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Huzzah: J-List/JAST USA unleashes a series of new announcements

Just in time for the holidays
Nov 28
The holidays are among us, which means that many outlets are having a bunch of sales as we speak. Speaking of which, J-list is having a sale until Dec. 2 where people can get up to 18% off any product (based on how much they ... read
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MangaGamer announces Lapis Gunner and more

Tentacles abound in these two new licenses
Apr 27
MangaGamer has two new wriggly titles to please its fans: Lapis Gunner and Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny. Lapis Gunner is the sequel to Ruby Striker, where the title character goes back to save her friend from tentacle ... read
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Demon Master Chris

It's Dungeon Time! MangaGamer acquires Demon Master Chris

It's kind of like Shin Megami Tensei.
Aug 24
It looks like MangaGamer has a surprise for those that like adult games and dungeon crawler RPGs. Going by the name of Demon Master Chris, this game allow players to control demons by using force to remove them of their cloth... read
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MangaGamer's new Website

Evolution: MangaGamer goes through a busty new makeover

MangaGamer's 18+ mascot is one hell of an update.
Apr 03
I would like to give MangaGamer a round of applause today. Thanks to their newest version of their Website, their 18+ section has a voluptuous new form for their mascot that suits the adult environment ver... read

Aquaplus fighter, Aquapazza coming to the PS3 this June

Feb 15
Shit just got real, ladies and gentlemen. Japanese developer Aquaplus will be releasing it's arcade fighting game, Aquapazza, to PS3 consoles this June. Featuring a combat system that utilizes support characters, Aquapazza br... read

Apathetic shrug! Maji Koi R! PS3 delayed

Feb 05
I figure there are probably some people out there who like Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!, what with its relatively recent anime coming to a close. This news is for you guys out there, because even if you love things that ... read

I was never much for running. A light jog was fine and all, but at the end of the day I just found myself getting bored every single time I hit the track. This time was different though. I couldn't afford to sit on my ass all... read feature


Yogurtbox composes chiptune soundtrack for fake eroge

May 03
Dutch chiptune composer Steven Velema AKA surasshu would have loved to create a soundtrack for a game on the beloved but outdated Japanese PC-98 platform. Seeing as it's 2011 and he's kinda missed the boat on that opportunity... read

MangaGamer announces latest titty title: Kotori Love ExP

Apr 06
Here's an interesting piece for all you Da Capo fans: MangaGamer has brought over a new piece called Kotori Love ExP, which is a compilation of all of the Kotori parts of the entire Da Capo universe, and includes an all-new g... read

[I almost never have any stories to tell, really. I mean, I hardly ever do anything crazy each day, and even when me and other friends decide to roam about town, nothing too extreme comes out of it...just a funny experienc... read feature


As a follow-up to our MangaGamer interview, we took some time to sit down with JAST USA, the company behind a huge number of titles such as My Girlfriend is the President, May Club and Three Sisters' Story. Oh, and they're J-... read feature


Katawa Shoujo: How an eroge changed my mind

Jan 20
Would anyone believe me if I said I was playing an eroge for research?I found out about Katawa Shoujo, aka Disability Girls, last spring. This coincided with a reporting project I was working on in graduate school about disab... read

JAST USA brings My Girlfriend is the President to America

Dec 28
Our lovely friends at JAST USA have just informed us that they've licensed the ero-ge My Girlfriend is the President, a game we were excited for back when it was first released in 2009. Now, you too can finally fulfill that f... read

MangaGamer brings Da Capo II in time for Christmas

Dec 13
Looking for something a little naughty to stuff your stocking with? How about the latest in MangaGamer's Da Capo series -- one of their best-selling titles of all time.It's got romance, adventure and the requisite drama of a ... read

Debu Plus lets you get some hot, fatty love

Nov 16
Are the anorexic girls in Love Plus just to skinny for you? Do you love girls with a little meat on their bones? Are folds of fat a turn-on? Then this new take on Love Plus will be right up your alley.Debu Plus (a.k... read

A new version of School Days, a new way to die horribly

Oct 15
Back in 2005 an H-game called School Days came out featuring limited animation instead of static images. However, it's more well known for three of its bad endings, where protagonists are either brutally murdered or graphical... read

Eroge brands die easily

Oct 14
Sure, there's hundreds of eroge out there, and these games all have their own specific brands. You might think that an established company would be in demand, but sadly many of these brands are falling by the wayside very eas... read

First Impressions: The World God Only Knows

Oct 07
Katsuragi Keima likes flat girls. No, not of the delicious flat variety. I'm talking about straight 2D, like on the screen of a PSP. The man likes him some galge and to those on the net he's known as the "God of Conquest... read

Share your eroge escapades with your friends on Twitter

Aug 13
I love Twitter. Where else can you read all about what everyone has had for breakfast? But let's say you want to get more personal than that. A LOT more personal.Just my luck, the eroge company Moonstone has integrated Twitte... read

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