Ahoge Chanbara photo
May ahoge toil upon the earth and take root!
Developed for iOS devices by M2, Ahoge Chanbara is a story of justice, love, and the ahoge way. It's a tale of revenge, redemption, and a stirring reminder of what makes us human. It's an experience that pats you lovingly on ... read feature


Awaken your old school side with the iPhone's new handset

The past returns in a convenient new manner.
Mar 04
Okay, I will admit that I am not into Apple products, but Sanwa's new handset looks like a fun little gimmick to show around. Sure, you could use a regular headset to talk to people while you do other things with your iPhone;... read
Otaku Camera photo
It's like Instagram for Otaku
Tokyo Otaku Mode's Otaku Camera is a nifty little free app that lets you shoot pictures as if they were part of a manga strip. You've got all kinds of choices, and the app is available for both iOS and Android platforms throu... read feature


Get your Pokmon fix anytime with Pokmon TV

Pokmon has gone mobile!
Feb 12
The Pokémon Company have announced today that a new free mobile app, Pokémon TV, is now available for iOS devices in the App Store as well as for Android on the Google Play shop. Re... read

Huzzah?! Hyperdimension Neptunia iOS app now available

The app you never knew you wanted.
Feb 11
It continues to blow my mind that the Hyperdimension Neptunia series sells well enough in the west to warrant their continued localization. I completely understand that I'm not Compile Heart's target audience for these games,... read
All the dumbest.
Square Enix, what are you doing?  There have certainly been some interesting additions to the Final Fantasy universe of late, and after initially breaking the hearts of 3DS owners seeking out a localised Bravely Default,... read feature


Otousan is the illest emcee in the house

That's nothing to bark at
Jan 16
Softmap's Shiba Inu mascot Otousan is a bit of an icon around our offices. His fatherly advice and lovely white coat have kept us entertained for years. Who doesn't enjoy having a conversation with a dog? Could you ever imagi... read

Look at this iPhone 5 case!

Just look at it!
Dec 21
Yes, this is a ¥2500 iPhone 5 case. A ¥2500 Mother 2 iPhone 5 case! Isn't it a thing of beauty? Yes, they're available through Itoi's site, as well as a few more cool looking casesl, but this one just tick... read

Facepalm: Demon's Score is way cheaper in Japan

That's a lot of money
Sep 26
Here's another entry for you to put in the annals of "What the hell, Square Enix?!": It looks like the company that gave us Final Fantasy and a ton of strange decisions, has made yet another one, for it seems like they r... read

Party Wave surfing over to Android and going free on iOS

Look for it on October 1st
Sep 25
Just a quick update here for you folks, in case you were interested in playing Mistwalker Corp.'s Party Wave but maybe saw a few reviews here and there that were a little less than sterling. And then you thought twice ab... read

Sega's smartphone version of Phantasy Star Online 2 is an interesting experiment. As has been noted before, PSO2es is not a full port of the PC/Vita game, but rather a super simplified version that is far better suited for qu... read feature


Update on image epoch's Black Rock Shooting game for iOS

Released, international, universal!
Sep 14
Recently I wrote up a post about the Petite Black Rock Shooter: Discover the Mystery of Planet Sexy game, and I wasn't sure whether it was going to be available internationally or not. Today I've learned that it is indeed ava... read

Layton Brothers: Mysterious Room hits iOS Sep. 21

Sep 14
Well that came out of nowhere! Some of you folks might remember the iOS Professor Layton spinoff, Layton Brothers, that was announced quite a while back. A mix of Ace Attorney's investigation sequences and Professor Layton pu... read

TWEWY: Solo Remix teases a sequel

Give me all your love
Aug 31
Well this is kind of unexpected. The iOS port of The World Ends With You, Solo Remix, contains a single image that would seem to imply a new game is incoming.  Fortunately the actual screen doesn't spoil anything, but it... read

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix available for iOS now

Aug 27
Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Square Enix's countdown site hit zero last night and revealed what we all already knew was coming; an iOS port of the DS game, The World Ends With You. While I know I'm not alone i... read

It's All Over: AKB0048 getting a game version

Aug 26
This is it, people. If there was ever a sign that human civilization was approaching some kind of cultural singularity, past which everything just implodes onto itself, this is one of them. AKB0048 is getting a game, the... read

Final Fantasy Dimensions is going to be really pricey

Aug 25
Like, really pricey. Like, "Most Expensive Single App I've Ever Seen" pricey. Specifically, Square Enix's old-school-lookin' Final Fantasy Dimensions will run players roughly $29 to buy the whole thing, which is technica... read

The world might not end with iOS

Aug 24
Looks like Square Enix might have accidentally let the Mr. Mew out of the bag on their latest countdown teaser page. In a description of an upcoming The World Ends With You remix album(!), SE references the currently unannoun... read

A couple weeks back I wrote about Character Chowdown, a new game for iOS (Universal, Free) that seeks to help students (or anyone, really) learn new languages. For now, the game is focused on Japanese characters, and with you... read feature


Macross makes its way to Android and iOS devices

Jul 22
You know how I feel. Any Macross news is great Macross news. Namco Bandai is bringing their free to play rails shooter, Macross SP Cross de Culture, over to eager gamers, with their title currently being available to Android... read

It's time to flick! Miku Flick gets a new sequel

Jul 19
Are you ready for some finger flicking fun? If so, get ready to rejoice as there is a new Miku Flick game heading your way. Going by the name of Miku Flick/02, there are some new features that will be exclusive to the new se... read

Mistwalker release tutorial for new iOS game Party Wave

Jul 17
Hironobu Sakaguchi, a name you may or may not recognize depending on how much you pay attention to the big shots behind the Final Fantasy game series and other big Square titles (until he left the company, anyway), has concei... read

Learn Japanese on the go with Character Chowdown for iOS

Jul 13
NIS America have announced their all-new puzzler for iOS in which players get to interact with cuddly characters while learning Japanese. Players will meet challenges by the "Nommons" who are hungry for katakana, hiragana and... read

Persona 4 iPhone cases are as sexy as they are expensive

Jun 16
My Playstation Vita is currently a den of Persona 4 love. It's decked out in a colorfully stylish P4 skin and is sporting a killer wallpaper featuring kungfu gal Chie. I've attempted to do the same for my iPhone but haven't h... read

Final Fantasy Dimensions heading to iOS and Android

May 31
Back in 2010, Square Enix released Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi to iMode and EZWeb Japanese cell phones. Playing similarly to Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Legends was an old school 2D RPG with an orig... read

It's time to lose weight with Burn your fat with me

Apr 17
Feeling a bit overweight these days? Guess what, there is a visual novel game that will solve all of your problems. Burn your fat with me is a game that encourages you to get into shape as you progress further into a relation... read

Get your fingers ready! Miku Flick is now global

Apr 10
Congratulations to all Miku/Vocaloid fans worldwide, you will now have the chance to play Miku's next game that was made by the Project Diva team. The official twitter page of Miku Flick tweeted about the game's&nbs... read

Turn your smartphone into a cute robo-pup with SmartPet

Apr 09
Bandai, the creators of the infamous Tamagotchi virtual pet, recently released a new gadget called SmartPet - an accessory that allows users to transform their smartphones into little robotic pets. SmartPet is sold along... read

Bombs away! 100 player Bomberman drops on your phone

Mar 28
Boy, did I perk up at this news. Bomberman is one of my favorite games of all time. Now I can play it on iOS and Android systems! Plus the bonus of blowing up one hundred people! Wait, it's not one hundred live people? It's o... read

You can't put a price tag on the love of a waifu

Mar 27
Waifu Collection is a free app available for both Android and iPhone that works a little bit like a simplified version of the popular dating sim Love Plus. The application features a set of character cards that users can inte... read

Finally, some Idolmaster for your iPhone

Mar 15
Or is it...your iM@SPhone?! Wait, that doesn't make sense.  Anyway, Namco Bandai have opted to port the previously Japanese-flip-phones-only version of Idolm@ster Mobile, bringing it to Apple's iOS monolith. Finally, you... read

Dondonpachi Resurrection HD releases on iDevices March 15

Mar 09
I love bullet-hell games. I'm absolutely terrible at them and eat continues like crazy, but that isn't enough to stop me from enjoying the pure insanity onscreen. I also own an iPhone and love the fact that shooter developer ... read

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