Cat tights photo
Cat tights

These new cat tights will make you purr in delight

All for a good cause
Oct 28
I may not be much of a cat person, but it's interesting to see that someone has made a set of feline tights that have the claw patterns in its design. On top of that, anyone that dons this adorable kitty look will have their ... read
Porpoises making bubbles  photo
Porpoises making bubbles

Watch a group of porpoises play around with bubble rings

The bubbles that wash away stress.
Jul 23
If you're in the area of Fukuoka, then you might want to drop by the aquarium around 1:40 pm during the weekdays. Why do you say? That's because the Fukuoka Aquarium is having a show where the black finless porpoises are cre... read
Friday Night Fights photo
Squirrel Battle!
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! The crowd was roaring last week, and kicks were flying all over the place! Chun-Li and Chie were both decimating the J-tor Arena as their foots clashed gloriously. As the tide of victory was goin... read feature

Cool cats photo
Cool cats

Cool cats in a Re-Ment bar

These cats are just too cool
Jun 25
Have you heard that joke about the two cats that walk into a bar full of Re-Ment toy food? No? I didn't either, and it's not even my joke! If you love cats or collecting miniature food, this video's probably right ... read
Vending machine monkey photo
Vending machine monkey

This Japanese vending machine monkey is on the juice

Jun 19
You like Japanese vending machines? That doesn't make you cool, we all like 'em. However, if you pull up to one sporting a monkey, that makes you cool. This dude has so much swagger he doesn't even put the money in himself! ... read
Bathing capybaras photo
Bathing capybaras

Watching animals bathe is strangely cathartic

Why do I keep watching this video?
Apr 12
Yup, that's some bathing capybaras. Don't you feel happier? read
A fish's boat trip to NA  photo
A fish's boat trip to NA

Experience the tale of a fish's long journey to US shores

Now that's one lucky fish.
Apr 09
I remember hearing about this fish's fate on the news at work, but today marks the first day that I get to learn of the striped beakfish's travel that took him/her from Japan to Long Beach, Washington.  Originally, this... read
Sardine tornado video  photo
Sardine tornado video

Experience the majestic beauty of the sardine tornado

This fishy whirlwind will blow you away.
Mar 31
It's been a while since I have stepped foot inside of an aquarium, and the Nagoyako Aquarium's sardine tornado is making me want to visit one right now. Speaking of which, there was a time when the sardines started ... read

Watch Doraemon's number one fan geek out en Espaol

Yo soy tan fan de Doraemon.
Mar 12
The only time that I have watched anything related to Doraemon was when I caught a random episode of the anime during my 2001 trip to Maracaibo, Venezuela. While we are on the topic of shows dubbed in Spanish, Spain has a Do... read

This shiba inu bath scene will wash your worries away

Relaxing, isn't it?
Mar 12
Whenever I try to get my yorkie known as Pepi to take a bath, he's always afraid of getting soaked in water. Unlike my dog, Kinako the shiba inu loves the idea of soaking her body in bath water. In order to complet... read
Shiba Inu partner photo
Shiba Inu partner

Shiba Inu's make the best study partners

Or the worst
Mar 11
I know what it's like, barely being able to keep your eyes open while studying for finals. Sometimes you just need a pal to back ou up, and keep you on your toes. For that, all you need a loyal Shiba Inu, pref... read

A kitten taking a warm bath brings great joy to my heart

Take that, evil Mondays!
Feb 25
As you are ready to clock out of your day job, please take a moment and behold the adorableness of a kitten enjoying a relaxing hot springs-like experience. Okay, it's technically not a hot springs, but y... read

Submit to the cuteness of this baby red panda's reaction

Are you reacting yet?
Nov 20
It was a normal day at the Murayama Zoo in Sapporo. Baby red pandas are frolicking in their pen, and it looks like nothing can go wrong. Then a traumatic experience begins as Gin the red panda suffers from a shock that was c... read

Tokyo Jungle gets a wild trailer

I'm sorry, that was bad
Sep 13
It's less than two weeks until this pomeranian simulator releases in the West, so it's time for a release trailer! This game is still utterly fascinating, though that might just be because I see it as an animal version of Fi... read

Pan-kun goes ape!

I saw this one coming a mile away
Sep 09
Famous Japanese chimpanzee, Pan-kun, the star of Pan-kun and James, has finally told the wold, that he isn't going to take it anymore! The animal actor was famous for doing stupid things, while TV hosts clapped at his a... read

Japan sending Akita puppy as gift to Russian president

Jul 24
Another day, another Morning Puppy post! Wait, that's not a running feature? Why the hell not? Japan's latest prime minister Yoshihiko Noda recently met with Vladimir Putin in Mexico. Eventually, Noda promised to deliver an ... read

It's safety time! Protect your pets with a new jacket

May 21
If you are a dog and/or cat owner, then today you might be interested in a new product. In order to protect both pets from danger, a Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket has been invented in Japan so that you won't have to worry a... read

Rent-a-Cat trailer is bursting with cute kitties

May 14
Whether or not you ever plan to watch Naoko Ogigami's Rent-a-Cat, watch this trailer, because damn, there are so many cats and they are doing cat things! The internet still loves cats, right? Mikako Ichikawa plays Sayak... read

Tokyo Sky Tree Town and aquarium are ready for your money

May 14
The Tokyo Sky Tree isn't just for TV broadcasting. It's also expected to be a major tourist attraction once it opens to the public on May 22. On May 10, the Japanese media got to check out Tokyo Sky Tree Town, the area surrou... read

Popular cats unite in new cat idol group NKB48

Mar 05
With elections being held for stray cat idols, it was only a matter of time before some keen producer put together an official idol group. Online cat shop Felissimo has created NKB48 (NeKoBu48), an idol group made up entirely... read

Who is small, female and hellbent on invasion? If you said the leader of the third reich, you'd be part right, but it's a certain tentacled invader that we'll be talking about today! Squid Girl returns for a second seaso... read feature


Want a Tiger & Bunny movie? Well, have two!

Nov 13
You may remember about a month ago that Sunrise mentioned that they would be announcing some juicy details at the 'Tiger & Bunny Hero Awards.' Well, that they did! Two movies starring the dysfunctional heroic co... read

Election held for stray cat idols

Oct 10
What does your town do when it has a lot of stray cats? If you lived in the town of Saga, it would make them celebrities instead of calling animal control. Two years ago, Saga decided to deal with its stray cat problem by cho... read

Baby monkey and dog form unlikely pair amidst devastation

Sep 28
I'm sure all of you are aware of the devastating Typhoon that sweet across Japan earlier this month, leaving disaster in its wake. One of the victims was a small baby monkey, apparently separated from its mother, un... read

Latest Madoka tie-in features... guide dogs?

Sep 24
Those Madoka girls sure have been getting around haven't they! Their latest endeavour sees the ever popular snack-fiend Kyouko Sakura appearing on a poster for 'The National Federation of All Japan Guide Dog Training Institut... read

It's Okenpi the meowing dog

Sep 11
Meet Okenpi, a dog having a serious identity crisis. Apparently Okenpi may have picked up some lingo from a cat he used to live with. Dogs meowing, cats barking, what's going to happen next? It's a bit bizarre, and a lot cute. Now go out and hug a shiba! [Via Japan Probe] read

A Daily Dose of Music: MAN WITH A MISSION

Sep 07
I know there's some furries lurking on this board somewhere. Don't be shy, step up! Super furry Wolf Rock band, MAN WITH A MISSION have an upcoming EP, Trick or Treat, due in stores October 5th. This week's Daily Dose is just in time to start stirring up those Halloween vibes! Check out the video of the single, Feel or Think after the break. Who's exciting for halloween?! read

A Daily Dose of Cuteness: Shunsuke

Sep 06
What's the hot new thing trending the interwebs in Japan right now? Some hot new tech? An amazing new AKB48 video? How about an adorable pomeranian named Shunsuke. Star of his own book, and popular Twitter page, Shunsuke is going to find a way into your heart after the break! [Via Japan Probe] read

Japan's GDSF faces off against the wily forces of...deer?

Feb 15
I know that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, or JSDF, are not the most well-regarded military force out there, having been largely toothless since the aftermath of WWII, but this story from Japan Security Watch will paint th... read

(Evil?) Rabbit paradise in abandoned chemical factory

Dec 27
War Journal Entry #143. Date: March 16th. Year: 2060We should have listened. We were fools to let the Rabbit Rebellion grow over the be friendly to let them train and become the creatures that would soon ... read

Only in Japan: Momo the Police Chihuahua

Nov 27
This would never fly in America where bigger is always better. I think our K9 squad consists mostly of German Shepherds.However, seven-year-old Momo was able to beat out larger dogs exactly because of her size. Japanese polic... read

Best Gashapon of all time: Wigs for small dogs

Nov 04
I thought the Boutique-Sha dog clothing book was the worst thing you could do to a dog previously.Clearly, I was wrong.[Photo via Japan Trends]  read

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