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9:00 AM on 04.04.2013

Bloggers Wanted: Liar Liar!

I hope you lovely folks have been checking out the C-Blogs of late, as we've been getting lots of interesting posts from people just like yourself (unless, of course, it's you posting them...well done!). As ever, we'll promot...

Chris Walden

Bloggers Wanted: Progression photo
Bloggers Wanted: Progression
by Chris Walden

Having a discussion topic like 'Top 5' is pretty fun for me, as it means I get a decent split of serious to not-so-serious articles over in the community blogs. Hopefully we can enjoy the best of both worlds once again with this topic that has been very thoroughly planned and thought out, and definitely wasn't thought up by me on the walk back home from the bus stop. Honest. 

I want you to pick something, be it an anime, manga, novel or whatever, and tell me where you think it's heading. Do you think your favourite anime will naturally progress into a dedicated theme park? Will that manga that finished years ago be revived as an American live-action movie? Maybe you read a good novel and think it should be made into an anime? Have a think, and don't worry about being all that serious! If you think K-On! will eventually become the ninth planet to orbit the Earth, that's cool! Just tell us why, being as detailed in your explanation as you like, in the community blogs. Perhaps I'll stick it on the front page for all to see!

Be sure to have some fun with it! I think I'll give it a go myself this month, so I'll start thinking of a topic. Perhaps I can get across why I think all anime should be distributed as QR codes...

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Top 5 Best Eyepatch Gals photo
Top 5 Best Eyepatch Gals
by Marlin Clock

[How about another promoted article for this month's Bloggers Wanted? Marlin Clock is on hand to give us the low down on the best eyepatches available on the market, as well as the lovely ladies they are attached to. Hit the jump for an eyeful, and be sure to tell us your own favourites down there in the comments. Stay tuned for this months Bloggers Wanted topic which will be going up later today, and you too could find your writing on the front page! - Chris]

Ever since I have started this long quest to find truth in the world, only one thing has stayed constant. In my thoughts and in my words the utterance of this very truth has saved me from the pits of despair and the heights of hubris. Whispered in hallowed halls as much as it is trumpeted in raucous pubs is something every red blooded man that lives on the face of the earth can attest to: Eyepatch chicks rule.

How do I have such confidence you ask? Have you ever even contemplated the beauty and majesty having an eyepatch gives to a humble maiden? It can transform her into an unstoppable force of nature whose very essence summons explosions in the brain. She can become a watchdog of death, unafraid of curses. The eyepatch can even turn a grieving girl into a completely adorable moeblob, arresting the thoughts of all like-minded men! There are so many examples I could give to you of the lovely ladies that have partaken in this sacred tradition, but fate dictates I may only enumerate 5 of their names as the apex of this splendid genre. As is customary for such descriptions, intimate details of their life story may be revealed, so be wary if you wish to remain in ignorance. Join me then, if your heart burns aflame for a cloth covered orb as much as mine does, and let us celebrate these splendid damsels henceforth!

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Promoted Story: Top Five Mecha photo
Promoted Story: Top Five Mecha
by SeonArikale

[The first promoted article for this month's Bloggers Wanted! SeonArikale gives us the all of the juicy details about his top five mechs, from both anime and video games. Hit the jump to see if your own favourite has made his list, but if they don't, why not write your own blog about it? Check out the guidelines for this months Bloggers Wanted for the chance to show off your own writing on the front page! - Chris]

So, I've been lurking in the corners of the mecha fandom for years, occasionally poking out my head with some small review here or there. But I decided no more! I'm gonna start putting stuff out there for everyone to see, and to start, I'm gonna lay my cards on the table with my five favorite mecha from anime and manga. So! Without further ado let's get this list started!  

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Bloggers Wanted: Top five! photo
Bloggers Wanted: Top five!
by Chris Walden

You! I saw you! You took one look at the title for this months Bloggers Wanted and groaned, didn't you? You see, I want to have a month where we all just roll back a little bit. Chill. Relax. Eat a really unhealthy burger and feel good about it. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but we're going to put the hot topics to one side and go simple.

See, I know there are a lot of you out there that want to get involved, but worry that your writing isn't up to scratch, or that you don't have a good subject. With a topic such as this, you can do pretty much whatever you want!

How creative you want to be is up to you, so if you just want to tell us all what your top five anime are, that's cool. However, if you want to trawl through your collection and tell us what your top five Japanese music videos that feature couples running towards sunsets are, then that's cool too. Try and think outside the box, and you might just end up on the front page!

Be sure to include what your top five topic is in the title of your blog, and most importantly, have some fun doing them! 

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Check This Out! Surprise of the Season Kotoura-san photo
Check This Out! Surprise of the Season Kotoura-san
by Lifesong

[What is this? Even promoted blogs are getting the spread treatment? Goodness! Lifesong is back to tell us about an anime you may have been missing, so why not read up a little bit and see if it tickles your fancy! With February now upon us, we'll have another topic going up in the next few hours. Look out for it, and who knows, maybe this will be you in a week or two! - Chris]

Every so often an anime comes along that completely defies expectations. I watch a little bit of everything for this reason. I am always on the lookout for that one show that will slip past if I stop searching. I spend countless hours each new season, testing each show that might be interesting. The longer I do it the more I find that some stuff is just pointless. Perhaps this is an obvious statement but there are some things that I am not going to care about simply because I would never care about the original. 4-Koma adaptations are particularly adept at this.

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Check This Out: Type-Moon / The Nasuverse photo
Check This Out: Type-Moon / The Nasuverse
by Irothtin

[Hot on the heels of the last promoted story, here we have the first of many in 2013! Our good friend Irothin has stepped up to the challenge of this months blogging topic, and wants to introduce you guys to Type-Moon. If you want to join in yourself, take a look at January's edition of Bloggers Wanted. Give it a think, but we'll always be looking to promote articles from the C-Blogs, even if you decide to do your own thing! - Chris]

A fictional world that takes place parallel to our own; one filled with magicians, spirits, vampires, and all other manner of phantasmal phenomena. One hidden from the public eye, where wars with the entire world at stake are carried out in secret, just under the noses of the "normal" people. One where heroes from myth and legend prowl the streets at night, one where ancient councils of immortal beings conspire to summon their progenitors to wreak havoc on the earth. 

Sounds cool, right?

With the excellent Fate/Zero anime having finished in 2012, the Tsukihime remake just on the horizon, and various other works readily available via the Interwebs, there really hasn't been a better time to get into the universe made by Type-Moon and Kinoko Nasu. I've become a big fan myself over the past few years - enough to be labelled among the Glorio crew as the "Type-Moon Guy", anyway - and it's something I always try to share with people (along with The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, but that's another blog). So, the idea here is that I'll do a quick run-down of some of the notable Type-Moon works, and hopefully someone will be interested enough to check something out.

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Bloggers Wanted: Check this out! photo
Bloggers Wanted: Check this out!
by Chris Walden

January is all about starting afresh. We look back at 2012, gasp in horror about all the dumb things we've done, then pledge to avoid doing so again. Us humans are pretty good at this trial and error lifestyle, and what better starting point is a brand new year?

With each new month we get a nice new Bloggers Wanted topic. I had a good think about what to do, and you'll probably be happy that I decided not to go for the hugely original new years resolution topic. I think there are only so many pixel aspect ratio jokes the average person can take. Nope, for this month, I want you all to talk about something you love to the rest of the Japanator readers. If we're all going to be having fresh starts, why don't we get other people to try something new?

Title your blogs 'Check this out! ______', replacing that awfully straight line with your chosen subject. There are loads of things you could talk about, but try and make it about something people may not have heard of/tried before. Perhaps a particular anime, manga or genre? Is there a Japanese delicacy that people should definitely try out? A drink? An event? Fashion? Japanese figurines? It's your chance to show off something you enjoy to other people that may just learn to enjoy it as much as you.

We're always checking out the C-Blogs, and we'll be promoting several posts over the course of January. Don't worry if you can't think of a topic, as we'll promote anything to the front page so long as we like it enough! Get out your cyber quills and kick off 2013 with some juicy words!

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Votes are in: Readers Choice Anime of 2012! photo
Votes are in: Readers Choice Anime of 2012!
by Chris Walden

Well, here we are! We're at the very end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, depending on exactly where you are in the world. Before we wave away the year for good, we have some unfinished business to attend to! I asked you all a few weeks ago to let me know what your favourite anime of the year was. Well, I've collected all of the votes, tallied them up, and you can see the winner below the jump.

Oh yes, I'm going to tease you just that much longer! I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone that took the time to vote. It might have taken me plenty of time to count them up, but seeing people support their favourite shows makes it absolutely worth it.

From everyone here at Japanator, we hope you have a fantastic new year. Here is to 2013!

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50 Most Memorable Anime Moments of 2012 photo
50 Most Memorable Anime Moments of 2012
by Lifesong

[And here it is, the final promoted Bloggers Wanted article of 2012 (at least, it's still 2012 where I am!). Lifesong is at hand to walk us through some of the best anime moments we had this year, so why not come see if your personal favourite made the list?  We'll have plenty of topics for you to tackle in the new year, so be sure to keep an eye out! Remember, you don't have to write for a particular topic if you don't want to, we'll promote anything we think is awesome! Have a great new year, everyone! - Chris]

It has been a pretty awesome year to be an anime fan. This is the first year in many where I feel like I've been forced to drop a lot of shows that I would have genuinely enjoyed due to a lack of time. I love reminiscing about all the anime I've watched at a years end so I want to invite the rest of Japanator to join me in doing so. 

I've decided to mix things up a bit this time and make a list of all the most memorable moments instead of my usual 'best of' anime list. This is kind of an experiment, so I apologize it if winds up being a mess. There is no way that I could possibly include every meaningful moment from the year in this blog, but I think there is something here for everyone. After you read my list let me know what your favorite moments from this year are! But first a disclaimer, nearly every one of these is a major spoiler of sorts.

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Vote for your favourite anime of 2012! photo
Vote for your favourite anime of 2012!
by Chris Walden

[Just a week left to vote! It seems we have a heated battle between Fate/Zero S2 and Sword Art Online, so if you want to make your favourite show stand out, be sure to leave us your number #1 in the comments!]

It's mid-December, guys! There's not a lot of time left in good old 2012, which is why we're ringing out the year with our Bloggers Wanted topic and various goodies that will be going up soon. However, while everyone here at Japanator is engaged in Mortal Kombat to settle on our own favourite anime of this year, we want to know what you think. It's our very own Japanator readers choice award!

All you need to is take a look at the list of eligible anime after the jump, then pick out your favourite! Leave that in a comment, and we'll count up the votes and crown the winner at the beginning of 2013. Please try to keep it to one anime title, but spread the word! If you really want a particular anime to win, you'll want to point your friends this way to help out!

Will you be casting your eyes back to an earlier point in the year to vote for Lupin III, or perhaps you will be picking something new like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? Sword Art Online? Dog Days'? Space Bros.? AKB0048? The choice is yours, and only by voting will you have your favourite stand out from the crowd!

Be sure to let me know if I've missed an anime from the list (I'm only human!), and good luck!

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2012: The Year I Rediscovered My Love For JRPGs photo
2012: The Year I Rediscovered My Love For JRPGs
by AdzPearson

[A wild Bloggers Wanted promotion has appeared! Fellow Britannian AdzPearson shows us that we have nothing on his ability to KO a JRPG without relying on back attacks! Hit the jump to see if the games he felled this year are worth tackling yourself. Remember, you can write something yourself in our Community Blog section, and we just might promote it to the front page like this one! Check out the guidelines for this months "Bloggers Wanted", and be sure to vote for your favourite anime of 2012, too! - Chris]

Back in the late 90s/early 00s, I started playing a number of JRPGs. Final Fantasy 7 was the catalyst of it all. The gameplay and storytelling instantly clicked with me. From there, I started looking for other games like it. Some I liked, some I didn't. At one point, I ended up enjoying them so much that I actually started importing JRPGs that never made it to the UK. I couldn't get enough of them. It didn't help that I knew a few people who were into them at my college. 

However, when I started university (yeah, it's different from a 'college' in North America) in 2007, I didn't really have the time for them. As a result, I drifted away from my favourite genre. There were plenty of games I wanted to play, but I knew it would be futile to start them with my busy schedule. wasn't until this year when I finally got back into them. How did it happen, you ask? Let me explain...

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