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1:00 PM on 11.28.2014

Annotated Anime: Unlimited Blade Works episodes 4-7

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers, as well as you savvy non-Americans who've appropriated their holiday as an excuse to stuff your faces! You might be full of coma-inducing food right about now, but we've got a n...

Josh Tolentino

Annotated Anime: Unlimited Blade Works episodes 2-3 photo
Annotated Anime: Unlimited Blade Works episodes 2-3
by Josh Tolentino

The more I watch of Unlimited Blade Works, the more I'm convinced that everyone would've been better off if each episode were an hour long rather than the standard length. It'd work, even if the show became bi-weekly because of it. 

If nothing else, Ufotable seem to be making their own episodes seemingly with that in mind, as the last two weeks have felt like the front and back halves of a single longer production. The unintended result is a week that comes across as very quiet, and possibly boring, followed up with delicious excitement lacking in real narrative progress. 

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2:00 AM on 07.28.2014

Ufotable's take on Fate/stay night UBW looks hot

In what can only be described as a "oh wait, really?" kind of moment, Ufotable revealed this past Sunday that their upcoming new Fate/stay night TV series would be adapting the Unlimited Blade Works route of the video game. ...

Elliot Gay

2:00 PM on 05.08.2014

New Fate/Stay Night trailer features Taiga's lesson

Aniplex Japan has posted a new trailer for the remake of Fate/Stay night by animation studio ufotable. It's not really different from the first Fate/Stay night trailer shown from Anime Japan earlier this year, but it's worth...

Jeff Chuang

3:00 PM on 03.25.2014

New Fate/stay night anime cast announced, trailers, speculations

The new Fate/stay night anime remake featuring a newly written story showed off its second animation trailer over the weekend at Anime Japan 2014. If you haven't heard, this is a new TV anime in the works that will be produc...

Jeff Chuang

2:00 PM on 01.04.2014

UDON to publish translated Fate/Stay Night Artbooks

UDON is forever busy bringing fans delicious art books to this side of the Pacific. Adding to the huge list of titles they're releasing in the near future, Fate/Complete Material Volume 1: Art Material will be available June ...

Pedro Cortes

Japanator Arena: Nrvnqsr Chaos vs Soma Cruz photo
Japanator Arena: Nrvnqsr Chaos vs Soma Cruz
by Salvador GRodiles

*ding, ding, ding*

It's Over!

Even with Victor's immense strength and ability to harness electrify through his body, Stein was smart enough to void the creature's electrifying grabs-- including the butt one. After Stein used his Soul Purge to bind Victor to the ground, the insane instructor showed us his maniacal grin before commencing the next step in his attack. With Gerdenheim rendered vulnerable to Stein's unspeakable experiments, the man-made monster faces a fate worse than defeat. Franken Stein wins! (5 > 1)

As Hallow’s Eve draws near, the Japanator Arena is going to host a showdown between two entities that have the power to control different lifeforms. Since one of them is a ravenous vampire, we’ll need to plow through our introductions as soon as possible!

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7:01 PM on 10.01.2013

A new Ryogi Shiki figure preorder is future good news

Back in 2008, Good Smile Company released a figure of Shiki Ryougi from Type-Moon's Garden of Sinners. It was a hot purchase back then and one of the few re-released by GSC through their 10th anniversary popularity ranki...

Jeff Chuang

Japanator Arena: Saber and Guts vs Chrono and Zoro photo
Japanator Arena: Saber and Guts vs Chrono and Zoro
by Salvador GRodiles

*ding, ding, ding*

It's Over!

Toshiro's ice abilities have no effect on Kuzan, so he had to resort to his Kido skills. Unfortunately, Toshiro's non ice abilities couldn't damage Kuzan. After converting the J-tor Arena into a winter wonderland, Kuzan gives Toshiro an Ice Age that he will never forget. Kuzan wins! (14 > 3)

The time to unveil the next phase of Totsu’s plan is now in motion! Unlike the other battles, this one is going to pit the winners against each other in a team battle! For the first matchup in this new fight, it’s going to be a showdown between western swords and katanas!

Representing the glory of swords wielded by knights and warriors, Saber from Fate/Stay Night and Guts from Berserk are fighting side by side to vanquish any obstacles that get in the way of their main goals. With the combined might of Excalibur and Gut’s special weapons and gear, we might end up with a serious combo on our hands.

In the katana side, Crono from Chrono Trigger and Roronoa Zoro from One Piece have join forces in an unlikely manner when Zoro accidently wandered back into the J-tor Arena. Since the timing was perfect, we decided to have him participate in the match. And who knows, the combined power of a hero of time and a pirate samurai could result in an unstoppable force.

Both teams have their own unique perks in using their weapons, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. Your votes and persuasion skills will be the key in determining the winning team. Please make sure that you add a +1 to the team that you vote for, since it will let us keep track of the swords and skills flying around. If you don’t feel like mentioning the characters in your comment, you can write Team A (Saber and Guts) or Team B (Crono and Zoro) in your vote instead. Both teams will fight from today till Thursday, so make sure that your vote on time. Once the battle comes to an end, be sure to drop by during the beginning of the next match to see who wins! Due to the abilities of our competitors, I recommend that you head to your seat as soon as possible.

*ding, ding, ding*

Swords Ready!

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First Impressions: Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA photo
First Impressions: Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA
by Elliot Gay

As much as I've enjoyed the Fate/Stay Night franchise, I have to admit that I've always felt that something was missing. Last year's Fate/Zero was a fabulous series filled with beautiful action, lovely animation, and a gripping story. Yet by the end of it, I couldn't help but think that it could still be better.

So how exactly do you improve on Type-Moon's hit franchise?

By turning it into a magical girl series. Dreams do come true folks.

And by dreams, I mean that I never once asked for a magical girl spinoff, nor have I ever wanted one out of the Fate franchise. Why does Fate/Kaleid Liner Prism Illya exist? Why was the original manga series popular enough to spawn an anime adaptation by Silver Link? Why am I stuck watching it?

Why am I being punished?

Despite my cautionary stance on this whole Fate going magical girl thing, I still decided to dive in and give Fate/Kaleid a chance.

I hope I don't regret this.

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9:00 PM on 07.08.2013

Huzzah! Fate/Zero gets a NA BD/DVD release with the dub

I'm in love with Ufotable's Fate/Zero anime adaptation.  On a technical level, it's a beautiful looking show with fantastic direction, a great soundtrack, and amazing cinematography. In fact, I loved it so much that I bo...

Elliot Gay

11:00 AM on 07.07.2013

Sentai Filmworks licences Fate/Kaleid magical girl series

Earlier today, I watched the first episode of Fate/Stay Night spin-off, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. It's cute, a bit weird, and the faces seem kind of off. All told, I actually enjoyed it more than I was expecting to, so ...

Elliot Gay