Pachimon postcards are totally historically accurate

Jun 15
You guys know what pachimon are? Well too bad, you're finding out now, because I just did, and now I am obsessed. Pachimon are monsters based on pop culture creatures, i.e. Godzilla. Got it? Sweet, because these monsters are ... read

Did you know you can buy a Japanese super toilet in America??

Feb 28
Actually, yes you can. A couple years ago Japanese toilet hyper scientists Toto had released the “washlet” for American homes a couple of years ago. No longer do the Japanese have the opportunity to have a clea... read

GENZU.NET is the greatest thing to happen to your name

Jul 04
Have you ever wanted to know what kind of weapon the letters of your name would become, or what dirty words your name could spell out if it was a sign and one of the lights went out? If your answer is, “you bet!” ... read

Eiichiro Oda answers fan questions in SBS

Feb 26
Arlong Park has a nice section on their website that is dedicated to a special feature that is in almost every One Piece tankoban called SBS. SBS or Shitsumon o Boshuu Suru, roughly translates to “I’m taking quest... read

Does Japan need to build an underwater tunnel to South Korea?

Feb 24
The blog, Rising Sun of Nihon thinks so. They came up with six reasons why a tunnel needs to be built between Japan to South Korea. This thought process initially began rolling during the World Cup held in Japan back in 2002,... read

Short hair = Bad economy

Feb 20
As of lately, women everywhere around Japan have been cutting their hair short. This is extremely bad for many reasons. For one women look a lot better with long hair, that’s a given, and another is that short hair me... read

Underground farms are a good idea Japan

Feb 17
Does the uneducated and troubled youth of Japan have a future in a society that seems to get smarter by the day? Yes, well that’s only if underground farms become big all around Tokyo. There is one such farm in operat... read

Japan builds islands for Russia SWEET!

Jan 16
February 7th through the 23rd of 2014 will be a busy couple of weeks in Sochi Russia because of a little event called the Winter Olympics. It will be so busy and crowded that a Japanese firm has been hired to build 10 arti... read

Baby Princess: 19 sisters just for you, onii-chan

Dec 24
Bishoujo magazine Dengeki G's, which brought you Futakoi and Strawberry Panic!, has revealed its next major project, Baby Princess. And you thought Sister Princess was more than enough for you, onii-chan -- how about 19 siste... read

The Tribe known as otaku

Dec 18
There comes a time in everyone’s life to reexamine who we are and what we have become; but lucky for us we do not have to do this anymore because the people over at Riuva did it for us by writing a great article about... read

All the skirt news you need in one helpful post

Nov 21
Now its common knowledge that skirts, dresses, and the like have never saved anybody’s life in the past. In fact, they probably taken more lives than any other article of clothing worn on an intelligent being before. Bu... read

The worlds cutest car, Nissans Pino

Sep 27
From the offset, this might not look like the world’s cutest car, but that is where you come in; and when I say ‘you’, I mean the Japanese school girl inside of you. Because you see, Pino’s cuteness c... read

Nissan produces first manga-inspired car

Sep 12
 The Mixim, Nissan’s newest concept car was just revealed to the world during the week’s Frankfurt Motor Show. This car was heavily influenced by anime and manga, developed by Yoo Eunsun. According to an inte... read

Wanted Dead or Alive: Enemies of All Mankind

Jul 08
Here it is, the list you have been waiting for; bounty hunters are go! Thanks to the vigilant people in /a/ at 4chan (and a forceful force push from Dale North), we now have a list of Mankind’s most wanted anime character... read

Convenience store Ping Pong party!

Jan 22
Japan is a very small country, roughly the size of California. Because of the small size, space is a luxury; such a luxury that items like Ping Pong tables are an impossibility. So how do those table tennis enthusiasts smac... read

The Japanese-animation industry is going straight to hell!

Dec 27
I’m sorry to inform you that the state of the Japanese-animation industry is shaky at best, according to an article by Ryota Fujitsu; published in the weekly business magazine, Shukan Toyo Keizai. What is the reason behin... read

Learn English, play basketball, and try to get into an NCAA team… Slam Dunk Scholarship!

Dec 15
This is for all you aspiring basketball players out there who happen to live in Japan, but unfortunately do not have the money to live out your dream. Worry not Takehiko Inoue I has the solution for you! The Slam Dunk Schol... read

First Impressions: Pumpkin Scissors

Nov 30
While most of you who actively follow fansubs will already know about Pumpkin Scissors, there's a great majority who don't know about this series. This is another piece of work from Gonzo's animation studio, adapted from a ... read

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