Anime Studio Story photo
Anime Studio Story

Simulate your own anime production in Anime Studio Story

Sorry no high speed car racing sequences
Feb 07
// Red Veron
Have you been enjoying P.A.Works' latest anime about making anime, Shirobako? Well, now you can now experience runing your own anime studio in Kairosoft's new simulation game, Anime Studio Story, which is much like their prev...
Kinoko Collection photo
Kinoko Collection

Sure, why not make game about Mushroom Girls?

Meet your new Shroom-mates!
Dec 16
// Josh Tolentino
Really, why not? The last few years have seen a Cambrian Explosion for weird games, and people are now taking notice of good ol' Japan, which has been doing weird for longer than just about anybody. Of course, I could just be...
Phantasy Star Online 2 photo
Phantasy Star Online 2

Vocaloid concert coming to Phantasy Star Online 2

Take a break from all that monster fighting
Jul 17
// Josh Totman
Sometimes when you're out killing hundreds of monsters for XP in a MMO you think to yourself, "Gee, I sure wish I could take my character to go see a show of some sort." Well fear not, my friends. Sega has just announced that...
Final Fantasy Agito photo
Final Fantasy Agito

E3 2014: Final Fantasy Agito gets a trailer, Type-0 going HD

Your dreams answered
Jun 10
// Josh Tolentino
Wow, the last few hours just became pretty good ones for Final Fantasy fans. Square Enix may not have brought Final Fantasy XV to E3 this year, but they just blew some minds all the same by announcing that in addition t...
Love Live! photo
Love Live!

Love Live School Idol Festival mobile game now in English

Rhythm gaming its way into your wallet
May 12
// Jeff Chuang
Besides the TV anime, live concerts, CDs and home video sales, the Love Live franchise has one significant arm that people out west don't see much of: the mobile game. This morning, the Live Live freemium mobile game, School ...
Unbreakable Soul photo
Unbreakable Soul

Soul Calibur: Unbreakable Soul drops on iOS today

Can't be worse than the recent Soul Calibur games
May 08
// Pedro Cortes
In strange gaming news, the Soul Calibur card game, called Unbreakable Soul, is out today for free on iOS devices. The game has series stalwarts Cassandra and the Edge Master looking for pieces of the Soul Edge. Through the ...
Atlus photo

Shin Megami Tensei iOS on sale for a limited time

$2 off through the end of March
Mar 18
// Tim Sheehy
Our friends at Atlus have informed us that the original Shin Megami Tensei for iOS will be on sale for $5.99 for a limited time. That's $2 off the list price, and while it isn't exactly cheap by App store standards, it's cert...
Madoka Magica Fone photo
Madoka Magica Fone

Complete Madoka Magica Fone series now available for Android; iPhone edition in development

Experience the world of Madoka Magica on the go
Mar 11
// Tim Sheehy
If you've been anxiously awaiting the complete collection of Puella Magi Madoka Magica fone apps for your favorite Android devices, your wait is finally over. In addition to previously released Madoka and Homura editions, the...
Tales photo

New Tales game announced for mobile platforms

iOS/Android getting the love
Feb 17
// Pedro Cortes
I'm not sure how much the Tales games account for Namco Bandai's earnings, but I get the feeling it's about to do even better for them. A new game was announced for the franchise, called Tales of Asteria. Instead of appearin...
Daisuki Inc. photo
Daisuki Inc.

Daisuki now available on iOS

Watch anime on your phone!
Feb 06
// Amber Hunt
Do you ever find yourself craving more anime, but all you happen to have access to is your phone? I don't know about you, but I do all the time. I mean, obviously it's not the same as watching it on TV or our computer screens...
Breath of Fire 6 photo
Breath of Fire 6

New info from Breath of Fire 6 emerges

At least it looks pretty?
Dec 28
// Pedro Cortes
I agreed with Elliot's assessment of the initial information and photos from Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon. That initial art looked pretty generic and at least I felt that the BoF franchise deserved better t...
Final Fantasy 6 iOS photo
Final Fantasy 6 iOS

JUMP FESTA shows off Final Fantasy VI Mobile

Coming to iOS and Android this Winter.
Dec 25
// Chris Walden
Square Enix's focus on mobile platforms continues, with the remake of Final Fantasy VI looking closer to completion. It's a shame that it couldn't be a brand new game built with the platform in mind, but hey, VI is certainly...
VIZ Media: Art photo
VIZ Media: Art

Deck out your smart phone display with Bleach and Naruto

A sleek look for all the cool kids
Dec 20
// Kristina Pino
VIZ Media have announced that starting Monday, December 23rd you'll be able to get Bleach and Naruto image packs via the CocoPPa app for iOS and Android and totally bling your phone out from icons to wall papers. Actually, I ...
Video games photo
Video games

Take a look at Project Phoenix's character animation test

Things are looking good so far!
Dec 09
// Salvador GRodiles
It's been a good while since Project Phoenix's Kickstarter came to a triumphant close, and their page has update with a link to an animation test that features a simple model running around with a sword. While the c...
Space Galaga for iOS photo
Space Galaga for iOS

Galaga plus Space Dandy equals kinky Statue of Liberty?

Sure, why not?
Dec 09
// Chris Walden
Galaga is a pretty great game. It's one of the staple titles of a good arcade, and one that I've put way too much money into whilst growing up. With the recent addiction for developers remixing classic games like Pac-Man and...
Dragon Quest VIII photo
Dragon Quest VIII

Three minutes of Dragon Quest 8 on smartphones in motion

This is real life
Dec 07
// Eric Koziol
If the idea of watching someone hold a smartphone and playing a game entices you, golly-gee do I have a video for you! Seriously though, this seems to be an honest bit of marketing for the upcoming smartphone release of Drag...
Final Fantasy 6 iOS photo
Final Fantasy 6 iOS

Screens of Final Fantasy VI on iOS pop up

I don't dunno about this...
Dec 04
// Pedro Cortes
A pair of screen shots from Final Fantasy VI on iOS have recently popped up. We have a shot of the opening and the other has Biggs, Wedge and Terra in Narshe. With the game set to come out this Winter in Japanese, I wouldn't ...
Dragon Quest VIII photo
Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest 8 smartphone trailer is now available

This should be interesting
Dec 02
// Eric Koziol
Dragon Quest 8 likely went into a lot of people’s collections for the Final Fantasy 12 demo that it came with. It was a big deal because it looked good, something that was not said for the prior game in the series. War...
Dragon Quest photo
Dragon Quest

Free Dragon Quest for your smartphone

Free video games!
Dec 02
// Eric Koziol
The Dragon Quest Portal App came out last week and seems to be the source for DQ games and DQ information. To celebrate, the first million downloads of Dragon Quest were free. If you missed the boat, worry not! The ...
Final Fantasy photo
Final Fantasy

Have a Final Fantasy IV: The After Years trailer

The 3D remake is now out on iOS and Android.
Nov 27
// Ben Huber
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has been popping up everywhere. Originally, it was a cell phone game in Japan, and then got ported to other services like WiiWare and PSN. In September, Square Enix announced that a 3D remak...
Video game photo
Video game

Workout dating sim Burn Your Fat With Me gets a sequel

Now available on the Japanese app store
Nov 19
// Tim Sheehy
Last year, Creative Freaks released their first workout-themed dating sim Burn Your Fat With Me for iOS and Android devices, designed to help gamers lose weight while attempting to win the heart of their virtual trainer....
Video game photo
Video game

King of Fighters '97 now available on iOS, Android

What color is your flame?
Nov 15
// Tim Sheehy
As if to remind us that they're still kicking, SNK Playmore have decided to port yet another classic title to iOS and Android devices. This time it's King of Fighters '97, the third and final entry of the Orochi saga. It...
Taiko Drum Master photo
Taiko Drum Master

OMG: this is a Bluetooth taiko drum for Taiko Drum Master

The most adorable thing ever.
Nov 14
// Ben Huber
I love Taiko Drum Master. It's due to my fondness for a) music games, b) cute things, and c) the Japanese music included. That why I need this awesome little Bluetooth taiko drum, complete with a little face cover too, so whe...
Puzzle & Dragons photo
Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons is now crazy popular in the West

They did the monster...match-three
Nov 10
// Josh Tolentino
Whenever folks talk about the supposed decline of the Japanese game industry, there's always one bright light shining in the gloom and doom. Strangely enough, it's not Monster Hunter, but rather Puzzle & Dragons, the mons...
iOS photo

Bloodmasque goes free on iOS

The Square Enix RPG is now free until November 7th.
Nov 05
// Ben Huber
Have you picked up a brand new iPad Air and want something to play on it? Square Enix wants you to try Bloodmasque really badly, so they've made it free! Until November 7th, that is. Until that time period is up, you can down...
Oreimo PSP photo
Oreimo PSP

2012 Oreimo PSP game now sorta FTP on iOS

If you wanna romance Kirino, you're good to go
Oct 23
// Elliot Gay
So this is kind of random. Namco Bandai's 2012 Oreimo Portable ga Tsuzuku Wake ga nai PSP game has hit iOS for the low price of free.  Sadly we've entered an era where free is now somehow synonymous with paying more...
New Tales Games photo
New Tales Games

Tales of Tap: Namco trailers its smartphone Tales games

Donde esta la Bibliotheca?
Oct 17
// Josh Tolentino
Namco Bandai's really been opening up the taps on its Tales games, after a lengthy lull. Now they've got at least three Tales games either recently released (like Tales of Xillia), in the pipeline (like Tales ...

Beckii Cruel's idol sim game now on Kickstarter

Will your body be ready?
Oct 15
// Jeff Chuang
What does an itasha and Beckii Cruel's new game project have in common? They both can be painful as the Cruel game is billed "so kawaii it hurts." After going through the spiel on Kickstarter, which can also be found on the ...

A Look @ Tanto Cuore iOS

Oct 05 // Jeff Chuang
Tanto Cuore (iOS)Developer: Arclight, Japanime GamesPublisher: PlaydekRelease Date: Oct. 3rd, 2013Price: $2.99  I think it's safe to say that here at Japanator, we like and are familiar with this "maid" thing that Tanto Cuore is all about. On the other hand, just to be safe in case "deck building" is not on your radar, these deck-building games work by a mixture of buying cards, playing cards to create resources, and drawing from a deck you cycle through. Once you run out of cards, you reshuffle your existing cards, old and new, and draw a new hand. The intricacies come into play when you decide what to put in your deck. The very first game that popularized these mechanics was Dominion in 2008; now, there's a whole genre of these games. Tanto Cuore, besides going all out with the whole maid thing, is also unique because it is the only Japanese-made deck-building game that has any kind of popularity out west. The iOS port makes a lot of sense in that respect. What's also unique is that while the game was originally created in Japan and made for Japan, the iOS port is made in cooperation with the American publisher and developers, and a Japanese localization of the English-language iOS game is made in parallel for the Japanese market. This, of course, is all on top of the real draw: the cards are illustrated by well-known moe-style illustrators, from the likes of Pyoyoyon Rock to Aoi Nanase. It's something more common in the mobile game space, but still a rarity in the tabletop gaming scene outside of big name games. It probably isn't surprising for those of us who play import games all the time that Tanto Cuore iOS comes with Japanese voice acting, albeit in a very limited way. For those of us who also play board games on their tablets, however, this is a nice treat. On the other hand, that's where the hint of good production values ends. The sound design and music is nothing to write home about, and fits in with most other games like it in this space. What I do like in terms of the presentation is how the visual design conforms to the style of the game, at least when it comes to navigating the various menus. The soft palette and soothing music evoke that maid cafe feeling, even if it's just a little bit. To get it out of the way, as the owner of Tanto Cuore and its two expansion sets in paper stock, my focus is largely in the usability and interface of the iOS version. The game mechanics are generally pretty good, and Tanto Cuore is probably one of the cleaner and well-balanced titles among the Dominion clones. However, the best way to learn and enjoy a game like this is to play with a group of friends, in which case the iOS option may not be optimum. Since all of the in-game business happens on the main game screen, playing the game means spending most of your time on said screen. This is where Tanto Cuore iOS could use the biggest improvements. Frankly, it's super dense. It may not be overwhelming for veterans of these types of games, but I think it can be a turn-off for first-time players. Moreover, I'm not sure how it would play like if you are using a small screen such as with an iPhone. For this review, I relied on an iPad Mini, so things are generally legible except in some rare cases. In the main view, Tanto Cuore iOS identifies the cards by the illustration and their basic icons. For reading the game text on the card, you have to zoom in on the card by double tapping it. In some cases, such as removing the Illness card from a private or chambered maid, double tapping allows you to access other functionality. There are also some game mechanics that require you to drag and drop player icons or cards that trigger additional dialog boxes. In general, all the mechanics I tested work, and you can figure a lot of features out once you have the general idea. The part that can be most troublesome for new players is calculating victory points. If you already know how it works, you can sort of reverse-engineer what the final result page shows you and figure out who did what. However, in the final results page, the end cards are displayed all together, without separating the cards that are in your deck versus cards in the private chamber. It's a big deal because several key cards add bonus victory points when they are chambered, and I couldn't figure out which card was chambered just by looking at it. Since the screen is crammed full of cards and buttons, it can be hard to see what your opponents are doing if you blink and miss the animation. Or in the case for new players, not knowing what the animations do will mean you have to rely on the included match log to tell you what is going on. Some animations also look rather similar even if they do different things, such as revealing the top card of one's deck versus discarding it. For experienced players, the match log feature isn't really necessary, but for newbies it's a lifesaver. Tanto Cuore iOS uses the Playdek platform to handle multiplayer. It works in a straightforward way: fill in some info, confirm your email, and go. While I wasn't able to test an actual multiplayer game, I didn't have any problems connecting to the server and finding and joining a game. There are several other Playdek-powered board games, so if you are familiar with those, you shouldn't have any issues here. Additionally, Tanto Cuore iOS features hot-seat play as well, where you can pass your iPad or iPhone around a group of friends. The game does have a fairly full-featured tutorial that tells you how to handle the main interface, and get going with all the basic tasks a player has to be familiar with. However, it doesn't teach you much after that point. The rule book is a must-read if you have never played the game before, as it tells you how the game works in a way that actually makes sense of things. It's not exactly the most newbie-friendly situation, and it's even worse when many of the special interactions in the game are not really explained verbally. The user interface, for the most part, is logical, but only if you already know what the game is trying to do. To be fair, I don't know where in Tanto Cuore's crammed UI they could have fit in additional help text. One more thing--there is no customization option for randomizing the town cards. When creating a game, you have the option of playing the default configuration, which is the tutorial or first-timer list of cards, or random. In addition, there is some optimization added to the random configuration so some of the combo cards will all appear together if any are to appear at all. Despite all these flaws, this iOS version of Tanto Cuore is an easy sell. The physical version of the game currently goes for well over $35 out in the wild, so at $2.99 it is a very easy pick-up for anyone curious about this fusion of Dominion and maids. While the $2.99 iOS game is a no-brainer for avid players of Tanto Cuore, I can't help but to wonder if Tanto Cuore iOS's newbie-unfriendliness will be a problem for people checking it out without knowing what they're getting into; although in that case, the worst that can happen is just flooding your iPad with pretty pictures of cute maids. There are bigger problems to have.
Tanto Cuore photo
Tending your mobile walled garden
Tanto Cuore is a tabletop card game where two to four players compete to be the best master or mistress of maids. Originally developed by Japanese game maker Arclight, this Dominion-style deck building game was ported by a We...

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