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Promoted Blog: An alt-review of Senran Kagura Burst

Spoiler: Karutomaru liked it.
Mar 29
// Karutomaru
[Editor's note: The following editorial was originally posted in our community blogs. While the views expressed within are not necessarily shared by Japanator, or its staff, we occasionally see fit to share unique or interes...

Super Toku Time: Brought to you by O.J. Sprite

Feb 19 // Salvador G Rodiles
Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 47 You know that a show’s about to end when the entire staff brings in their A-game during an episode’s timeframe. Besides the glorious showdown between the Kyoryugers and the Deboss Legion, a new challenger's entering the ring. This time around, Yuko inherited the title of Kyoryu Cyan, which means that Ayumi Kinoshita’s a Ranger once again. Since I enjoyed seeing Kinoshita as Jasmine/Deka Yellow in Dekaranger, I was happy to see that Nosan’s sister will get to use her strength to protect her daughter and the rest of Earth’s inhabitants. Unfortunately, we had to shed some more tears again, since another character heads off into the afterlife. Just like Aigaron’s death, I didn’t expect to care for Dogold when he and Utchy had their final confrontation. Speaking of which, the combination attack between the two lightning-based characters on Endorf was simply amazing. In a way, I can see why Dogold was ridiculous when he had Utchy in his body during Kyoryuger’s early episodes. Even though things are setting up for a great climax, I’m going to miss Kyoryuger. Thankfully, I’ll get to see action footage on TV when Saban releases Power Rangers Dino Charge in 2015-- I guess I should be grateful that Saban’s skipping Go-Busters. In fact, it’ll be interesting to see if Saban will incorporate elements from Go-Busters into the new Power Rangers series. Oh, wait. I’m supposed to be talking about my thoughts on Kyoryuger episode 47. Anyway, the finale’s going to be one heck of a joyride, and I’m ready for the massive tears of joy! Hopefully, my laptop won’t get wet during my closing thoughts; otherwise, I might die in the middle of my farewell letter to Kyoryuger. Kamen Rider Gaim Episodes 16 and 17   Thanks to DJ Sagara’s help, Kouta’s ready to PUT HIS FRUITS ON! While Kouta manage to escape with a new upgrade, Micchy wasn’t able to use his “Solid Snake” skills to escape from Yggdrasill Corporation’s headquarters. Since Takatora love his brother very much, Micchy’s about to learn about the truth behind the Helheim Forest’s appearance. Unfortunately, the staff pulls a fast one on the viewers, since we don’t get to see the secret that shocked Micchy. Aside from the debut of Gaim's Lemon Raiment Arms, Urobuchi’s doing a fine job with convening Micchy’s betrayal. But first, I would love to talk about the current situation in Zawame City, which is causing a mortal wound on the Beat Riders’ reputation. Ironically, the culprits happen to be Team Red Hot, which shows how low they’ve fallen after Pierre stole their Warring Driver. In a way, it shows that there are a few folks that plan to use the Inves to commit crimes; thus adding a realistic take on the scenario that everyone’s going through. That, and we needed a quick target for Kouta to use his Fizzy Orange-Lemon Form. While Kouta has the upper hand against the other Riders, he still has ways to go before he can take on the Energy Armored Riders. Hell, he barely stood a chance against Yoko when she transformed into her Peach Soda Rider form. Even though Armored Rider Marika’s debut was major last week, Micchy’s the real star of the episode. Of course, we can't forget about Pierre’s role in the big picture. Speaking of which, you have to respect “Mister Dangerous” for maintaining his honor as a baker when he was supposed to kidnap Kouta’s sister. Best of all, he didn’t betray Micchy, since Pierre was still planning on stealing Kouta’s belt. In fact, he left Hideyasu with a nice surprise when Akira was in the middle of enjoying Pierre’s fine sweets. Of course, I’m going to have to hand it to Gen for surprising us with the way how Micchy handles his new position within Yggdrasill Corporation. Just like the other members of big group, Micchy has his own ulterior motives that’ll mess with Takatora's huge plan later on. Since Ryouma’s playing along with Micchy’s scheme, there’s a chance that Kouta will continue to play a role in the future experiments to come. Depending how things go, the Cantaloupe Soda Rider might be the main villain until the third arc grows into a healthy tree. Hopefully, Pierre will get an Energy or Mixture Form later on, because the Durian needs to reclaim its title as the true champion! In the meantime, I’ll sit back and brace myself for the next twist that’ll enter the stage. On the side note, I wonder if durian soda exists in real life. Come to think of it, Pierre should get a different power up, since he deserves a better weapon than those Nerf Bows that the Energy Riders use -- "It’s Nerf or Nothing." Also, let’s pray that Marika sticks around for a good chunk of the series, since she’s been a great female Rider so far. If the show's staff decides to kill her off early, it won’t be enough for me to curse Gaim; however, I’ll be disappointed over the fact that they lost the opportunity to give Marika the recognition that she deserves.
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Crisp and clean, no caffeine?
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October community update!

Let's talk about YOU!
Oct 12
// Ben Huber
Hello everynyan! Since it's the end of the week and we're already full steam into October (how are you all enjoying your Pokemon?), I thought now would be a good time to give you guys some updates on the community! First off,...

Bloggers Wanted: Liar Liar!

Apr 04 // Chris Walden
Bloggers Wanted: April! photo
Pantsu on fire!
I hope you lovely folks have been checking out the C-Blogs of late, as we've been getting lots of interesting posts from people just like yourself (unless, of course, it's you posting them...well done!). As ever, we'll promot...

Bloggers Wanted: Progression

Mar 01 // Chris Walden
Bloggers Wanted: March! photo
I think that Phi Brain should become good.
Having a discussion topic like 'Top 5' is pretty fun for me, as it means I get a decent split of serious to not-so-serious articles over in the community blogs. Hopefully we can enjoy the best of both worlds once again with t...

Bloggers Wanted: Top five!

Feb 02 // Chris Walden
Bloggers Wanted photo
Top five top fives?
You! I saw you! You took one look at the title for this months Bloggers Wanted and groaned, didn't you? You see, I want to have a month where we all just roll back a little bit. Chill. Relax. Eat a really unhealthy burger and...

Bloggers Wanted: Check this out!

Jan 02 // Chris Walden
Check, mate.
January is all about starting afresh. We look back at 2012, gasp in horror about all the dumb things we've done, then pledge to avoid doing so again. Us humans are pretty good at this trial and error lifestyle, and what bette...

Bloggers Wanted: Best of 2012

Dec 01 // Chris Walden
Definitely Phi Brain. Great for sorting my sleeping patterns.
It's finally December, so now you can go ahead and put up your decorations and play Christmas music in public. What, people have been doing this since late October? Way to spoil the fun! The start of the new month means we ha...

Can you smell that? It's the smell of a fresh, new month! That means it is time to change the Bloggers Wanted topic, so get those caffeinated drinks and start thinking of something cool to write! Oh yes, better explain what I...

What do you go back to? Get famous by telling us!
[Welcome to Bloggers Wanted, our way of asking you, our dear readers, questions, and checking out your insights, the ones too big for podcasts or mere comments. Deep thoughts like that deserve recognition, and this is where w...

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