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The Song of Healing backwards is the creepiest ever

Nov 01
I know I only just posted one of Smooth McGroove's videos recently, but I had to bring him up again because he took one of his older a Capella covers of the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask and just ran the thing backwards... read

These anime hangers are brilliantly creepy

It's gonna make money...
Jan 27
How is it that these took so long to think up? I mean, it seem so simple of a product. An anime characters face on a hanger and it will look like they are wearing your clothes. Brilliant and yet sorta creepy. That's not somet... read

Tokyo overrun by creepy Pikachus

Feb 22
Imagine this: it's late at night. You're coming home from a hard day of work; you don't need any curveballs thrown at you. Suddenly, a swarm of men wearing Pikachu costumes surrounds you. You sigh, knowing that you can't run ... read

Keep your junk warm this winter with a Puella Magi

Jan 11
Chara-Ani are back with their latest money-grabbing scheme, this time in the form of 100% cotton undergarments. Of course, as exciting as that news is, there would have to be a reason to be talking about it here, right? Well,... read

So I split up with my girlfriend...

Nov 04
I placed a hand on the door in front of me and sighed, bringing in one last deep breath of fresh air before plunging myself into the traumatic experience ahead. I knew what I was in for, but I just couldn’t prepare myse... read

Plush Kyubey spreads love, hugs and fear

Sep 15
"What happens if you cross a hugging pillow with pure evil?" It's a question that many of us have asked ourselves. Japanese character-goods designer Cube snagged a license for Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, and their lates... read

Support Ro-Kyu-Bu!, get arrested?

Sep 10
A bunch of anime goods based on popular basketball-loli show Ro-Kyu-Bu! are due to drop at the end of October, so it's only natural that we will start to see what will soon be on offer. First up is the sleek and fashionable t... read

Maria Holic Alive OP video is super creepy

Apr 29
The official Website for Maria Holic Alive recently released a music video for the opening theme, Runrunriru Ranranrara as sung by Yu Kobayashi. The strange thing about this video is that Kobayashi herself is comput... read

Japanese man secretly films over 1,000 women

Jan 06
A 45-year-old man in Ehime Prefecture was arrested on Wednesday for being a total creeper. Particularly for taking "indecent videos" of two shop assistants in Matsuyama last November. The man also had tons of i... read

Creepy robot recommends bug spray in this commercial

Dec 01
Android recommended! If it's good enough for this rubber faced robo-gal, then it's definitely good enough to keep the mosquitoes away from your real flesh and blood. Or...wait a minute!This Japanese commercial for Kincho Pres... read

In Japan, sexual harassment is the new detention

Nov 01
A teacher from Saitama prefecture has an interesting way of dealing with forgetfulness or misbehavior when it comes to his students. The 59-year-old teacher at Ogi Elementary School in Iruma created three self procl... read

The future is terrifying

Oct 29
Yes, to quote Colette, the future is indeed terrifying once you see this video. Japanese robotics are extremely advanced. First, we had Asimo, who couldn't go up a flight of stairs without tumbling and cracking his poor visor... read

Beware of Japanese water balloons

Oct 28
Tokyo police recently arrested a man for pelting a 19 year-old girl with a water balloon -- except it wasn't a balloon, and it wasn't water. No, instead the Yasutaka Imai, as he was later identified, decided it... read

Terrifying Pikachus will make both you and your baby cry

Oct 28
Oh god! What is going on here? What is happening with these things?Pikachu buggy rides are apparently a common sight outside stores in Japan, but in South Korea, they're a little, well, wrong. These things are goddamn terrify... read

Paintings of Japanese folk monsters set Halloween mood

Oct 26
Halloween will be here in less than a week, and it seems everyone's amping up the creepy factor, from toys to television, to the millionth Saw sequel, everyone's getting in the spirit. Yõkai painter Matthew Meyer ... read

Comedian uses fake masturbation to terrify girls

Oct 16
Honestly, where do Japanese networks come up with these ideas for variety show segments? I know America is obsessed with reality and prank shows, but these Japanese pranks are so ridiculous. This is a little bit old, but stil... read

Hilarious zombie prank scars children for life

Oct 15
Little kids are so gullible. They'll totally buy into a stork bringing newborn babies or the existence of Santa Claus. So if you, say, stage a situation where tons of people are running away from a single zombie that's headed... read

Finger condoms: better safe than sorry

Sep 23
TOKYO MANGO has stumbled upon one of the more confusing products I've seen come out of Japan: finger condoms.Now, just to clarify, so I know we're all on the same page, condoms are normally used to cover the penis, protecting... read

Forget the Addams Family, this house is really morbid

Sep 09
So you think your house is depressing? Sick of the same old style and lousy architecture? Sure, you want something new, something fresh, but how exactly does someone get inspiration for what they'd like their dream house to b... read

Oh, Japan: 35-year-old cross-schoolgirl man gropes woman

Aug 12
[Ed's note: Our own Man-Miku may approve!]Just another normal day in Japan, right? A 35-year-old cross-dressing man put on this schoolgirl uniform. That's...that's not so bad, is it? He bought the wig and clothing off the int... read

Elderly exodus is an enormous epidemic

Aug 11
I was only joking when I said that old people turning up missing was an epidemic, but it turns out I was right! Not content to have simply misfiled Tokyo's oldest man and lost track of Tokyo's oldest woman, Japan is unable to... read

Tokyo's oldest woman reported missing, officials baffled

Aug 09
If I were in charge of the Tokyo Department of Tracking Information about Really Old People, or whatever they call it, I'd be very concerned for my job right now. At the very least, firing all the incompetent staff under me a... read

Tokyo's 'oldest man' just discovered dead for 30 years

Aug 03
Here's a weird tale for you. Japanese officials went to the home of one Sogen Kato, who was the oldest man living in Tokyo according to their records. When they arrived at the house in Adachi ward, they told his family that t... read

LovePlus+ does fancy 'augmented reality' thing in Atami

Jul 22
If you haven't heard, Japan went sort of crazy over the game LovePlus, a love simulation released for Nintendo DS that allowed players to capture the hearts of one of three lovely ladies. Well, the game was popular enough to ... read

iDOLM@STER 2 CM is short, sweet and eerie as hell

Jul 12
Just look at those polarized faces.It's a serious car wreck situation. Something so OHWOW and ultimately beguiling that you just can't turn away from it in conflicted awe.The recently dropped 15-second spot for the upcoming X... read

The Otaku Sex Industry: 3D women desired, for now

Mar 11
According to the Japan Subculture Research Center, many otaku haven't given up real women for the likes of Nene from Love Plus just yet. Of course, that doesn't mean that they're going out on dates either- pssh, that's just c... read

Now you can order your own robot double OH GOD CREEPY

Dec 14
Ever wanted a carbon copy of yourself to introduce to your friends or use as a body double so you can sneak out of work early? Well, you aren't the only one, I'm sure. If you live in Japan, you can totally cash in on your dre... read

Nutty fan steals AKB48's mail and has it sent to his addy

Nov 18
People are capable of doing lots of scary things, to be sure, but for me one of the worst is the type who will hack into your email or read all your text messages in your cell phone. One crazed fan of the all-girl pop band AK... read

Iowa man in possession of 'obscene manga' to be sentenced

Nov 12
Earlier this year, we filled you in on the disturbing case of Chris Handley, who had a nice little collection of drawings of children being sexually abused tucked under his mattress. We've just heard via ANN that Handley is s... read

Google's odd suggestions are both funny and sad

Nov 11
Recently, blogs everywhere have been picking up on the "suggested search terms" the Google shows when searching. We've all chuckled at them at some point: we begin typing "best music video" and get suggest... read

Terrifying plush sex doll could wilt my arousal in seconds

Oct 12
You'd think being a woman, I would be majorly turned off by the idea of a sex doll in general, but you know, I'm not unrealistic -- people are lonely, they need to masturbate, and they want a fun way to do it. Fine by me, alt... read

Gackt dances alongside furries, hostesses, redeems both simultaneously

Aug 16
Pop star, poet, author, actor, designer, model, Kamen Rider and all-around sexy man Gackt has done the impossible and redeemed furries, often used as internet punching bags, and hostesses, often accused as being bags, thro... read

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