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Anime Expo '17 photo
Anime Expo '17

Meet the real Meijin Kawaguchi at Anime Expo '17

Will he wear the flashy shades?
Jun 21
// Salvador G Rodiles
Now here's a familiar name from an awesome Gundam anime. It turns out that Bluefin will have the Master of GunPla (Gundam and plastic fused together), Meijin Kawaguchi, appear at this year's Anime Expo. Of course, the pe...
Gundam photo

This Lobster Shell Sazabi model looks as cool as the real thing

Who needs Gunpla when you have lobsters?
Mar 14
// Salvador G Rodiles
Move aside, plastic. There's a new material in town that can be used to make Gundam models and it can be obtained from a delicious delicacy. Instead of hunting down a Gunpla kit, Niconico User Nurezokin's younger brother dec...
Gundam BF photo
Gundam BF

Get yer gunpla ready, Gundam Build Fighters season two is a go!

Hopefully with more God Gundam
May 15
// Pedro Cortes
After the surprise hit that was Gundam Build Fighters, we were left uncertain as to whether the popular show would be getting a second season. After all, everything in the story was wrapped up in a nice bow with only Sei's fu...
Gundam Unicorn photo
Gundam Unicorn

Final volume of Gundam Unicorn gets another trailer

Comes in sub and dub flavors
Apr 11
// Pedro Cortes
It's been four long years, but we're finally at the end of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The OVA series, extended to seven episodes from the original solicitation of six, premieres its final episode in several Japanese theater...

Final Impressions: Gundam Build Fighters

Apr 02 // Pedro Cortes
With golden Plavsky Particles shooting all over the place, the adults start evacuating all the audience members. While getting people out, the Arista crystal disappears and turns the entire arena into A Baoa Qu, the legendary location of Zeon’s last stand in the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Most of the cast meets up and goes to leave, but Mashita begs Reiji to do something about the giant crystal. That "something" i tos get every character that has a working gunpla to attack A Baoa Qu and destroy the crystal hiding within. What follows is a glorious orgy of gunpla destruction. Felini, Kirara, Caroline, China, Nils, Aila, just about every character that has gotten their hands on a model jumps onto the battlefield. In case you thought it was going to be easy, the promotional unmanned gunpla that were being held in storage come out to meet everybody. Sei, Reiji, China and Aila go on ahead to penetrate the fortress, leaving everybody else behind to keep back the grunts. Before they can get overwhelmed, they’re saved by Ral and Mao’s master, who wrecks dozens of suits. Back in A Baoa Qu, the base's main cannon nearly fries Sei and Reiji. Saved by China and Aila, they try to save the girls, but the recharging cannon forces them to leave them behind. Enter Yuuki and Takeshi, who save the girls and allow the boys to go further into the base. The two make into the core and use the RG system to destroy the Arista crystal. The attacking suits deactivate and A Baoa Qu dissipates. With the crystal gone, Mashinta teleports back to Arian with Baker in tow. With limited time left, Sei and Reiji challenge the clear-headed Yuuki to one last fight. They engage in a forest and truly enjoy the thrill of fighting with plastic robots. Interestingly enough, Sei finally realizes that his fear of harming his suits is what was limiting his piloting capability. Reiji gives the Star Build Strike’s controls to Sei and lets him finish the fight against Yuuki. Right before he can land the final blow, the system powers down and Reiji teleports back to Arian…with a certain meat bun lover along for the ride. The credits roll and show that a year later, Sei has entered the Gunpla World Championship on his own with the goal of one day facing his old buddy on the gunpla battlefield In complete seriousness, this is one of the best final episodes I’ve ever seen. It manages to not only give viewers a huge final battle with epic scope, but wrap up character arcs and loose ends. Hell, everybody has a happy ending here, even jerk-face Mashita and Baker. Funny thing is, it didn’t bother me. Normally I’d want Mashita’s head on a platter, but ending up as a gunpla peddler in Arian doesn’t seem like an awful fate overall. The last scene between Sei and Reiji was handled quite well, not devolving into sappy goodbyes, but into a promise for the future. Sei has grown quite a bit since the first episode, and being able to pilot on his own shows that he can truly enjoy his hobby without reservations. Then there’s the copious amounts of robotic fanservice. In a show that was completely based off of pleasing fans of Gundam, this last episode pulls out all the stops by introducing several new suits at the end and dropping a couple of surprises. Having A Baoa Qu serve as the location of the final battle was perfect, especially as it was jutting out of the ruined stadium. We also got a chance to see the vets strut their stuff. In particular, seeing Ral kick some ass was pretty sweet, as was seeing Mao’s master rock the Master Gundam. It wasn’t the God Gundam, but I’m beyond pleased to see G Gundam get some more love in the last episode. As a whole, Gundam Build Fighters was a massive success. It took a concept briefly touched on in a brief three-episode OVA and expanded into a full series. The pacing for the show was great, no doubt helped by Sunrise’s choice in keeping Build Fighters at a lean 26 episodes instead of the usual 52. There was little to no fluff and any sort of non-action material either built up character personalities or gave us some great references to past shows. While Build Fighters probably wouldn’t have the same effect on those that haven’t experience a ton of Gundam, this show is an absolute must-see for anybody that loves seeing a white, blue, red and yellow robot flying in the sky and kicking other machines in the face. This show is pure joy. [You can watch Gundam Build Fighters over at!]
Gundam BF photo
Boyfriend/Best Friends/Bro Fist/etc
It’s finally at an end. After 25 episodes of unfiltered Gundam love, Build Fighters has reached its climax. Starting off as a kid who couldn’t find the right pilot for his beloved gunpla, Sei has gone farther than...

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 23 & 24

Mar 29 // Pedro Cortes
Episode 23 is basically a Gundam fan’s dream come true. There are dozens of cameos from older characters, both living and dead. People like Chris and Bernie from War in the Pocket, Kai and Miharu and Char and Sayla from the original Mobile Suit Gundam, and Lichty and Sierra from Gundam 00 are some of the cameos that you’ll see pop up in the crowds during this episode. Stuff like this makes me love Build Fighters that much more, as you can tell these people are big fans of the entire franchise. In terms of action, Sei and Reiji face off against each other in an exhibition match. It’s neat to see how far both of come since the beginning in their reflective positions. Sei is a much better pilot and Reiji has put together a pretty decent suit in the Beginning Gundam. You don’t always get character growth in Gundam shows, so it’s nice to see that both have become better overall pilots and builders. Oh, Nils discovers a giant crystal that’s putting out Plavsky Particles. No biggie. Oh wait, no, that’s huge. We finally see that what Mashita has been hiding this whole time. It confirms that he’s a felonious refugee from Reiji’s kingdom and the item he stole is solely responsible for the Plavsky Particle. Makes sense with everything that’s been hinted at thus far. When the final begins, we see that Yuuki has gotten all grim-dark and his Exia reflects the visual change. Why the motif? Well, Mashita decided to stack the odds in his favor and forcefully jam the Embody system onto his representative. The upgrade (and new Exia) not only makes him more vicious, it adds dubstep to the soundtrack. A powerful addition indeed. In a fantastic fight that spans several planes of battle, Sei and Reiji manage to overcome some pretty crappy odds and beat Yuuki. Oh, did you think that it was over? No no no, there’s still another episode to go! While the boys may have won the tournament, a larger threat looms over everybody. Mashita’s whiny freakout causes the giant crystal to lose control and vent Plavsky Particles all over the arena. What does it do? Well, we’ll have to wait for the finale next week to find out. The preview shows everybody fielding their gunpla in a fight, but I’m hoping we’ll see the 1:1 Gundam and Zaku come to life and duke it out! [You can watch Gundam Build Fighters at!]
Gundam BF photo
Where your dream pairings went after the show
Gundam Build Fighters has been coming to this point during its entire run. As more of the competitors were eliminated from the general tournament, it was pretty clear that Sei and Reiji would be facing off against their senpa...

Gunpla photo

Gunpla Banzai: Barnes & Noble selling Gunpla kits

Build Fighters to follow?
Mar 15
// Josh Tolentino
It's actually funny: For as much access as North American anime fans have to Japan's pop culture output these days, there really are some things that are still difficult to find over there. For example, it's easy to get your ...

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 22

Mar 12 // Pedro Cortes
Yuuki and Alan prep for their next battle, against a 78-year-old Brit named Sir John Ayers Mackenzie. The old man battled the previous Meijin, so it seems apropos for him to fight the latest one. Unfortunately, the old man collapses and has to hit the hospital, where he’s visited by his grandson, Julian. After a rather touching speech from his dying grandfather, Julian decides to take the old man’s place in the tourney. Of course, the second Julian steps out of the hospital room, John reveals it’s all a sham to get Julian to pilot his Gundam F91 Imagine. Sneaky old coot, trying to get his grandson back into gunpla battle. You see, Yuuki and Julian were once classmates in the Gunpla Academy (!) until Julian decided to quit. Julian was so good that he was set to become the next Meijin. Oh, and he has a 7-0 record against Yuuki. Not even the mighty Meijin is sure that he can beat his old buddy. So when Mao fights Julian in a free battle, the poor kid gets decimated. Like, the Gundam X Maoh is left in pieces afterwards. The only trick that Yuki has up his sleeve is that he’s piloting a new gunpla, the 80 percent complete Amazing Exia. The battle itself is a pretty straight forward affair. There isn’t a whole lot of strategy, just the Amazing Exia and the F91 Imagine darting around each other. The crux of the battle is that Julian thinks that Yuuki sold out and became heartless while Yuuki wants to prove that he isn’t a jerk like the last Meijin. The fight devolves into who can out-speed the other, which the Amazing Exia wins with the use of the Trans-Am system. Yuuki wins, Julian’s faith in gunpla is restored and Sei/Reiji know who their last opponent will be. As if anybody doubted it. I was actually a little disappointed with this episode. With a name like Meijin vs Meijin, I was expecting some wild, tactical fight. The battle itself was pretty boring, though I’m so happy to see the Exia finally show up. I get incredible amusement whenever anybody activates the Trans-Am mode. Baring the fight, Nils actually does something useful and borrows Reiji’s green gem. As you’d expect, it’s chock-a-block full of Plavsky particles. Looks like all Reiji’s blather about being from another world might actually hold water. You know, besides the utter terror of the PPSE chairman, who was blissfully absent this episode. So with two or three episodes left, what’s next? Well, I expect some sort of either filler or story heavy episode next. There wasn’t anything hinting at the final fight in the episode preview. There has to be more with Reiji’s origin and Sei’s growth as a pilot. It just has to happen. Considering how well-paced Gundam BF has been thus far, I hope they deal with all the plot leading up to the final fight so we can get a nice, long, sweet battle. [You can watch all of Gundam Build Fighters over at the Youtube channel!]
Gundam BF photo
More like Senpai vs Kohai
The episode title Meijin vs Meijin confused me. I mean, at this point the only Meijin is Yuuki. I was thinking that there’d be a dark horse that would ride on in and take over at this point. The preview showed a young-l...

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 20 & 21

Mar 05 // Pedro Cortes
After Sei and Reiji beat Nils, they’ve decided to try to help him out. The means that Nils is gonna try some good ol’ fashioned hypnotherapy. All he manages to do to Reiji is knock him out, so he switches his attention to Sei. The result? Sei recites the entirety of the original Mobile Suit Gundam. From memory. Acted out. Impressive from a fans perspective, but perhaps indicative of different problems all together. Also, it doesn’t get Nils any close to discovering the source of Plavsky Particles. Fellini’s life isn’t as care-free. He’s got a helluva hill to climb in Aila and her Qubeley Papillon. A pep talk from Ral gets him ready for battle, which is good because Aila comes out of the gate swinging hard. Fellini figures out her secret: clear funnels that are hard to see with the naked eye. Fellini uses the smoke from his bike to spot them and he destroys them. Another wave of visible funnels get destroyed, forcing Aila into close combat. Unfortunately for Felline, Aila’s handlers decide to flip the switch on some sort of helmet that amps up her Newtype-esque abilities. She goes berserk and wipes the floor with the Fenice. Even after Fellini forfeits, she continues pounding his suit. She collapses and Reiji see’s behind her mask. Let’s just say that he isn’t very pleased that his meat bun companion lied to him. So mad is he that he reveals where he’s from: Arian. While it doesn’t register to anybody else, it makes the Chairman freak out. Reiji becomes pretty sullen, requiring a scuffle with Fellini to snap him out of it. On the other side of the gunpla table, Aila’s handler continually reminds her that the only reason she has a home and any sort of support is because of her ability to see the movement of Plavsky Particles. She’s going into her fight with Reiji fairly dejected, but Reiji is able to enter with a clearer head. When she starts resisting the battle, her handler activates the same system that made her go berserk. Thanks to some earlier intervention from China, her cries reach Reiji and he’s able to comfort her in an odd Newtype moment. The two finish their fight on equal terms, leading to an easy victory for Reiji. Next time, Yuuki is set to battle against somebody else who was up for the title of Meijin. That’ll be another pretty awesome fight, no doubt. Man, these two episodes were full of amazingly subversive Gundam moments. Fellini acts like the older senpai who would usually die horribly at the hands of the manipulated Newtype. Obviously, he doesn’t have to die here, so he gets to stick around and deliver the necessary “senpai punch” to his younger ward. Aila acts the part of the special pilot being jerked around by the mysterious institute. Since the stakes really aren’t that high, we don’t have to see her getting blown to bits by the heroes. Instead, she gets what other Newtypes like Four Murasame could never get: a happy ending. And the fact that it’s done via a Newtype mental moment? Genius! Oh, and it looks like either Baker or the Chairman will be piloting some version of the Exia at the end. I’m pretty damn happy about that. [You can watch this week's episode over at the Youtube page!]
Gundam BF photo
Clash of the Meat Buns
We’re getting close to the end now. We’ve got the last battle to determine the Elite Four of the Gunpla World Championships. It’s a battle between “Italian Dandy” Ricardo Fellini and Aila, the st...

Gundam BF photo
Gundam BF

Get a golden Bearguy III with second Gundam BF Blu-ray

A shiny bear is the best bear
Feb 28
// Pedro Cortes
As you may have read, I'm quite fond of Gundam Build Fighters. The show is pure fun and knows how to craft some amazing battles from a fairly silly premise. That said, it's a glorified gunpla commercial. Well, you can argue t...

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episode 19

Feb 19 // Pedro Cortes
After an easy victory that reveals the gimmick behind his twin blades (particle-altering coating, natch), Nils is approached by Baker. She proposes that PPSE sponsor Nils in return for their superior equipment and workshop. Nils pushes to get a tour of the PPSE factory, but all he gets is a nebulous “after the quarter-finals” timeframe. Knowing that it’s a put-off, Nils agrees and leaves, thinking of another plan. That evening, Nils invites Sei and Reiji to talk in a park. He offers to forfeit if either one of them tells him the secret behind the Plavsky Particle, deducing that the PPSE chairman’s fear comes from either Sei or Reiji’s knowledge. The boys take offense to Nils offer and vow to beat him the next day. The next day, their battle takes place, appropriately enough, on a Japanese castle. With the Absorb System useless and the rifle a no-go, Reiji tosses the shield and gun and Sei activates the RG system. The two dance around each other for a minute a two before going in for a physical exchange. The Build Strike’s Build Knuckle destroys the blades, but Nils shows off the Sengoku Astray’s other surprise: particle hakke. Similar to Naruto’s Neji, Nils uses Plavsky Particles to blast energy back at the attacker. Unfortunately for him, the Build Knuckle is too powerful and is blown apart along with the Build Strikes arm. The two exchange another set of blows and blow apart their other arms. Armless, they dive at each other, but Baker forces a 60 second intermission to allow repairs. Nils just replaces the arms, but Sei looks like he’s got a trick up his sleeve. They repeat their clash, but this time the Build Strike’s arm stays in place. The secret? Extra glue on the arm joints. They slap each other around for a bit, but the Build Strike is too much for the Sengoku Astray to handle: Sei and Reiji are your victors. After the battle, Nils rushes up to Sei and Reiji and states that he’ll beat them next time, completely forgetting his original goal. Thus is the power of hot-blood and gunpla. While the fight was exciting as usual, I'm a little disappointed. Not so much with how the battle turned out, but just how simple the solution was. On this show, people have come up with some interesting solutions to match their opponents strengths, so this slug fest seemed a bit on the simple side. Then again, Sei’s glue-in-the-joints trick was pretty neat. It also shows how he’s grown since he saw China stuff that poor Bearguy full of fluff. Next week should pick up the pace, as it’s Fellini versus Aila. Unfortunately, I know the Italian playboy and his sturdy Wing Gundam aren’t going to win; either Aila or Yuuki have to be in the finals, so he’ll have to get whipped. Based off the preview, it looks like Fellini will at least get a couple of good hits in, so here’s hoping that we’ll find out how Aila’s Qubeley Papillon works. [You can watch Gundam Build Fighters over at the Youtube page!]
Gundam BF photo
Samurai Boy versus the Gundam buddies
Next up in the quarter-finals are Sei and Reiji versus Nils Nielsen. It’s a battle between a pair of kids that are all about gunpla and a kid who could care less about it; all Nils wants are the secrets behind the Plavs...

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 13-16

Jan 29 // Pedro Cortes
The next challenge for the participants involves drawing random weapons to use in a one-on-one fight. While seemingly pretty normal, the fighters pull their numbers from a giant gashapon machine. I got a solid chuckle there. While the rest of the fighters get some fairly normal items, Sei and Reiji get stuck with a baseball glove in an attempt to screw them over. What a coincidence then that their opponent, the Thai champion, gets a baseball bat and happens to be an excellent ball player. Yep, Build Fighters becomes a baseball anime for the last ten minutes or so. Even though we know that Sei and Reiji are going to win, there’s some fun drama when Reiji’s arm injury comes into play. Add to that drama the fact that Aila discovers the boy that she’s kinda crushing on happens to be one of her enemies. Oh, the woes of childhood love. After a montage of smaller competitions, the next big event is a race. The other major competitors win their respective races, leaving Sei and Reiji in the last heat. The pair start off strong, using the Star Build Strike’s Discharge Mode to get a huge lead. Unfortunately, the PPSE chairman hired a black ops ringer to screw up their chances. Thanks to Ral scaring off the offending punk, the boys manage to get back in the race. They almost make it back into first, but the Discharge system runs out of juice and they lose. They’re now sitting right outside of the top 16. The final match type reverts to simple one-on-one battles, no gimmicks. The only way for the boys to make it into the finals is to win a fight, which will not be easy as their opponent is Fellini. Reiji pays the PPSE chairman a little visit, scaring the crap out of the sniveling coward and keeping him from interfering with the match. What’s interesting here is the Fellini already has enough points to make it into the final. Considering how brutal the match will be, he could just take a knee and save all the damage to his Wing Gundam Fenice. The thing is, that’s not why he got into Gunpla Battles, so he decides to go all-out against the boys. It is one helluva fight, nearly surpassing the Build Strike/Zaku Amazing battle from earlier in the show. The machines literally beat each other to the point where they blow off each other’s arms and heads, ending the battle in draw. However, a draw is enough to get Sei and Reiji into the final as the 16th seed. With the Star Build Strike in ruins, Sei has to go into severe Gunpla mode to get it repaired by the start of the finals. He’s only got three days, which puts him on edge. The stress causes him to snap at Reiji, who’s finally shown some interest in building model kits. Reiji leaves in a huff and heads to a nearby Gunpla store. While looking for a kit to rage-build, Aila spots him and follows him to see what he’s up to. Reiji is interrupted by a suspiciously familiar man who excitedly picks out kits for both the boy and the girl in hiding. The man drags the kids to a table and goes militant when showing them how to put together their new kits. After their hard work, Reiji and Aila each have a snazzy-looking model in front of them. Not being satisfied with merely building a kit, Reiji hops into a simulator to try out his suit, the Beginning Gundam from Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G, the precursor to Build Fighters. In the simulation, the ringer from the racing episode pops up to cause more mischief, but Aila jumps in and destroys the offending suit with Reiji. After the fight, the mysterious man is gone, but we find out that he’s gone to arrest the ringer for interfering with the tournament. Oh, and the mysterious man happens to be Sei’s dad. It was pretty obvious the whole time, but it was still an amusing reveal. I’m really curious as to why the chairman is so scared of Reiji. I mean, we know it has something to do from wherever Reiji is from and it more than likely has to do with the creation of the Plavsky particle, but I want some more info already. We’re getting closer to the end of the show here and I want to know the stakes. Besides that, I’m still loving the show. The fights still look fantastic and Bandai has still managed to stick in some neat suits. I’m still hoping for an Exia or God Gundam, though I’m not holding my breath this late in the game. Well, at least I got a Kyrios and Gundam Maxter in the race.
Gundam Build Fighters photo
Baseball, Racing, robotic punches, oh my!
Alright, now we're all caught up! Let me tell you, catching up to Gundam Build Fighters has been an entertaining affair. For one, it's been a blast to watch. As I mentioned during the first half recap, this show knows how to ...

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episodes 3-12

Jan 23 // Pedro Cortes
Starting from where I left off, Reiji dukes it out with Ral and beats his old Gouf pretty easily. This leads Ral to invite Reiji to a dingy bar full of Zeon fanboys who live, breath and eat gunpla. Reiji decides to take on everybody in the bar in the weakest suit they have. Hopping into a Ball, Reiji surprises everybody by dominating in the circular deathtrap. However, things get a little dicey, requiring some assistance from a guy controlling a green Wing Gundam. The guy is Ricardo Fellini, the Italian champ. Being a boy of immense pride and pluck, Reiji demands a battle with Fellini. Later at the regional qualifier, Sei is waiting for Reiji with the new and improved Build Strike Full Package. It looks like Reiji will miss the battle, but the redhead manages to make it just in time. Seems that he stayed at the bar the whole night fighting with Fellini. The two easily win, meaning that they move on to the next round. The next day, Sei meets Mihoshi, secretly an idol called Kirara, at his gunpla shop. While China shows a bit of jealousy, it’s clear that Sei just wants to talk ‘bots. Unfortunately for him, Mihoshi has more nefarious plans, conning Sei later and sabotaging the Full Package. During the next round, Mihoshi turns out to be the next opponent. Despite the damage done by the sneaky gal, the guys manage to pull out a victory. As a side note, we see that Yuuki is forced to leave the qualifier due to familial sickness. The next episode introduces Mao, a student of the Gunpla Shingyo school. This somehow makes it so that Mao can manipulate Plavsky particles, which has differing affects on weapons and the battle field. While the episode is mostly fluff, it does end with Yuuki officially being pulled out of the tournament, much to Reiji’s chagrin. The strange space-prince is quite sullen through the next episode, but a surprise appearance by Yuuki brightens him up. Sei and Reiji battle with Yuuki at the school gym in an amazingly animated right that would put a lot of final Gundam battles to shame. The Full Package and Yuuki’s Zaku Amazing tear each other to shreds, with the Amazing coming out on top at the end. While somewhat disappointed, Sei and Reiji feel the satisfaction of at least facing off with Yuuki. Thankfully, Sei has the Build Gundam Mk. II as a backup to use while improving the Build Strike. After winning the qualifier with the Mk. II, Sei and Reiji reap the benefits of victory and head out on an all expenses paid trip to the beach and a hot spring. It’s your usual beach and hot spring episode wrapped up in one, so you get some delicious Rinko in a bathing suit. The group also runs into Mao at the hot spring. He’s also celebrating his victory, and boy has he got a thing for the innkeeper’s daughter. Their fun times are interrupted by some rough yakuza-types and the only thing that stops a potential violent situation is Ral, who the lead yakuza knows. Mao offers a deal: if he and the other boys can win in a Gundam fight, they have to leave the inn alone. The yak agrees and they all do battle. While the yak’s Apsaras III seems like the superior kit, Mao uses some of Plavsky manipulation to gain the victory. The ending of the episode shows that Yuuki has not only taken on the name of Kawaguchi, but that his organization has provided him with a new suit, the Kampfer Amazing. The next episode is interesting in that it introduces several other major players into the scene. We meet Nils Nielson, a teen genius that wants to use Plavsky particles for other applications and is entering the tournament to get close to the Plavsky creators. We also see more of Aila Jyrkiäinen, who only saw briefly in previous episodes. Both kids not only beat their more experience opponents, they manage to do it in record time with no damage to their respective suits. Following that, we get the complete opposite and have a China-heavy episode. Here, she enters a girls-only tournament being held by a frenemy of hers. With some help from Sei, China builds the Bearguy III, an adorable ursine mecha. While it doesn’t do too well at the tournament, China does manage to top her jealous semi-friend and, more important for the story, influences Sei to let got of his preconceptions about gunpla. After all that build up, we finally arrive at the World Tournament! Following a series of scored single, team and endurance matches, those with the highest scores will move on to the finals. Following an amusing evening where Reiji bumps into Aila on a snack journey, the battles begin with a serious four player free-for-alls. The expected opponents make it through and Sei debuts the Star Build Strike Gundam to massive success. The bigger surprise is Kawaguchi/Yuuki’s entrance into the finals representing PPSE, the organization that created Plavsky particles. The next round is a Battle Royal with all 90 combatants on a literal world stage that ends when 30 mechs are left. Highlights include a vengeful team of men attacking Fellini for the crime of stealing their girlfriends and the giant Mega Zaku that attacks afterwards. What’s more interesting is that the PPSE CEO recognizing Reiji and sending the giant mech at the Star Build. Besides trying to set up Sei and Reiji for failure, I wonder what further roadblocks he’ll try and throw their way in the second half of the show. Gundam Build Fighters has thus far proven itself a worthy successor to the Gundam name. Yes, it isn’t a serious look at the horrors of war, or the evolution of man through space travel, or the eventual discrimination against those changed through their environment. It’s essentially a shonen fighting show involving a ton of fan service, both in terms of robots and character callbacks. However, what it does have is a love of the history of the Gundam franchise. It shows this with the quality of its robot fights and the general whimsy of the whole tournament. Instead of going for yet another drama, they have gone a different way that has endeared me to franchise. If Sunrise can keep it up, it’ll have a top-tier show on their hands and will more than make up for the disaster that was Gundam AGE. That’s saying a lot.
Gundam Build Fighters photo
On to the second phase!
Things have been quite interesting since I last talked about Gundam Build Fighters. For one, the show has really grown into its own. While mecha fan service is prevalent throughout every episode, the plot and characters have ...

Gundam photo
Gundam to simulcast Build Fighters

Its time to bbbb-bu bu bu build!
Oct 01
// Tim Sheehy
If any of you have been holding out hope for a Gundam Build Fighters simulcast, your prayers have been answer. It's been announced that the upcoming series will be streamed in select regions via, with new episode...
Gundam BF anime photo
Gundam BF anime

Brace for impact: Gundam Build Fighters is a thing

I'm hoping that it's another spin-off series.
Jul 01
// Salvador G Rodiles
The next Gundam series has been revealed during a live stream at Gundam BF’s Website, and let’s just say that it’s not going to make folks happy. Just like the Gunpla Builders OVA, Gundam Build Fighters foc...

NYCC '12: The toy roundup

Some highlights from sister site Tomopop
Oct 18
// Kristina Pino
Now that NYCC is pretty much covered, I'll be dropping in with some anime-related toy stuff that we wrote about at Tomopop! Check out these links: Gallery: Vash the Stampede Kotobukiya booth overview Namco Bandai and ShiftyL...

Give me Gundam energy drinks

Sep 21
// Hiroko Yamamura
Just so you know, if someone puts Gundam on anything. I will buy it. Shirts, food, poo. I'll probably buy it. The new Gundam Original Label S.CUP energy drink is due out September 26th, and features some o...

Wear your favorite Gundam box art

Sep 20
// Hiroko Yamamura
Even if you don't build Gunpla, you have to admit the box art on almost every Gundam kit is absolutely stunning. Sometimes I get lost just staring at an RX-78-II box. Sigh. Well, you don't have to keep your box art loving hob...

What is your method of payment? ...'Do you take Gundam?'

Dec 17
// Kristina Pino
Indeed, as of next year there will be a Gundam Visa Card available via Suitomo Mitsui Bank. I don't know about you, but I am so ridiculously jealous of everyone who can and will apply for this credit card. While it doesn't ex...

Bandai creates Club MG for Japanese Gunpla fans

Nov 16
// Jon Snyder
If you're a Gundam plastic model enthusiast like me, you're probably well aware of the woes associated with trying to find Gunpla overseas. Models that would normally cost $20 or so in Japan can often double in price due to i...

Celebrate Gundam's 30th anniversary with this 12-pack Gunpla set

Oct 21
// Brad Rice
I gave building a Gundam a shot, and I have to admit, it was pretty fun. Haman's Qubeley now sits next to my computer, keeping watch over my desk. Bandai has just released a 30th anniversary pack of Gundam model kits (Gunpla)...

Earthquake strikes Japan, only victims are Gundams

Aug 13
// Andres Cerrato
It has not been a good week to be Gundam models. Earlier this week, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck just outside the Tokyo area. Luckily, there was little to no damage and no loss of life. Today, another earthquake&nbs...

Pink Gundam, meet overenthusiastic Bedazzler

Jun 24
// Zac Bentz
Oh dear. It seems like a day full of unholy hell-spawn. Hybrids fused through twisted mind-rays shot forth from the skulls of horribly lonely shut-ins and maniacal over-fiends.Now we've got this oddly attractive little Gunpla...

Greatest gunpla ever! The Four Celestial Guardians

Feb 22
// God Len
Making great gunpla is always a lot of work; most of which requires artistic talent, high-quality paint, and equipment. These are the reasons why people like myself are scared away from partaking in making these wonderful min...

Featured Fan Art: Gunpla are miniature robots of art

Aug 25
// God Len
Gunpla, or “Gundam Plastic Models” might not seem like art at first glance. Maybe it has something to do with their commercial value or worldwide availability, or if you put them together wrong they look like crap...

It's more like a "My Little Pwny"

Jan 22
// Zero-chan
I'm more a PVC gal than a plastic-model person, but I can't help but be impressed with this upcoming model kit release. From the Super Robot Taisen Original Generations series comes the Aussenseiter and Daigengar horse-and-ri...

A LEGO Gundam appeared!

Sep 09
// God Len
Ever wondered why LEGOs used to suck? Because in the old LEGO world, a humble LEGO person could not operate a simple mobile suit like a Gundam or a Zaku without resorting to a ghetto look-a-like. But that was the past, now ...

Incredible Paper-Craft RX-93-2 Hi-ν Gundam

Apr 29
// Zac Bentz
As if putting together the regular Gundam kits wasn't tough enough, now we have an amazing paper-craft kit to further blow our minds. Paper-craftsman June has constructed this incredibly detailed RX-93-2 Hi-ν Gundam entirely out of paper. You can check out the daily blog of his (or her?) efforts here, and drool over a few more pics after the jump. [via Danny Choo]

Just like Haruhi, the Lucky Star videos just won't stop

Apr 23
// Brad Rice
Here's a well done re-enactment of the Lucky Star OP using gundam models. I know just how much everyone loves this show, so be sure to enjoy this video. Even though I hate the show, I'm enjoying all these videos of the intro. Is there something wrong with me? [Via Moetron]

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