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Toyota photo

Oh! my Toyota!! Street Fighter 2 takes on Toyota's new car

No cars were beat up in this commercial
Feb 21
// Red Veron
Those who have played Street Fighter II back in the day may remember the iconic bonus stage where the player must partake in property damage and beat up a car in under 40 seconds to the dismay of a random car owner. Now,...

Toyota summons a Char Aznable hatchback

Aug 26
// Josh Tolentino
Or should we call it a "Char-iot"? Hah! In case a topless flat-chested ladyboy wasn't enough to sell you on the Toyota Auris, they've also come up with a sweet body and interior kit themed after The Red Comet himself, Char A...

Because Jean Reno was born to play Doraemon

Nov 19
// Elliot Gay
A few days ago, a very strange video popped up in my Japanese Youtube feed. The title claimed it was a live action Doraemon commercial for Toyota, so I felt compelled to have a look. What I found was so much better than anyth...

Here now is the next incarnation of Toyota's Miku design

Jun 26
// Josh Tolentino
Anyone reasonably in the know would likely agree with me when I say that otaku can at times be a fickle, even petty bunch of folks, missing the forest for the trees and all that. I'd say that was something of the case when a ...



Jun 14
// Josh Tolentino
That's "Miss Hatsune" to you, you amateur.

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