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7:00 PM on 12.09.2011

JapanaTour: The Suica and the Shinkansen

Welcome back to JapanaTour, the series of articles that appear every Thursday. Today, we're breaking the rules and putting this out on Friday. No one can stop me now! It's time for a short break from awesome Japanese location...

Chris Walden

4:00 AM on 04.28.2011

Bullet train commercial goes viral, brings hope

In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami, advertisements were pulled across the board from Japanese television so as to not be insensitive by virtue of bombarding people with commercialism. However, one commercial has now ri...

Crystal White

6:00 AM on 02.23.2011

Tokyo train gets One Piece treatment, is pretty awesome

This morning, on my way to Akihabara (where else?), I took the JR Yamanote from my place towards that direction. I was in a bit of a morning daze, so I didn't notice at first. It wasn't until I saw people walking from the nex...

Dale North

4:00 PM on 11.25.2010

Butler train tours make railways even sexier

First there were maid trains, and that was great.But now? Butler trains. A butler café in Tokyo by the name of Swallowtail has partnered with the Kinki Nippon Tourist agency and started selling tick...

Crystal White

11:00 AM on 10.18.2010

Monkeys become stationmasters of Japanese railway station

Hojo Railway Co., a railway station in Japan has appointed two baby monkeys as stationmasters of its Hojo-cho Station. The train company accepted the proposition to assign these monkeys in an att...


6:00 PM on 08.05.2010

Finally, I can perform my Godzilla roleplay fetish

Thank you, Japan, for finally adding complex model train sets to your hotel rooms. Now, when I bring a girl back to one of these special hotels, I can ravage not only her, but the city of Tokyo as well!It seems like I've got ...

Brad Rice

4:00 PM on 08.01.2010

Shimbashi Station arrival tune changed to whiskey jingle

Trains in Japan normally have a little melody to let you know when you've arrived at a station. As of recently, however, Japan Probe reports that the melody at one of the train stops is a little different. Suntory has paid Ja...

Bob Muir

11:00 AM on 07.09.2010

Everybody was kung-fu (er, karate) fighting!

Ever thought (or even believed) the stereotype that all people in Asian countries know some form of martial arts? Well, it might become true shortly. Figures were released this week by twenty-five railway companies in Japan, ...

Crystal White

1:00 AM on 06.15.2010

Mind your cell phone manners on the Seibu Shinjuku train

Cell phones are pretty much a necessity in today's world. Could imagine a day without yours? Honestly, it would kind of suck. There's a downside to everyone and their grandmother having a cell phone, though. Annoyances; high ...

Mike LeChevallier

11:12 AM on 05.20.2010

Find love on the JR East train?

Where to you go to meet potential lovers? The club? The mall? Anime cons? How about the train? That could actually work if you were to ride on the JR East's Koumi line today in Japan. There's one train car that is actual...

Dale North