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10:55 PM on 03.31.2013

Experience the majestic beauty of the sardine tornado

It's been a while since I have stepped foot inside of an aquarium, and the Nagoyako Aquarium's sardine tornado is making me want to visit one right now. Speaking of which, there was a time when the sardines started ...

Salvador GRodiles

8:00 PM on 03.12.2013

Watch Doraemon's number one fan geek out en Espaņol

The only time that I have watched anything related to Doraemon was when I caught a random episode of the anime during my 2001 trip to Maracaibo, Venezuela. While we are on the topic of shows dubbed in Spanish, Spain has a Do...

Salvador GRodiles

4:00 PM on 03.12.2013

This shiba inu bath scene will wash your worries away

Whenever I try to get my yorkie known as Pepi to take a bath, he's always afraid of getting soaked in water. Unlike my dog, Kinako the shiba inu loves the idea of soaking her body in bath water. In order to complet...

Salvador GRodiles

4:00 PM on 03.11.2013

Shiba Inu's make the best study partners

I know what it's like, barely being able to keep your eyes open while studying for finals. Sometimes you just need a pal to back ou up, and keep you on your toes. For that, all you need a loyal Shiba Inu, pref...

Hiroko Yamamura

4:00 PM on 02.25.2013

A kitten taking a warm bath brings great joy to my heart

As you are ready to clock out of your day job, please take a moment and behold the adorableness of a kitten enjoying a relaxing hot springs-like experience. Okay, it's technically not a hot springs, but y...

Salvador GRodiles

3:00 PM on 11.20.2012

Submit to the cuteness of this baby red panda's reaction

It was a normal day at the Murayama Zoo in Sapporo. Baby red pandas are frolicking in their pen, and it looks like nothing can go wrong. Then a traumatic experience begins as Gin the red panda suffers from a shock that was c...

Salvador GRodiles

8:00 AM on 09.13.2012

Tokyo Jungle gets a wild trailer

It's less than two weeks until this pomeranian simulator releases in the West, so it's time for a release trailer! This game is still utterly fascinating, though that might just be because I see it as an animal version of Fi...

Chris Walden

6:00 PM on 09.09.2012

Pan-kun goes ape!

Famous Japanese chimpanzee, Pan-kun, the star of Pan-kun and James, has finally told the wold, that he isn't going to take it anymore! The animal actor was famous for doing stupid things, while TV hosts clapped at his a...

Hiroko Yamamura

11:00 AM on 07.24.2012

Japan sending Akita puppy as gift to Russian president

Another day, another Morning Puppy post! Wait, that's not a running feature? Why the hell not? Japan's latest prime minister Yoshihiko Noda recently met with Vladimir Putin in Mexico. Eventually, Noda promised to deliver an ...

Bob Muir

1:00 PM on 05.21.2012

It's safety time! Protect your pets with a new jacket

If you are a dog and/or cat owner, then today you might be interested in a new product. In order to protect both pets from danger, a Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket has been invented in Japan so that you won't have to worry a...

Salvador GRodiles

11:00 AM on 05.14.2012

Rent-a-Cat trailer is bursting with cute kitties

Whether or not you ever plan to watch Naoko Ogigami's Rent-a-Cat, watch this trailer, because damn, there are so many cats and they are doing cat things! The internet still loves cats, right? Mikako Ichikawa plays Sayak...

Bob Muir

10:00 AM on 05.14.2012

Tokyo Sky Tree Town and aquarium are ready for your money

The Tokyo Sky Tree isn't just for TV broadcasting. It's also expected to be a major tourist attraction once it opens to the public on May 22. On May 10, the Japanese media got to check out Tokyo Sky Tree Town, the area surrou...

Bob Muir