Street Fighter V photo
Street Fighter V

R. Mika butt bounces her way into Street Fighter V

Double Butt Bounce Finisher!
Aug 27
// Anthony Redgrave
We've all wanted it and finally Capcom delivers. The blonde show boating pro wrestler Rainbow Mika finally makes her return to the cast of World Warriors since her debut in 1998 with Street Fighter Alpha 3. R. Mika is also t...
Bio-Hazard photo

Another Resident Evil remaster is on its way

How many times will I buy this game?
Oct 31
// Hiroko Yamamura
There's no doubt that I love me some Resident Evil. When the game first debuted on the Playstation system ages ago, I was so in love with the game. It's cheesy acting, truly scary moments, and amazing graphics blew me away. ...
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate photo
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

TGS 2014: Sonic and Taiko Drum Master invades Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

MonHun plus Taiko Drum Master equals absolute cuteness!
Sep 19
// Salvador GRodiles
As the West continues to wait for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's arrival, the people at Capcom have revealed that the game is receiving some items that are based off of Sonic the Hedgehog and Taiko Drum Master. While the former ...
MonHun 4 Ultimate photo
MonHun 4 Ultimate

Yes! Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate gets a Poogie Hunting Horn

It's time to hug your piggy
Jul 03
// Salvador GRodiles
Attention, fellow Hunters. The members of the Capcom Guild have revealed Europe's winner for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Weapon Design Contest, and the victor, Lin Setzekorn, managed to create a Golden Hunting Horn with a Poog...

Ultra Street Fighter 4 photo
Ultra Street Fighter 4

Ultra Street Fighter 4 gets release dates, alternate costume trailer

It's almost here!
May 15
// Pedro Cortes
After months of devouring any news that escaped the clutches of Capcom, we finally know when we'll get our hands on Ultra Street Fighter 4. Come June 3, you'll be able to download the upgrade on Playstation Network, or June ...
Street Fighter photo
Street Fighter

Street Fighter 4 glitch leads to 276-hit combo

276 reasons to fear Chun-Li
May 12
// Pedro Cortes
I love me a good combo video. There's nothing like seeing a guy rock a game system hard and eek out strings of nasty hits. This vid from Youtube user biffotasty uses a very particular glitch to be able to go beyond the norma...
Video Games photo
Video Games

Meiji era Ace Attorney game gets its first trailer

Be right back guys, screaming into a pillow
Apr 23
// Elliot Gay
Ace Attorney is easily one of my top five favorite video game series. It's weird, it's got fantastic characters, and the music gets my blood pumping at all the right times. I loved Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, and to say I ...
Ultra Street Fighter 4 photo
Ultra Street Fighter 4

Here's another Ultra Street Fighter 4 trailer to wet your whistle

All aboard that hype train
Apr 22
// Pedro Cortes
This is your weekly reminder from Capcom that Ultra Street Fighter 4 is almost here. Another trailer dropped, this time highlighting all the new stuff that'll be appearing in this version. You've got the five added character...
New Ace Attorney photo
New Ace Attorney

New Ace Attorney game announced, will be set in the Meiji period

Hoping we'll get to see Gumshoe-dono
Apr 22
// Chris Walden
Oh Capcom, forget that I had any concerns about you abandoning the Ace Attorney franchise. This week's Famitsu contains a shock announcement of a brand new game, one that looks to be a spin-off rather than an Ace Attorney 6. ...
Ultra Street Fighter 4 photo
Ultra Street Fighter 4

Character updates for Ultra Street Fighter 4 revealed

Also, Decapre gets an alternate outfit
Apr 16
// Pedro Cortes
As we got closer to the release of Ultra Street Fighter 4, we've finally got a good idea of what changes will be going on with the returning characters. In a recent post Shoryuken, a comprehensive breakdown of the changes fro...

Review: Strider

Mar 31 // Elliot Gay
Strider (PS4)Developer: Double Helix Games, Capcom Osaka StudioPublisher: CapcomRelease date: February 18, 2014 (NA)MSRP: $14.99 The Strider organization, a group of highly trained assassins, sends their most talented field agent, Strider Hiryu, to infiltrate the metropolis of Kazahk City and take out Grandmaster Meio. Along the way, he must navigate maze-like areas of the huge city and do combat with the Grandmaster's deadliest of foot soldiers.  Strider is a retelling of the original arcade game, with elements implemented from the NES version as well. That being said, there really isn't much of a story here. The little dialogue that does exist is fairly inconsequential, playing in the background as you guide Hiryu around the maps and head toward your next target. Occasionally a big boss enemy will appear with a minor speaking role, but if you're coming into Strider for a gripping narrative, I suggest staying far away. The voice acting isn't particularly great to begin with, so I found myself just ignoring most of the dialogue. Be that as it may, I am a bit disappointed at how boringly things play out. The arcade Strider games (particularly 2) had some great illustrated cutscenes between levels that, despite making no sense, were crazy cool. This new game plays it straight in comparison. Strider plays like a combination of the original arcade action game and the exploration focused NES title, making for an interesting experience. The Metroid elements have been dialed up, meaning you'll be taking Hiryu through a huge interconnected world. Largely thanks in part to Hiryu's mobility, levels are often large, sprawling areas which feel satisfying to jump around in. Sadly, these locations aren't all that fun to explore due the bland aesthetic that permeates much of the world. I was worried that the entire game would take place in similar industrial environments after the initial trailer for the game debuted. While it's not quite that bad, I still found myself unimpressed by the variety of locales. City rooftops and snow are cool and all, but I found myself wishing I could visit the desert, or maybe a colorful tropical area; anything to get away from the cold desolation of Kazahk City. Hiryu starts off with a basic slash attack, but as you progress through the city, you unlock new techniques that bring his move set closer to his Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 iteration. Bits, weird fire bird attacks, a damaging slide move; most of these should be familiar to folks who have played any version of Strider. Hiryu controls well enough save for the caveat that he can only be moved using the analog stick. I know there are folks out there who had no problem with this, but I prefer to play 2D action games using the d-pad. Getting used to the sticks took some time, and even now I sometimes screw up jumps or what direction I'm trying to head in. The main problem is that while Hiryu has a handful of cool combat tools at his disposal, enemies rarely require their use. Trash mobs are easily mowed down in Strider, each one giving a health replenishing orb when felled. It's simple to just run through enemies cutting them down (though undeniably satisfying) without having to think too much about dodging bullets or the like. It certainly doesn't help that enemy variation is on the weak side. You'll see the same enemies many times before the credits roll. Bosses are a little bit better, requiring some basic pattern memorization and skill usage in order to beat effectively. I still found myself disappointed that a good chunk of the boss enemies were re-imaginings of fights from previous Strider games. I completed Strider on the PS4 (at around 5 hours), and found myself pleased with the visuals. It ran at a crisp 60 fps, and while it certainly won't win any awards for best next generation game, the simple and clean visual art style looks great at such a high resolution. For those of you wondering, I played about half of the campaign on my Vita through Remote Play and had no problems whatsoever. Musically, composer Michael John Mollo provides some great arrangements of classic Strider themes alongside a few new pieces that nicely set the tone of the game. There's nothing here quite as memorable as the original Kazahk theme, for instance, but it's a serviceable soundtrack. I think that can be said of much of Strider. The game is a competent revival of a beloved franchise that, while fun and great looking, doesn't take many risks. It feels like Double Helix and Capcom Osaka tried to play it safe here. I won't deny that fighting familiar bosses and hearing familiar themes hit me hard in the nostalgia bone, but I would have liked to see more new ideas. That being said, what's here is very solid, and I can only hope that Capcom moves forward with more Strider. We need more game protagonists who specialize in explosion, after all. 7 -- Good (7s are solid games that definitely have an audience. Might lack replay value, could be too short or there are some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.)
Review: Strider photo
Executing acts such as explosion and instigation
I have a confession to make. I really love the original NES Strider. Yes, it's glitchy, unpolished, and generally a confusing oddity. I understand all of that. But for every strange design decision that didn't work, there are...

Attack on Titan x MonHun photo
Attack on Titan x MonHun

Attack on Titan invades Monster Hunter Frontier G

Next up, Pokmon x Attack on Titan
Mar 21
// Chris Walden
Those titan hunters sure get around, don't they? It's pretty impressive actually, considering their species is essentially trapped in one place. This time they've managed to dodge harms way outside the city walls long enough ...
Ultra Street Fighter 4 photo
Ultra Street Fighter 4

Final Ultra Street Fighter 4 character revealed

Hope you guys got your shakers, 'cause it's about to get salty
Mar 17
// Pedro Cortes
After months of anticipation, Capcom revealed the fifth and final character in the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 4. Her name is Decapre and she's one of M. Bison's Dolls. For those not familiar with Street Fighter lore, M. B...
Street Fighter movie photo
Street Fighter movie

Behold the glory of the next Street Fighter live-action project

Ken Ryu handle it?
Mar 15
// Josh Tolentino
Yeah that's right, I used the word "glory" unironically when referring to a new live-action Street Fighter production. A live-action. Street Fighter.  But hey, hear me out, because Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist&n...
Ultra Street Fighter 4 photo
Ultra Street Fighter 4

Ultra Street Fighter 4 to allow version select for characters

Oh god, here comes vanilla Sagat
Mar 03
// Pedro Cortes
Fighting game aficionados have been chomping at the bit for more Ultra Street Fighter 4 news. Well, guess what? We got something just for you. Coming out of this year's SoCal Regionals is the announcement that you'll be able...
Deep Down photo
Deep Down

Come on and get down with Capcom's new Deep Down trailer

I still don't know what this is about
Feb 22
// Josh Tolentino
Surprisingly for a game that's had four trailers so far and is due out on the PS4 sometime this year, we still don't know a lot about Capcom's Deep Down. We know it's some kind of action game apparently in the vein of From S...
Video Games photo
Video Games

New trailer announces Monster Hunter 4G for the 3DS

More monster hunting coming to Japan
Jan 26
// Elliot Gay
At yesterday's big Monster Hunter event in Japan, Capcom unveiled the first teaser trailer for Monster Hunter 4G, the upgraded version of last year's game. The game is set for release this fall on the Nintendo 3DS, with save...
Sengoku Basara 4 photo
Sengoku Basara 4

Get ready to party in this 10 min Sengoku Basara 4 video

My guns are ready
Jan 21
// Elliot Gay
Capcom's Sengoku Basara franchise (anime included) is awesome, and if you have an opinion that differs from this then I presume that you have no soul. Ok, maybe that's something of an exaggeration, but my point stands that t...
Kickstarter photo

Mega Man board game kickstarter enters its final hours

At least it's more Mega Man
Jan 18
// Tim Sheehy
By now you've probably heard of this kickstarter for a Mega Man board game. It's been all over the net, and covered on practically every major gaming site out there. Well, it's down to the final hours, and the project has man...
Capcom photo

New Ace Attorney titles hinted at in new interview

Mmm, more Ace Attorney
Dec 28
// Pedro Cortes
Coming up into the new year, several producers and directors at Capcom have let us know about some upcoming titles in an interview with 4Gamer. The biggest news is that Ace Attorney: Dual Destiny's director Takeshi Yamazaki i...
Breath of Fire 6 photo
Breath of Fire 6

New info from Breath of Fire 6 emerges

At least it looks pretty?
Dec 28
// Pedro Cortes
I agreed with Elliot's assessment of the initial information and photos from Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon. That initial art looked pretty generic and at least I felt that the BoF franchise deserved better t...
Video photo

New trailer shows off Sengoku Basara 4 gameplay

Naturally, it looks insane
Dec 10
// Tim Sheehy
Feast your eyes on the latest gameplay trailer for my favorite Samurai Warriors clone -- Sengoku Basara 4. Okay, I admit calling it a Samurai Warriors clone might be a bit much, but it's difficult to overlook all the si...
FE x MonHun photo
FE x MonHun

Fire Emblem lends Monster Hunter Frontier G some threads

So you'll be sorted if giant monsters attack Akihabara
Dec 07
// Chris Walden
The MMO iteration of the popular Monster Hunter series never did release outside of Japan, so here comes a partnership with Nintendo to rub a handful of salt in the wounds. Remember that rather popular Fire Emblem from earli...

Japanator Arena: Alteisen Riese VS Blodia

Nov 25 // Salvador GRodiles
In the Red Corner: This pilot loves to treat every serious battle like a risky game of cards. In fact, Kyosuke Nanbu pilots a robot that’s so unbalanced that it requires a flight engine to keep his machine from falling over. Despite his slight disadvantage in combat, Alteisen Riese is equipped with an arsenal of lethal weapons that give this real type unit the advantage against any super robot. Honestly, you have to give Kyosuke props, as he's the first person that's been able to awaken the Old Iron Giant’s true potential. In the Black Corner: Jin Saotome has come squared off against many characters from the Capcom and Marvel-verse. This time around, he’s going to fight inside of his trusty machine known as the Blodia, so he’ll have to avoid fighting outside of his robot for now. Depending on how this duel goes, we might see both units get badly damaged before things get wild. However, your votes and persuasion skills will determine who will prove the superior pilot in this brutal showdown. More importantly, make sure that you add a +1 to the mech that you side with, since it will prevent this bout from becoming a messy scrapheap. The two units will pummel each other from today untill Thursday, so make sure that your vote goes up one time. Once we finish with removing the leftover junk from the ring, you can drop by during the beginning of the next match to see who wins! In order to protect the audience from any wandering projectiles, we’re going to cover the seating section of the J-tor Arena with a special protective film. Hopefully, the glass is hard enough to withstand high-speed titanium projectiles. *ding, ding, ding* Load Up Your Stakes!
Japanator Arena photo
The stakes have been raised!
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Due to his lack of experience with fighting opponents outside of the Akuma and Noah Clan, Allen Walker wasn't GAR enough to go up against Kazuma the Shell Bullet. All it took was one Shocking Fir...

Ace Attorney Trilogy HD photo
Ace Attorney Trilogy HD

Big savings on Ace Attorney Trilogy HD right now!

No objection here
Nov 21
// Eric Koziol
Ace Attorney 5 got an English release recently, but maybe you are not caught up on the series. Finding the DS releases of the first three games might take some effort and maybe you carry your iPhone around more than your 3DS....
Sengoku Basara 4 photo
Sengoku Basara 4

New Sengoku Basara 4 trailer explains everything

It's a literal instruction manual
Nov 12
// Elliot Gay
Are you guys and gals ready to party? The latest trailer for Capcom's historical hack and slash game, Sengoku Basara 4, is a whopping five and a half minutes long. It outlines strategies and combos for each of the currently ...

Japanator Arena: Dudley VS Ippo

Nov 03 // Salvador GRodiles
In the Red Corner: He may be a gentleman at heart, but in the ring, this chap is actually a very formidable opponent. Due to his beliefs in a clean and honorable fight, Dudley hopes to win this match in a fair manner! Of course, the man can’t help but to make a classy entrance in his Jaguar Luxury Car. In the Black Corner: His progress through the featherweight matches is quite impressive. In fact, this guy plans to become the world champion within his own weight class. Despite his short stature, Makunouchi Ippo refuses to back down from an opportunity like this. Then again, they don’t call him the Wind God for nothing, so there’s a chance that he might turn things around. Since both fighters specialize in the same sport, this week’s match is going to play out like a traditional boxing match, except that will be a crossover weight fight. In other words, no one is allowed to use any techniques that defy the rules of boxing. That being said, your votes and persuasions skilled will be bound by this important rule. Make sure that you add a +1 to the boxer that you side with, since it will let us keep track of the punches going around.  The fight will go on from today till Thursday, so do your best to vote on time. After the boxing match comes to an end, you can drop by during the beginning of the next match to see who wins! Since this is going to be a nice, clean battle, the seating section should be free of unexpected hazards-- heavy emphasis on the word "should." We think we cleaned out all the bats, ghouls and vampires from last month, but no promises. *ding, ding, ding* Fight!
Japanator Arena photo
Boxing at its finest
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! It's hard to believe that Soma's having trouble with this battle. The man is able to wield the souls of various creatures and entities. On top of that, a good number of his weapons contain holy a...

AA5 Trailer photo
AA5 Trailer

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is out, so here's a trailer

Ha, like you'd need convincing at this point.
Oct 24
// Chris Walden
In case you didn't know, the long-awaited western release of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies landed in the Nintendo eShop at around 2pm GMT today. That's right, it's up there right now. Unfortunately for me, I was working until...

Japanator Arena: Victor Von Gerdenheim VS Franken Stein

Oct 19 // Salvador GRodiles
In the Red Corner: Before realizing that his master was dead, Victor Von Gerdenheim set off on a mission to challenge the Darkstalkers in hopes of being accepted by his father. In his quest to become the greatest, he believes that taking down a fighter that’s obsessed with experimenting on others will please his creator. In the Black Corner: He has the ability to cripple people’s souls with his own hands, and the man is willing to experiment on almost anyone. Despite his insane appearance, Stein is actually a an amazing teacher at the Death Weapon Master Academy. Since Halloween is around the corner, we’re going to let this Soul Eater instructor let loose with his insanity. Tonight’s matchup is definitely an interesting one, since we have a man that can cripple souls go up against a manmade creature that uses sheer strength and electricity. In the end, it will be your votes and persuasions skills that will be the deciding factor in this showdown.  When you choose your side, make sure that you add a +1 to the fighter that you vote for. Otherwise, we will go insane from the madness that's spreading across the Japanator Arena. That being said, you have from today till Thursday to enter your vote, so do you best to not be late. After things begin to calm down, you are welcome to visit us next week to see who wins! While we don’t have to worry about the sun going down, I recommend that you head to your seat before you end up as a test subject. *ding, ding, ding* Let's Begin The Experiment! 
Japanator Arena photo
A different take on Mary Shelley's famous story
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Blade may be an amazing character in his own medium, but his swordsman skills could not match D's 1,000 years of experience. When the Daywalker realized that he couldn't stand up to Dracula's son...

The twisty turnabout timeline of Phoenix Wright

Oct 18 // Ben Huber
The original game that started it all came out in October 2001 on the Nintendo GBA. Created by Capcom developer Shu Takumi (voted most adorable game developer ever, by everyone), it was his second time directing a game but the first time working on an original property (previously he had directed Dino Crisis 2). He wanted to create a visual novel that captured the excitement of the courtroom and soon the first Gyakuten Saiban was unleashed upon the public. Phoenix Wright was born (although he went by his Japanese name, Ryuichi Naruhodo)! I wonder if Takumi knew what the future held? The sequel, Gyakuten Saiban 2, expanded upon the first in several ways, most notable in the new gameplay mechanic called the Psyche-Lock. This essentially takes the gameplay of the courtroom and moves it out into the investigation segment (and given that people really like the courtroom scenes this was a good choice). It also featured an intense final case that turned a lot of player's expectations upside-down (but you won't get any spoilers from me)! The final game in the original trilogy, Gyakuten Saiban 3, released in 2004 and while not introducing many new gameplay mechanics, it did wrap up the story very nicely. It took place over a longer period of time and had flashback cases as well as parts of the story where Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix's rival, is playable.  It was a suitable climax to the tale. Originally, you could tell that Takumi intended for the story to wrap up here in a lot of ways, but soon the story of Wright & Co. Law Offices would start up again -- just not in the way you might expect. Capcom began making plans to re-release the Gyakuten Saiban series on Nintendo's latest platform, the Nintendo DS, in 2005, with a bonus storyline using the system's features. However, their American branch opted to get involved and an English translation got underway, paving the way for a release in the west under the name Phoenix Wright! The DS port released in Japan in September, with the US release only one month behind, and the European release a few months after that. The small print run quickly sold out in the US, surprising many. I was on the ground floor here, as I went to the store the week it came out on a whim and happened to pick it up -- if I had gone later I might have missed out entirely! This original sold-out run blew away expectations and the second DS port was promptly put out the following year (although the US release barely snuck into 2007 in January). It was at the height of the games' popularity on DS that Gyakuten Saiban began to expand into other media. A Gyakuten Saiban manga began in 2006, written by Kenji Kuroda and illustrated by Kazuo Maekawa. While it only ran for five volumes, it was still a solid success, and the manga was eventually brought over to the US by out fine friends at Kodansha. The third and final DS port arrived in 2007, both in Japan and the US, bringing English-speaking fans the final chapter. However, this wasn't the biggest news of the year. The real deal came in April, when a brand new DS-based sequel arrived: Gyakuten Saiban 4, or Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice as it was titled in the US. This came to the US shortly after in 2008, but the big difference here was that Phoenix was no longer the main character, and instead was a tutor to the younger Apollo. While initially some fans didn't enjoy this change, they soon came to like Apollo Justice and his new cast of characters quite a bit as well. At this point, Ace Attorney was hitting its peak in popularity and a rush of new spinoffs began to show up. First, was the Miles Edgeworth side series titled Ace Attorney Investigations. It did several things different from the main games, the most obvious one being that you had direct control over where Edgeworth was walking. It also dropped the magical abilities of previous games and focused purely on solving puzzles via "logic." One of the craziest and coolest Ace Attorney spinoffs also began in 2009. The Takarazuka Revue, an all-female musical troupe, began performing an Ace Attorney musical titled Gyakuten Saiban -Yomigaeru Shinjitsu-. Bizarrely, despite the musical being done in Japan, they used the English names of the various characters. It was so successful that a sequel was performed later in the year in August. Impressive! And again, the sequel proved popular, leading to a third musical in January this year. While they have been silent for a bit, you can't help but wonder if there will be more in the future! In 2011, the second game in the Investigations spinoff series was released in Japan. However, it arrived at the end of the Nintendo DS's lifecycle, thus making it difficult for the game to be released in the west, as by the time it could've been localized, the 3DS was already out. Many fans clamored for a digital release of this title but for now it appears the game will remain the sole Gyakuten Saiban title to not leave Japan.  Phoenix also made a slight detour into Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the crossover fighting game. He was very unique as far as characters went, have three different stances and the ability to collect evidence that would allow him perform a damaging "Turnabout" move. While he starts as a weak character, surviving long enough gives him access to more powerful attacks... just like in his main game series. Another big year for Ace Attorney! In February a live-action film adaption of Gyakuten Saiban released in Japan, directed by the famed director Takashi Miike, to a warm reception. Critics praised the excellent use of CGI and creative set design, and fans loved how it took the original concept and made it into an excellent film. It was surprisingly faithful to the story of the first game, and the characters looked as though they leapt from the game and onto the silver screen. It's still brought up as one of the best video game-to-film adaptions ever. If you're an eagle-eyed viewer, you can also catch the creator himself, Shu Takumi, in the celebration scene at the end.  Another big release that year was Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. Level 5's popular puzzle-solving professor teamed up with Wright and Co. to jump into an alternate fantasy world. The game was written by Shu Takumi and featured gameplay from both of the series mixed together. It was also the first time Phoenix had appeared in 3D and had fully-voiced cutscenes. This game is currently slated to launch in 2014 here in the US, so fans will hopefully be able to play it soon! This year has also been a big year! Just a few months ago, a stage play ran in Japan titled Gyakuten Saiban: Turnabout Spotlight. An HD collection of the original trilogy also released on iOS, allowing a whole new crowd to experience the series. And all of this leads up to one of the biggest game releases in October: Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies.  In Dual Destinies, Capcom has heard your cry for the return of Phoenix. He's finally back! Apollo isn't out of the picture though, and along with him and his new recruit, Athena Cykes, Wright & Co. Law Offices seem to be bustling more than ever. The game is fully in 3D now as well, and the art style used does a great job of emulating the sprites you're used to. Will it live up to the high pedigree of the rest of the series without Shu Takumi guiding it? I suppose we'll all find out later this month! I hope you enjoyed this look at the history of the Ace Attorney series. I also really wanted to cover some related content, like Ghost Trick and Takumi's adorable dog, Missile, but it didn't fit in exactly. Given how big the AA universe is getting, it may seem daunting to jump in, but if you're a newcomer and want to start, just begin with the first game and go from there! It's one of my favorite game series and I highly recommend the main trilogy to everyone. Now get out there and do some defending, or else I may just have to...
Japanator Original photo
The history of our favorite attorney in a blue-clad suit.
OBJECTION! The cry rings through the court. His arm is raised outward with an accusatory finger pointing at the witness stand, commanding the attention of the entire room. Silence. Even the prosecution is taken aback at this ...

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