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10:00 PM on 04.12.2014

Dream up a logo for '.moe' domains, win mad bank

Are you ready for .moe to take over the internet? No, not "moe", that weird otaku concept. That's already taken over the internet. I'm talking about ".moe", a new domain being operated by Japanese internet provider Inter...

Josh Tolentino


Xbox Live Gold 55% Off at Paypal's Spring Gaming Sale

The 5th week of PayPal's Spring Gaming Sale is here! :

Get a 55% discount on a 12-month Xbox Live subscription, 85% discount on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and 75% off on Worms Ultimate Mayhem! Cyberpunk lovers can buy Deus Ex: Human Revolution for €1.99, fans of long range combat can try their skill in Sniper: Ghost Warrior for €1.99. Gamers can also kindly support Save the Children charity event and get Rogue Legacy for donations over $3.5.
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6:00 PM on 04.02.2014

Korea and men's rights top Japanese wikipedia edit wars

Where are the Internet's biggest battles waged? On the field of Wikipedia, naturally. Some pages are a brutal wasteland of endless edits back and forth by any number of polarized sides. In English, George W Bush and List of W...

Brad Rice

10:00 PM on 04.01.2014

Japanator Loves: AxB: Fanfic a la carte

Sometimes fanfiction happens by chance, like my shipping Agrias and Ramza. Sometimes it happens by divine mandate, like our whole new direction here at Japanator. And sometimes it happens because you asked for it. That third ...

Josh Tolentino

3:00 PM on 03.04.2014

Let Manga 4 Movies recap the Oscars in hilarious Engrish

I'll admit it: I love Engrish. Yes, I know it's not exactly PC to say it that way, but there's no better way to characterize Japan (and some other countries') unique approach and use of English language, to amusing effect for...

Josh Tolentino

Rog and Tyrone, the inadvertent spokespeople of anime photo
Rog and Tyrone, the inadvertent spokespeople of anime
by Ben Huber

By now you may have seen the videos floating around the internet. If you're a visitor to 4chan, you've most certainly caught a glimpse of the casual, laid-back battle that has been waged since December of last year, where two well-dressed men argue about anime. Intrepid internet users had discovered Fiverr.com, a site that let's you pay $5 to another person for services or goods. Many of the most popular products on here are testimonial videos, where actors or ordinary folks looking to make a quick buck record themselves reading a provided script in front of a webcam. It's simple, effective, and rife for mischief. What do you think happened when 4chan got a hold of it?

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2:00 PM on 08.07.2013

Introducing Japana-Tumblr, the Japanator sideblog

Remember the days when a "Tumbler" was a term for some kind of cup? Well, those still ARE those days, but a similarly-pronounced word, "Tumblr" seems to be the thing among internet folks. As trend-chasers of the highest order...

Josh Tolentino

5:00 PM on 07.18.2013

MangaMagazine launches iPad app

A recently-spawned comics site, MangaMagazine.net, just launched their iPad app today. It's a free download that allows you to view MangaMagazine's library of titles, created by artists from around the world. No, there aren't...

Brad Rice

4:00 PM on 06.28.2013

Crunchyroll to simulcast FREE!, Dog & Scissors, more

Alright, folks. Summer is almost here! Not climatically, I mean. In that sense summer's been here for at least a week. I'm talking, naturally, about the anime programming season, and it shall be upon us like a surprise sunbur...

Josh Tolentino

6:00 PM on 05.27.2013

New sidequest discovered in Final Fantasy 9

The ninth instalment of the Final Fantasy series is held in high regard by a lot of people, which only makes it all the more shocking that a previously undiscovered sidequest has been found a good thirteen years after the gam...

Chris Walden

12:03 PM on 11.04.2012

Time for a winner: Toki Onjouji wins Saimoe 2012

And it's over! The official 2ch Saimoe 2012 tournament is over (as of a couple of days ago, really), and we have a winner! According to the whims of the internet and the deadly organization of the pro-Saki voting bloc, i...

Josh Tolentino

12:00 PM on 06.21.2012

Uh-oh: Japan passes SOPA-alike, Youtube could be outlawed

Urk. I've always resisted (sometimes illogically), the characterization of Japan as a backwards country ruled by out-of-touch old people and shady corporate special interests. After all, it's easy shorthand for "Crazy Japan" ...

Josh Tolentino

4:00 PM on 06.20.2012

PSA: PlayStation Network Store to go down in Korea

Now yes, I know this site is called "Japanator", which would nominally keep Korean news off our radar - not until we launch our peninsular offshoot "Joseonator", anyway - but I'd think this news is significant enough to put u...

Josh Tolentino