Junjou Romantica

Junjou Romantica getting a DVD Litebox re-release

Love lives!
Jun 12
Shungiku Nakamura's Junjou Romantica remains a relevant title for overseas fans these days, it seems, because Nozomi Entertainment announced they'll be re-releasing the entire first season this September in one 3-disc package... read
Crunchyroll x FUJI TV

Crunchyroll partners with FUJI TV to stream 21 dramas

Some of them are required viewing
Apr 07
Remember when Crunchyroll used to show Japanese drama? I kid, but let's be honest, it's been pretty slim pickings on the drama front as so much time and effort was instead poured into acquiring anime simulcasts. However, this... read
Braving Inwards.

Come meet the Kyoryugers of 100 years in the future

What is this sophisticated child-generating technology?
Jan 27
We do still have a few weeks of dinosaur-related sentai action, but if the conclusion to the story and a few movies don't seem like enough content for you, why not get excited for the upcoming special? Set 100 years after th... read

An American take on Boys Over Flowers

Will it be worth the watch?
Dec 26
So I'm a little obsessed with drama, typical for a girl right? I was a big fan of the British show Skins, and then later found myself in love with Boys Over Flowers. If I could describe to you how much I adore it, I woul... read

Slice of life: Sunny manga grabbed by VIZ Media

The boring lives of teenage orphans
May 09
If you're a fan of slice of life, here's a thing for you. Sunny, by Taiyo Matsumoto, has been grabbed by VIZ Media and translated by Michael Arias (producer: The Animatrix). The release of the first volume of this manga will ... read

BWAHAHAH! Josh Groban singing in Japanese!

Oh, Josh...
Oct 19
You guys know who Josh Groban is, right? He's a very talented multi-platinum selling 'easy listening' vocalist that has 'raised up' so many weddings with his music that I get teary just thinking about his voice. So, again, s... read

Rejoice? Live action xxxHOLiC drama incoming

Sep 06
I'm not on very good terms with Clamp these days. I absolutely adore their early work (Card Captor Sakura, Magical Knight Rayearth), but their recent stuff hasn't done much for me whatsoever. I've heard good things about xxxH... read

Sengoku Basara -Moonlight Party- to rival TMA?

Jul 05
Remember there is going to be a live-action Sengoku Basara series? Well, the official site now has a trailer to show off some of the characters involved, and I can tell you now, we're in for a treat. You also get to hear a l... read

EXILE's Akira to star in Great Teacher Onizuka remake

May 24
For a long time, people have loved GTO, a.k.a. Great Teacher Onizuka, the story of a gang-member-turned-awesome-teacher. The original manga ran from 1997 to 2002, which spawned a live-action TV drama, a movie, and an ani... read

Strawberry Night gets a night out to the theaters

Mar 23
Fuji TV's mystery drama Strawberry Night has just ended as of last Tuesday. The drama ended with a high 15.9% viewer rating for the final episode and a 15.4% viewer rating average for the season. That's some pretty strong num... read

Waifu Amami Yuki to star in Kaeru no Oujo-sama

Feb 28
FujiTV just announced that Amami Yuki will be playing the role of a legendary musical star in the upcoming musical drama series Kaeru no Oujo-sama. This is not anything new for Amami Yuki. She has had a very successful backgr... read

Yakuza spin-off will receive a TV drama

Feb 13
According to Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, there will be a television adaptation of the upcoming Yakuza spin-off game; Yakuza: Black Panther 2. The drama will be an eleven-part series that airs late at night, and will be released in ... read

Crunchyroll simulcasting Nisemonogatari, among others

Jan 04
The Winter 2012 season is upon us, and that means it's time for the licensing announcements to start rolling in! Bust out your Crunchyroll accounts, because they've acquired simulcasting rights for Bakemonogatari sequel Nisem... read

Liar Game: Reborn trailer appears, still no Nao

Dec 28
Who is up for some glorious drama? The full-length trailer for the second and upcoming movie Liar Game: Reborn has just surfaced, showing off some familiar faces in Akiyama (Shota Matsuda) and Fukunaga (Suzuki Kosuke). As we ... read

The Ranma 1/2 live drama trailer is here

Nov 27
Your nervous wait is finally over. The trailer for the Ranma 1/2 live drama trailer is finally ready to be viewed! I have to say, this look better than I expected. I guess the use of the word drama had me worried. It looks ev... read

The Truth: New Liar Game film inbound

Oct 05
If you take a look inside Weekly Young Jump, you will notice that there is an announcement for a new Liar Game film! Interestingly enough, it seems that Kanzaki Nao may not be making an appearance. In the article itself, it s... read

Ranma 1/2 is going to be a live action drama

Sep 27
Wow, talk about blast from the past! Rumiko Takahashi's classic sensation Ranma 1/2 is going to be made into a two hour drama, to be aired on NHK in December. I'm pretty excited to see some sex changing, animal ... read

Rejoice: Ouran Host Club to get live action drama!

May 19
The Ouran High School Host Club franchise has proven to be spectacularly popular not only in Japan, but in the U.S. as well. Now, five years past when the 2006 anime was released, the show is finally making its way ... read

Hikari Mistushima turns up the heat with Miike's Icimei

May 10
Sexy idol Hikari Mitsushima is having an awesome year. She'll be appearing opposite heart throb Eita in the upcoming Takashi Miike 3D flim, Ichimei -- a remake of the Japanese classic, Seppuku. The fi... read

Mnet teams up with Comcast to bring Asian media to cable

Apr 06
Exciting headline, isn't it? Sometimes, these cable deals can seem a little boring, but this one caught our eye: a company called Mnet is teaming up with Comcast to distribute Asian pop culture in a dedicated channel. So, the... read

Arakawa goes live-action, might bring creepiness with it

Apr 01
Arakawa Under the Bridge was one funny show. A lot of people seem to agree as well, and if I were to just point out a single favorite thing out of the entire surrealist comedy, I'd have to say that the live-action previews fo... read

Saki Aibu dons a fat suit for her newest drama, Rebound

Feb 16
Saki Aibu -- you know that pretty girl from Zettai Kareshi and Buzzer Beat? Yep, that's the one. The same one you see above sporting a full fat suit. If you can't even recognize her, that's good, because that's exactly what t... read

Since it's Valentine's Day, it's obviously a holiday where you have a special opportunity to do one thing: openly declare your love. We do that a lot in our Confessions series, but today at Japanator, we're going to give Vale... read feature

JapanaTen: Further feeding your J-drama addiction

Feb 01
[Editor's note: Yaiko of Asian Pop Shock fame has kindly agreed to give us her take on the next ten dramas you must see. Enjoy!]  Hello, Japanator readers! Your new J-drama fangirl, Yaiko, here with my ina... read

TBS announces their most expensive j-drama ever

Jan 19
I have a lot of good looking studs in my J-boy harem, but some of them will only come out for the best of the best. After all, you get deeply established enough in this business, you get to do what you want. Take SMAP member ... read

Kuuchuu Buranko is going live-action, maybe UPSIDE DOWN

Dec 10
Wait, what?Some of you might remember Kuuchuu Buranko as an anime on the noitaminA block in late 2009, and even fewer might have remembered sitting through it without getting a headache. Well, for those who missed it, th... read

Yakuza game getting live-action, manga adaptations

Aug 28
You'd be forgiven for not noticing, given the series' relatively poor performance overseas, but the Yakuza (aka Ryu ga Gotoku)games are pretty huge in Japan. With five games and even an Edo-period spinoff, Sega's surprisingly... read

Oguri Shun and Mao Inoue together again in new drama

Aug 23
Ah, one of the most beloved almost-pairings in the J-drama world: Mao Inoue's Makino and Oguri Shun's Rui from Hana Yori Dango. Any fan of that show will quiver when you mention them, and the idea of seeing them together in a... read

Bloody Monday X Inception Poster

Jul 21
You know Bloody Monday? The manga (and later, TV show) about a genius hacker who battles against various odds using his computer often gets compared to 24, but really, it is its own beast altogether. On the other hand is the ... read

JapanaTen: The Beginners Guide to J-drama

Jul 15
You may have noticed that since I started writing more frequently at Japanator, our coverage of J-drama has gone significantly up. Along with semi-clothed Japanese boys, but you know, as much as that may seem like the reason ... read

Trailer for Love Shines in Rainbow Color leaves me pink

Jul 05
I'm almost finished watching Tsuki no Koibito, and it's been such a great show that I knew that I would be a great big drama-shaped hole where it used to be if I didn't find a suitable replacement. Then I remembered that Fuji... read

Morning Musume talks major smack about Arashi

Jun 18
Think that Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi is all sweetness and puppy nuzzles? Think again. According to Tokyo Hive, the young star made a recent appearance on the Arashi variety show Himitsu no Arashi-chan. As a part of t... read

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