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4:00 PM on 12.25.2012

Christmas Waifu: Harem Edition

It's not Christmas unless you spend it with someone special. Whether it is with your girlfriend, boyfriend, family, friends, pets, or waifu/husbando. We all like to have that person, animal, love pillow next to us during this...

Josh Totman

Weekend Waifu: Kashimashi Edition photo
Weekend Waifu: Kashimashi Edition
by Jon Snyder

The female-only version of Weekend Waifu is back!

Since last week's post was devoted to yaoi lovin', I figured I'd placate our male readers this week with a little yuri. More specifically, I've chosen a series of images from my favorite yuri series and the best romance anime of all time, Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl. I would give you a detailed plot summary and a long lecture on why it's so awesome... but you're not here to listen to me squeal like a drooling fanboy. If you want to know more about the show, check out it's page on Wikipedia or pick up the DVDs at RightStuf.

Anyhoo, enjoy the yuri goodness in the gallery below! (Warning: NSFW)

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Weekend Husbando: Yaoi Edition photo
Weekend Husbando: Yaoi Edition
by Jon Snyder

Yup, it's still Man Day!

While reading last week's Weekend Waifu comments, I noticed that some of our female readers were feeling left out. I thought to myself, "Hey, if our perverted male readers get to drool over sexy galleries of nearly naked women, shouldn't our equally perverted female readers get some naked guy action too?" One thing lead to another, and before I knew it... I had a whole gallery of hot, sweaty yaoi pics, just begging to be posted!

Ladies, click on the gallery below to indulge in all this sexy manliness. Those of you who dislike yaoi, fear not! The boobs will be back next week. Enjoy!

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Weekend Waifu: Bunnygirls Part Two photo
Weekend Waifu: Bunnygirls Part Two
by Jon Snyder

The bunnygirls are back!

I know these lovely ladies are huge in anime, but has anybody here actually seen one in real life? Aside from a few crappy cosplays at anime conventions, I have never met a real, honest-to-god bunnygirl. Since I'm not likely to visit the only remaining Playboy club in Vegas anytime soon, my chances of seeing one are sadly quite slim. Maybe I'll just drop by my local Hooters and use my imagination...

In case you've been as unlucky as me, feel free to indulge in the gallery below. Since the bunnyman from last week's post seemed fairly popular, I've also included a little something for our female readers. Enjoy, but be wary of these bubbly bunnies... they might be leading you into a trap.

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Weekend Waifu: Bunnygirls Part One photo
Weekend Waifu: Bunnygirls Part One
by Jon Snyder

You must like a horny bunny?

I definitely like horny bunnies... and so does Japan.  In fact, our Asian friends view the bunnysuit as a symbol of raw sexuality, much like the bikini or Hooters outfit in the States. That's why it's common to see bunnygirls appearing in such fan-favorite anime series as Haruhi, Code Geass and FLCL. Heck, there's even art on pixiv of bunnyMEN. Have a look!


Hmm, I'm sensing you didn't find that bunnyman anywhere near as attractive as I did. I guess I'll stick with female-only bunnygirls for the rest of this post. Go ahead, click on the gallery below and indulge in a veritable cocktail of comely cottontails. Enjoy!

More bunnygirls are coming next week, so look forward to it!

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Weekend Waifu: Dirty Pair Edition photo
Weekend Waifu: Dirty Pair Edition
by Jon Snyder

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Weekend Waifu! Today, we have a very special pair of guest hosts... the famed 3WA trouble consultants known throughout the galaxy as the Dirty Pair!

Lovely Angels!


We're called the Lovely Angels!

Really? Everyone I've heard always calls you the Dirty Pair. In fact, last night on the news, they used that name while talking about the destruction of planet Plastone...

*click* You wanna die, buddy?

Whoa, watch where you're pointing that thing! Anyway, everybody give a big round of applause to the *ahem* Lovely Angels!

Hey everybody! I'm Kei!

And I'm Yuri! Pleased to meet you all.
As you might have guessed, we're here to present a special edition of Weekend Waifu, featuring none other than the most skilled and sexy team of femme fatales in the entire universe... the Lovely Angels!

That's us! Of course, I can't imagine anybody wanting to look at YOU, Kei. I'm sure they're all here to revel in my beauty. Try not to get in the way, okay?
Like hell! Men prefer my big bust and firmly toned body over your pasty white, makeup-caked face.

Oh, that's rich coming from a girl with more muscles than mind. You're about as sexy as a sumo wrestler.
You know what? Why don't we let the readers decide! You guys look at the gallery below, then choose which one of us has more sex appeal.
I think your choice is obvious. After all, I'm more elegant and ladylike than ol' volcano-head here.
Bullshit. Men these days prefer strong, assertive women like me.

Well, hurry up and choose! What are you waiting for?
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Weekend Waifu: Sexy Teacher Edition photo
Weekend Waifu: Sexy Teacher Edition
by Jon Snyder

Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?

It happens in anime all the time, mainly because 2D female teachers tend to be insanely voluptuous. Sure, they might TRY to dress professionally, but their curves just won't allow it. Tight-fitting suits, miniskirts and pantyhose become fetish fuel for the students, who spend more time staring at the instructor's hemline than listening to her lectures. At the end of the day, she might not get much teaching done... but her students are always happy. That's what really counts, right?

Now, odds are you don't have such a teacher at your school. So you don't miss out on the fun, I've put together a gallery of sexy schoolmistresses for your enjoyment. Check out the pictures below, then share your own stories of classroom crushes in the comment section. I look forward to reading them!

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Weekend Waifu: Beer Edition photo
Weekend Waifu: Beer Edition
by Jon Snyder

Welcome to the first edition of Weekend Waifu! Every weekend, I'll be posting another one of those great anime girl galleries that you've come to know and possibly love. If you have any suggestions for a future gallery, or a great image you'd like to share, feel free to email them to our tip line with the subject line "Weekend Waifu".

Do you like beer?

I prefer Red Stripe myself, although I've been known to indulge in the occasional Sapporo brew. I won't touch contemporary American brews, though. Bud Light and its 'drinkability' can go die in a hole for all I care.

You know who else likes a sip of the sauce? Anime girls! Seriously, they can't resist indulging in beer, sake, and every variety of liquor in between. This is especially true during New Years, one of Japan's most important holidays. Normally, such indulgences would be limited to salarymen, GAR men and angsty robot pilots... but this time of year, all bets are off.

In the gallery below, you will find many such girls, consuming a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. You will also find girls in various states of inebriation. Enjoy, but don't try anything funny just because they're drunk. Even though they're tipsy, they can still kick your ass if you do anything inappropriate. You have been warned!

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