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hatsune miku

Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

Catch Miku on Letterman's Late Show tonight

Miku to perform for famed late-night talk show
Oct 08
// Jeff Chuang
To kick off a flurry of Miku events in the USA in the coming weeks, the famous vocaloid (we can legitimately call her that now, right?) will perform for the Late Show with David Letterman tonight. Starting on Thursday, Octobe...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

Miku's Halloween Dance Party's age limit is now 18+

Miku's event is now accessible to more people
Oct 02
// Salvador GRodiles
As everyone is adapting to the month of October, the folks at Miku Expo have made an update to their upcoming Hatsune Miku Halloween Dance Party event. Originally, the event was meant for people who're 21 or older, but t...
Music photo

A Daily Dose of Music: Hatsune Miku

EDM Miku time
Aug 25
// Hiroko Yamamura
Japan's top Vocaloid is serving vocal duties for the newest monster of a track by producer extraordinaire, Hachioji-P. The new track, Carry me Off is a pretty intense dance floor number, with big bass breakdowns, and a stomp...
Phantasy Star Online 2 photo
Phantasy Star Online 2

Vocaloid concert coming to Phantasy Star Online 2

Take a break from all that monster fighting
Jul 17
// Josh Totman
Sometimes when you're out killing hundreds of monsters for XP in a MMO you think to yourself, "Gee, I sure wish I could take my character to go see a show of some sort." Well fear not, my friends. Sega has just announced that...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

E3 2014: Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd gets sweet PVs

Maji tenshi!
Jun 11
// Josh Tolentino
I never thought this would happen, but the west is finally at parity when it comes to mainline Hatsune Miku games. Sega's released the E3 trailer for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd, the latest installment of the Vocaloid-t...

Miku to visit LA and NYC at next stops of Miku Expo

Two 2-day festivals, exhibits and concerts
Jun 10
// Jeff Chuang
Crypton's Miku Expo site announced that the virtual idol will appear in the US again in LA and NYC in October. After MIKU EXPO Indonesia earlier in late May, LA and NYC are the next stops, and there will be a 2-day festival ...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is rebuilt in Legos

Yes, it's life-size.
Apr 18
// Amber Hunt
People everywhere are taking their love for 2D characters to the next level. In other words, we're rebuilding them, cosplaying them, and making them come to life. But we all know we prefer them in 2D. Anyways, ChaosBrick show...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

Lady Gaga planning to tour with Hatsune Miku

Is this a good or bad thing for vocaloid fans?
Apr 17
// Amber Hunt
The title says it all. Pop star Lady Gaga is allowing Hatsune Miku to tour with her and open the concert from May 6th - June 3rd. She first surprised K-Pop fans with her announcement about Crayon Pop, and now she is surp...
Video game photo
Video game

Project Diva F 2nd developers talk PS4

It was only a matter of time!
Apr 15
// Dae Lee
It appears that the creators of the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series are excited for its next (possible) iteration on the PS4. Producer Seiji Hayashi expressed: "Although nothing has been decided yet, personally I think it&...
Music photo

The Dose: Bump of Chicken & Hatsune Miku

An unexpected combo
Mar 28
// Hiroko Yamamura
Some combinations just work. Peanut butter and chocolate, Red Bull and vodka, Shinji and Kaworu. However, if you told me Bump of Chicken and Hatsune Miku teaming up was a good idea, I probably thought you were preparing me f...
Video games photo
Video games

Check out previews for the 40 featured songs in Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd

Mash through 40 songs in this 12 minute sampler!
Mar 27
// Dae Lee
A video was released showcasing previews of all 40 tracks from the upcoming PS3 and PS Vita title Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd. This treat is only made all the more sweeter now that we know this sequel is gettin...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku Diva Project F 2nd is heading to America and Europe

You better be excited!
Mar 27
// Amber Hunt
Are you disappointed because you can't play Hatsune Miku Diva Project F 2nd? Well worry not, my fellow Miku fans! It was recently announced that the beloved game is going to be making its way to North America and Europe. ...
PV photo

Hatsune Miku collaborates with Bump of Chicken for 'Ray'

Miku jumps with Chicken Bumps.
Mar 13
// Dae Lee
Bump of Chicken's latest album 'Ray' released on March 12 and to promote it, a music video was released on Youtube featuring Hatsune Miku performing a variation of the song with the band.  Crypton Future Media was heavi...
Project DIVA f  photo
Project DIVA f

Project DIVA f is now available in North America

Europe, sit down and wait your turn.
Mar 04
// Chris Walden
Did you hold off buying Project DIVA F to wait for the PS Vita version? If you're in North America then wait no longer, as you can now pick up the portable version with the smaller f for a very reasonable $29.99 via the Play...
Video Games photo
Video Games

New Project Diva F 2nd trailer shows off all 36 tracks

It's like music to my ears
Mar 01
// Elliot Gay
Sega's Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd hits Japanese Vita and PS3 consoles on March 27. If you're a fan of rhythm games, I have no doubt that you probably already have that date marked on your calender. This series is popul...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F hits US PS Vita in March

Will feature Japanese DLC at launch
Feb 06
// Brad Rice
Yesterday, Sega announced what we've all been eagerly waiting for: Project Diva F is coming to the PS Vita in March! After the release of the PlayStation 3 back in August, Sega has been hard at work getting the PS Vita versio...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

Let's make a Hatsune Miku Doll!

Get your yarn ready
Jan 31
// Amber Hunt
Ever wanted to know how to make a Hatsune Miku doll, out of yarn? Well this person is going to show us how! The Miku YouTube channel uploaded an instructional video showing us how to crotchet a Hatsune Miku doll together! It...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

Senbonzakura Miku aims for your heart

And your precious wallet
Jan 28
// Pedro Cortes
MERCH ALERT. MERCH ALERT. That alarm was a warning, set up to go off whenever something nice shows up that will inevitably be purchased and sap away precious dollars. The offending party this time? FREEING's Senbonzakura Miku...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

32-song Project Diva F 2nd trailer is a delight to hear

Giving you a taste of what's to come
Jan 24
// Josh Totman
The newest trailer for the PS3 and PS Vita game Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd is out now for your listening and viewing pleasure. The extra long trailer takes you through 32 songs that will be available in the new ga...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

Miku Wing Shop opening soon at Haneda Airport

Get some Miku to take with you on your next trip.
Dec 24
// Josh Totman
Hatsune Miku has done quite a bit in her short six year career so far. She has had chart topping music, live concerts, video games, an opera, sold cars, and much more. There's not much that this digital diva can't do! With he...
Snow Miku photo
Snow Miku

Get a real good look at the Snow Miku 2014 street train

No, really, look at the train
Nov 30
// Kristina Pino
Pedro gave you all a preview of the Magical Snow Miku train at Sapporo, but now there's a whole video showcasing it and its opening day. You can see all the lovely details of the outside of the car as well as the posters, to...
Project DIVA F 2nd photo
Project DIVA F 2nd

Project DIVA F 2nd will take the stage in March

To Vita, or not to Vita? That is the question.
Nov 26
// Chris Walden
It's surprising no one that there will be yet another Project DIVA game heading to home consoles, and it might just be the last release before we see it head to next gen consoles. But why waste a perfectly good dancing engine...
LINE stickers photo
LINE stickers

Ghibli, Hatsune Miku, and more among new LINE stickers

Can you resist?
Nov 23
// Kristina Pino
Oh hey, it's Kristina with another update on the amazing stickers LINE has updated their store with recently! You can see images of all the stickers I'm talking about in this post down in the gallery. First is a new set by Gh...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

2014's Snow Miku is downright magical

She doesn't need to make any contracts
Nov 21
// Pedro Cortes
Despite several years of excessive merch, Hatsune Miku remains as a financial force to be reckoned with. For the last couple of years, Good Smile Company has released a winter-themed figure of the virtual idol, appropriately ...
Project Diva f photo
Project Diva f

Project Diva f to PS Vita in North America, 2014.

Negaposi*Continues will put a Vita in your Vita
Nov 06
// Jeff Chuang
Sega has heard what you had to say! Project Diva f, note the lower case f, is coming west in early 2014. The PS Vita version of the latest Sega Miku rhythm game, which is more or less the same as Project Diva F for the PS3, ...
Vocaloid photo

Hatsune Miku gives a concert in the sky

Projected against the clouds over Hokkaido
Oct 18
// Tim Sheehy
In what I'm sure amounts to little more than neat science experiment, a group of tech-loving otaku and air conditioning enthusiasts have created the Kumo Project -- an attempt to fuse technology and nature through the projec...
Terrifying Vocaloid  photo
Terrifying Vocaloid

Pre-order Calne today, get free nightmare tonight

Mikudayo is child's play in comparison
Oct 06
// Jeff Chuang
Sometimes there's just a figure so out there, that it's probably worth your attention--if you can stomach Shi-e Calne Ca. This Miku-derivative figure comes from the hit vocaloid music video "Bacterial Contamination" back in 2...
Hatsune Miku photo
Hatsune Miku

Hello, World: Hatsune Miku English version out now

The sound of the future is English
Sep 02
// Josh Tolentino
The time is now, Miku fans! After what felt like forever, it seems that an English-speaking version of everyone's favorite digital diva is finally on the market. Yes, the imaginatively titled Hatsune Miku V3 English is ready ...
Japan Expo USA photo
Japan Expo USA

JX: Hands-on with Hatsune Miku Project Diva F

Not as easy as it looks
Aug 26
// Tim Sheehy
Many fans were pleasantly surprised when Sega announced the upcoming release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F. Based on the previous installment for Sony's PlayStation Vita which was released exclusively in Japan, this latest ...
Miku Miku Hockey for Vita photo
Miku Miku Hockey for Vita

Use the power of AR to play hockey with Miku this fall

Only if you have a Japanese PS Plus subscription and a Vita
Aug 21
// Salvador GRodiles
It's been a long time since I've gotten the chance to play a good game of air hockey. One of the issues in playing the game is finding a location that has a an air hockey table. Even if I was able to own a own table, certain ...

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