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April Fools' Day photo
April Fools' Day

Here's some of April Fools' Day '17's anime and tokusatsu industry announcements

Why do they make us suffer?
Apr 03
// Salvador G Rodiles
If there's one thing about April Fools' Day that brings despair to the heart of people everywhere, it's the fake announcements that companies make on this faithful day of pranks. While we know they're not true, most of these segments can hit us hard since they'll likely never come true. In light of this yearly ritual, I posted some of the anime and toku announcements that made my day.
Monsterpalooza '17 photo
Monsterpalooza '17

Monsterpalooza '17 adds Garo Creator Keita Amemiya and Godzilla Suit Actor Mizuho Yoshida

Large monsters and late night toku unite
Feb 19
// Salvador G Rodiles
When it comes to monsters designs in live-action titles, I've always been fascinated with the concept of creating creature costumes and makeup effects. Of course, this is one of the various reasons why I was drawn into becomi...
Godzilla photo

Kick off your Christmas weekend with El Rey Network's Godzilla marathon

The gift that keeps on destroying
Dec 20
// Salvador G Rodiles
The holidays may be among us, but that isn't stopping the King of Monsters from wrecking havoc on random buildings. As a special tradition, El Rey Network is hosting third Kaiju Christmas marathon on Friday, Dec. 23, as they ...
Shin Godzilla photo
Shin Godzilla

Check out Flixist's review of Shin Godzilla

Dunkin' on Charles Barkley
Sep 30
// Nick Valdez
If you're a regular reader here at Japanator, you've probably seen the trailer for Godzilla Resurgence, or now officially known thanks to Funimation, Shin Godzilla. It's a pretty big deal for tokusatsu fans like myself who've...

Godzilla Resurgence photo
Godzilla Resurgence

Godzilla Resurgence stomps its way to the Americas

Jul 22
// Red Veron
Just when people were starting to doubt if Godzilla Resurgence (known as Shin Gojira in Japan) was ever coming to the United States, anime localization company Funimation comes to save day. Funimation anno...
Godzilla Resurgence photo
Godzilla Resurgence

Check out the Studio Ghibli Kaiju short that inspired the new Godzilla

Prelude to Resurgence!
Apr 14
// Josh Tolentino
If you've just seen the trailer for the new, Japan-originated Godzilla movie, Godzilla Resurgence, you might have been surprised to find that none other than Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi are collaborating on the film. Tha...
Godzilla Resurgence photo
Godzilla Resurgence

Godzilla Resurgence's new trailer will bring fear to your heart

The King of Monsters looks intimidating
Apr 13
// Salvador G Rodiles
I might be a minority on this view, but I wasn't a big fan of Garreth Edward's Godzilla movie. Even though the film did justice to the King of Monsters, the film failed to make me care about the movie's main character, Ford,...
Fan Expo Dallas photo
Fan Expo Dallas

Heading to Fan Expo Dallas? Come have dinner with Godzilla's staff

Be sure to have a roaring appetite
May 10
// Salvador G Rodiles
You know. Meeting your favorite industry people at a convention may be cool and all, but nothing beats the idea of having a meal with the folks you admire. Speaking of which, Fan Expo Dallas' giving people the chance to ...
Godzilla photo

This Godzilla game trailer tugs at your kaiju-lovin' heart

Also including Godzilla 2014
Nov 22
// Josh Tolentino
And here I was thinking I wouldn't have to cart my PS3 out of the closet anymore. Now Japan's gone and teased a pretty nifty looking Godzilla game, one that's a far cry from the official tie-in app for Hollywood's recen...
Godzilla booze photo
Godzilla booze

Power up your Atomic Breath with Godzilla shochu

I need this now
Jun 25
// Hiroko Yamamura
I'm not quite sure what most people thought about the recent Godzilla film reboot. Personally, I loved the film. It's actually hard for me to dislike anything Godzilla, so you could probably gues I was excited to see this lim...
Godzilla photo

New Godzilla poster is retro-awesome

Also some director featurette or whatever.
Apr 19
// Ben Huber
I think I'll take a few more excuses to write about Godzilla before the film comes out! Yes, this new Godzilla poster is just about perfect. I wish it was a tad more detailed, but other than that, it's pretty spot-on. I'd lik...
Godzilla Snickers Advert photo
Godzilla Snickers Advert

Godzilla stops destroying cities to eat a delicious Snickers

Mmm, marketing.
Mar 01
// Chris Walden
What is it about this chocolate treat that could sedate such a terrifying monster? The caramel? The peanuts? The remaining half of the plastic wrapping? And what does this mean for the original film and the painstaking work ...
Godzilla photo

Holy crap: the new Godzilla movie looks amazing

I can't even tell you how excited I am.
Feb 25
// Ben Huber
I love Godzilla and I'm so excited that the upcoming Hollywood adaptation is actually respecting the source material. I don't mean that it's rigidly adhering to the old films -- I mean that it really understands what makes G...
Films photo

Godzilla lives again through its newest trailer

It's finally happening!
Dec 12
// Amber Hunt
A new Godzilla movie is long overdue, we all know this. So thank goodness we're finally getting one! They released the trailer on December 10th, and it got a lot of attention! I started seeing it all over the place when I wo...

Godzilla Monthly: Godzilla (1954)

Jan 17 // Chris Walden
Film: Godzilla Released: 1954 Series: ShōwaFilm No: 01 of 28Price: From $7.99 Explosions. Loud bangs and the sound of perpetual gunfire are all I could hear, day after day in the grim time during the Second World War. My friends and I always stayed distant from those involved in the fighting, not so much because of our stance on the conflict, but from fear. We weren't the kind to clash, and we were very much interested in keeping it that way.  One fateful day, when the bullets resounded louder and the planes hummed with increased ferocity, they laid waste to our island. Why? Why should we, an innocent and defenceless existence in this mindless war game, have to suffer at the hands of you beasts? Shrapnel from the explosions tore into us, rending our fragile flesh from our shattered bones. Those fortunate enough to avoid the haphazard barrage were trapped by walls of flame, subjected to a long and arduous torture before being relinquished of life.  Most would consider me lucky, being away from the island at the time of the attack. All I could do was sit there and watch as the dying screams of my friends and family ebbed and flowed, before the roar of flame slowly drowned them out. Lucky? That is merely a sick joke. When the fires dulled, I made my way to where my home once was. The embers beneath my feet burned fond memories into my very self, and I collapsed, laying there in a bed of ash and losing my will to live. I felt my life escape me, and I fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke, I was no longer myself. Someone had gifted me with a body crafted purely for revenge, one that I can finally use to unleash my anger upon the world. The thought of how long I had slept for briefly crossed my mind, before being tossed away as trivial in the whole scheme of things. I spied a familiar object, bouncing on the surface of the sea like it had not a care in the world. A few of those beasts stood on the vessel, eyes fixated at the form that perhaps God himself had granted me to punish this failure of a race. With a swift motion, I plunged my hand through the object, and soon there was no life. Revenge was sweet, but not satisfactory. More. Another boat soon made its way over to me, and I simply repeated the process. This time, I didn't receive the exhilarating rush I was hoping for. I had to move to land, to show them the true form of fear.  In the cover of a storm and under the blessing of the stars, I edged ever closer to civilisation. It was here that I let my emotions take full control, and I proceeded to destroy anything I could lay my hands on. This island wasn't exactly crawling with life, but nonetheless I tore everything down. Perhaps those foul creatures would then begin to feel the despair that I have to live with. Perhaps they will learn to change their ways. After destroying one particular dwelling, a lone child came out to face me. He looked me in the eyes, consumed with a rage that I was all too familiar with. Of course, he was completely powerless, but I decided to spare him. This wasn't mercy, but merely judgement that his suffering would be more potent while alive.  I'd successfully ruined an island and many of the families that once lived upon it, but still I seeped with revenge. The destruction of my kind is not something that would simply be forgiven over time, so I proceeded to move onto the mainland. The creatures are an organised kind though, as they set up what I can only surmise was a barricade to prevent my entry. I understood this, and decided against passing through the complex network of taut metal. A fire burned within me, a complex mixture of emotion and rage, erupting from my mouth with extreme force. These metal constructs peeled away in my wake, and even though I was exposed to a relentless onslaught of projectiles, it only served to fuel my response. When I left, there was nothing left but a scene reminiscent of the one I witnessed on my own island.  Exhausted, I moved back to the watery depths near the husk of my old home, laying beneath the restless waves. I slept, but couldn't shake the sorrow of losing those dear to me, and perhaps the thought of myself bringing the same fate to so many others also crossed my mind. The bitter taste of regret was interrupted by a metal man piercing the liquid roof of my temporary home. He held a curious object in his hands, most certainly a killing device, but by the look on his face I could tell it was most certainly the end for us both. Perhaps this is what I deserved, and perhaps it wasn't, but at the time all I could do was watch. This is it. This is the end of my rampant desire for revenge. Soon, I would be back with the rest of my kind, living together and in peace once more. The device is activated and a maelstrom of bubbles force their way out, consuming my body slowly and painfully, along with the man who had initiated the weapon. I couldn't help but smirk to myself as I realised that such a selfless act would be the last one to flash through these guilty eyes of mine. 

Oho, I bet you forgot about this, didn't you? Well, my burning desire to bring something Godzilla to the readers on Japanator was too great for me to ignore, so here we are again. Like before, I'll be talking about one of the...

Godzilla Monthly: Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla

Dec 01 // Chris Walden
Film: Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla Released: 2002 Series: Millenium Film No: 26 of 28Price: From $5.87 So, where to begin? We'll start with the film trailer, as that should be enough to get us into a kaiju mood! Being the first in the monthly Godzilla series, things were bound to go wrong. Apparently, the official trailer to this film isn't on Youtube. However, I've found an equally awesome trailer! At the very least, it's winning the Michael Bay award for completely necessary explosions.  Looking at the first half of the trailer, the film looks pretty spectacular. Not all of the films have such a professional look about them, and considering it's essentially a film about three guys in suits, they've nailed down a really sweet trailer. Now, towards the end you start to see a few of the less impressive special effects. For that, I'm awarding bonus points. This film runs on corn and it's completely necessary. In total, I award four out of five Godzillas for the trailer. Good work... whoever made this!   Plot is an imperative part of a film. Very rarely can a film have no plot and still be super fun (why hello there, The Expendables), so let's take a look at what Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla has to offer.  It is 45 years since the original attack and defeat of Godzilla, but another Godzilla is still running rampant and destroying Japan. However, hope is not lost as scientists have discovered the bones of the original Godzilla underwater, and build their latest fighting machine with the bones as a base. They build the super fighting robot Kiryu, otherwise known as Mechagodzilla. Then begins an epic face-off, never before seen in a Godzilla film. Disregarding the other three Mechagodzilla films anyway.  On the surface, it seems like an average plot. Building a giant robot to fight a monster is hardly anything new when it comes to kaiju films. Even shows like Power Rangers and Ultraman have done it! Godzilla films have done it plenty before, and while there are three other films that have the metal monster as the titular enemy, he also appears in a few others. So why the big fuss? I'll tell you, but sit down. It'll blow your mind.  It's commonly accepted that the Godzilla in these films is, in fact, Godzilla Junior. He has appeared as a short and stumpy, almost Barney-esque version of the big-bad dinosaur we're used to seeing (if you aren't looking at the iguana from the US Godzilla). He's matured into a reptilian killing machine, and with the murder of his relative in '54, who can blame him? So when he attacks Japan, what else would they use besides the bones of what could even be his father to fight against him? Not only are we killing an innocent and obviously distressed creature, but bringing one of his own from his watery grave to do so! Who cares about the rest of the plot in that film regarding that woman no one likes, this is Oscar material right here. Five Godzillas out of five!   So now we come to the kaiju themselves. Who are the monsters involved in the film, and how awesome are they? Well of course, we have Godzilla. He's sporting a new look that is seen in the latter three films, looking considerably more intimidating than most of his earlier forms. However, he doesn't quite look as awesome as Godzilla from Godzilla 2000, so unfortunately for this movies 'king of the monsters', he doesn't get top marks.  The only other kaiju in this film, who I'm hoping you've figured out, is Mechagodzilla. He's looking super cool in comparison to his previous iterations, with a genuinely futuristic look about him. The only qualm I have about his design comes from the whopping missile unit he keeps on his back, as being a different colour and having an odd shape, it looks a little off. Still, he's pretty intimidating, has the bones of the original Godzilla and is being used for the sake of peace.  Mothra and Gaira appear in flashbacks during the film, but they don't count! The two don't show up at any point besides the flashbacks, so that's the reasoning on that one. Godzilla had appeared in 26 films including this one, with Mechagodzilla showing up in 4. As awesome as they are, there's nothing quite like variety, so only two Godzillas out of five on this occasion!    It's all well and good having two mighty kaiju fighting for their lives, but what about their attacks? Do we get to see any flashy moves and ridiculous super powers? Of course we do! Now, it's a little difficult to talk about Godzilla in this section, as he doesn't really change things up all that often. He'll always go for a hands on tussle, as well as using his signature atomic breath to stop all those that oppose him. So, what does Mechagodzilla posses to dispatch Godzilla with? Well... Oral Maser Cannon - Godzilla was never really injured by the portable maser cannons that crop up during the films. However, whatever they've done to the one inside Mechagodzilla is certainly working! He can fire this maser cannon out of his mouth, causing Godzilla to writhe in pain. It's not going to take him down, but it's certainly a formidable weapon.  Dual Laser Cannons - What's better than a laser cannon? Two laser cannons! Two on each arm! You can get an idea of what it's like in the header image, but it delivers rapid fire and an acceptable number of explosions.  Flight Pack - While not intended as a weapon, it allows Mechagodzilla to perform jump attacks. When the rockets inside it are diminished, he can launch this pack at Godzilla and detonate it.  Rocket Launchers - When you have lasers, what else do you need? Copious amounts of rocket, and boy does he deliver! Mechagodzilla more or less greets people with a barrage of rockets, though they don't seem to do much past getting Godzilla's attention.  Concealed Electric Blade - You know what would be awesome in the next Assassin's Creed game? Concealed blades! But not those rubbish ones Ezio currently uses. Metal instruments are way more fun with an electrical current running through them, so take note! Absolute Zero Cannon - Mechagodzilla's ultimate attack, which depletes his energy supplies by a huge amount. From inside his chest, he can fire a ball of energy that instantly freezes anything in it's vicinity (except Mechagodzilla, obviously), which will then crumble under its own weight. This is a finishing move if ever I saw one!  There is plenty of variation used in the film, so the attacks don't ever start feeling stale. It also helps that there are jet fighters helping out for the most part, so it's absolutely rife with lasers and explosions. Impressive, considering there are only two kaiju! I think that deserves four out of five Godzillas!   Three out of five Godzillas!   Being one of the later released films, it's certainly better looking than some of the others. Godzilla just looks outright cool and it's super fun to watch. Best of all you don't need to have seen any of the other films to appreciate it. Of course, having seen the 1954 original will certainly add to the experience due to Mechagodzilla, but we'll get to that next month! Overall Godzillas: 18/25 Godzilla mentioned: 46 times

I bet you weren't expecting this were you? Every month I'll be bringing you the low-down on a different Godzilla film. Why? Why not? I'm spreading the 'zilla love! This series of films are hugely entertaining, even more so wh...


A look inside: Gamera and other kaiju (literally)

Jan 24
// Mike LeChevallier
One of my favorite moments from this past season of Mad Men is when Don Draper and Lane Pryce embark upon a random, misguided and utterly bro-tastic night out on the town in the tense hours before the new year rolls in, bring...

Pachimon postcards are totally historically accurate

Jun 15
// Crystal White
You guys know what pachimon are? Well too bad, you're finding out now, because I just did, and now I am obsessed. Pachimon are monsters based on pop culture creatures, i.e. Godzilla. Got it? Sweet, because these monsters are ...

Weebl's Tiny Japanese Girl saves the day

Apr 24
// Zac Bentz
Maybe it's the super slick electro-pop, maybe it's the catchy chorus or maybe it's just because I have a thing for tiny Japanese girls playing wicked synth lines, whatever the case, this video is fantastic.Oh, and it might he...

Legendary Pictures, the studio responsible for the recent revival of Batman and his Kryptonian life-partner Superman, have gotten their hands on the next installment of the Godzilla franchise. While they currently have n...


Gozilla takes on the Mushroom Kingdom

Aug 06
// Tim Sheehy
These videos have actually been around for awhile now, and it's a real shame that we didn't stumble upon them sooner. The videos depict what would happen if Godzilla was a playable character in titles like Mario Bros, Duck Hu...

Akira Ibaraki's $3000 wooden Godzilla carvings

Jun 24
// Zac Bentz
Forget about long-lost scraps of vintage memorabilia. These days, collectors of old-school icons are all about finding that new twist on an old theme. From cakes to clothing to crazy tattoos, you're more likely to find people...

The new Tokyo Tower gets name fit for an RPG

Jun 10
// God Len
For those of you out of the loop, there is a new Tokyo Tower headed for Tokyo, which should be completed Spring of 2012. The original Tokyo Tower was only a measly 333 meters tall, however this new one will be almost double i...

Japanator review: Godzilla: Unleashed

Dec 10 // Brad Rice
Godzilla: Unleashed (PS2 [reviewed], Wii, DS)Developed by PipeworksPublished by Atari on November 20th, 2007Have you ever been in a situation where you play a game, beat it, and have no idea what you've actually accomplished? That was the situation that I was in, playing through Godzilla: Unleashed. Crystals have started popping up all over the world, causing the monsters of the world to go berserk and attack them, and incidentially destroying the major cities of the world. At the same time, a meteor's crashed into the Earth, giving the Vortaak (an alien race) the perfect opportunity to come and attack.I went through the story mode as Godzilla, because frankly, Mothra can't do shit against Anguirus. As I went through the story mode, I focused on beating the other monsters. I would win a level or two, and then be presented with Godzilla: Unleashed's cutscenes, which were nothing more than painted frames with a slow pan or zoom on an image. Then, as I went on, I would start destroying those crystals to get the powerups. At one point, I destroyed them all and I won the level.At this point, I was confused. How is it that I win? Is it by destroying the crystals, which as one of the cutscenes told me, are causing the monsters to go crazy, or is it by killing off the enemy monsters? Well, time to soldier on through the game. In my next fight against Gigan, I died. And completed the level. At that point, I had to stop the game. I just died, and I completed the level. This wasn't some trick the game was throwing at me, like Godzilla is supposed to lose. I tried dying in other fights and got the same effect.I soldiered on, continuing to play through the game, unsure of what to do. What confused me even further was that I completed a level. The timer was still at seven minutes and forty-five seconds remaining. All of my enemies were still alive. I hadn't destroyed all the crystals. How, then, did I win? I don't know. The game doesn't really give me any explanation as to what I need to do. The story mode is odd, too, since everything takes place from the perspective of humans. They keep sending the military to kill me, only to thank me for saving the Earth at the end.The enemies in the game range from Rodan to Mechagodzilla, with random enemies like Battra and Megalon thrown in there. The military acts as a nuisance for you throughout every battle, firing missiles from helicopters and tank rounds at you. The military also provides the game's only "boss," which was a joke battle in and of itself -- the Gotengo. For those of you who don't know what the Gotengo is, check it out. It was awesome in Godzilla: Final Wars, but in this game, the ship just flies around in circles and shoots missles at you, ocassionally freezing you with one. You break out, and proceed to blast it again. That's the entirety of the fight. No strategy is involved other than pressing R1 and turning Godzilla around every so often.To get away from my confusion with the story mode, the game does not handle well. Originally meant for the Wii, and so when translated over to the PS2, they come off as sluggish and uninventive. There's fun to be had swinging around your controller as though you are Godzilla, but when you take out the swinging, and replace it with button presses that respond ever so slowly, it begins to grate on you. I found myself following a single tactic of throwing buildings at other monsters, and then blasting them with my atomic breath, and only going into close combat when I had nothing better to do.At times, the game would chug up considerably. Perhaps it was due to the system trying to render the entirety of the city at once, because the camera, which you can't control, will randomly change the angle or focus of action for god knows what reason. Combined with the poor response time from controls, I often found myself wishing to play another game in my stack. The graphics are done well enough to keep the game's head above the water in terms of the end-of-the-life PS2 games that are on shelves.The versus battles aren't extremely fun, either. Against a single opponent, each player obviously goes to fight the other, and it results in playing a sluggish 3D fighter. If you've got a multitap handy, then playing a four player fight is more entertaining, because you can team up against each other and actually have some fun. Is it worth buying just for this, though? I'm not too confident about that, considering you have to play through story mode to unlock points to buy characters and stages to fight with in the game.Ultimately, I don't think I'll forget Godzilla: Unleashed anytime soon. It presented me with a story mode that was random and poorly voiced, where I would win every round, no matter what I did. The game's controls weren't very strong, and so I learned what a poor port of a Wii game is like. It's a game that's destined for the bargain bin, for sure. I would say try renting the Wii version instead, or just go and grab Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters for the GameCube, to ensure some more fun than this version.Score: 2.5

 I'm a big fan of kaiju films, I'll admit. I don't get to watch a ton of them, but when I do, I have a blast. Like this past weekend, where I watched Mothra vs. Godzilla. Apparently the best way to defeat Godzilla is to ...

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