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6:00 PM on 09.12.2014

Idol of the Week: Haruna Kojima

Name: Haruna Kojima Birthdate: April 19th, 1988 Hometown: Saitama, Japan Measurements: 80/60/86 cm  There a few things that you can count on in life. Death, taxes, and that AKB48 will continue showcasing s...

Hiroko Yamamura


Mistwalker Celebrates Terra Battle's 500K Downloads Milestone

Having now surpassed 500,000 downloads, Terra Battle fans will soon enjoy new characters from the original character and dragon model designer of Panzer Dragoon, Manabu Kusunoki. For more information on upcoming milestones and recently unlocked milestones, please visit Terra Battle's Download Starter.

8:00 AM on 09.08.2014

Even AKB48 want to kick Nintendo's butt

Nintendo's been ramping up the hype train for its next Super Smash Brothers game, and in Japan, that means getting AKB48 involved, naturally.  It's a good thing that one of the key features of the upcoming 3DS and ...

Josh Tolentino

2:00 PM on 07.11.2014

AKB48's Tomomi Itano joins San Francisco's J-Pop Summit

If for some reason you've had second thought about attending next week's J-Pop Summit in San Francisco next week, this should push you over the edge. The former AKB48 duck-face diva and mega pop-star Tomomi Itano now joins t...

Hiroko Yamamura

4:00 PM on 07.04.2014

Idol of the Week: Tomomi Itano

Name: Tomomi Itano Birthdate: July 3, 1991 Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan Measurements: 76/56/79 cm  While she may not be tearing up the stage as a member of AKB48 anymore, the always adorable Tomochin is enjoying a hugely su...

Hiroko Yamamura

6:00 PM on 07.02.2014

AKB48 handshake events to resume this weekend

After two members of AKB48 and one staff person were viciously attacked by a knife wielding idiot, I was pretty confident that the super-groups already creepy handshake events were coming to an end. The girls are often made t...

Hiroko Yamamura

2:00 PM on 02.19.2014

The Dose: Atsuko Maeda

Are you bellies full of Valentine's Day candy? Even if that special someone didn't confess their heart to you this year, there's still plenty of love in the in air. All in the form of buying very cheap, marked down candies a...

Hiroko Yamamura

7:00 PM on 02.08.2014

Shoot zombified AKB48 in new arcade game

Well, this is certainly different. When you think of "AKB48" and "arcade," you'll usually envision some sort of dancing or ParaPara-style machine. Well, you've got the musical portion right with Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Ed...

Pedro Cortes

10:00 PM on 01.20.2014

The Dose: Tomomi Itano

The best things come to those that wait, right? Those who are braving the late night with me are in for a real late night treat with this edition of The Dose. In the past I've been quite critical of Ex-AKB48 member Tomomi It...

Hiroko Yamamura

12:00 PM on 09.11.2013

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

This week we're treated to some fantastic new commercials, courtesy of our friend JPCMHD! Everything is quite upbeat, with party music booming in the air. There's some Perfume, Paris Hilton, and even a cooking bear! Most imp...

Hiroko Yamamura

6:00 PM on 07.12.2013

Idol of the Week: Tomomi Itano

Name: Tomomi ItanoBirthdate: July 3, 1991Hometown: Kanagawa, JapanMeasurements: 76/56/79 cm Hiroko's busy with some unexpected business, so she has left me in charge of Idol of the Week again. In a random occurrence of fate, ...

Salvador GRodiles

10:00 AM on 06.25.2013

A Daily Dose of Music: Tomomi Itano

I totally forgot to enter the contest to be in this new video. Oh well, you don't want me upstaging Tomo-chin after all. It looks like things are moving ahead with Tomomi Itano's graduation from AKB48, and things are looking...

Hiroko Yamamura

11:00 AM on 06.17.2013

Can you dance your way onto Tomomi Itano's new video?

Now that Obachaaan have kicked AKB48 out of the top spot as top idol group, there seems to be less and less reasons to like them. In all seriousness though, given the recent scandals, as well as top members Mariko Shinoda an...

Hiroko Yamamura