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5:00 PM on 01.28.2014

Senbonzakura Miku aims for your heart

MERCH ALERT. MERCH ALERT. That alarm was a warning, set up to go off whenever something nice shows up that will inevitably be purchased and sap away precious dollars. The offending party this time? FREEING's Senbonzakura Miku...

Pedro Cortes

9:00 AM on 01.24.2014

32-song Project Diva F 2nd trailer is a delight to hear

The newest trailer for the PS3 and PS Vita game Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd is out now for your listening and viewing pleasure. The extra long trailer takes you through 32 songs that will be available in the new ga...

Josh Totman

7:00 PM on 12.24.2013

Miku Wing Shop opening soon at Haneda Airport

Hatsune Miku has done quite a bit in her short six year career so far. She has had chart topping music, live concerts, video games, an opera, sold cars, and much more. There's not much that this digital diva can't do! With he...

Josh Totman

8:00 AM on 11.30.2013

Get a real good look at the Snow Miku 2014 street train

Pedro gave you all a preview of the Magical Snow Miku train at Sapporo, but now there's a whole video showcasing it and its opening day. You can see all the lovely details of the outside of the car as well as the posters, to...

Kristina Pino

3:30 PM on 11.26.2013

Project DIVA F 2nd will take the stage in March

It's surprising no one that there will be yet another Project DIVA game heading to home consoles, and it might just be the last release before we see it head to next gen consoles. But why waste a perfectly good dancing engine...

Chris Walden

8:00 AM on 11.23.2013

Ghibli, Hatsune Miku, and more among new LINE stickers

Oh hey, it's Kristina with another update on the amazing stickers LINE has updated their store with recently! You can see images of all the stickers I'm talking about in this post down in the gallery. First is a new set by Gh...

Kristina Pino

5:30 PM on 11.21.2013

2014's Snow Miku is downright magical

Despite several years of excessive merch, Hatsune Miku remains as a financial force to be reckoned with. For the last couple of years, Good Smile Company has released a winter-themed figure of the virtual idol, appropriately ...

Pedro Cortes

12:00 PM on 11.06.2013

Project Diva f to PS Vita in North America, 2014.

Sega has heard what you had to say! Project Diva f, note the lower case f, is coming west in early 2014. The PS Vita version of the latest Sega Miku rhythm game, which is more or less the same as Project Diva F for the PS3, ...

Jeff Chuang

5:00 PM on 10.18.2013

Hatsune Miku gives a concert in the sky

In what I'm sure amounts to little more than neat science experiment, a group of tech-loving otaku and air conditioning enthusiasts have created the Kumo Project -- an attempt to fuse technology and nature through the projec...

Tim Sheehy

8:00 AM on 10.06.2013

Pre-order Calne today, get free nightmare tonight

Sometimes there's just a figure so out there, that it's probably worth your attention--if you can stomach Shi-e Calne Ca. This Miku-derivative figure comes from the hit vocaloid music video "Bacterial Contamination" back in 2...

Jeff Chuang

1:00 PM on 09.02.2013

Hello, World: Hatsune Miku English version out now

The time is now, Miku fans! After what felt like forever, it seems that an English-speaking version of everyone's favorite digital diva is finally on the market. Yes, the imaginatively titled Hatsune Miku V3 English is ready ...

Josh Tolentino

9:00 PM on 08.26.2013

JX: Hands-on with Hatsune Miku Project Diva F

Many fans were pleasantly surprised when Sega announced the upcoming release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F. Based on the previous installment for Sony's PlayStation Vita which was released exclusively in Japan, this latest ...

Tim Sheehy