Attack on Titan

Aw Snap: Attack on Titan to cross over with the Marvel universe

The Titans are in for a big surprise
Nov 03
Now here's something that you don't hear everyday. Marvel Comic's Talent Scout C.B. Cebulski has announced that Attack on Titan is crossing over with the Marvel universe in Japan. Best of all, the special segment'll... read
AA: BtB, Ep. 6

Annotated Anime: Beyond the Boundary Ep. 6

It reeks so good
Nov 07
This week, Kuriyama and friends decide to take on a monster that explodes into a super-stinky fluid whenever it senses a threat, and the crew can only hope to defeat it by forming an idol group and harnessing the magic of sin... read
Terrifying Vocaloid

Pre-order Calne today, get free nightmare tonight

Mikudayo is child's play in comparison
Oct 06
Sometimes there's just a figure so out there, that it's probably worth your attention--if you can stomach Shi-e Calne Ca. This Miku-derivative figure comes from the hit vocaloid music video "Bacterial Contamination" back in 2... read

This giant hunk of meat is actually cake

Spare the confusion, spoil the tastebuds
Oct 02
In anime, meat is usually portrayed The Flintstones-style; giant pieces with bones sticking out. Well, unless the characters are going out for sukiyaki or something, but you know what I mean; whenever a shonen protagonis... read

Punk-ass teacher gets stabbed for taking manga away

Oct 16
How far would you go to defend your manga? What would you do if someone laid their grubby paws on your precious Japanese comic books? Would you stab another human being over ten times in defense? Yah, maybe. Hey, can you blam... read

John Goodman's face on anime girls is the best blog today

Apr 13
It's Friday. You've almost made it through a long work week. You're looking forward to relaxing over the weekend, and I can help with that. I've got something special for you, baby. Let me whisper it in your ear: "John Goodma... read

That was quick, full trailer for Superhero Taisen is here

Mar 11
Things are coming together now in the upcoming record breaking movie of all out explosive dynamic proportions. So yeah, we are aware that Decade and the Gokaigers are at the center of the war from the last couple trailers. Bu... read

Rangers and riders clash in new Superhero Taisen trailer

Mar 05
Yes, I am stating the obvious here, but the proportions of this face off are unspeakable. The last trailer for Superhero Taisen got us pumped up, as we got a glimpse of the showdown between the Gokaigers, the G... read

Finally! An actual trailer for Superhero Taisen surfaces

Feb 05
Ladies and gentlemen, today we finally get to see some action for this year's ultimate crossover film (For the record, I am not talking about the upcoming Avengers film.). You can expect to see the Gokaigers, the upcomin... read

All the Super Sentai heros and Kamen Riders join forces

Dec 06
Tokusatsu fans, prepare to weep tears of joy. Every single hero from the long runs of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider are about to team up in a movie of epic proportions. Premiering in Japan during 2012's Golden Week (April 29-M... read

All you really need to know is...

Sep 12
...that this guy really is having a sh**y day. Slow news day? Perhaps... read


Mar 22
From one of my favorite video bloggers, jetdaisuke. read

Take out your anti-QB RRRAAAGGGEEE with flash games

Mar 01
QB (or Kyubey) of Madoka Magica fame is one of the most despised anime figures I've seen in years. It's like he is the symbol of all the disappointment and anger that viewers feel when the show was revealed to be anything but... read

Do you want a preview of the Panty & Stocking OST?

Dec 02
Because you're getting one from the Flying Dog website. Now what you're going to do is sit down and listen to all the samples. And you're going to like it.Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt has been one of the most talked-a... read

Darth Vader helps promote Galaxy S in new Docomo CM

Nov 10
And by "helps promote" I mean standing around and listening to a guy play on his guitar.I'll be honest, the only way I could link Darth Vader and the Galaxy S together in my mind is... uh, Darth Vader is from a long... read

Foreign students grow a ton of weed, get caught

Nov 02
Well, you can put that in your pipe and smoke it. A Tunisian and a Colombian student are caught growing a ton of chronic near Kochi University. The Man found a few plants on the balcony of the student's apartment as well as a... read

Politician's tweet takes a turn for the moe - and strange

Oct 21
I love it when Twitter messes something up like this. You've got your average politician, Meg Whitman, running for governor of California. Your spokesperson, Sarah Pompei, was retweeting a video that would help promote her ca... read

Man-eating vagina bubbles

Sep 21
That's not a typo. How could that possibly be a typo? Let me reiterate: Man-eating. Vagina. Bubbles.You may be confused when the two ninjas are using some sort of ninja ghost sex technique. You'll become more perplexed when t... read

U.S. military goes kawaii with a new manga - wait, what?

Aug 04
I think the people trying to reach today's youth have finally gone off the deep end. In an effort to be hip, the United States military is putting out a manga called Our Alliance - A Lasting Partnership. The manga will teach ... read

Once anime goes black, it never goes back

Aug 03
Remember these guys? Examine the header image for a moment. Just take it all in. What in the hell do you think is happening here? You can probably guess that these dudes are dancing. To what, though? Is it possibly Soulja Boy... read

New Shogun 2: Total War screenshots are flag-tastic

Jul 29
When I think of medieval samurai warfare, the first image that comes to mind is not, that of clashing swords or charging horses or even the distinctive kabuto-style helmet. Instead, I think of flags. Yes, flags.Specifically, ... read

Potato-dono is my hero

Jul 22
I wish I could be half the man Potato-dono was. Making curry is not for the weak of heart. read

Look out, Otakon

Jul 05
Japanator is coming. read

Ben vs. Brad: an update

Jul 01
YEAH WE'VE GOT CAMERAS IN THE BATHROOMS SO WHAT. Apparently, Brad and Ben took a brief respite from dueling to take showers, but Colette's elegant aria of nameless Jboy tunage heard through the ventilation system of the girls' lavatory set them off and they started going at it all over again.I'm scared, guys. I really am.Keep voting. read

Fish are the new barbells

Jun 23
This is a video about cats weightlifting fish. Let that sink in for a moment. The concept will feel weird at first, as it should, because this is entirely ridiculous. And yet, something about it just makes sense, like it's th... read

Otousan runs for Prime Minister

Jun 21
While you may have already had the main course for cute dog action today, don't forget about desert!The latest advertising campaign for Softbank featuring their lovable character Otousan has been running in Japan. Probably pl... read

Girls just wanna have fun (at any age, apparently)

Jun 21
Everyone likes a hot cheerleader, right? I mean, they may not be that bright, or even nice to the rest of us peons, but they're usually not too hard to look at.But what if that cheerleader's 78 years old?Okay, now I thin... read

Oh, glorious time killer: Japanese bug fights

Jun 10
Remember that great episode of Samurai Champloo when Mugen, in yet another, let's say, creative attempt to earn money, trains a stag beetle to fight other stag beetles in Sumo Bug Battles?Well, it seems that the Japanese bug ... read

YouTube user shitemita cures my insomnia

May 31
When Dale North first brought to my attention the YouTube user shitemita's food examination videos earlier this year, I was initially turned off by the actual food aspects of the video. See, I have eating issues. I really don... read

Journal Entry 1:When I was first exchanging emails with Colette Bennett about interning at Japanator, I was excited. For two reasons was this so: number one was that I would get to help out and write from one of my favorite s... read feature

Yui JAKKA JANs Fuwa Fuwa Time into oblivion

May 19
Dale is out in LA right now, leaving me to fill in for him on his K-ON!! beat. Sure enough, darksorrow29 passed the following video along to me, and it's been stuck in my head all day long. So, I figured I'd share it with you. Don't worry, it's only ten times as bad as the last K-ON!! video I posted.Come, won't you join me and ruin all the good memories you had of season one with this video?  read

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