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12:00 PM on 01.21.2015

Contest: Ring in the New Year with this Right Stuf giveaway! [Updated]

[Update: The contest is over, and congratulations to Japanator Community Member Gnikdrazil! We'll be contacted soon at the email address you used to register to Japanator with more details!] It's January 9th, but sometimes it...

Josh Tolentino

Congrats to our If My Heart Had Wings giveaway winners! photo
Congrats to our If My Heart Had Wings giveaway winners!
by Josh Tolentino

Free stuff is great, isn't it? That's likely what you all were thinking when you signed on to our giveaway with Moenovel for free Steam copies of If My Heart Had Wings! Sadly, we only had five copies to give away, and we've just chosen them, thanks to the power of random selection.

Congratulations to our lucky handful, whose names and user accounts were selected out of the pool of correct answers to the contest question:





Binary Mind

You lucky handful, you! You'll be contacted soon via email with your Steam keys! 

For the rest of you, if you're still interested in the game, it's available right now!

And remember: When in doubt, the answer is probably "Keifuu Academy". That's good life advice right there.

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Contest: Win Steam copies of If My Heart Had Wings! photo
Contest: Win Steam copies of If My Heart Had Wings!
by Josh Tolentino

[Update: Contest is over, everyone! The winners will be contacted by the email address they signed up for Japanator with!]

We've got a treat for you story-game fans out there, and it comes to you courtesy of our buds at Moenovel! The fine folks over there have given us five copies of their hit visual novel If My Heart Had Wings, in commemoration of the game's impending release on Steam, everyone's favorite digital distribution platform.

Those five copies are going out to five lucky commenters who can answer a simple question below! All you have to do is visit the game's website and find the answer, then place in a comment on this post while logged into Japanator (this part's important, otherwise we won't be able to contact you if you win!). The winners will be selected randomly from the pool of correct answers and contacted upon the game's release.

You've got from now until November 23rd, 2014, at 2200 (10PM) CST to post your answers, so get to it!

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Congratulations to our Really? Really! contest winners! photo
Congratulations to our Really? Really! contest winners!
by Josh Tolentino

Hey, remember when we announced that contest where we and MangaGamer gave away copies of Shuffle! sequel Really?Really! ? That happened, and we now have a handful of winners!

  • Kageryu
  • Yukari
  • ctim
  • Zakamutt
  • AlteredOtaku

Congratulations to everyone who won! MangaGamer will be contacting you shortly with instructions on how to claim your game! For everyone else who didn't win but are still interested in the game, Really? Really! is now available!

[Note: The contest entries are based on the MangaGamer IDs you sent in, so they might not be the same as the username you registered for your Japanator account!]


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Contest: Win Really? Really! from MangaGamer! photo
Contest: Win Really? Really! from MangaGamer!
by Josh Tolentino

[Update: Contest's over! Thanks to everyone who joined up!]

Have you had enough of Navel's visual novel sensation, Shuffle!? That's a silly question. Of course you haven't!

But what isn't silly at all is the fact that we're hooking up with MangaGamer to give away a bunch of copies of Really? Really! (link NSFW), the sequel to Shuffle!.  for the low, low, price of absolutely free!

Check out the details on how to enter the contest below!

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Let Tetsuya Nomura be the judge of your Lightning artwork photo
Let Tetsuya Nomura be the judge of your Lightning artwork
by Kristina Pino

Square Enix and DeviantArt have teamed up for a fantastic contest in which artists are invited to create a custom look for Lightning. Anything about her appearance, from her body to accessories you'd want to see on her, are fair game. The only real fine print here is whatever you do, it should fall within the scope of the FFXIII series in terms of any references you make that involve Final Fantasy games.

For a look at all the official rules, a collection of reference art, submission guidelines, and everything else you might need to know, you can check out the official page. At the time of writing, there's still a week left to submit an entry, and as I implied in the heading of this article: Tetsuya Nomura is judging this contest personally. There will be three (3) grand prize winners, who are getting an original sketch from Nomura, a custom XBox360, US$1,000, the FFXIII trilogy for XBox 360, a shirt (unfortunately a fixed size instead of based on the winners), and a keychain.

This contest is open to artists anywhere on the planet, as long as they're over 13 years of age and follow all the guidelines, which are clearly listed on the contest's landing page.

[source | via]

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HUGE: We're giving away 1,000 indie games photo
HUGE: We're giving away 1,000 indie games
by Tim Sheehy

Just a heads up for all of our HUGE members. Our colleagues at Destructoid are giving away 1,000 indie game codes courtesy of IndieGameStand. Those of you who've signed up for HUGE, our network-wide subscription service, either through Destructoid, Japanator, or one of our other fine sites, will be receiving first dibs, allowing you to download a free game from the IGS online shop. Just click here to grab your free game code, create an account on IGS (or login with Facebook) then redeem that code here

To scope out what they have to offer, head over to Destructoid and view some trailers. If you haven't signed up for HUGE, it's not too late to do so! Learn more about the membership and its numerous perks here

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Contest: Congratulations to our Doujin Bundle winners! photo
Contest: Congratulations to our Doujin Bundle winners!
by Josh Tolentino

Alright, indie game lovers and doujin connoisseurs, the time is now! Our Doujin Bundle giveaway is over, and we have ten winners who'll get free codes for a bundle of sweet Japanese indie games courtesy of Groupees!

Check out the list of winners below! We selected entries at random, so if the gods of chance have smiled upon you, contact us at this email address to get your code!

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Contest: Guest Announcement and Win More Tickets photo
Contest: Guest Announcement and Win More Tickets
by Josh Totman

As you all know, Japan Expo is right around the corner on August 23rd - 25th in beautiful Santa Clara, California! If you haven't already bought your tickets to party already, we are going to give you guys another shot at winning some more tickets!

There are already loads of awesome guests already going to be there, but there is always room for more, right? I am proud to say that we have the inside scoop on a new guest before anyone else. We are pleased to announce that Gamushara Oendan is coming to cheer on anyone and everyone that they can find. Head on over right now to the Japan Expo's Facebook page and watch the greeting video!

While there, make sure that you put "Osu! Osu! Osu! Osu! Japanator!" in the comments section of the video announcement. That will be your entry into the contest! Hurry because the party is coming up and I would hate for any of you to miss it! I want to see as many Japanator readers there as possible so we can take over!

Osu! Osu! Osu! Osu! JAPANATOR!

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Contest: Win indie games from the Doujin Bundle!  photo
Contest: Win indie games from the Doujin Bundle!
by Josh Tolentino

You like indie games? Of course you do! Japan's got a thriving indie (doujin) scene, and our pals at Groupees gave us a bunch of codes for the first Doujin Bundle to give away!

The Doujin Bundle is a Humble Bundle-style collection of localized Japanese indie games, including Cafe 0 ~The Drowned MermaidYatagarasuWar of the Human TanksYouseiCherry Tree High Comedy ClubCroixleur, and Ether Vapor Remaster

All you have to do to get your chance at winning a copy of the Doujin Bundle is leave a comment below! We'll be giving away 10 codes and select the winners at random by Thursday, August 15th at 11:59PM Central! Limit of one entry per person. Each code unlocks all seven games above as well as the unlockable bundle bonuses, which includes games, soundtracks and more!

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Contest: Win Tickets to Japan Expo! photo
Contest: Win Tickets to Japan Expo!
by Hiroko Yamamura

It's only a couple weeks away until Japan Expo launches its first convention on US soil! I had the pleasure of attending the show they did in Paris last year, and was totally blown away by all the entertainment, and exciting things that were happening. While there's all sorts of anime, gaming, and mange to be enjoyed --the convention has something really unique mixed in. A look a Japanese culture.

There's going to be martial arts demos, traditional crafts, and lots of yummy food in Santa Clara on August 23rd-25th, and we want to make sure we meet up with some of our readers while there. So, without further ado let's give away some tickets!

To enter, just like the Japan Expo Facebook page, and write on the wall "Japanator rules the moon!" on their wall. Yup, the moon... we rule it. Over the next couple weeks we'll random choose a few posts to give tickets to. One lucky winner may even have a chance to punch Japanator's Josh Totman and Tim Sheehy on the convention floor. I just have to make sure to not tell them it's happening.

Japan Expo will be hosting some amazing guests this year, including Gainax's Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, BONES president Masahiko Minami, and from Phoenix Wright, Tasuro Iwamoto and Noriyuki Iwadare. Bringing the music will be You Kikkawa,  J☆Dee’Z,, and 1000say. There's some other fantastic guests on the bill, with new cool people being announced daily. We hope to see you guys in sunny California for what's sure to be an awesome event!

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Congratulations to our contest winners! photo
Congratulations to our contest winners!
by Chris Walden

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone that entered this contest! We received a crazy number of responses, and we couldn't be happy to see so many people leave their lurker-selves behind to give us their character ideas. 

However, we only have five prizes to give away. It was a tough decision to pick out our favourites, but after some discussion, drinking and a few staring contests, we have our winners. Congratulations to the following:

Robot Lunchbox

I'll be whisking off emails to you shortly, so keep an eye out for that (and make sure your Japanator accounts are up to date!). 

Thanks to MoeNovel for giving us the goodies, and keep your eyes on Japanator for more contests in the future.

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