Shrimp Cannon photo
Shrimp Cannon

Want Shrimp Tempura in 3 seconds? Take this cannon

Mid-air Ebi-Fry
Dec 02
You never know where useful information will come from. For example, would you expect to learn a secret technique for preparing fried shrimp in an instant from...a wireless carrier? Yeah, neither did I.  NTT Docomo's pr... read
Pigeon drones photo
Pigeon drones

Arrange pigeon drone booze parties with Kirin

Three drones to the wind
Nov 05
Ever wanted to knock back a brew with a bunch of cool drones? Well, too bad, because Kirin's got the opportunity for you, with a new campaign stunt involving a little family of four drones, decorated to look like friendly pi... read
PS4 trailer photo
PS4 trailer

The new Japanese PS4 trailer is super sweet

feeling warm and fuzzy
Oct 29
Sony is readying its new Share Play system for the PS4 system in Japan. Basically, it allows players to allow another player to take over their controls via the Sony Network, similar to passing the controller to someone else... read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Man, I'm hungry now
Oct 29
Any week with Tommy Lee Jones is a good week. Throw in some adorable Otousan, and I feel pretty good. The commercial for the new Suzuki car being endosed by Arale is in there, as well as some really expensive kids' backpacks... read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Ah summer
Oct 09
Exercise your mouths in the most disturbing way possible. Watch someone get their fash mashed in by a strawberry! There's even some footage of or buddy Kyary Pamyu Pamyu shopping! Yup, JPCMHD's commercial round up has it all... read
New 3DS photo
New 3DS

This New 3DS commercial shows off Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Kawaii Touch

Nintendo's characters receive an amazing makeover
Sep 29
I may not be a huge Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fan, but it's hard to say "no" to her style that brings us an abstract take on cute things. Speaking of which, Nintendo made an interesting move when they chose to feature Pamyu in the N... read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Very energetic offerings!
Sep 18
Singing toilets, Transformers, and Perfume are all over this week's commercial roundup from JPCMHD. There's plenty of fantastic music, exciting movie trailers, and video game action. We're finally starting to get caught up o... read
Dr Slump photo
Dr Slump

Arale and the rest of the Dr Slump crew want you to buy a Suzuki

Throwback sales tactics
Sep 12
One thing that I feel like manga and anime legend Akira Toriyama never really gets enough credit for are his mechanical designs. Sure, he's made some amazing characters in the Dragon Ball, Chrono Trigger, and Dragon Quest un... read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Sep 10
I know, I've fallen pretty far behind on sharing JPCMHD's fantastic commercial compilations, but it's time we start getting caught up with the fantastic summer offerings. This week we look back at some nice summer activities... read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Still catching up
Jul 31
Buy buy buy bye. read
PS Vita photo
PS Vita

Sony invokes dongs to sell the new PS Vita

More like PENIStation, am I right?!
Jul 22
Remember that time in middle school you and your friends would get naked in the locker room and compare genitals? Me neither, but Sony does. This Japanese ad for the PS Vita calls up youthful PS-envy as young boys remark on ... read
Yamaha anime photo
Yamaha anime

Yamaha wants you to be the Master of Torque

But no bike fights, apparently
Jul 09
We all strive to master something, be that mastering our destiny, mastering a foreign language (odds are it's Japanese if you're reading this), or even just mastering the art of killing time. Now motorcycle and keyboard make... read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Dog daughter?
Jul 09
Our favorite grumpy shiba-inu, Otousan graces us with his presence, Madoka gets a live-action, and I get hungry for chocolate snacks. I don't think my brain could handle much more. I also have an incredibly twisted desire for curry. read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Bear wear?
Jul 03
Sometimes you're all thumbs... read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Let's catch up with Nippon's latest offerings
Jun 26
Shingeki No Chewy Stuff. read
Daily Dose photo
Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Ab Crunches: Wonder Core

Happy Birthday!!
Jun 17
Hiroko's out today, which leaves you trapped in here with me! Bahahaha! And for today's Dose, hot abdominal fitness courtesy of this commercial for the Wonder Core exercise machine, starring the sensational six-pack of ... read
Attack on Titan photo
Attack on Titan

The Scouting Legion takes on the Bearded Titan

This is going to get hairy
Jun 10
So what if they want to devour us whole for reasons unknown? The least we can do is make them look good while doing it, right? Apparently, that's Schick's logic for trying to hawk safety razors for the sake of mankind's grea... read
Candy Crush Saga photo
Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush has a bizarro nationwide ad campaign in Japan

I'm not quite sure what they're saying, but it has nothing to do with candy
Apr 26
[As originally posted at Destructoid.] Candy Crush Saga is coming to Japan in a big way, as developer King has prepared a slew of rather bizarre commercials for its freakishly addictive mobile puzzler. With King ha... read
Commercial photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Eye candy
Apr 09
It's the midweek party time that I use your lunch break to catch you up on the fantastic commercial offerings from the far East. This week we're still catching up on JPCMHD's round-up from earlier in the year, but I didn't w... read
WTF photo

WTF Fridays: True enthusiasm

Nope, never gets old
Apr 04
This classic really needs no explanation. I mean, THIS CLASSIC NEEDS NO EXPLANATION!!!!! read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Use your head
Mar 26
I know it's been a few weeks, but it's time we get caught up with the newest ads circulating on Japanese airwaves. I want to make sure you don't miss a beat, so we're checking out our friend JPCMHD's February offering. It' i... read
commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Tap your feet to the beat
Feb 05
We're well into 2014, but that doesn't mean the advertising fun is going to slow down in Japan anytime soon. While JPCMHD's latest round up doesn't quite pack the punch of the last offering, there's some really charming entr... read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Bring the noise
Jan 29
It’s now time to take a look at 2014’s commercial offerings, and all the goodies the companies in Japan want to sell to you. This round up from friend of the site, JPCMHD has the energy levels up to 10 on this ti... read
Attack on Titan photo
Attack on Titan

Get freaked out by even more live-action Titans

Subaru commercial promotes the AoT movie
Jan 25
Mr. Josh Totman showed you guys the behind the scenes video of the Attack on Titan commercial! Pretty cool, right? Judging by that video, and this one, I can tell the film is going to be amazing! I'm really, really excited f... read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

The year end special
Jan 15
I got to say, this Holiday season's Japanese commercial selection had me wanting a bit more. Usually the silly meter is cranked to 10, in hopes of selling what ever crazy thing is out there to make a present for your lovely ... read
Obaachan photo

You best show Obaachan some respect on the dancefloor

You wanna step?
Dec 24
Next time you see a little Obaachan walking down the streets of Tokyo you best recognize, and show a little respect. You never know when she might throw down some mean dance moves, and challenge your DDR skills. While that p... read
Final Fantasy photo
Final Fantasy

Don't hold back the water works for Final Fantasy X/X2

I see your tears
Dec 19
Don't lie. I know you were bawling your eyes out multiple times when you first played Final Fantasy X for the PS2. It doesn't matter how tough you are, from the moment Suteki Da Ne starts playing, you better be cutting some ... read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Fun times
Dec 12
I'm not sure what's going on here. Usually every holiday season the commercials in Japan really kick into high gear, Strangely, the last couple of weeks that have been graciously complied by JPCMHD are strangely subdued and ... read
Tearaway photo

So this is how Japan plans to promote Tearaway

But does the game come with one of those hats?
Dec 08
Hey, have you played Tearaway yet? You should, if you own a PS Vita, as it's pretty great. Media Molecule's papercraft platformer is set to soon charm the people of Japan as it has the rest of the world, and Sony's revv... read
Commercials photo

I dare you not to flinch at this tire commercial

Steady yourself
Dec 05
I'm warning you now. Even if you prepare yourself to not flinch from this one, I'm betting you still do. I knew exactly what was coming and I still was jostled! The commercial sure knows how to scare people into buying winte... read
Commercials photo

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Buy buy buy!
Nov 26
It's been way to long since I checked in with our pal JPCMHD's exciting Japanese commercial roundup. While the weather is starting to get chilly, and holiday shopping starts to get rolling, you can be sure the commercial mak... read
Commercials photo

Need to smile? Watch some commercials

Let's just have some fun
Nov 21
Spend a bit of time in Japan not as a tourist, but living here, and you’ll hear complaints about television and how it is awful. A bit of an extreme opinion that I don’t entirely agree with, but it does lack thos... read

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