Tomopop
Oct 18
Now that NYCC is pretty much covered, I'll be dropping in with some anime-related toy stuff that we wrote about at Tomopop! Check out these links: Gallery: Vash the Stampede Kotobukiya booth overview Namco Bandai and ShiftyL... read

This Evangelion humidifier is the best humidifier

Sep 08
I was once out buying a humidifier for my grandmother's room, and saw one that looked a bit like a volcano. This one, shaped like NERV headquarters with Unit 01 standing on top, is way better. Sadly, dear grandma doesn't know... read

Some noteworthy figure pre-orders to check out

You know, so you can part with more of your money
Sep 03
Every now and then, I feel like I've got to remind you folks that being an anime fan doesn't stop at enjoying the manga and animated adaptations thereof, but continues on to the realm of expensive plastic merch that you can i... read

A huge Teddie plush and more in upcoming Persona merch

Aug 14
You lovely readers are Persona fans, right? It's about time I did a quick little round-up of the kind of figures and plush available if you're into that kind of thing.  Starting off, the most recent big thing (literally)... read

Madoka contracts with Sanrio

May 22
WIth all this crazy Hello Kitty licensing going on lately, fellow Sanrio cutie, My Melody did not want to left out of the action. Even I was a bit surprised by this team up!  Starting in July, My Melody will be doing a m... read

Love is over if you don't gawp at these Catherine figures

May 07
Indeed, it will be over, as done as if you had fallen off a mysterious pile of blocks into an infinite nightmare void full of crazy monsters representing the worst of male anxieties. So gawp, gawp, I say! Catherine and Kather... read

Yukiko Nendroid goes right for the heart, and the wallet

Mar 20
Persona 4. What are you doing to my wallet? I can remember distinctly hoping for all sorts of merchandise to come out for the title when I was joyfully playing through it on the PS2. Well, they to watch out what you... read

Yukiko and Chie figmas are just over the horizon

Feb 12
Our friends over at Tomopop posted up some jaw droppingly beautiful pictures of new figmas based on two of our favorite main ladies of Persona 4. Wonfes is always full of amazing goodness, but these two figures take the cake.... read

Fei-Yen and Miku merge = A great virtual cyber woman

Nov 27
It's cool that Sega is just as excited as cross-promoting its franchises as Namco Bandai, perhaps moreso. Why? Because if it wasn't, we wouldn't get this awesome crossover figure between Hatsune Miku and Sega's classic Vitual... read

I will die without these Tachikoma shoes

Nov 23
Brian over at Tomopop posted an article that made my eyes almost fall out of my sockets. There is going to be a Tachikoma inspired Reebok Pump Fury sneaker! Apparently there will only be 500 of these beauties made, ... read

Another peek at the super sweet Izanagi action figure

Oct 07
Do you remember that sweet Izanagi figure I was drooling over a while back? Some new images have popped up, helpfully they might help you decide wether old Izzy is going to show up as a late Christmas gift this year. You can ... read

Upcoming figure for Persona 4's Izanagi

Jul 31
It's no secret we adore Persona 4 here at Japanator. Want to guess what I love even more? Persona 4 action figures! Some images surfaced of an upcoming Bandai D-Arts figure based on Izanagi! Yes, he looks to have full articul... read

BAMP: Tomopop visits Good Smile Cafe

Jun 03
So, unless you guys are huge jerks and enjoy missing out being kept up-to-date on awesome things, Tomopop is still the bees knees. Aside from making me want to commit crimes to afford expensive pieces of plastic, they also ha... read

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