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Gundam BF anime photo
Gundam BF anime

Brace for impact: Gundam Build Fighters is a thing

I'm hoping that it's another spin-off series.
Jul 01
// Salvador G Rodiles
The next Gundam series has been revealed during a live stream at Gundam BF’s Website, and let’s just say that it’s not going to make folks happy. Just like the Gunpla Builders OVA, Gundam Build Fighters foc...
Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

In the name of the Moon! New Sailor Moon anime delayed

We are punished!
Apr 29
// Josh Tolentino
Uh-oh, sad news for Mooninites of the "Sailor" variety! It looks like the long, long awaited next Sailor Moon anime (either a reboot or continuation, I can't remember which), has been given a (potentially) Jupiter-s...

Despair, Super Megaforce will keep the Goseiger costumes

Does that mean no Ranger Keys?
Dec 11
// Salvador G Rodiles
Despite Power Rangers Megaforce's second half having plans to use footage from Gokaiger, the Megaforce Rangers are still going to use the Goseiger suits in Super Megaforce. However, this doesn't mean that the Gokaiger won't a...

Anisama Shanghai 2012 axed due to Anti-Japan protests

Sep 17
// Josh Tolentino
In case you've not been following international news of late, you're in for a bit of facepalming over politics. It seems the rising tensions between China and Japan over the territorial status of the Senkaku islands (cal...

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