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9:00 PM on 02.01.2014

Buy anime, make a donation to help kids learn to read

If you're like me, you always intend to give more to charity, but the mystery of where your money really goes holds you back. Some charities are great about spending your money for the benefit of the populations they serve, b...

Karen Mead

8:00 AM on 11.23.2013

Ghibli, Hatsune Miku, and more among new LINE stickers

Oh hey, it's Kristina with another update on the amazing stickers LINE has updated their store with recently! You can see images of all the stickers I'm talking about in this post down in the gallery. First is a new set by Gh...

Kristina Pino

12:00 PM on 02.12.2013

Be a Friend to the victims of Tohoku

It's hard to believe it's almost been two years since disaster struck the people of Tohoku and surrounding regions. Many survivors are still attempting to try to piece their lives back together. Japanese mobile phon...

Hiroko Yamamura

4:00 PM on 03.26.2012

Tsunami-devastated Tohoku gets a cute, viral mascot

Japan loves making mascots for things. The latest is Zunko Tohoku, whose purpose is to raise the spirits of those in the Tohoku region that was hit by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Zunko, named after the zunda mochi rice c...

Bob Muir

6:00 PM on 09.08.2011

Gurren Lagann art book is for charity, go buy one!

Fan of the drill-centric series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? Well if you nodded (you did nod, right?) and you also happen to own a Kindle, it's time once again to bust that piggy bank open and fork over some cash. Luckily, it'...

Chris Walden

3:00 PM on 08.28.2011

Calling all from the UK: Go to Kitacon 3.5!

Feel like having a charitable September? Well you're in luck fellow UK dwellers, as Kitacon 3.5 will be held in London on the 23rd for just such a purpose. Money will be raised in several ways, including a 'donate at the door...

Chris Walden

4:00 PM on 08.24.2011

Linkin Park streaming from Nicofarre on September 9th

Popular rock band Linkin Park will be performing the last show of their "A Thousand Suns" tour in the Tokyo club Nicofarre. Unlike previous fixtures in the tour, this show is set to debut remixes of songs from their latest al...

Chris Walden

3:00 PM on 06.30.2011

Hendane to sell Little Hands charity doujinshi

If you've ever been to a dealers room in an anime convention, you are probably aware of Hendane. They're the guys shouting "YAOI!" at the top of their lungs and selling everything from paddles to computer games. Actually, I g...

Tyler Jones

Ken Watanabe gathers celebrities for Unite for Japan photo
Ken Watanabe gathers celebrities for Unite for Japan
by Brad Rice

While the events of the March 11 earthquake are a while behind us, Japan isn't out of the clear just yet. There's still a massive cleanup effort underway, and thousands upon thousands of people are still displaced from their homes. So, Ken Watanabe has gathered some of his friends in Hollywood and elsewhere in the world to send messages of hope, and remind people that there's still suffering going on.

The cause is Kizuna311, and it's working with UNICEF and the Unite for Japan campaign.

After the jump is just one of the 30-some-odd videos that Watanabe has collected and posted on YouTube. Some are written messages, others, like the video we have, show celebrities holding up signs wherever Watanabe was able to corner them.

It's quite touching.

As always, I encourage you to donate generously to the Red Cross. If you've already given to the Japan relief effort, and wish to donate elsewhere, I still encourage giving to the Red Cross for their "where the need is greatest" section. The recent rash of tornados and floods across the American South have left people devastated, and things are only going to get worse with the Mississippi continuing to flood places.

Thanks for your kindness.

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