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Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy Type-0 fan-translation to be released this August

Or so they say
Mar 08
// Tim Sheehy
For many of us, the effort to translate Final Fantasy Type-0 seemed like a project that would never near completion. The game released in Japan back in 2011, and while so many had been waiting on pins and needles for Square ...

'Hey kids, stop all the downloading' Hen Zemi author says

Aug 20
// Lauren Rae Orsini
TAGRO, the person behind manga like Hen Zemi and artist behind Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt wants you to know that he is not pleased with your illegal downloading activity.After hearing Yana Toboso, the creator of Black...

What Manga's Been Up To: Fansubs are Funny, Part 4

Feb 26
// Colette Bennett
Some days, I am really happy I can't speak or read Japanese as well as I'd like. Why? Well because then, I'd be robbed of the pleasure of fansubs. And they are delightful. Especially when they're flubbed or just dead wrong. I...


We know you guys love funny fansubs -- our original article on them is still one of our most popular. The beautiful thing about fansubbing is, it keeps happening, and along with it, our favorite funny moments keep happening (...


First Impressions: Kampfer

Oct 29
// Jon Snyder
Summary: German gender-swapping magic leads to fanservice galore. Oh, and sometimes they fight too.I'm a big fan of gender-swapping anime, to the point that I will watch any show that includes genderbending as part of it's pr...

Japanese companies try a new way to combat Internet piracy

Oct 27
// Danica Davidson
It seems that asking people nicely to stop downloading illegal anime isn't enough. Since approximately 40,000 anime are illegally distributed online on a monthly basis, this is a serious concern for companies involved. After ...

Japan passes new copyright laws, aimed towards stopping downloads and fansubs

Jun 15
// Brad Rice
Just the other day, the Japanese Diet passed some amendments to their copyright law aimed towards illegal downloads and Internet caches. The first bit, dealing with illegal downloading, now makes it punishable if you download...

Where was Bubble Man when the anime industry's bubble burst?

May 05
// God Len
A recent article in Asahi Shimbun has stated something interesting, something incredibly obvious, but interesting. Yasuo Yamaguchi, the head of the Association of Japanese Animations, states that the anime industry bubble bur...

Rant: Stop with the 'F' bombs already!

Dec 30
// God Len
You know what grinds my gears? When fansubbers constantly use swears in fansubs, or simply drops one every now and then. Nothing takes me out of the moment more than when someone like Goku drops an ‘F’ bomb instea...

First Impression: Macademi Wasshoi

Dec 10 // God Len
The story of Macademi Wasshoi is something of a mixture between Harry Potter, Nanoha, and Negima!, with magic being the number-one super star of this show. Takuto, a young mage during a summoning test accidentally summons a sexy girl instead of the usual Ifrit or Shiva. She’s the type of girl that is a hundred percent loyal to her master, and has no problems getting naked and making him feel uncomfortable. There are also a lot of other female main characters, making this anime part harlem as well, but it is never a main focus. Macademi Wasshoi parodies a lot of anime, though doesn’t out right proclaim it; just little tidbits here and there like a random DBZ scouter, or a random Gendo. Though anime is not the only victim of this show's loud taunt; but since magic is the main theme here, RPGs as well get their fare share of the parody sauce. Really, there is nothing better than having Hiyama Nobuyuki lecture a class about the fine points of furry moe, using his robot “Mimigar-Z”. The backgrounds and locals look great, though the characters heads are a tad too big for this God’s tastes; but it really doesn’t matter because the art style grows on you. Unlike other anime, the animation quality increases after the first episode, and constantly gets better throughout the six episodes that have been subtitled so far. I tend to enjoy those series that are heavy laden with anime and otaku jokes, and this is definitely one of those series. Some people don’t like these types of series because they have to be pretty invested in otaku culture to get the full impact, so this might not be the right series for those of you who are new to this thing called anime. Otherwise jump right in! Sneak Peek!

I’m going to share a success story here for all of you, and hopefully you can have the same experience as me. Macademi Wasshoi was recommended to me by the human cyborg otaku, Cyber34 on one particular day in the dead o...


Those who watch fansubs in America are now 'effed' in the 'A', thanks to a new law

Oct 14
// God Len
There is this little thing called the United States Bill of Rights, and in this bill there is an even smaller thing called the Eighth Amendment, which prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive f...

Three more fansubs off the internet forever; time to get the Dragonballs

Aug 12
// God Len
FUNimation’s heavy boot kicks more fansubs off the internet today; however the world misses nothing. Monochrome Factor, Nabari no Ou, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! were forcefully removed by FUNimation’s power-of-att...

Featured Fan Art: Fansubs are funny

Jul 30
// God Len
First, let me just say that fansubs are art; in fact I predict in a thousand years people will look back to this time and remember us for our fantastic and utterly wonderful artists known as fansubbers. Or maybe this is all j...

And the award for the most downloaded series in the world goes to

Jul 12
// God Len
One Piece! According to NewTeeVee, One Piece is the number one downloaded show in the entire internets for the last week of June. We live in a great time now, one could even call it the great age of the pirates because bit to...

Weekend Reading: Fansubs are serious business

Jul 05
// Brad Rice
[For all of you who don't regularly read Destructoid, I run a column over there called Weekend Reading. It's a longform discussion about a specific topic meant to kill some hours on the weekend -- basically, what you see over...

The Rise and Fall of Fansubs: An Anime fansub documentary

May 29
// God Len
In case you are wondering, the world of fansubs—much like the Roman empire—has fallen; well according to the Otaking it has. It has fallen so far, and hit every branch along the way that Otaking believed it was n...

Crunchy Roll vs. THE INDUSTRY

Mar 13
// God Len
CrunchyRoll, that Youtube-like video streaming Web site that loves the anime has hit the big time. They have received a capital investment of 4.05 million dollars, probably for having over 4 million unique visitors per month....

Japanator Review: Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Mar 06 // God Len
Legend of the Galactic Heroes (OVA) Developed by: Kitty Films First aired December 1988 LotGH is a space opera that takes place in the 35th century, where humans have spread out across the Milky Way Galaxy and formed two warring powers; the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance. There are no aliens in this series, there is no magic in this series, and there are no light sabers or gundams in this series; just good old space ships and men with giant axes. In fact not everything is as it seems here, the Galactic Empire gets an amazing and well loved dictator, and the Free Planet Alliance are full of corrupt, scum-sucking leaders; though the same could be said about the other side as well. Just like real life, it is the individuals who define the government in which they live, and the same goes with LotGH. An interesting aspect of this series is the way it changes focus between its two main characters every other episode, Yang Wen-li of the Free Planets Alliance and Reinhard von Musel of the Galactic empire. Both are extraordinary men who fight for their own reasons, and none of which have any evil intent. This allows the audience to view both aspects of this war, and to grow extremely attached to both individuals. However, this anime does not only follow these two heroes, but an enormous amount of others throughout the series. So much so that the anime helps you out by displaying the name of the character the first time he or she appears in the episode throughout the entire series; god I love that. LotGH in essence is a show about politics, a Romance of the Three Kingdoms set in space if you will. The story is fantastic, and the reason behind this is because it was based off of a series of novels written by Yoshiki Tanaka; and much like its anime child, it has not been translated as of yet. You know a story is deep when two episodes are dedicated to a documentary about the history behind the series’ two super powers. Now looks are not everything, but I believe this series has aged well. Hand to hand combat is well animated, and extremely bloody, but the space combat could use some work. Basically in the future war has digressed back to the days when armies would stand in formation and shoot at each other until one group was dead. Which makes sense because there really isn’t anyplace a capital ship can hide for some cover in the emptiness of space. But don’t you worry, there are smaller fighters too that do some of the dirty work, like in Star Wars. Either way you will be more concerned with the strategy behind combat rather than the shortcomings of the animation. Sound on the other hand is completely and utterly miles ahead of its time, and can easily blow away anime from this day of age. For one LotGH has one of the largest voice casts in any anime. Unlike most long-running shows, this one does not double up the voice actors in multiple roles. This only happened once within the entire show. This was the beginning and end for some of the biggest names in voice acting history. Such as Ryo Horikawa who played the role of Reinhard, had went on and played Vegita in Dragon Ball Z. However on the other hand Kei Tomiyama who played Yang Wen-li, shortly died after the series completion. He previously preformed in Space Battleship Yamato, Captain Harlock, and Galaxy Express 999. Not to mention Norio Wakamoto plays a very important role in this series as well, and who doesn’t love Wakamoto? You can’t go wrong with classical music, especially when tied to space battles. LotGH makes use of pieces from many different classical composers for its soundtrack, with out hardly ever repeating a single song. This is one of those series that is married so closely with its music that it would be something else entirely if it were anything else but this. Now this show isn’t for everyone. This has no fan service, no power ups, no moe, or no vampires. But what this does have is a fantastic science fiction story about what is worth fighting for, and how violence is the end result to bad communication. Now Central Anime has subbed the entire series, one of the movies, and a couple episodes from the gaiden series. Since this isn’t licensed and will most likely never be, I do not feel bad for supplying you all with the link. We must not let this anime fall into obscurity; LotGH deservers its place next to the other great anime classics, just give it a chance. Score: 9.5 Verdict: Watch it!

Have you ever wondered how different the anime industry would be if personal computers were invented ten years earlier? If the internet became popular around 1988, which gave the tools to allow non-Japanese otaku to be able...


Uploading 1,000 plus episodes in Japan will get you arrested

Feb 22
// God Len
Thursday, two men were charged in Japan for uploading over 1,000 episodes of anime since 2003 on the peer-to-peer file-sharing program called Winny. Shoji Sakai, a 39-year-old salary man from Sakai City upladed around 5,700...

Singaporean Otaku appear to be in trouble once again

Jan 30
// God Len
As wise men usually state, appearances are deceiving, such is true with the recent news coming out of Singapore. The High Court made a decision that the internet service provider Pacific Internet or PacNet will have to hand...

European anime companies continue to crumble, Germany falls next

Jan 24
// Brad Rice
After ADV UK's "streamlining" of productions, ADV Germany and Tokyopop Germany are getting out of the game of anime distribution, according to AnimeonDVD. Tokyopop said that they're leaving due to the high number of...

When piracy becomes promotion

Jan 23
// Zac Bentz
Everyone's favorite nerd culture guru Henry Jenkins has posted an interesting look into the bootleg scene in China. Apparently Prison Break is the hot new show over there. Due to the advent of digital fan subs, a growing numb...

Another letter from the industry: GDH's Arthur Smith

Dec 13
// Brad Rice
ANN has just posted another step in the whole fansubbing debate that's been going on, and so I wanted to take a moment to reply with my own views. There are a few key points from Arthur Smith's letter that I would like to add...

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