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Legend Hero photo
Legend Hero

Three Kingdoms-themed Tokusatsu Legend Hero's official stream now has English subtitles

Romance of the Three Henshins
Apr 14
// Salvador G Rodiles
You gotta hand it to companies who decide to make their works viewable to people from other regions since it lets them expand their audience. One fine example of this feat is that the YouTube page for the Korean and Chinese&n...
Justin Bieber photo
Justin Bieber

Oh, Justin: Bieber in Yasukuni causes international incident

Do you even geopolitics?
Apr 26
// Josh Tolentino
I don't have anything against The Bieb. In fact, I find the hate for him somewhat petty. I mean, it's not like he's against vaccines or whatever. That said, causing an international incident is something you really shoul...
Music photo

The Dose: Old School Thursdays

Keep your eyes on this one
Apr 24
// Hiroko Yamamura
It's time again for another edition of your favorite weekly flashback, Old School Thursdays. This week, I'm going to bring back a classic I posted a few years ago, but I'm sure no one is going to complain to my boss... I hop...
Environment photo

Pollution from China found at Mt. Fuji

Get sick at 3,776 meters
Oct 07
// Pedro Cortes
Mt. Fuji, one of the most picturesque locales in the world, is suffering from Chinese pollution. According to an article from Japan Today, scientists have found that the famous mountain has almost double the amount of Mercury...

Attack on Titan fan-game photo
Attack on Titan fan-game

Get your swords out, it's an Attack on Titan videogame!

Sie sind die Jaeger!
Jun 21
// Josh Tolentino
Oh, if only this lovely little browser-based project was an actual, officially-published Attack on Titan videogame, rather than the result of a Chinese fan's creativity. The core concept's pretty great! In case you...

Anisama Shanghai 2012 axed due to Anti-Japan protests

Sep 17
// Josh Tolentino
In case you've not been following international news of late, you're in for a bit of facepalming over politics. It seems the rising tensions between China and Japan over the territorial status of the Senkaku islands (cal...

Chinese hotel has some anime vibes going on

Dec 28
// Hiroko Yamamura
Want to get get down and dirty while Howl and Sophia are watching? How about catching some Zs while Mr Satan is happily grinning at you? Well you can, kind of. A new hotel in Anhui, China has some rooms built out just for ani...

Another day, another Chinese rip-off, now about trains

Jul 25
// Bob Muir
By now, you're probably aware that China has few scruples about "reusing" other people's concepts, to put it kindly. Recently, Chinese netizens found yet another example of China's media plagiarism when they came across an on...

Jackie Chan raises millions for Japan relief

Apr 05
// Crystal White
There is a well known rivalry between China and Japan at times, but if you look at what Jackie Chan's done, you'd never know it. The famous actor, often known for doing all of his own stunt work, got right down to business af...

Chinese Gundam rip off goes from fake to fug

Feb 01
// Crystal White
First of all, bonus points if you know that fug is totes the new abbrevs for "fugly." Extra bonus points if you managed to read that sentence and understand it.Ahh, the fake Chinese Gundam. Like most other Chinese k...

Shocker: Chinese fake Gundam statue gets rocked in court

Dec 21
// Josh Tolentino
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then China's been sucking up to a lot of folks lately, this time in the form of a life-size knock-off of the famous 1/1-scale Gundam statue, located in Odaiba and Shizuoka.The M...

Man sneaks aboard airplane wearing elderly mask

Nov 06
// Crystal White
Yeah, it's about as weird as it sounds. A man from Hong Kong got aboard a flight to Vancouver while wearing a mask to look like an elderly caucasian man. In fact, the mask was so convincing that no one even sto...

Man gets arm stuck in toilet trying to rescue cell phone

Oct 23
// Crystal White
A Chinese man from Jiangsu province managed to get his arm stuck in the the pipe of a toilet after trying to retrieve his dropped cell phone. Emergency teams arrived to aid the man, and saved him with only minor cuts and brui...

Middle aged Sailor Moon commercial will have you laughing

Oct 18
// Crystal White
On Hong Kong's J2 TVB network, a new commercial for a live-action television version of Sailor Moon has been airing to the dismay of many Chinese on the web. But why the complaints? Well, the show is a re-imagining of Sailor ...

Chinese economy trumps Japanese in Hetalia-unrelated move

Aug 17
// Lauren Rae Orsini
It sounds like a new Hetalia fanfic: After years of burgeoning growth, China has dominated Japan and become the world's second largest economy. The news came from Tokyo on Monday when economists noticed that Japan's econ...

China builds giant Optimus Prime out of junk

Jul 19
// Bob Muir
Last week, we saw an Optimus Prime built out of everyday household items. That was last week. This week, Optimus Prime comes in the form of 40 feet and 6 tons of junk.Yes, China has seen fit to enter the Japan-dominated giant...

Chinese boosting Japan's weak economy through tourism

Jun 29
// Dale North
I've seen enough Chinese people in Tokyo to think that it's a totally normal thing. But apparently the numbers are up for Chinese visitors, and that's helping out Japan's weak economy. Last year's count of 481,696 Chinese to...

While everyone else is busy with their Valentines Day posts, I've decided to go out of my way to make sure nobody forgets the real holiday that happens to be going on right now. It's Chinese New Year! For those...


Chinese commercial rips off Lucky Star

Jan 27
// Colette Bennett
Oh, China. What have they made that's originally theirs, again? Oh, yeah, kanji, I guess. Other than that and some pottery, it seems like China have made a full time business of ripping off other people's stuff. Case in point...

Astro Plan... toys?

Jan 24
// Jon Snyder
China is famous for producing bootleg toys, including such gems as "RobocAr Energon" and the classic "Super Combination Robot". Another fine product of the Middle Kingdom is bootleg anime, such as the rece...

China's newest anime, Astro Plan, looks a bit familiar

Jan 09
// Andres Cerrato
When it comes to bootlegs in China, I'm usually covering the side of hilarious knock-off toys or the pain of getting a fake through an eBay auction. China has gotten a bit more ambitious, as they are now copying the series themselves. There is just something that seems all too familiar about a new series coming out this year, Astro Plan. Check out the horror after the jump.

The sincerest form of flattery? Chinese anime traces 5cm per Second

Sep 04
// Josh Tolentino
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that were true, it seems that China is absolutely infatuated with Makoto Shinkai's 5 Centimeters Per Second: A chain of short stories about their distance.According to Gigazine,...

Hate going to the dentist? Try out this USB dental microscope to see if you really need to go

Aug 03
// Brad Rice
Oral hygene is important. People will judge you if your breath stinks, if your teeth aren't clean, and if it's clear you don't take good care of your mouth. Brushing isn't enough: flossing, regular trips to the dentist and ev...

Tuesday Otaku Debate: Lu Bu vs. Miyamoto Musashi

May 19
// God Len
Last week we entered into the depths of hell as we voted for the worst character to cosplay at a convention, or in your living room if you don’t go to conventions. This all arrived from a theory I have that states that ...

Best way to send your letters: Boy love stamps and stationary

Mar 16
// Eva Duenas
In Japan, along with doujinshi, many fans make and sell stationary based on their drawings. However, it seems that China has taken the lead in being able to sell off official boy love goods. Don't worry, it will be nothing li...

Its Lu Bu! A Three Kingdoms anime is coming our way!

Apr 30
// God Len
Those who say Japanese and Chinese relations are strained are crazy because they haven’t heard the news that a joint Chinese-Japanese adaptation of the famous novel the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is underway. For tho...

China to Japan: The Dalai Lama is EVIL! KILL! Japan to China: La la la who?

Apr 01
// Aoi
In its grand tradition of insisting to whoever'll listen at any given time that Tibet's a bunch of buttholes and should stop wanting stuff and go back to giving them yak butter and free massages, China has whined to Japan abo...

The middle kingdoms newest prince

Aug 18
// God Len
Anime News Network reports that the shonen-ai sports manga The Prince of Tennis has been picked up (stolen) by China and will be made into a live-action television drama (aka. construct shoes by gunpoint). The plan is to re...

International China-Japan setback as Japan issues yet another political "NUH-UH"

Jun 20
// Aoi
In the country's grand tradition of protesting any accusations of historical wrongdoing (linked principally for the "OH NO YOU DI'N'T" factor in the U.S. slavery comparison) with lots of non-apology words like "regrettable,...

Kung Fu Hustle: Axe Kickin' Edition coming at the end of July

Jun 18
// Brad Rice
For those of you who are fans of Stephen Chow's films (and you really should be), his film Kung Fu Hustle will be getting a re-release on July 31st with a special edition. The "Axe Kickin' Edition" will contain the film its...

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