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8:00 AM on 06.10.2012

Boring, dumb, card game anime Chihayafuru gets 2nd season

Okay, lemme give you a precursor: Lately, I've been fascinated...fascinated... with reading a lot of josei manga. You know, the kind of manga made for middle-aged women. I have absolutely no idea why I suddenly began bro...



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4:00 PM on 04.26.2012

Fantasy manga Karneval to get anime adaptation

According to volume 9 of Touya Mikanagi's Karneval, the manga will soon see an anime adaptation. As usual with these sort of announcements, no details were provided about when it would begin airing or what studio is animating...

Bob Muir

6:00 PM on 12.14.2009

Aurora Sale: Mega Cheap Manga!

'Tis the season for nonstop shopping, what with all the holidays at this time of year. Sales are especially appreciated, particularly when it's sales on manga. If you know someone who wants manga for gifts, or if you want to ...

Danica Davidson

10:10 AM on 07.01.2009

Crunchyroll quietly simulcasts Aoi Hana, speculations abound!

According to Anime News Network, and indeed confirmed on Crunchyroll's site, new summer TV anime Aoi Hana is going to get the simulcast treatment on Crunchyroll. While there's no real official announcement from CR yet, this i...

Jeff Chuang

10:28 PM on 12.16.2007

LuvLuv announces three new josei titles for the summer

LuvLuv Press, a josei imprint of Aurora Publishing, has announced three new titles of theirs. Starting in July, LuvLuv will be releasing the following titles at a rate of about one a month:Sounds of Love by Tanaka Rin (2 volu...

Brad Rice