NIS America announces Toradora blu-ray release with English dub

Their first dip into the world of anime dubbing
Mar 12
A few months ago, NIS America revealed at a convention panel that they were looking in the possibility of dubbing some of their anime releases. Since that time fans have been speculating on which title would be the first from... read
Can you believe it's been five years since the Toradora! anime first aired? Crazy! I remember watching it in my first year of university, stuck in a cramped dorm room and going nuts every time Ryuuji did something stupid. It ... read feature

Sell a kidney for a new Toradora! episode!

Sep 11
You know what would make a good Christmas present? The Toradora! box-set of course! Due to land on the 21st of December, the six-disc Blu-ray edition of this emotional roller-coaster will finally allow us to see the palmtop t... read

Toradora! Blu-ray on the horizon

Mar 08
Now that we've let the Toradorable Taiga capture our hearts, and steal our money with the Premium Edition DVD box sets, it seems that the Blu-ray set is being teased already. Any release information is yet to be found, but a ... read

NISA replacement discs shipped, your mileage may vary

Sep 28
For many of us, the replacement discs for Toradora! and Persona -Trinity Soul- should be arriving shortly. Mine came just the other day, but I have to admit that I was a little surprised to see them -- there were a number of ... read

NISA reveals new dates for Toradora, Persona, and others

Sep 04
Hot damn, look at that package! After the great response for the Toradora! and Persona: Trinity Soul Volume 1 sets, NIS America has announced that their newest releases will also be getting premium box editions. As someone wh... read

Fun Friday AMV: Unique

Sep 03
You all know I have a horrible weak spot for Toradora!, and itsatimmy exploited that to a fine point. Inspired by his weekly AMV posts in the community blogs, we're bringing back our "Fun Friday AMV" column, which h... read

This is for you, Brad

Aug 10
You know how a spoonful of sugar can help the medicine go down? I'm going to try that for you and K-ON!!. Here's the K-ON!! OP, "GO! GO! MANIAC", but instead of four girls you've pulled out the razor for...well, let's just say it's another group of people you find more palatable. Check it below. I hope it works in time for this week's recaps...  read

NISA, are you trying to kill me?

Jul 21
When I get this in the mail, I'm going to call 911 before opening the box. And then send you the hospital bill. read

Onee-sama! Seven Seas licenses Railgun, Amnesia Labyrinth

Jul 20
Did you think it would end with just the ToraDora! manga?You thought wrong. Seven Seas is still on a manga licensing roll, and has just picked up the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun manga. Now you too can see Kuroko, Uiharu, Saten a... read

Seven Seas license Toradora manga; your life is complete

Jul 18
It would seem that Seven Seas has finally picked up the license for the Toradora! manga -- having announced the title in the form of an anagram on their twitter feed. Why an anagram? Good question -- at least this o... read

Just popping in real quick to remind you all that our caption contest to win a copy of Toradora! or Persona -Trinity Soul- is still going on. Be sure to check out the thread and submit your own caption for the two images to e... read feature

Japanator Recommends: Toradora!

Jul 07
It's no secret that I have a total crush on Taiga. After sitting through and watching Toradora!, you'll understand why -- it's hard not to love one of the most original romantic comedies that sits atop a sea of run-of-the-mil... read

Kotobukiya makes the final episode version of Taiga yours

Jul 07
In preparation for our Toradora! review later today, I thought we'd kick the day off with the latest offering from Kotobukiya: Aisaka Taiga in her outfit from the last episode of the show. For many of you, it has a fair amoun... read

It appears that some customers are reporting that their recently purchased copies of Persona -Trinity Soul- and Toradora are currently suffering from issues related to video quality. While I feel... read feature

New anime trailer shows off properly-developed Taiga

Mar 30
I know that Brad will hate me for this, but as great as Toradora! is, I can't get over the fact that Taiga, tsundere extraordinaire, doesn't look much older than my niece. Sure, there are short girls everywhere and real peopl... read

The Toradora! straps collection will weigh my phone down

Mar 10
It's no secret that I love me some Toradora!, and if you ever pay attention to the Japanator twitter account, you'll see that I post pictures of Taiga from time to time, attempting to induce sugary-sweet heart attacks in my f... read

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Taiga

Feb 14
Really, who wasn't expecting this from me?Since it's the year of the Taiga, I figured it'd be best to celebrate with a gallery filled with Japanator's collective waifu, Aisaka Taiga. I've already explained why I love her (don... read

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