HUGE members get first dibs on free codes!
Just a heads up for all of our HUGE members. Our colleagues at Destructoid are giving away 1,000 indie game codes courtesy of IndieGameStand. Those of you who've signed up for HUGE, our network-wide subscription service,... read feature

Automatic contest entries, discounts, responsive mobile site, and new video shows
We here at ModernMethod are rolling out a membership program across all four sites called HUGE. The program is meant to be a game-changer for the entire network, allowing us to bring you better content than you've ever seen b... read feature

Xbox One Everyday Online

Microsoft: Xbox One not always-online...just every day

Also goes pro-publisher on used games
Jun 06
You'd think they'd get this sort of thing out of the way back when they announced it, but mere days before E3, Microsoft has finally shed some light on the burning policy questions hounding their upcoming Xbox One console. In... read
The Next Xbox, revealed
No, not the first Xbox, or the Xbox 360. The third of Microsoft's consoles has opted to dial down its numbering by three hundred fifty-nine while dialing up its hardware. And it's called the "Xbox One", which means that... read feature

Insights from the boss
As you may know, Japanator is part of the esteemed ModernMethod network, a group of sites that includes our figure-loving friends at Tomopop, the film buffs at Flixist, and of course, our gaming pals at Destructoid.  Ear... read feature

Woah: Wii U gets MegaTen x Fire Emblem, Xeno- game, more

Meets, 'x', 'versus'...
Jan 23
Oh, boy. Time for me to start seriously considering a Wii U. It seems Nintendo have carpet-bombed the gaming public with a new slate of announcements, enough to send our own Dale North into a tizzy.  First and strangest ... read

The Wii U is loose, go mad!

Reggie is watching you
Nov 18
It feels like quite some time since the world simultaneously smashed their heads on their desks upon seeing Nintendo Land instead of Super Smash Bros. Something, rounding off a pretty neat but somewhat confusing Wii U showing... read

E3 2012: Did I just fall in love with a tech demo?

Jun 06
Square Enix took the wraps off a Final Fantasy real time tech demo at E3, and I know it's just a video --but I'm in love... Like I said it's just a tech demo, not on any game hardware or system, but this short clip just hit ... read

Rusty Hearts is a thing that is going to happen, and by "thing", I mean "Free-to-Play Massively Multiplayer Online Game". That's "F2P MMOG" for people who like to make acronyms.  Developed by WindySoft and run by Perfect... read feature

Just as it became the topic of Tuesday's Otaku Debate, the eternal question of "Dubs vs. Subs" is about to get video game-y. Destructoid's conducting a big survey regarding that. Our founder and head robot Niero had this to s... read feature

Destructoid the Show set to premiere tonight

Oct 11
Just a quick reminder -- Destructoid's very own Jonathan Holmes is hosting the premiere of Destructoid (the show), along with co-host Tara Long, over at in less than an hour. The show, being ... read

Ten Minute Taste: Last Rebellion

Feb 10
[As posted on Destructoid]If you've ever played one, you'll know that ten minutes is barely enough for a whiff, much less a taste of the typical RPG. That's why we recorded eleven minutes of footage from NIS-America's ne... read

Rumor: Dead or Alive 5 coming to the PS3

Jan 10
[As posted on Destructoid by Hamza CTZ Aziz] The latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine hints that the next Dead or Alive game won't be exclusive to the Xbox 360 anymore. The rumor section of the mag sta... read

Square Enix's Death By Cube launches January 20

Jan 10
[Originally posted on Destructoid by Jim Sterling] Ever heard of Death By Cube? You should have, because it's absolutely mental. Square Enix's blood-soaked and hilarious looking shooter Death By Cube has been finally been giv... read

DS successor confirmed, will have motion control

Jan 09
[Originally posted on Destructoid by Jim Sterling] For the first time, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has openly discussed a Nintendo DS successor and some of the features that will be included in this two-sc... read

[Originally posted on Destructoid by Jim Sterling] How can one accurately describe Bayonetta? The truth is, one can't, and that makes starting a review very difficult indeed. You could list any number of adjectives that parti... read feature

Square Enix: We don't separate East and West markets

Jan 03
[As posted on Destructoid by Jim Sterling] There has been a lot of talk lately about Japanese studios "going West" and "appealing to Western gamers" as the Japanese market allegedly sinks i... read

Already? Final Fantasy XIII now #4 on the Japanese charts

Jan 02
[As posted on Destructoid by Jonathan Holmes]Do I need to get my eyes checked? Did Final Fantasy XIII, one of the most advertised, hyped games of the past four years, just get outsold by New Super Mario Bros Wii, LoZ: The Spi... read

Japan's top ten games of 2009

Jan 02
[As posted on Destructiod by Jim Sterling] As videogame news becomes thinner on the ground, you can expect the slack to be made up for with lots and lots of reflective top ten lists. Here's one from Japanese ga... read

Destructoid rocks 24 hours of games for Extra Life charity

Oct 17
Over at our sister site, Destructoid, the Miami crew is participating in Extra Life -- a 24-hour gaming marathon which will raise money to fund research for pediatric cancer. If you're a Dtoider, you probably remember SingSte... read

TGS 09: The Tokyo Experience on video

Sep 30
 Our sister site,, sent four editors, including our own Dale North (me!) and Colette Bennett, to the 2009 Tokyo Game Show to report on the hottest games and systems. Of course, being the Japanophiles we ar... read

Japan's AOU arcade show: booth babes and tree fondling

Feb 23
The Arcade Operators Union Entertainment Expo is a show that I never seem to make it out to. It takes place in the same joint that the Tokyo Game Show does, but just at the wrong time of year for me. I love arcades, arcade ga... read

Destructoid is at Tokyo Game Show 2007 and you are not

Sep 20
If you've been living under a rock for the past year or so, then you might not know that Japanator is actually part of a vast network of tightly intertwined tentacles, each more majestic and penetrative than the last. W... read

Podtoid-san 19: When angels attack edition

Jun 25
John can’t join us this episode because he is fighting to protect the world from the third impact; so give him hugs. In this episode Aaron Linde from Destructoid joins us for a little bit to talk about his one true love i... read

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