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Your Name photo
Your Name

Radwimps brings songs from Your Name to English

Language Switcharoo
Feb 15
// Red Veron
The official theatrical release of the English-language dub of the hit film Your Name is coming to the west on April 7 and with that upcoming release are English-language versions of the songs made for the film by the b...
Dragon Ball Super photo
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super's English dub airing on Toonami this January

Rock the dragon again
Dec 07
// Nick Valdez
Although you can find Japanese episodes of Dragon Ball Super streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation Now, if you're like me you've been waiting for an English version. Thankfully we won't have to wait much longer as Toei Anim...
JoJo's Bizarre Toonami photo
JoJo's Bizarre Toonami

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure hitting Toonami this weekend

How many loaves of bread have you eaten?
Oct 13
// Nick Valdez
Announced earlier this year, this English dub release of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's first season, Phantom Blood, is releasing on Toonami this Saturday! Airing after Dragonball Z Kai, let's hope JoJo will get the wider audienc...
English photo

Wonder why Korean and Japanese students can't speak English?

Kind of true
Mar 17
// Hiroko Yamamura
The guys over at RocketNews24 posted a pretty interesting video, where they interviewed some Japanese and Korean students about why they had difficulty speaking English, even though they had studied the language for a long t...

Girls und Panzer photo
Girls und Panzer

Sentai fields an army for Girls und Panzer dub cast

Long cast listing is long
Nov 02
// Jeff Chuang
Sentai Filmworks has announced English vocal cast for Girls und Panzer. It's not really my bag to follow all the dub acting news, but this list is pretty impressive, both in name recognition and in length. Like the Japan...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

Hello, World: Hatsune Miku English version out now

The sound of the future is English
Sep 02
// Josh Tolentino
The time is now, Miku fans! After what felt like forever, it seems that an English-speaking version of everyone's favorite digital diva is finally on the market. Yes, the imaginatively titled Hatsune Miku V3 English is ready ...
Doraemon photo

Doraemon manga coming to the US digitally

Fire up the Kindle Fire!
Jul 29
// Josh Totman
Japan's most beloved android cat is finally making its way over to the US in English for the first time. Announced at San Diego Comic-Con last week by Voyager Japan, and earlier in the month at the International eBook Ex...
Hatsune Miku V3 English photo
Hatsune Miku V3 English

Take a peek at Hatsune Miku V3 English's new demo song

Incoming Engrish voices.
Jul 24
// Salvador G Rodiles
If you have been waiting for the English version of Hatsune Miku, the green haired diva has received a new Website and sample song to keep vocaloid fans busy until Hatsune Miku V3 English is ready for service!  For an E...
JET Program Expansion photo
JET Program Expansion

English teachers ahoy: Japan to expand JET program 200%

Hangs gigantic 'Help Wanted' sign outside door
May 06
// Josh Tolentino
Have you ever wanted to live in Japan? If you're reading this site, chances are you've at least considered it. And for many an English-speaker, the most accessible gateway to living in Glorious Nippon has been the Japan Excha...
English Miku photo
English Miku

Miku's Tell Your World shows up in English on iTunes

Prepare to download
Mar 13
// Hiroko Yamamura
Isn't it crazy how far things have come in such a short period of time? I remember how hard it used to be to import any kid of Japanese music. Expensive imports on top of already expensive CDs was the way. Soon afte...

Language Burst: Accel World Japanese BD has English subs

Aug 02
// Josh Tolentino
MMO-fighting game anime Accel World uses a large amount of English in its terminology. "Brain Burst", "Burst Link", English Duel Avatar handles, and all manner of foreign-tongue wordiness permeates the system of this oh-so-ve...

New Japanese English textbooks use AR for maximum awesome

Apr 04
// Elliot Gay
When you're living as an English teacher in Japan, the biggest hurdle you have to overcome is the textbook. Oftentimes filled with grammatical errors, misspelled words and general awkwardness, English textbooks in Japan can b...

What exactly happened in The Empire Strikes Back?

Dec 09
// Hiroko Yamamura
The classic sci-fi film, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back is now more than 30 years old now. Although every scene from the film should be engrained in any worthwhile human's brain, sometimes you need to have things explained from a different perspective! That's where Mika comes in. [Via]

The new Pokemon movie is coming to a theater near you

Sep 21
// Hiroko Yamamura
So, I haven't really followed Pokemon since the first Gameboy game, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it from time to time. The whole thing got a bit over complex for my mind, and the collector in me quickly became overl...

This I have to hear: Megurine Luka croons the classics

Jul 21
// Josh Tolentino
Mind you, I'm talking about the the English-language classics. I'm talking about songs such as "Hard to Say I'm Sorry", "Hero" by Mariah Carey, "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion, Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"...

AKB48's Itano Tomomi's English interview from hell

Jul 15
// Hiroko Yamamura
Ok, this has got to be the weirdest interview I've ever seen. Now what is everyone in this video smoking? Can I have some?  Even though this whole thing is really spooky, and is probably scripted, it is cute to hear Tomo...

Heroes stars to voice Wolverine, Iron Man anime leads

Apr 04
// Crystal White
I know many of you have voiced your dismay at the Wolverine anime, along with its Iron Man counterpart, though I admit I'm intrigued. As for their English voice overs, I am both enthusiastic and concerned. Firs...

A few minutes of English subbed Gundam UC on Bandai site

Feb 22
// Crystal White
Heard about Gundam UC but not sure if you're ready to shell out the cash for the DVD or Blu-ray version? Well now you can get a few free minutes on the Bandai Channel to get a taste of the series for yourself, and it has Engl...

Want to see Summer Wars in theaters? Then fight for it!

Dec 05
Chances are a lot of people here have seen the glorious Madhouse film Summer Wars, but for those who haven't seen then newest film from director Mamoru Hosoda (The Girl Who Lept Through Time), then now's your chance to act, b...

Japanese loanwords are more common than you think

Oct 16
// Crystal White
English loan words are pretty common in Japanese at this point, and are peppered throughout conversation. But English owes Japanese just as much, and Japanese loanwords are also found in common conversation in English-speakin...

My Darling is a Foreigner on DVD October 8

Sep 30
// Crystal White
Japanese distributor Media Factory will be releasing Kazuaki Ue's adaptation of My Darling is a Foreigner on DVD October 8, available with English subtitles. The film is based on Saori Oguri's autobiographical manga about her...

New web comedy chronicles teaching English in Japan

Sep 22
// Crystal White
A new series called English Teachers, a web "dramedy" covering the struggles of teaching English in Japan is being released by Nameless Media and Productions via Vimeo. The show tells the story of a young English te...

Uniqlo announces English to be spoken in all stores

Jun 28
// Colette Bennett
Yeah, you read that right. According to an article from Telegraph, Uniqlo has officially announced that English will be spoken not only in all their stores, but company execs will also be expected to write documents and hold ...

Lots-o-Huggin Bear, awesome commercial, creepy name

Jun 01
// Crystal White
Gather 'round, my children of the eighties, for now we shall reminisce about a time when toy commercials weren't just about contrived ten-year-olds trying to act like they're twenty with their Bratz dolls, or whatever they se...

Hard Gay wants to go to jail

May 29
// Crystal White
Hard Gay's career hasn't exactly been blossoming in the past few years. After all, he did "retire" back in 2006, but look who's trying to get a gig now. According to Japan Probe, Masaki Sumitani visited prisons in t...

Is this the end of the Japanese language?

Nov 10
// Danica Davidson
Is the Japanese language going to die out?  Well, I wouldn't be so rash, but some people are worried. Everyone knows Japanese is a very difficult language to learn (as many anime fans have probably found out the hard way...

Want your news told manga style in English? Meet Manga no Shimbun

Oct 21
// Colette Bennett
How'd you like to read all your news right to left, complete with talk bubbles and little sounds floating around the page? Perhaps now, you can. If you haven't already heard of Manga no Shimbun, it's a  new website that ...

Some crazy Texan thinks Asian names are hard

Apr 09
// Zac Bentz
OK, I'll admit it. I think that hearing the name "Wang" is pretty hilarious. Unfortunately, Texas state Rep. Betty Brown (R-Terrell) actually thinks people with silly Asian names need to drop their thousands of year...

NOVA should be punished says court, after not paying more than 400 salaries

Mar 27
// Brad Rice
Back in 2007, NOVA, Japan's largest English school chain, went belly-up. Not only did they have to deal with all the issues relating to that, but there's also the fact that they were continuing to hire people even when the co...

Afro's back, with Afro Samurai: Resurrection

Jul 24
// God Len
Over at San Diago Comic Cons 2008, FUNimation has announced to the world that there will be a squeal to American and Japanese conjuncture Afro Samurai. Samuel L. Jackson will be providing his voice for both Afro and Ninja N...

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