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11:16 AM on 06.19.2008

The best Japanese albums of 2008 - part 1

We are only half-way through the year 2008, six months since our look back at The Best Japanese Albums of 2007, and already the world has seen the release of some of the best music ever. OK, I suppose that may be a bit hyperb...

Zac Bentz

9:08 AM on 05.01.2008

ZB's A-Z of J-Music

This week on the A-Z we've got a look back at the three bands who played at Anime Matsuri in March, as well as a closer look at Sakanaction, a classy and smooth rock band with a tendency toward the electronic.You can almost smell the laptops, patch cords and glow sticks!Let's hit that jump and fill our eyes and ears with a heapin' helpin' of Japanese electro greatness. Rave on! 

Zac Bentz

2:47 PM on 04.22.2008

ZB's A-Z of J-Music 24

Time again for another round up of various and sundry bands from Japan in another installment of the painfully irregular ZB's A-Z of J-Music!This time around we have something from the pop, vis-kei and indie rock worlds in th...

Zac Bentz

9:27 AM on 03.25.2008

ZB's A-Z of J-Music 23

This week on the A-Z I've got another huge collection of music and videos for you!Audio Safari brings the calm and quiet electro-shoegaze vibe, Merengue provide all your pop-rock needs, Omodaka has some totally funky house tr...

Zac Bentz

2:33 PM on 02.26.2008

ZB's A-Z of J-Music 22

This week on ZB's A-Z, I take a look at five more Japanese bands, including a couple you've been hearing a lot about on Jtor lately. Both Tokyo Pinsalocks (here here and here) and Budo Grape (here here and here) make the list...

Zac Bentz

10:22 PM on 02.19.2008

ZB's A-Z of J-Music 21

I have a variety of Japanese bands for you on this week's  ZB's A-Z of J-Music, from the jazzy style of Chocolat, to the epic metal of Skywings. I also take a look at a new, relatively unknown band called L'Arc en Ciel. Call me crazy, but I expect big things from them.Hit that jump to check out all five of this week's bands, not to mention an ass-ton of videos.

Zac Bentz

9:23 AM on 02.12.2008

ZB's A-Z of J-Music: Anime Matsuri

This year Anime Matsuri is set to unleash some of the best in Japanese techno unto the American otaku masses. Taking place March 21-23rd at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, fans will pack into Cl...

Zac Bentz

8:43 PM on 02.06.2008

ZB's A-Z of J-Music: Japan Nite 2008

The Japan Nite tour has a long history of bringing some of the best bands from Japan over to America for a short but blistering tour. Past shows have seen the likes of Number Girl, GO!GO!7188, The Mad Capsule Markets and Husk...

Zac Bentz

8:36 PM on 01.29.2008

ZB's A-Z of J-Music 18

Once again I find myself making up for lost time here. I keep promising to get these ZB's A-Z of J-Music posts out every week, and yet every week I seem to miss it. Then I have to sit here and try and justify my lackadaisical...

Zac Bentz

3:16 PM on 01.06.2008

ZB's A-Z of J-Music 17

Hi there. Again, it's been a while since the A-Z has appeared in these hallowed halls of its birth. Never fear! It's back with another smattering of Japanese bands. Hopefully you'll be seeing five new bands profiled here ever...

Zac Bentz

5:51 PM on 10.27.2007

ZB's A-Z of J-Music #16

It's been a long time since we last met here on the A-Z. I know you've all been twisted up in knots worrying about where I've been all this time. Well, worry no more, for today I have an all new listing of Japanes...

Zac Bentz

9:38 PM on 09.16.2007

ZB's A-Z of J-Music: #

Hello once again for this, the final, but not last, entry in the mammoth ZB's A-Z of J-Music. While this my be the "end," it will not be the last time you hear from the A-Z. No! It will continue on an average of...

Zac Bentz